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Poverty, poverty and corruption - the basis of the prosperity of the black arms market and a catalyst for conflict

All countries in which there is poverty and destitution experience within the country an unprecedented increase in demand for weapon, which, in turn, leads to civil war conflicts and military coups. After all, none of us can say that we have heard or seen about the military conflict, which ended thanks to the lack of weapons and ammunition.

Poverty, poverty and corruption - the basis of the prosperity of the black arms market and a catalyst for conflict

But everything is trivial, war is the most highly profitable business, it is money. Weapons are distributed in all countries where there is corruption, which gives rise to social inequality and banditry. This affects both rich and poor countries. In that area (cities and other localities), where it can be seen with the naked eye that poverty and misery reign here, there will be enough weapons for a small army. There are almost all types of weapons and equipment, from pistols to armored cars and helicopters. In addition, many weapons are present in regions where there is a shortage of water resources, which leads, in turn, to social inequality, poverty, and banditry. These are countries such as Sudan, Yemen, Colombia and Sri Lanka. It remains to state today that in unfavorable regions hundreds of thousands of people die from small arms in a year.

To ensure control over the arms market, the Geneva Institute of International Relations initiated the creation of a “Small Arms Survey”, which will be responsible for analyzing the arms market and the effects of arms sales to different countries. At the moment, according to available data, on average there are about 900 million hand weapons on the entire planet. It is produced in thousands of enterprises and factories in the 100 countries of the world. The total annual income from the arms market (only small arms) is more than 7 billions of dollars.

According to experts and analysts who are engaged in the arms market, the main obstacle to preventing the uncontrolled use of small arms is insufficient data on the entire chain - the production, sale and use of weapons. First of all, it is the complete anonymity of both manufacturers and buyers of weapons. And, even knowing where it will be applied, it will be extremely difficult to exercise control over its application. Therefore, it is very difficult to formulate an effective policy for different countries. This undermines the ongoing efforts of international organizations to counter the illegal production, purchase and sale of weapons. The past cold war and modern processes of globalization have only increased the growth of the proliferation of weapons surplus and the privatization of state property.

In addition, today there is an increase in arms suppliers, and their clients are no longer the top authorities of the countries or military departments. Increasingly, weapons are being sold to “private” customers — rebel leaders, non-state military formations, terrorist organizations, or criminal gangs in general. The hyper growth of suppliers growth is primarily related to the growth in the production of weapons - if earlier it was about one or two hundred enterprises and factories producing small arms, now it’s about 10-12 hundreds of such enterprises. And the number of state and private weapons manufacturers continues to grow. If earlier weapons manufacturers were under serious control of the country's top leadership and produced weapons on their order or with their permission, now it became much more difficult to control weapons manufacturers. International corporations and companies can sell arms, completely disagreeing with the leadership of their countries, causing irreparable damage to foreign policy and the image of the state. The buyer can now safely order a variety of weapons from many similar companies that do not ask where the money comes from and why they need weapons.

About the same hyper jump occurs in the demand for weapons. The number of various "customers" is growing every year. And although international conflicts happen less and less, the number of internal military conflicts and confrontations has increased. These include civil confrontations with the use of weapons, various types of uprisings, armed confrontations of political forces, parties and movements.

Thus, the current events of the decade that began - the Arab spring, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc., sharply increased the demand for weapons. For example, the Syrian crisis led to an increase in the price of the Soviet AK-47, in the black market from 1200 to 2100 dollars.

Despite the dire consequences of the arms trade, top leaders of countries and military departments are key players in the market for small arms weapons. The United States and United Europe are today the main producers and suppliers of weapons. They are gradually catching up with China and Russia. At the same time, it is America and Europe who are trying to exert maximum efforts to deter and not distribute small arms, primarily in unstable regions and countries. Such duplicity, today no one is surprised:
- the bulk of the population believes the official reports and the provided photo-video information on the media;
- A smaller part of the population itself “extracts” the information, and more or less represents the real situation.

It can not but rejoice the growth of the “smaller part of the population”, aware of the danger of the events. It upsets the reality of the situation when the so-called communities are practically inactive and allow small arms to spread. The duplicity and indifference of the “civilized and democratic” countries annually stand for the “not civilized and non-democratic” states of the many lives of innocent people.

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  1. Vanek
    Vanek 1 June 2012 08: 24
    In all photos, our weapons. Just some kind of pride in the country.
    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 1 June 2012 11: 16
      It’s a great weapon, but it uncovers another that is used for attack! I think the great gunsmith Kalashnikov didn’t dream!
    2. itr
      itr 1 June 2012 12: 25
      What pride is there? The article is called Poverty and Poverty.
      Yes, and look who runs with these weapons
      1. Vanek
        Vanek 1 June 2012 12: 32
        I'm talking about weapons in principle.

        And again: in the photo only our weapons.
        1. itr
          itr 1 June 2012 13: 22
          I once again who runs with our weapons is not a reason for pride
  2. Oladushkin
    Oladushkin 1 June 2012 09: 04
    Rather, it’s not our weapon (it’s expensive for such uh ... citizens), but our model. In addition, it is quite clear that if you have a mess in your country, then there is no time for ceremonies and you will need to have weapons if you want to live.
    1. Neighbor
      Neighbor 2 June 2012 06: 15
      Here Amer is a warrior and a mess of spices. and unleash. am am all over the world. So that then, moreover, it’s a chance to put weapons in, so even when chaos sets in, come and pick up Everything for Free. Type - right now, here you will bring order to democracy! wassat am
  3. bazilio
    bazilio 1 June 2012 10: 35
    As long as there are weapons, they will be traded, including on the black market. There is a good movie on this subject - the weapon baron
  4. Cadet787
    Cadet787 1 June 2012 10: 35
    What can I say here, the world is slowly approaching the last line, it’s impossible to unambiguously assess this situation, there are minuses and pluses.
  5. SIT
    SIT 1 June 2012 11: 34
    The author raised a very important topic, but did not bother to deeply understand it. In fact, there are 3 arms markets: white, gray and black itself. Black is a purely criminal turnover of trunks, explosives and ammunition. He does not do weather. The main evil is the gray market. There, what kind of thread does the state of the 3rd world purchase officially weapons, but then it is resold to customers. The whole chain can be supervised by one businessman. For example, our Booth or the guys from American Blackwater. This market is comparable in terms of money to the white market, but submarines, tanks and planes are sold on white, and mostly light weapons on gray. Imagine how much you need to sell AKM, RPG, MANPADS barrels so that the money would go as much as a submarine! And weapons, unlike civilian vehicles, are a very reliable thing and putting someone with 300m from a rifle from the 1st World War, which has been in reserve since then, is not a problem. So the world will soon be fully armed, and the price of ammunition will increase inversely with the price of human life.
    1. Mut Anthony
      Mut Anthony 1 June 2012 12: 06
      And what do you think, is it expensive for the Chinese or the like to build the same simplest AK with plywood forearm (in the penultimate photo), even a million? And they will build a submarine for themselves. Why should they equip such countries with modern technology?
      1. Drednout
        Drednout 1 June 2012 17: 41
        Quote: MutAntonio
        the same some kind of simple AK with plywood forearm

        In this photo, the AKM is not of Chinese origin. Handguard is quite ergonomic.
        1. Mut Anthony
          Mut Anthony 1 June 2012 23: 23
          I don’t know, but it seemed to me differently.
  6. sapulid
    sapulid 1 June 2012 13: 50
    Armed when there is an urgent need or existing customs. In the first case, the weapon is used either for defense or for attack. These facts are possible with the loss of control over the society at the top. The reason for the loss, in most cases, is a distrust of the authorities, because it is impossible to effectively manage the state without participation of the population. Even rich people are ready for armed struggle (Narodnaya Volya and others like them).
    The article is good, but very superficial. Blaming other countries for the policy of double standards, the author did not ask himself why someone from our elite is very determined in the matter with Bout? Maybe, by chance, warehouses explode on the eve of inspections? And who armed the Czech fighters with the latest weapons? Do you think this took place without the knowledge of the top? I'm afraid that some of those people are still in their places. This is already a betrayal of the motherland, however ....
  7. Panzer UA
    Panzer UA 1 June 2012 17: 30
    Quote: Vanek

    In all photos, our weapons. Just some kind of pride in the country.

    Not a fact, maybe Chinese
  8. montemor
    montemor 1 June 2012 17: 33
    the absolute truth was written by Roman. Poverty country-the turnover of weapons is increasing. You need to add-the turnover is increasing, and laws are tightening, the white market falls into a tougher framework. The lack of legal trunks instantly fills the black market