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Chinese Tomahawk Blocks, Pentagon Orphanhood and Trump's Saving Mission

On the eve of the elections to the US Congress, materials appeared in the American media that, according to a recent Pentagon report, the current state of affairs in the armed forces and the military-industrial complex of the country can be described as catastrophic.

The main source of this information was the well-known author of Reuters, Andy Home, who gained access to the report of the US military department dated September last year, devoted mainly to the situation with the most important supplies for the army and fleet U.S.A.

He describes the general tonality of this document as “close to panic”. And, judging by the content of the report retells by Home, there is every reason for such sentiments.

First of all, it is reported that more than 300 are the most important elements for ensuring the combat capability of the US Armed Forces and the effectiveness of the military-industrial complex of the country, or are already imported from the PRC and other countries, mainly from Southeast Asia, or will soon be purchased there. Since the American enterprises that produced them went bankrupt or are on the verge of closure.

Chinese Tomahawk Blocks, Pentagon Orphanhood and Trump's Saving Mission

These are the fruits of the de-industrialization of the American economy and the processes of globalization closely related to it. For several decades, a number of industries, including those of strategic importance, have been consistently placed where labor was cheaper. And then they began to simply buy the necessary components, which was even more economical.

In particular, it is reported that, as the production chains of microelectronic elements have become global, Americans cannot trust their suppliers. Recall the many scandals that erupted due to the fact that in the Americanweapons of the future ”(F-35, destroyer“ Zamvolt ”and other new military-industrial complex products) parts and blocks made in China were widely used. However, despite the indignation of the American public, the use of components from the Middle Kingdom continued.

Dependence on China covers almost all areas of the US military supply: from high-tech to banal infantry boots and fabrics that make up tents. This is also a problem: the producer of synthetic threads for these fabrics has recently ceased to exist. Chinese help out, however, in case of intensifying the trade war, the GI may be left without field awnings.

However, “import substitution on the contrary” is not the worst option for Americans today. In some cases, they have nothing to replace the essential components. In the unclassified part of the report, which Home cites, it is reported that the rocket industry was left without switches used on almost all American models, since its manufacturer closed two years ago. But this fact for the military leadership became known only now, when the stock of necessary parts in warehouses has dried up. And now it is generally not clear how to solve this problem.

Even more amazing история It happened with the only US manufacturer of solid-fuel engines for air-to-air missiles, which, as the authors of the report write, “ran into technical problems,” moreover, insurmountable, since the production of engines did not work out and the Pentagon was forced to contract the Norwegian company to ensure uninterrupted supply.

No less acute than technical problems are personnel issues. Thus, according to the report, there is an acute shortage of specialists - engineers and technicians who have the necessary education, and most importantly, American citizenship in the strategic missile forces.

Indeed, in the US Strategic Missile Forces, unlike other types of troops, only US citizens can serve. Fully trained applicants for technical positions are a dime a dozen, but mostly foreigners, most of whom are Chinese.

Further, the report states that the situation with cyber security, which is carried out with the help of a software product created by Chinese and Russian experts, is just as sad.

“China represents a significant and growing risk with regard to the supply of materials that are considered critical to US national security. The areas of concern in terms of the American manufacturing and military-industrial base include a growing number of widely used and specialized metals, alloys, rare earth metals and permanent magnets, ”says the main conclusion of the report, reports RIA“News».

There is no doubt that the numerous problems listed in the report are in place. Globalist tendencies, which were rapidly developing under all previous administrations, fully affected the American military-industrial complex.

In the nineties, Washington was convinced of its full military and political superiority, and its military-technical development programs were aimed at increasing the enrichment of arms barons and related lobbyists in all branches of American power. The issue of national security (and even more so the global confrontation) has lost its relevance.

And even the global war on terrorism that began with 2001, in which, nevertheless, the main forces were attack drones, CIA operatives and special forces, did not have a tonic effect on the US military and military-industrial complex.

That is, today the United States does not just have to go on a war footing, but literally breaks down the national economy from global schemes.

All this is true, but the report is not so simple. First of all, it is indicated that it has two parts, one of which is classified. The second, as we see, is made public, and judging by the fact that it was not secret, it was meant for that.

But such information, which could undermine the faith in the power of the state and its ability to protect its national interests, usually try not to publish. However, this was done. And on the eve of congressional elections. And this is not by chance. After all, for an American, the answer to the inevitable question in such cases is obvious: who is to blame?

This, of course, is the previous Obama administration, Democrats, who have not even tried to change the current catastrophic situation. Namely, the published part of the report is interpreted by protramp experts and observers.

In addition, they explain the need for a trade war with China, breaking “global chains” and “twisting arms” to European allies, that is, those steps for which his opponents criticized Trump in the United States and in the Western world in general.

That is, all the actions of the current administration that put the United States in conditions of tough confrontation with Russia and China, as well as spoiling their relations with most allies, seem to be forced and inevitable steps of crisis management aimed at preventing a catastrophe.

This is one of the objectives of the report. The second is the usual “orphanage” of the Pentagon, in accordance with the principle of “ask as much as possible to get enough” that is well-known to every military person.

You can also assume that the document on the serious situation in the military department, among other things, is directed against the current Pentagon chief, James Mattis, whom Trump has recently been so displeased that he publicly called him "a little democrat."

However, most of the problems voiced in him arose long before Mattis headed the department, and he can only be blamed for eliminating them quickly enough. That, given their depth and systemic nature, is hardly fair.

From the foregoing, it is not worth making hasty conclusions about the weakness and non-viability of the US Armed Forces. Despite significant problems, they have a large margin of safety and are still very strong. So instead of capturing moods, which the Pentagon report may well cause, we should better study how dependent our military industrial complex is on supplies of foreign (including Chinese) materials, parts and assemblies.

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  1. Logall
    Logall 6 November 2018 16: 20
    Here he is a Chinese dragon mixed with cuttlefish - everywhere its tentacles ...
    1. URAL72
      URAL72 6 November 2018 16: 55
      You should not throw hats. If the brain drain is still happening in the US, then not everything is so bad. When American scientists go to Russia en masse, then I won't say anything, I will be in nirvana ...
      1. Alexkorzun
        Alexkorzun 8 November 2018 16: 07
        we better study how dependent our defense industry is on the supply of foreign (including Chinese) materials, parts and assemblies.

        The only sound thought I found in the article.
  2. Machito
    Machito 6 November 2018 16: 24
    The United States is increasingly reminiscent of the Roman Empire during the collapse.
    Punctures in all areas. This is already a system error.
    1. aybolyt678
      aybolyt678 6 November 2018 18: 50
      Quote: Bearded
      The United States is increasingly reminiscent of the Roman Empire during the collapse.
      Punctures in all areas. This is already a system error.

      I'm sure not everything is so bad for them as they put it out. Just a conflict of World money, which is not entirely and not always American, and the industrialists of America
  3. Strashila
    Strashila 6 November 2018 16: 25
    “These are the fruits of the de-industrialization of the American economy and the processes of globalization closely related to it. For several decades, a number of industries, including those of strategic importance, were consistently moved to places where labor was cheaper. And then they simply began to buy the necessary components, which was even more economical. " the Americans themselves recognized their economy as ineffective. It was the same with the USSR, the production of the full cycle of the military-industrial complex imposed additional costs on the economy, such were the realities of survival at that time. Russia is faced with this, hope for imports is the last thing, they can at any time throw in the form of sanctions, but it is costly to produce everything ourselves, but it will have to. In addition, placing orders overseas leads to technology leakage.
  4. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 6 November 2018 16: 26
    An even more amazing story happened. with the only manufacturer of solid-fuel engines for air-to-air missiles in the USA, which, as the drafters of the report write, “faced with technical problems,” an irresistible one, since the renewal of engine production did not work out

    Why is it so surprising? They would do, as before, engines and would not bother with motors ... wassat They still use RD-180 instead of their "motors" on their rockets ...
    What can I say? Brave star-striped warriors ... lol
    1. A good one
      A good one 6 November 2018 16: 39
      That's for sure, they are somewhere densely, and somewhere empty. smile
  5. SS-18 Satan
    SS-18 Satan 6 November 2018 16: 57
    the Chinese, the Chinese, all around the Chinese. soon on planet Earth, everything will be MADE IN CHINA.
    1. plotnikov561956
      plotnikov561956 6 November 2018 17: 22
      So I look at myself too ... not a single Russian electrical appliance ..there is China or Korea ..or something else .but Russia isn’t ... not because it's worse .. they just don’t
      1. SS-18 Satan
        SS-18 Satan 6 November 2018 17: 27
        wrote already .. let it be on the coolest TV, not the most reliable car, refrigerator, furniture, and everything else. but let it be your own. hence the jobs. which means a salary, well-fed children at home, a calm and confident family tomorrow. etc.
        1. zhekazs
          zhekazs 7 November 2018 16: 08
          Quote: SS-18 Satan
          not the most reliable car, refrigerator, furniture, and everything else. but let it be your own.

          Yes, but then it will be necessary to introduce protective duties on imported counterparts so that foreign market in our market is more expensive than a lower-quality domestic counterpart. And this is contrary to WTO standards - screams from the West will follow, plus diarrhea will immediately begin at our fifth column. We do not have the lowest production costs, although salaries are growing in China and if this continues, then Russian industry will have a chance in this regard. Let quality be lame for the first time, it is fixable over time, all the more we have all the technologies, I judge by many things - electric generators, power tools - everywhere the development of Russia, assembly China. So there is a chance, it’s only necessary to arrange all this competently economically.
        2. Mih1974
          Mih1974 8 November 2018 16: 21
          But you don’t need to lie, at least refrigerators - here you go [media = https: //] good Choose according to price and desire.
          1. Dimonk
            Dimonk 10 November 2018 18: 02
            Unfortunately, only collected from Chinese or other foreign manufacturers.
    2. Azim77
      Azim77 6 November 2018 18: 00
      Quote: SS-18 Satan
      there will be everything MADE IN CHINA

      And when their interests are forced, will they replace the USA? After all, the Americans, too, are essentially not evil, but only for the sake of a full stomach and a good life, they promote their "interests" everywhere.
  6. aybolyt678
    aybolyt678 6 November 2018 18: 46
    oh I do not believe in American fakes.
    1. bobba94
      bobba94 9 November 2018 22: 35
      It was not a fake. It was a big embarrassment when the engine in the Zamvolta pereklinil when passing the Panama Canal.
  7. Jerk
    Jerk 6 November 2018 19: 30
    As already mentioned, the problem in the United States is only one - all tripods have their hands growing out of their hands, because they can only produce commercials and psychotherapists — you want to talk about this.
    In short, penguins, go about your business, filming the urya-patriotic "movie" about the hero marines and their rescue of all presidents at once, and do not go anywhere outside your corn-growing collective farm.
    1. Jerk
      Jerk 6 November 2018 20: 14
      And again about the asshole handles:
      MOSCOW, Nov 6 - RIA News. The White House online store minted a commemorative coin in honor of the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump with three typos and put it up for sale on the official website.
      RIA News

      wassat "I humbly ask you - do not offer beer to Sharikov!"
  8. engineer74
    engineer74 6 November 2018 19: 48
    An interesting situation! Sooner or later, those in power will understand that it is more profitable to change course than to solve problems. And hello PERESTROYKA! wink With all the consequences ...
    IMHO, of course hi
  9. dgonni
    dgonni 6 November 2018 23: 15
    Squealed for the Chinese blocks in the bans and f-35. The author wanted to make an excellent stuffing but it turned out like hell. For the author specifically! The electronic components of the military class are produced in the states at their facilities, so suddenly! And even industrial as well, all its components! For the sake of verification, the model can go to any factory and open the cnc machine of any normal manufacturer. The author's insides will greatly surprise. Some chip markings will not have available datasheets if the machine is new and advanced. But to the author, in parallel, he worked out an order for a mink
    1. malyvalv
      malyvalv 7 November 2018 03: 05
      They have problems and they did not start yesterday. In the early 2000s, I was involved in the sale of equipment for researching deep wells of an American company. And in this equipment a lot of military class was used. Mainly due to the temperature with the requirements of reliable operation up to 180 degrees. And in the early 2000s there was a giant problem with the manufacturer since it became impossible to purchase such microcircuits and transistors. The company that produced this item stopped production due to weak demand. For some time, the plant was saved by stocks. What was then I do not know.
      1. Squelcher
        Squelcher 7 November 2018 03: 51
        Do not believe it, but the Chinese and Dutch helped them out.
        He himself worked in this area.
    2. Soho
      Soho 7 November 2018 09: 06
      dgonni (Dgon) Yesterday, 23:15 PM
      Squealed for the Chinese blocks in the bans and f-35. The author wanted to make an excellent stuffing but it turned out like hell. For the author specifically! The electronic components of the military class are produced in the states at their facilities, so suddenly!

      Well, yes, the US Senate Committee on the Armed Forces is suckers and pi ... ly, and dude dgonni (Dgon) is much more aware of what and what is going to be in Bath and Fort Worth laughing
      Back in 11. was an investigation by the US Senate of a story using components from China in the equipment of the US military transport aviation. And these are the famous "Hercules" and "Poseidons".