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China has tested the weaponry of an unmanned helicopter AV500W

In late October, helicopters of the AV500W type UAV armament system (U8EW code) were tested in the Chinese province of Qinghai, the blog reports dambiev.

The air-to-ground missile launched by the helicopter hit the target from a distance of 4,5 km.

Helicopter-type drone AV-500 was developed by AVIC corporation in two versions. The first is to perform reconnaissance missions, including for observation (monitoring) flights, search missions, aerial surveys, fire safety control, transportation of small loads, etc.

The second option is a percussion (adding the letter “W” to the designation means an armed version).

The maximum take-off weight of the AV500 (W) is 470 kg, the length is 7 m, the cruising speed is 170 km / h, the range is up to 200 km. The drone can rise to a height of 4 km, the time spent in the air - 4 hours (reconnaissance version - 8 hours). Payload - 160 kg.

China has tested the weaponry of an unmanned helicopter AV500W

The AV500W is armed with four air-to-surface missiles with radar guidance, or laser-guided guided bombs weighing 6 and 10 kg, or a machine gun. The missile range is up to 5 km.

The reconnaissance version is equipped with an optical-electronic observation station on a gyrostabilized suspension, which is equipped with a target recognition and tracking system, a synthesized aperture locator (on an external hanger), and a data relay system.
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    ANCIENT 2 November 2018 16: 55
    Yes, one of our weaknesses is precisely YOUR shock drones, and even there microelectronics was completely OUR.
    1. Arh
      Arh 2 November 2018 16: 59
      When ours show medium drones, a big desire to see what they are ready ...
      1. Giant thought
        Giant thought 2 November 2018 17: 24
        Chinese designers in this type of weapons are not in vain eating their bread, of course, we need to quickly reach their level.
        1. APASUS
          APASUS 2 November 2018 21: 52
          Quote: Giant thought
          Chinese designers in this type of weapons are not in vain eating their bread, of course, we need to quickly reach their level.

          China has two advantages over us for creating such a sophisticated technique:
          1 Unlimited financial opportunities
          2 There you can really lose your head for stealing money from the military-industrial complex, just chopped off
          1. Maalkavianin
            Maalkavianin 3 November 2018 16: 03
            There is also a third advantage. They have access to modern technology. They are a world factory. Well, as always, we are under siege. :-)
  2. Baloo
    Baloo 2 November 2018 17: 00
    How will Russia respond? There is a suitable helicopter as a prototype Ansat of the Kazan helicopter, by the way, and there is a design bureau for drones in Kazan. winked
    1. san4es
      san4es 2 November 2018 18: 20
      Quote: Balu
      How will Russia respond?
      Posted: 14 Sep 2018
      NPP "Radar mms" at "Army-2018" showed new unmanned helicopters hi
    2. Henderson
      Henderson 2 November 2018 19: 02
      Quote: Balu
      How will Russia respond?

      to answer something - we need a modern electronic component base. Without it, in our time, any piece of iron is just a layout.
  3. Kerensky
    Kerensky 2 November 2018 17: 16
    Now they will begin to stamp their packs. And everyone else ... EW tools are no longer a panacea.
    1. 2 November 2018 23: 21
      Only electronic warfare agents remain a panacea! For on all the Chinese and their drones, there is no ammunition or missiles. Only to cut off the channels of control, the search for targets. Well, you can burn the "vaunted" Chinese electronics with some kind of EMP generator. And so that they don't fly where they don't get ...
      1. Kerensky
        Kerensky 2 November 2018 23: 56
        And so as not to fly where without hitting ...

        Here you need a full-time dome. Raise the range of the rocket to 7 km. and will be able to break.
  4. san4es
    san4es 2 November 2018 18: 09
    Published: 24 Nov 2017
    Recently, the AV500 W, AV500 and XM20 helicopters completed successful test flights to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.
  5. zloijjet
    zloijjet 2 November 2018 22: 23
    Too deportable ...