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"Leaky" armor for Ukrainian BTR-4

The press service of the Ukroboronprom recently reported that the Ukrainian army received the first seven BTR-4 armored personnel carriers, the corps of which are made of new domestic armor, and that the Lazovsky forging-mechanical plant has established production cooperation for the production of armored corps BTR-4 and their further assembly at the Malyshev plant and the Kiev armored plant.

"Leaky" armor for Ukrainian BTR-4

Scandalous история With these armored personnel carriers and armor for them - a long and already forgotten. It all started in September, 2009 with the conclusion of a contract between the Ministry of Defense of Iraq and the Ukrainian state-owned concern Ukrspetsexport, which subsequently entered Ukroboronprom, for the supply of 429 BTR-4 Ukrainian production to Iraq in the amount of $ 457,5 million.

The most interesting, payment under this contract was to be made at the expense of funds allocated by the US government as part of the rearmament of the army of Iraq. Therefore, the United States closely monitored its implementation, and Ukrainian corrupt officials could not hush up the failure of this contract.

In 2011 — 2012 under this contract, 88 armored personnel carriers were delivered to Iraq. In April, 2013 delivered the next batch of 42 armored personnel carriers. Iraq refused to accept this shipment and did not even allow the Singapore Pacific SE to enter the ports of Iraq, on board of which this shipment of armored personnel carriers was located.

Such actions of Iraq were related to the fact that 80% of the armored personnel carriers from the previously delivered lots had cracks in the armored personnel carrier corps, for this reason they could not be exploited. This ship with the shipped armored personnel carriers dangled on the high seas for almost a year until the question was decided where to send this batch of armored personnel carriers.

Considering that the money was allocated by the United States to pay for this contract, a trial began there, clarifying where the money disappeared. During the trial, it turned out that the corruption scheme under this contract involved mediators from the United States, the management of Ukrspetsexport and the Iraqi military. Through a number of offshore companies registered in the British Virgin Islands, considerable commissions were transferred to the participants of this scheme. The contract laid serious money for marketing research on the contract, and they were paid. Someone from the participants of the scheme, apparently, did not receive the commissions due, and all this received international publicity.

The Ukrainian-Iraqi contract was terminated at the beginning of 2014, and this batch of armored personnel carriers eventually returned to Ukraine. At least, the Ukrainian participants of this scam got off lightly and did not suffer almost any punishment. And the state of Ukraine had to return the prepayment and pay a huge penalty for non-compliance with the terms of the contract, since it was given state guarantees.

In addition to the corruption component, there was also a technical problem: the armored personnel carriers turned out to be really unworkable, many people knew about the cracks in the armor in their hulls, but all this was covered by the participants in the deal.

The developer and manufacturer of the BTR-4 was the Kharkov Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering named after Morozov (KHMB), which previously was engaged in the development of only tanks, lightly armored tracked vehicles and especially wheeled design bricks have never been developed. There was no experience in such developments, and literally the day before, the Dozor armored car and the BTR-3 armored personnel carrier were developed and their small batches were made.

At the very beginning of the epic with the Iraqi contract, they showed me in KB the first two samples of the BTR-4. Their assembly was just completed, they had never left the workshop, and moreover no tests were carried out, and they were going to be delivered under an international contract! I was very surprised that the tests of this technique go on for years. Inevitable malfunctions and defects are identified, improvements are made, only after this the car is given a start in life. Here, everything was unnatural, apparently, to advance the Iraqi contract, the BTR-4 was rapidly adopted without a full test cycle.

When the scandal with massive defects rose from armored personnel carriers delivered to Iraq, the Ukrainian authorities accused Russia of trying to defame "excellent Ukrainian equipment" in order to eliminate a competitor in the arms market. But everything quickly fell into place when Iraq terminated the contract and refused to accept Ukrainian armored personnel carriers. Also, small lots of these vehicles were delivered to Indonesia and Kazakhstan to assess the possibility of concluding contracts for their supply, but due to the identified technical problems in the armored personnel carriers, these countries refused to conclude contracts.

The main technical problem of the BTR-4 was the cracks not only in the welds of the hulls, but also the cracks in the armor itself. In Ukraine, which previously produced all types of necessary armor, there were already problems with the quality of the armor produced. At 2014, plant manager Malysheva said: “Questions may be on armor. But we are deciding this, focusing on the Europeans. Most likely, in the near future we will have European armor ... "They considered that Europe would help.

The supply of armor for tanks and MTLB from Soviet times was made by Mariupol Azovmash, which was brought to the bankruptcy stage by the efforts of the Donetsk oligarchy and ceased production of armor. He found a replacement. Armor came from incomprehensible suppliers with unknown quality, and during the production of armored vehicles, scandals constantly arose, as was the case at the Kiev tank repair and Lviv tank repair plants when producing the BTR-3 armored personnel carrier and the Dozor armored car.

At the Lviv armored plant for armored vehicles used armor from Poland, but with her there were problems, she cracked for testing. At the beginning of the 2015, when testing the first samples of an armored car in the hulls of two of the three armored cars, “through cracks with a length of about 40 – 50 cm appeared in the engine location area on the bottoms. At the same time, the cars on which the cracks were found went a little over 400 and 100 km. ”

From the same incomprehensible quality of armor were made corps BTR-4, delivered to Iraq. Under the contract, the BTR-4 was to be supplied to the KMDB, which does not have its own production base for welding of shells. The production of the hulls was transferred not to the Malyshev plant, which always welded the tank hulls, but to the Lozovsky forging-mechanical plant, which in the long Soviet times had been welding the MTLB hulls produced by the Kharkov Tractor Plant.

At LKMZ, by that time, the technology of carrying out such works and traditions of military acceptance were lost, which led to disastrous results. Instead of the required armor, armor of unknown quality was used, while welding other wire was used that was not provided for in the documentation. In 2017, a criminal case was opened against the LKMZ only on the fact of using another wire when welding cases. The criminal case, apparently, ended in nothing, since, in accordance with the information given at the beginning of the article, the welding of the BTR-4 hull continues at LKMZ.

Nine years later, in Ukraine, they suddenly declared that their own “domestic armor” had appeared, although it had been produced there for a long time, and its production was destroyed. It is difficult to say who was attracted to the production of armor and its quality. Time will tell how serious it is. After corruption deals and technical blunders in the development, testing and production of the BTR-4, they are trying to revive it. Over the years there have been many scandals, recriminations and attempts to hide the identified technical shortcomings of this vehicle with an armored personnel carrier.

Now the BTR-4 has passed many types of tests, including in real combat conditions, and as far as this machine meets the requirements for it, time will tell. After such a trail of failures, it is unlikely to succeed in breaking through to the international arms market. The victorious statements about the solution of the reservation problem are still required to prove, in Ukraine, the statements very often do not correspond to real cases, and the epic with the delivery of the BTR-4 to Iraq clearly showed what adventures Ukrainian officials and supporting their power structures are ready to get involved in.
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  1. Jerk
    Jerk 9 November 2018 06: 36
    Briefly about the BTR-4 with a video of it on the water. So the armor - no - still will not save
  2. Strashila
    Strashila 9 November 2018 06: 52
    "we used armor from Poland, but there were problems with it, it cracked even during testing.", here the question is, who said that this metal is for welding, perhaps it is intended only for mechanical fastening such as a bolt or riveting. Simply in Ukraine, no one took responsibility for checking the metal and, as a result of the technology of its use, it may have been checked, but the superov team followed the sculpt from what is. The key is "the Ukrainian participants in this scam got off with a slight fright and did not incur practically any punishment", the cut was successful, everyone was left with overwhelming earnings.
    1. Alexey RA
      Alexey RA 9 November 2018 11: 07
      Quote: Strashila
      "we used armor from Poland, but there were problems with it, it cracked even during testing.", here the question is, who said that this metal is for welding, perhaps it is intended only for mechanical fastening such as a bolt or riveting.

      With this "armor" the story was very interesting.
      The Lviv Armored Plant decided to purchase Polish ARMSTAL-500 armor (used in Poland for the production of armored vehicles) for the production of Dozorov-B. We signed a contract, all rank by rank ... and then volunteers arrived at the plant. These volunteers did not like the quality of the welding and the armor itself - and they began an investigation.
      According to the results of the investigation, it turned out:
      the absence at the Lviv armored plant of the corresponding markings on the sheets prepared for welding. Moreover, marking was applied at the Lviv plant itself in a way that indicates that this steel is not armor
      © bmpd
      Shots of the "armor" showed that it was penetrated by 5,45 mm bullets. And according to the results of the chemical analysis of the "armor" it turned out that it was not the ARMSTAL-500 armor, but steel, very similar to the products of the Russian NLMK. Further investigation led to the purchase of steel in Belgium.
      NLMK, in turn, also did not remain silent - and said that he did not trade in armor with Ukraine. And his Belgian daughter supplies everyone with "armor" - wear-resistant steel, which cannot be used for military purposes.
      Not a single NLMK Group company, Russian or foreign, supplies and has never supplied bulletproof steel to Ukraine. The Belgian company NLMK Group, NLMK Clabecq, mentioned in the publications, supplies to dozens of countries around the world, including to Ukraine, Quard wear-resistant steel, which is used for the production of mining, transport and agricultural equipment. The specified products in terms of their characteristics do not meet the requirements for bulletproof steel and cannot be used for military purposes.
      © bmpd
      1. hohol95
        hohol95 9 November 2018 13: 08
        At us, the offspring of armor was not cooked at NLMK!
        They acted as during the Civil War — they used boiler iron instead of armor!
        Wise ...
        1. Alexey RA
          Alexey RA 9 November 2018 19: 15
          Quote: hohol95
          They acted as during the Civil War — they used boiler iron instead of armor!

          If. This is not a matter of lack of armor - 146% of the Poles would have sold them an ARMSTAL-500. But with such a deal what kind of fat?
          Therefore, the plant signed a contract for the supply of armored vehicles with normal armor, received money from the budget as for armor, and purchased - "reservation". Where did the difference go, PMSM, you understand. wink
          1. hohol95
            hohol95 9 November 2018 22: 55
            All this is clear!
            And no one will shoot, as it would be in Civil!
            The Red Cross has leaked the personal data of refugees located in the Crimea of ​​the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the maximum for this is a fine of 20 thousand rubles!
        2. LeonidL
          LeonidL 10 November 2018 05: 52
          Chitozady rather ...
          1. Dr. Bermental
            Dr. Bermental 21 January 2019 16: 39
            cunning is when it’s not harmful to anyone ... and this is meanness ..
            1. 4thParasinok
              4thParasinok 25 January 2019 17: 21
              Quote: Dr. Bermental
              cunning is when it’s not harmful to anyone ... and this is meanness ..

              and to us what business is meanness or not? The main thing is that this would not be in Russia.
  3. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 9 November 2018 08: 03
    The latest news .... At BMP a few days ago, new armored personnel carriers were reported.
    The author describes so much the Iraqi contract .... He calls this story "forgotten." But, here, on VO, only an illiterate did not write about it.
    Now about the equipment itself .... Well, only "Patrol" can be called small batches of release. But the "bucephalus" and, especially the BTR 3, released in the composition of four hundred? !! By the way, a paradox, there have never been any complaints about the state of the armor of the latter ...
    Well, and the concept, "time will tell" ... Unfortunately, it already shows. Four years.
    1. svp67
      svp67 9 November 2018 13: 56
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      By the way, a paradox, there have never been any complaints about the state of armor of the last ...

      Not surprisingly, the BTR-3 is the next modernization of the BTR-80, and in Soviet times, before putting on stream, the machine went through a full test cycle. The BTR-4 has a completely different body and layout, the sheets of armor it has a different thickness, and yet all this had to go through a full test cycle, in order to find weaknesses.
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins 9 November 2018 19: 32
        Btr 3 is very radically redone. The entire top of the case is made anew. I saw him live. It is clearly higher, the angles are slightly changed. And the video from the workshop of the Kiev factory confirms the depth of modernization. Most likely just experience and equipment.
        1. svp67
          svp67 9 November 2018 20: 02
          Quote: Leader of the Redskins
          The entire top of the case is made anew.

          Well, this part of the armored hull is least susceptible to loads, constant loads while driving. The main thing is that they repeated the "trough" in the bottom. And the top of the hull, by the way, for cars created on the basis of the BTR-80, even during the USSR, was also different and significantly

      2. ty60
        ty60 27 January 2019 00: 56
        The weakest place in Ukraine is the desire to fill your wallet. And this is at all levels of power. In real life, all armor has two layers of profiled sheet with foam and stones in the middle
    2. venik
      venik 9 November 2018 14: 33
      Quote: Leader of the Redskins
      But, here, in VO, only the illiterate did not write about it.

      But WHEN was it ??? You ("Nazariy") have been on the site for a little more than 2 years ... And many - this story already DO NOT REMEMBER !!!
      So WHAT IS THE AUTHOR'S WINE ?? Maybe that you consider yourself (beloved) the most intelligent and literate ?? Well, of course - you KNOW !, (by the way - I also know!) And Yuri Mikhailovich Apukhtin (author of the article) - KNOWS !!!!
      And the problem here is NOT in that to remind... Just quite recently an article slipped through the VO that the "Lozovsky Forging and Mechanical Plant" "mastered" the production of "new armor", so Yuri Mikhailovich made an explanation .....
      1. The leader of the Redskins
        The leader of the Redskins 9 November 2018 19: 36
        I have been registered for 2 years, and as a viewer, probably all five. Well, and the topic is about cracks on the "bucephals", patrols, jammed guns on the first. This is the mantra that accompanies ALL the news about BTWT from dill. Like all news about artillery, there is a reminder about Hammers. But for some reason, all this still drives and shoots in Donbass ...
  4. Lekxnumx
    Lekxnumx 9 November 2018 08: 42
    Azerbaijan purchased 3 BTR-3U units from Ukraine at one time, before it Soviet BTR-70s were bought which were later modernized. They installed combat modules, changed engines, etc. But they didn’t buy BTR-3 further, but bought from the Russian Federation more than 300 units of BTR-80A and 82A.
    At first, without access to the Russian market until 2005. Azerbaijan bought a lot of things from Ukraine, for example, RZSO Smerch, Gvozdika, Akatsiya self-propelled guns, RZSO Uragan, MIG-29, MI-24, MANPADS and a lot of second-hand air defense vehicles. But seeing the quality BTR-3 preferred weapons of this class from the Russian Federation. Maybe because of the quality? Or maybe because Azerbaijan refused for a long time, from the purchase of used equipment from the times of the USSR.
    Only new or modernized by one Middle Eastern country.
  5. lopuhan2006
    lopuhan2006 9 November 2018 09: 49
    Yes, the very design of the BTR-70, 80, 3, etc. is foil by definition! Here they are procrastinating. At the very top of the corvettes, the YAK and MiGs are falling, and the helicopters are like autumn leaves. But the neighbors need to be discussed. At first, you need to figure it out, and not count the weeds in someone else's garden! WE HAVE A DOK FOR 80 000t ALWAYS WITH A SINGLE AVIK TOGETHER TO BOTTOM THE BOTTOM ARE NOT GOING TO BOTTOM! FLEET without any prospects for the 20 years of a minimum of large ships, AFAR UNKNOWN WHEN WILL, SPACE JUST sabotage instead of roads in Siberia think of as third THREAD PULL FOR billionaires, genocide Slav nations form the main population of the country, the pension Zadran in the "State" call themselves SOCIAL !!!! Are you too young? TO CONTINUE, BUT UKRAINE UNHAPPY IS BENDING EVERYWHERE .....
    1. Andrei Nikolaevich
      Andrei Nikolaevich 10 November 2018 17: 03
      Not a whine. We must work and not cry with the internet!
    2. Aqela
      Aqela 14 November 2018 20: 10
      This abuse of capsloc on the forum corresponds to hysterical screams. In normal forums, in fact, for such a banned for a week, because consider flood and flem ... wassat In addition, your argument is also at the level of hysteria. fool Why is this all? sad If you are a hysteroid, then please realize your psychopathic inclinations somewhere on a dating site. request
    3. ty60
      ty60 27 January 2019 01: 00
      and she still buys fat from us damned ...
  6. BAI
    BAI 9 November 2018 09: 52
    Since Soviet times, the supply of armor for tanks and MTLB was made by the Azovmash Mariupol, which, through the efforts of the Donetsk oligarchy, was brought to the stage of bankruptcy and stopped issuing armor.

    At present, it is very good. The oligarchs of the order must be given.
    1. Aqela
      Aqela 14 November 2018 20: 12
      Right Strong handshake and a box of vintage cognac wink
  7. Curious
    Curious 9 November 2018 11: 07
    Describing the corruption environment of the Ukrainian economy (there is nothing to object to), the author modestly keeps silent about the fact that until 2009 he himself felt quite well in this environment, being the founder and head of almost a dozen commercial structures such as the Alliance Stock Store LLC, Veresen LLC, OOO "Spetsneftegaz", etc. Yuri Mikhailovich gravitated towards the oil and gas business, while he gladly accepted money from the population as an investment. However, it did not work out with business, did not fit into the new realities, so he moved into social activities.
    1. Antares
      Antares 9 November 2018 20: 11
      Quote: Curious
      However, the business did not work out, did not fit into the new realities, so he leaned into social activities.

      The main thing is to write what is in trend. It is fashionable and necessary to blame the Ukrainian - we will write more than one article. There will be an order for something else - we will write another.
      To criticize yourself? Are you sho? The author himself is from "poperednykyv". Such people can only criticize, although they themselves participated in the processes.
      In light of the news about the new armor, there’s an article immediately on the mountain, so that the caps do not fall.
      By the way, the Iraqi contract was so disadvantageous to Kharkov ... all intermediaries took away everything that was paid. And Kharkov only set the task-DELIVER. As a result, maemo is now welcome.
  8. monster
    monster 9 November 2018 11: 33
    The wheel of genotibus continues its inexorable running !!! Every time I turn it into power, keep it up, Svidomity Sumerian !!! laughing
  9. Fedorov
    Fedorov 9 November 2018 22: 29
    Damn guys! With Simonov and Dyagterev guns of the Great Patriotic War, the side of any "transporter" breaks through at once.
    1. Aqela
      Aqela 14 November 2018 20: 22
      If my sclerosis serves me well, Bradley's board doesn't break. This is the first thing. Secondly, that the PTRD, that the PTRS are forced pieces of iron from the times of the wartime, removed from service by the Red Army at the earliest opportunity. Heavy, awkward, inaccurate, often misfiring ... So here it would be more correct to make a link to KPVT, which has no such drawbacks, and is put on almost any "self-run stroller" wink Thirdly, the "times of the Second World War" is by no means an indicator of poor quality or mossiness of the weapon solution. The ZIS-3 is clear evidence of this, and the 43 cartridge also came out very good, the IS-3 tanks were withdrawn from service already in the days of the Russian Federation, the T-44 fought quite well in the places of the former SFRY ... .. So somewhere and in some way you may be right, but the quality of argumentation is clearly lame ... No.
  10. Andrei Nikolaevich
    Andrei Nikolaevich 10 November 2018 17: 02
    There are three national brands in Ukraine:
    Guest workers
    Ladies with low social rating
    Everything else is not their level.
    1. Aqela
      Aqela 14 November 2018 20: 33
      First of all, you do not need to use words whose essence and correct spelling are not known to you. Some disgrace comes out. wassat It is written, if you like, gastarbeiter. This is from German.
      Secondly, if you are trying to quote Putin at the level of dumb gynecks, then write correctly: "with reduced social responsibility"... And the assessments have nothing to do with it, many of them are very "sympathetic", purely physically, and many are not even stupid and with a very frail ChSV.
      Thirdly: fat in Ukraine, oddly enough, is often very good, just like (oh, miracle!) Potatoes in Belarus, and there really is something to be proud of. I went, I know. request
      In addition, fourthly, in my opinion, the spread of such stupid "kontrokhokhlovskih" attacks is utter nonsense. In the overwhelming majority, the Little Russian differs from the Great Russian very little or does not differ at all. The branches of a single people, after all! The Volhynians and the Carpathians are perhaps a little more insignificant - the long-term influence of the Hungarians and Austrians affected.
      1. Anton Yu
        Anton Yu 16 December 2018 11: 28
        I would also add that there are no differences at all in the corruption and corruption of power.