Results of the week. Freud clause or state secret?


Komsomolka, athlete, beauty. And what pounced on the child? Everything legally competently and reasonably brought to the masses. And you ... Eh! ..

If you suddenly wanted to give birth, so nothing complicated - write a statement addressed to the official of the youth department - so, they say, and so, there are such, they say, plans. Date, signature, ah-pi-address just in case, and wait for an answer.

If the petition is not properly designed, it will not be considered, which means that the baby born after the state will not be perceived with all that results as permissible to appear in this world. We'll have to run through the notary offices, look for experienced lawyers ...

Within two weeks from the receipt of the petition, the official appoints her highest resolution: They say, I am such and such, on behalf of the whole state I generously allow you to sin, so that an extra one will be born in the state. Date, signature, stamp.

We contacted the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health Ada Detolyubova, and here is how she comments on the situation:
Citizens should understand that giving birth to children without the demand of the state is a stone age. We intend to soon connect a special application to the Gosuslug website. There it is enough to register by fingerprints, scan-copies of a passport, 2-NDFL certificate, vehicle's TCP and an extract from the registry for ownership. After that, the robotic system will assess your readiness to become a parent and, with the help of a voice alert on the nearest radio access point, will report its decision. Write-off of funds from the account will go to the reform of social security and the fight against poverty among officials.

Sverdlovsk official: the state should "nothing" for children
Official Olga Glatskyh removed from office
We can’t learn to understand the words of officials?

Comments from our readers:

Alena Frolovna
How despicable it sounds: "I apologized for my words" ...

I apologize if this self-justification with a bunch of reservations in defense of yourself can be called an apology, just to keep it in the chair.

How quickly these little bum-dies break away from the realities of life. One hundred parents are paid a salary who work and pay taxes on the maintenance of such. So many blunders lately. Here are the consequences of the "woman ege" and the worship of consumerism. Empty inner world that takes aback. And thanks to the Internet that we can see such "caring" public servants.

And you have to answer for your words! Do not make excuses, and find the courage to admit to his stupidity.

Deafness is a state that has built a system in which people who have neither experience of army service, nor experience in working with people, completely unaware of how people live, come to the management and decision-making by the state. Previously, in order to reach a deputy of the Supreme Soviet or become a delegate, it was necessary to plow from an ordinary locksmith, to a foreman or from a combine operator to a collective farm chairman, passing through all the steps. And then what? 29 years - the official responsible for something, but not responsible for the market. It is necessary to force her to drive a physical education teacher at school, somewhere in the outback of the Sverdlovsk region for five years, so that she with her mighty experience helped realize the potential of young people in conditions where it is almost impossible due to the absence of a little .

I wonder what role the state played in achieving its sporting results.

Crime and Punishment. Century XXI

So, unobtrusively, one federal service has demonstrated advertising conditions in its strict-security regimes. In the best traditions of the advertising industry - with graphics and comments involved. The murderer of children - on soft sofas, with a smartphone, and then with crabs, a small fire in a cozy mangalchik - barbecue-mashlyk. Yes, such content, I'm sorry, even the Norwegian ghoul Breivik envy.

The whole country saw with its own eyes that the regime for the child-killers was very strict. Extremely strict. Well, in fact - where this is good: soy sauce for crabs - in a plastic bottle, on skewers - chicken instead of fresh boar from the hunter.

This is a blatant violation of the prisoner's rights, for the maintenance of which people who have never violated criminal law in their lives continue to pay taxes.

We were asked to comment on the situation of a specialist in the field of jurisprudence, the dean of the faculty of law on concepts of the intergovernmental academy of the inevitability of punishment (MANN) Eleonora Obschakayev:
No, well, the master in the zone, in kind, lost the coast. Balanda poisons, but even though the wallpaper would be normal, he lured him. How in such conditions to beat a gut? And don't let the problem break!

The department has already promised to understand. Understand whether to doubt.

In the FSIN gave comments about crabs and kebabs in the colony of high security

Comments from our readers:

Well, we can conclude. The system, any system of the state is completely "rotted". And probably will not recover. So tell me what's going on? The civil authorities marked their representatives with “macaroons and 3500 a month’s enough for the people” and “why they gave birth, the state shouldn’t have to you”, videos from the Yaroslavl colony and rape by their own investigator, “no money, but you hold on” and a lot more So what happens in the country? Or is it already not a country with a civil, law enforcement and judicial system, but simply a tumbleweed?
Such a photo and actions are pushed to commit crimes, killed children and fattens! And what, you can! He killed and sit with kebabs and crabs. Even in the wild there is no such! Complete degradation of the system, and any!

And you thought there will bring him up, will correct? Schazz ...

No wonder, it is strange that there are no photos with women of reduced social responsibility. The first years were the publication of nothing confirmed that someone from this gang committed suicide in custody, and allegedly it was twins, and the characters themselves thus rescued.

The role of a certain deputy chairman of the court in the protection of Tsapkov was not consecrated. A feature film based on the Tsapkov gang is just a mockery. And what about the prosecutor with land plots of several tens of hectares? Because it was not her case? Imagine for a moment that the whole country is under the control of Tsapkov, and how will we be different from Banderia? Fascism, the ideology of the criminal world, the example of Germany 20-30-x and Ukraine can not be forgotten.

Ross xnumx
Here the material about rape passed from Ufa just now. And then it became clear that everything was in agreement. So it is here. Probably, the table was laid for the "godfather", who left the room because of need, and the bandit sneaked in at that moment and took pictures of himself against the background of everything ...
We are no longer interested in questions on which side Russian justice is today and what (how much?) It costs.

Again ponad mustache

Here in the week, a Ukrainian deputy called for occupying Russia and dividing “into specific princedoms”. Deputies name - Mosiychuk. And in order for the younger generation of Ukrainians to prepare for this feat, schoolchildren received from properly tuned Maidan teachers — to deepen their knowledge of the SS division “Galicia”. The right guy made a report. And this once again became irrefutable proof that there is no fascism in Ukraine. Well, just think, the division wore the “es-es” prefix - so temporarily, to deceive Hitler and deal with the hated occupiers. Why then the Poles cut? Well, it happened by chance ... Anyway, every Ukrainian historian knows that there was a secret operation of the NKVD to discredit the Galician SS-men ... uh, ugh, patriots, of course.

We were able to get through to the director of the Institute of National Understanding of Ukraine Vladigarya Weathervane-Vetrovsky.

Vladygar, be so kind as to comment on the question of how things are going for Ukrainian historians in search of national identity.

Things are going! That literally on the eve of our average researcher made a unique discovery. Doing a sidebar in the gas pipe, in order to reduce the income of the aggressor from gas transit and increase the energy independence of his country house, he was thrown into the sand pit by an explosion. An amazing find awaited him there: at a depth corresponding to the layers of the Mesozoic, a coin in 2 hryvnia. You will ask how she got there, and I will answer you: when Russia was not in sight, and when Crimea was with our Mustafa Dzhemilev, we already traded in the Move-speaking Archeopteryx.

Vladygar, it's all great! But how are things going with the opposition to fascism?

With what, sorry? .. So we do not have any fascism!

In the gymnasium of Kiev held a lesson of courage on the example of the SS
In Ukraine, created a new "unique" armor for BTR
Poroshenko signed the law on the punishment of Russians for violating the border
Mosiychuk is going to occupy and divide Russia
Unprecedented exposure. Urgently buy a pot!
Welcome to the safe country of Ukraine!

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
There is an active brainwashing of local children ... what will grow out of them? .. I guess? cannon fodder. As for the riots ... I doubt it? that things will come to them ... there are too few Jews there, and those that exist have skillfully bought indulgence for untouchability.

Germany needs hands and children very much to compensate for the decline in population and today Ukraine is most suitable for the role of donor country, especially since the Ukrainians have already “fed on” Poland and are now looking for other countries to earn money.
And at the expense of security, with all the negative qualities of life in today's Ukraine, a lot of police are on duty on its streets and under appropriate conditions, and the protection of EU citizens, one of them, the police of Ukraine can work quickly and efficiently

And let's invite the children of Ukrainian deputies on the Yolku to the Kremlin? Yes, wider in the media to disclose.

One way ticket

According to a source that was not completely verified, the near-Kremlin source, who cited another, completely unverified source in the government’s bunker in London, Roscosmos, within the framework of optimization, modernization, convergence and sewage, launched diversification. The branching of the commercial activities of the space enterprise is expected in two directions: 1) trampoline production; 2) organization of flights to paradise.

Sources emphasize that the second commercial program provides for one-way flights. The project is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2024. On the eve of the Russian market success, shares of the leading trampoline manufacturers, including the western giants Hasttings and Eclipse, almost doubled on the stock exchanges. The owner of "Eclipse" jumped out of the window of a skyscraper, however, fell on a trampoline.

The first diversification program of Roscosmos envisages the construction of trampoline plants in different regions and regions of the country. As part of retaliatory sanctions against the United States, Russia refuses the poorly honored role of a “space cab”; Moscow will invest funds in freely convertible currency, previously obtained from the “cart”, in the production of trampolines. Entering the world market of trampolines and commercial activity on it will lay the financial basis for the implementation of the second program.

Trampoline for Roscosmos

According to Father Innocent of the 3 federal branch of the GRU, while in the US they are building the Death Star, the Russians will create a Life Star.

- I have long said - said the holy father in an interview with "Military Review", - that in full accordance with the law of unity and the struggle of opposites, our actions must be absolutely opposite to the actions of the United States. If Americans are building hell, we Russians must build a paradise. According to some information that leaked to me at the confession, by 2024, the paradise will be designed and built by the forces of great scientists and effective managers from Rosnano and Skolkovo. By the way, our federal parish will certainly take part in the consecration of the paradises that were put into the orbit of Mars.

According to the federal priest, the project will be allocated trillions of budget funding. The informant, whose name is kept secret even from himself, asserts that Comrade Chubais has already submitted a heavenly estimate to the Kremlin.

According to an anonymous source of father Innocent, Roscosmos intends to commercialize the project of the Martian paradise by selling one-way tickets to everyone.

- Why one way, easy to understand. Who wants to return from heaven to the sinful Earth! - explained the policy of the corporation of the holy father.

He also clarified the overly broad, in his opinion, the notion of "everyone."

- “The Star of Life”, or, briefly, paradise, will receive all those whom the Minister of Money Silantiy Millions recently called honest people. Of course, for other people who sinned in their lives, the entrance to paradise was ordered.

Recall the head of the Russian Mindeneg saidthat living in Russia is good for those who work honestly. Well live in the country, those who have "Luxury property complexes, cars, yachts, apartments and so on" (end of quote).

Father Innocent's source, referring to absolutely accurate speculation, said that the first one way ticket was already booked in the name of the president.

Comments from our readers:

Well, sho say, well sho say ... everything is natural. Do not wish for another ... better figure it out in your household, department, or else you will have to do a great space power production of trampolines!

Yes, our effective mnagery and production of trampolines fail.

For example, I expressed approximately the same thoughts, even when Rogozin mentioned the trampolines.
Perhaps for some it was not so obvious, but even at that time Russia didn’t conduct any research in space from the end of 80-s, there was practically no progress in the new RN, there were no signs of such trouble in the industry ... even harm a little ...
When it was said about trampolines - there were relatively fat years (Mask had not yet begun to unfold). Well… story teaches nothing. Reap the rewards.

The Siberian barber
I can "rejoice": here, too, it is necessary to set up production, for all trampolines (sports equipment), which are sold in the Russian Federation, are of foreign manufacture.

All will fly on their ships. Delov something. Author, do not cry.

Specify where to fly something? ISS in a few years old will develop its resource. There are no rockets for Mars and the Moon. And to fly to their estates on the Cote d'Azur of France, in Miami, in Switzerland, the leadership of the "Roscosmos" missiles are not needed.

Gurbanguly axis

Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov can not only sing songs and play electric guitar. The other day this great man made a discovery in sports science.

A Kremlin agent in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) told Comrade Berdymukhamedov that the neckline was raised above his head. According to some data, the neck was gilded, on the other - gold, on the third - platinum. Experienced distributors of rumors tend to the second option.

The agent's source got to the bottom of the reason for such an unusual attitude to the rod. Every weightlifting fan knows that, besides the bar, the bar is equipped with discs. Why did the head of state go without pancakes?

- Gru became aware - noted the source, - that lifting the rod from the bar by comrade Berdymukhamedov marks the greatest Olympic discovery in the entire history of world sports. Opened a new sport in weightlifting. "The axis of Gurbanguly" - so, according to secret data, in Turkmenistan they will name the golden griffin, which will henceforth be lifted by weight-lifters from the countries of the world.

As the sport open by the president will be called, Russian intelligence does not inform yet.

But something else is known: the next Olympic Games will be held in Turkmenistan. As some experts believe, exercises with a neck without “pancakes” will attract a lot of both continuing and novice athletes, as well as retired athletes. And do not be afraid of the machinations of WADA: raising the neck without doping disks will not require.

In the opinion of the National School of Economics Professor I. Golozadov-Besshtannogo, competitions in the new sport will attract a lot of athletes and fans from all over the world to Turkmenistan. In this way, a poor country will be able to restore the shaky economy, and then set the example of Russia with its outdated model of “catching-up development”. According to the professor, after that Russia will have to catch up with Turkmenistan.

Zigzags of Turkmen "happiness and power"

The opinion of Comrade Golozadov-Besshtanny has every reason to trust. Other figures have already joined in this race. Dmitry Rogozin, a well-known promoter of healthy lifestyles and trampoline sports, and the general director of Roscosmos, made his innovative contribution to the sports discovery of Comrade Berdymukhamedov.

According to the Martian media, the earthly Russian scientist, Ph.D. and doctor of technical sciences D. Rogozin suggested using the Roscosmos state corporation in an advanced sports initiative, which hastily switched to the production of trampolines.

- A series of trampolines "Jump to absolute zero", - Rogozin explained in an interview with the Martians, - with proper training, the athlete ensures the achievement of the Martian orbit.

According to Comrade. Rogozin, “Roskosmos” offers brotherly Turkmenistan advantageous cooperation: Turkmen supply golden necks from the rods, Russians provide innovative cosmobutons.

The general director of the corporation established a special prize for the winner. Whoever jumps to the heavenly "Star of Life" in Mars orbit and does not drop the golden fingerboard, he will receive one free ticket to live in paradise.

There are no golden parachutes.

Comments from our readers:

I read as if about Russia.

Tatar 174
Rather, about Libya since Gaddafi ... When did you see free electricity in Russia and so on? It was not and will not be.

Vasilenko Vladimir
“... raised a golden fingerboard from a barbell above him. God knows what a sporting achievement. The standard bar of the rod pulls on 20 kilograms ”.
Well, if gold, about fifty dollars.

As counted, share experiences. If the initial data of the bar is unknown ... Yes, and not gold, but gold-plated, since this is just a symbolic rod of the bar. According to local media, Berdymukhamedov demonstrated his athletic skills to the crowd by raising a gilded fingerboard over his head, then returned the rod to its place. And at the World Championships in weightlifting, China again leads. Turkmenistan ranks eighth. And there, judging by the photo, in general everything is gilded - both the wall panels and the long meeting table itself.

Under the control of Churov

“The mid-term elections in the USA were held under the control of the Kremlin comrade Churov!”

Under such a catchy title, a report appeared in the magazine “National Protest” for the authorship of Vduyaya Solntsedara.

“146,5% of seats in the US Senate now belong to Republicans! This has never happened in the history of the United States! - the analyst exclaims. - Mr. Trump and the Kremlin-hired tovarishch Churoff hired him to sacred the saints of American democracy: to arithmetic and accounting! ”

According to Mr. Solntserad, Churov owns "magic". “This guy has magic coming out of his beard. He is a terrific campaign organizer. He will bring victory to anyone, ” - the analyst makes fun of the American election.

Not surprisingly, the author further notes with bitterness that the first to congratulate the Republicans on the “well-deserved victory” were the “Boshirov and Petrov, guys from the GRU”.

Trump fans have called the US election "tremendous magic" of the president
Hong Kong (PRC) media: Trump is the second Gorbachev, and he will destroy the USA

Apparently, Blow in Solntar did not fully understand Russian irony and what lay behind the "congratulation" that he attributed to the secret representatives of Russian state intelligence.

Congratulating D. Trump on the “victory”, Boshirov and Petrov, according to an unreliable source in the White House, called the president a “perestroika”, compared with Soviet Secretary General Gorbachev and suggested that the Donald administration would demolish the United States before the end of the current presidential term. “The forecast is accurate,” said Boshirov. - “146% guarantee”, - confirmed Petrov.

The collapse of the States will be the very “victory” that the GRU expects from Mr. Trump.

“The spirit of Gorbachev is already flying over the USA,” stated Boshirov.

“You misunderstood him! It was a metaphor! ”- Petrov hastened to add, fearing that the GRU would be accused of the attempt on Mikhail Sergeyevich.

Comments from our readers:

“Magic” is if the Communists win in the US, and the existing far-right power is a circus with horses.

In the morning I had a glimpse of the elections ... There the hell was happening! Having stood in a queue for three hours, people turned around and left, for either the computers did not work, then the electric wire of the counting machine was not enough for the outlet, then the electoral list of voters did not bring ...

Mamuka Petrovich
And earlier in the Western media trumpeted about Gorbachev as a great reformer, now a comparison with him implies a collapse, betrayal, destruction ...

If from ours, probably, Khrushchev is a more suitable analogy. By the way, Khrushchev laid the future collapse of the USSR. Gorbachev put himself on the oars only, self-assuredly and authoritatively pushing the disastrous "reforms."
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  2. +18
    November 11, 2018
    ... the week has faded, we read - what happened where happened ... and Alexei, Oleg and the site artist help in this, thanks to everyone for the work ...
    1. +4
      November 11, 2018
      Fictitious comments from government officials, in my opinion, are unnecessary.
      Instead of an informational article, a fairy tale and banter are obtained.
      And the week itself is yes. It turned out saturated.
      1. +13
        November 11, 2018
        So what, what fictitious comments from fictitious government officials? We have been plowing for five days already for 12 hours, instead of the 8 prescribed by the Constitution! So why not relax and make fun of it on Sunday?
        1. +1
          November 11, 2018
          This is not a humorous site, but an informational one, with a focus on military topics.
          Want to relax and laugh? At your service a tenth of the Internet.
          Although, if here the information will be presented with humor, this is only welcome. But only GENUINE information.
          1. +4
            November 11, 2018
            Quote: Shurik70
            At your service tenth part of the internet

            And also sixth chamber, and fifth angle? wink

            What a curious you belay

            Humor helps us build and live, if that ...
            1. +4
              November 11, 2018
              I am not against humor.
              I am against fictitious news.
              1. -3
                November 11, 2018
                Quote: Shurik70
                I am against fictional news

                This is for the authors, I suppose.

                Quote: Shurik70
                I'm not against humor

                That's good good
        2. +1
          November 11, 2018
          EdRo already got tired with its pasta.
          Eat yourself !!!
      2. +10
        November 11, 2018
        Instead of an informational article, a fairy tale and banter are obtained.

        I also do not like this presentation of events.

        Not Glatsky, Sokolov and others - a deviation from the norm, the norm itself in present-day Russia is a deviation from any concepts of humanity. The bastards ruling in Russia are a cancerous tumor on her body, and cancer certainly cannot be considered the norm for a healthy body.

        And in spite of everything, as Metropolitan Pitirim (Nechaev) once said:
        "Russia has a future, Russia will certainly have a future, and a great future - we deeply confess this on the basis of the historical experience that our Fatherland has gone through."
      3. +2
        November 11, 2018
        State officials should be ridiculed when we can’t do anything else with them. The Krokodil magazine should be created anew and Raikin Arkady should be resurrected, maybe the fools, even if they don’t learn to think, will be afraid.
      4. 0
        November 11, 2018
        Quote: Shurik70
        And the week itself is yes. It turned out saturated.

        If you suddenly wanted to give birth, so nothing complicated - write a statement addressed to the official of the youth department - so, they say, and so, there are such, they say, plans. Date, signature, ah-pi-address just in case, and wait for an answer.

        I read this paragraph and the inspiration came! Why, the official Olga Glatskikh almost announced the recent Chinese rule "One family - one child", but did not finish it! So can it be sent there with such manners ?! At the same time, it is possible that they will teach her there from the misuse of public funds?
    2. +2
      November 11, 2018
      Yes, new grimaces of capitalism, both foreign and domestic. It's only the beginning. For a couple of years, the bourgeoisie of the whole world will grapple in the struggle for resources and markets. And Russia will lose outright, because I don’t want to shed blood for bourgeois money, and the new generation will not fight, because they have already been corrupted by propaganda. The only hope is for nuclear weapons, but I think that they will be surrendered, so as not to lose foreign accounts and the opportunity to fornicate on foreign "riviera". It remains only to observe with a smile, what else will "our bourgeois and officials" do to make us hate them even more ?!
  3. +5
    November 11, 2018
    The result is the main one, Russia is Alive! And the rest will follow ..
    1. +1
      November 11, 2018
      It is difficult to disagree with you! The conclusion is absolutely correct!
      1. +3
        November 11, 2018
        While alive. But barely. Will not survive the war. To fight for the oligarchs' money? Thank you very much .... I need to feed my family. And they are already snickering. Yes, and it will not come to war, we will be handed over like that, for "thank you".
    2. +13
      November 11, 2018
      The result is the main one, Russia is Alive!

      Yes-ah .... Cool, we began to count the "results" .... "Alive and thank God" ..... H-yes ..... have sunk .... sad
      1. +4
        November 11, 2018
        Quote: Snail N9
        The result is the main one, Russia is Alive!

        Yes-ah .... Cool, we began to count the "results" .... "Alive and thank God" ..... H-yes ..... have sunk .... sad

        Always lived in Russia ..)))) Alive and thank God! laughing
  4. +2
    November 11, 2018
    Well, a pretty good week stood out, and congratulations to all of us!
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. +5
    November 11, 2018
    Better than others "space" theme. This insanity is difficult to hide. Business and "partners" were not allowed to approach space projects. Now there is only one subject of "pride" of the Russian Federation - weapons.
    1. +2
      November 11, 2018
      Quote: samarin1969
      Better than others "space" theme. This insanity is difficult to hide. Business and "partners" were not allowed to approach space projects.

      For the sake of interest, I read the biography of our main cosmonaut D. Rogozin. If in a word, then ... funny!
      A person without any technical education (humanities of pure water) occupies such a high-tech post.
  7. +18
    November 11, 2018
    Again, an athlete sitting in the Duma.
    Killer delicacies.
    Not that the world is completely insane.
    But like a few bright faces.
    1. +13
      November 11, 2018
      Quote from Korsar4
      Not that the world is completely insane.
      But like a few bright faces.

      We delight the world with madness
      And a web of fables.
      More and more false faces in the State Duma.
      There are fewer honest fair faces.

      For having no analogue
      Menacingly croaking in his swamp!
      It’s funny from the outside - by golly,
      But I just want to cry.
      hi drinks
      1. +4
        November 11, 2018
        Quote: Arberes
        It’s funny from the outside - by golly,
        But I just want to cry.

        Tears of sorrow will not help
        You gather the will into a fist
        And do, damn it, at least what you can
        So that the enemy chokes with blood! am
        1. +7
          November 11, 2018
          Quote: Boa constrictor KAA
          And do, damn it, at least what you can
          So that the enemy chokes with blood!

          I sharpen discs at the factory
          I'm for a penny, like an eccentric! (the word on the D filter is not a pass)
          One hope warms the soul
          What an enemy chokes with steel!
          In three shifts I stand on guard
          It's hard to work on CNC
          But for a simple hard worker
          And the impossible is possible! Yes
          1. +1
            November 11, 2018
            Quote: Arberes
            But for a simple hard worker
            And the impossible is possible!

            What do you write the truth -
            "I feel it in my gut"
            Judge it brother
            Not difficult

            When Tsar Peter
            Smashed the Varangians
            Russia has become
            Everything is possible!!!

            Tasks are not easy now
            It’s quite difficult for us to solve them.
            Our people - golden hands
            With it the impossible - POSSIBLE!
  8. +5
    November 11, 2018
    Maybe a little off-topic., But the question has been gnawing for a long time .. Why is the nickname MIKHAN in the "Participant" status, but I can't enter ..? hi
    Oh, there were times on the site men, such discussions unfolded .. The battalion at the shooting range will shoot, there was so much joy, although comrades from Israel ridiculed us patriots .. And what is the Russian Army now, feel the difference ..! Now they are stammering again, to hell with them .. And I am proud of Russia! I have the honor! soldier
  9. +8
    November 11, 2018
    Fun story about the everyday life of the development of developed thieves capitalism. It is only a pity that the outstanding role of the black-belted all-judoka explanatory of paradise life in the gallery was not noted.
  10. +12
    November 11, 2018
    Well, I will add my 5 cents to this wonderful review!
    Lenin is an armored car, Yeltsin is a tank, Poroshenko is an excavator, but our NADIA has surpassed everyone! despite the fact that she is in a pre-trial detention center, she was allowed to register for the presidential elections and she had already agreed with the head of the pre-trial detention center that she would be leaving for a meeting with voters at the AUTO-ZAKA! Glamorous will be so! a true wrestler will broadcast due to a barred window! Maybe he will introduce a new fashion for deputies? All in avtozaki sit down!
    1. +2
      November 11, 2018
      Quote: Egoza
      but our NADIA outdid everyone! despite the fact that she is in a pre-trial detention center, she was allowed to register for the presidential elections and she had already agreed with the head of the pre-trial detention center that she would be leaving for a meeting with voters at the AUTO-WALL!

      Come on Nadyukha! Thank you Elena for the info .. hi
      That's where the circus will be .. Valtsman must be contorted by Tymoshenko too!
      Notably have fun in the elections in Kiev!
      1. +5
        November 11, 2018
        Savchenko has not yet been convicted, which means that her guilt has not been established by the court and she has the right to be elected at least as president. In Russia, the same principle and what?
        1. +3
          November 11, 2018
          Quote: siberalt
          Savchenko has not yet been convicted, which means that her guilt has not been established by the court and she has the right to be elected at least as president. In Russia, the same principle and what?

          And if they choose her, will she make an amnesty for herself? recourse
  11. 0
    November 11, 2018
    Think about it: who is actually in prison?
  12. 0
    November 11, 2018
    The official blurted out not so much - the official flew off. That is, the opinion of society matters. Or not? wink
    1. -1
      November 11, 2018
      But, again, everything is bad, we will all die. laughing
    2. +4
      November 11, 2018
      Quote: tanit

      The official blurted out the wrong thing

      Here, most likely, as in the proverb about a drunk, I just rephrase what is smart in mind, stupid in language. I think that she voiced what they say on the sidelines of the authorities. Now about something else, about the education and education of athletes, most of them are secondary arr. they get it for their beautiful eyes, at one time a classmate did not study, but dangled in competitions, and they put 4-5 as an athlete, a beauty, and a Komsomol member. And such an uneducated miracle that does not know how to live in a team, and does not have work experience, occupy leading posts with 3 classes of the parish school. But who was nobody, he became everything. We are not far from the Ukrainian Klitschko, so to speak nostril into the nostril of the idea !!!! Who will obtuse whom?
  13. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
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    November 11, 2018
    Quote: Phil77
    Well, a pretty good week stood out, and congratulations to all of us!

    Yeah, thank God, they didn’t kill anyone and didn’t massacre. It’s already wonderful. Are we glad for something?
    1. +1
      November 11, 2018
      Quote: akula
      Rejoice at something?

      - LIFE! wink
  15. +2
    November 11, 2018
    The review is satirical, but it’s for the better, because it is already impossible to take what is happening seriously - it overwhelms the indignation, it should not be so !!!!
    Thank you for the good review, you managed to express and at the same time do not spoil the Sunday mood.
  16. 0
    November 12, 2018
    That all attacked the FSIN, and what do they feel ?? the future deputy of the State Duma cannot spread rot !! his lads are waiting there, to write laws for the scattered. He can even remember !!
  17. +1
    November 12, 2018
    They do not appease. Masks are reset.

    The expert council under the government has proposed introducing a 20 percent tax on sweet carbonated drinks, the Izvestia newspaper reports, citing the council's response to the federal project Strengthening Public Health.
    The authors of the review suggest introducing an excise tax of at least 20% of the retail price for sweetened carbonated drinks. According to the current rules, such a tax is levied only on producers of alcoholic beverages and ethyl alcohol.

    Few! Few!!! MAAAAAALO !!! Still!!! STILL!!! MORE !!!
    And give pills for greed! And we introduce an excise tax on them !!
    Excise on cutlets! On the dumplings! On the noodles! To razors! To the beards! On the bare cheeks! On the nose, on the ass, on the fingers! Excise on excise!

    Ble, I didn’t see such a stubborn trash even in fairy tales about Chippolino and Three Fat Men.

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