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Shoigu: Exercises of the Navy and the Russian Aerospace Forces in the far sea zone will become regular

Large-scale naval exercises held this year in the Mediterranean Sea fleet and Aerospace Forces "Ocean Shield" allowed to develop tactical techniques and methods of action of naval forces and aviation, said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Shoigu: Exercises of the Navy and the Russian Aerospace Forces in the far sea zone will become regular

According to the head of the Russian military department, such exercises, in which, along with ships, strategic missile carriers Tu-160 and A-50 radar patrol and guidance aircraft were involved, were conducted at such a distance from Russian borders for the first time. During the exercises, it was possible to work out the newest tactical methods and methods of actions of the ship forces and aviation. Shoigu noted that during the maneuvers the ships of the Northern and Baltic fleets made the transition to a distance of more than 4,5 thousand miles, and the ships of the Caspian Flotilla passed the Volga-Don Canal and the Black Sea straits from the Caspian Sea. Naval aircraft made flights from northern, Baltic and Crimean airfields to Khmeimim base, having covered more than 5 thousand kilometers.

In preparation for the exercises in the Mediterranean, a large inter-fleet grouping of the Navy was created, capable of autonomously solving a wide range of tasks taking into account the changing situation, Shoigu recalled and added that the exercises similar to Ocean Shield will be held annually on an ongoing basis.

Recall that interspecific exercises "Ocean Shield" were held from 1 to September 8 in the Mediterranean. They took part 26 ships, including two submarines, as well as 34 aircraft of the Navy and aerospace forces.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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    ANCIENT 2 November 2018 14: 36
    training in that area is certainly good, but only the ships of the far ocean zone, unfortunately, are somewhat larger than those of bald hair. am
    1. wanderer_
      wanderer_ 2 November 2018 14: 47
      Our fleet is being built to protect our borders. It was said that our people will return to Cuba soldier , and the far zone, we block the missiles
      1. Giant thought
        Giant thought 2 November 2018 14: 58
        Their flag, like strong muscles, must be shown to adversaries constantly, so that they do not have the desire to try to bite Russia.
        1. Arh
          Arh 2 November 2018 16: 34
          I am generally pleased with our teachings, each race is developing a skill and improving !!! good
    2. jayich
      jayich 2 November 2018 17: 05
      And to my deepest regret, every year it will only get worse.
      Shipbuilding program on surface ship failure on and new does not promise to be better.
  2. Skay
    Skay 2 November 2018 14: 40
    exercises "Ocean Shield" were carried out ... in the Mediterranean Sea

    Ah, Sergey Kuzhugetovich ... Sergey Kuzhugetovich ... Underdeveloped! wink
  3. IGU
    IGU 2 November 2018 14: 41
    will be held annually on an ongoing basis.
    - These words, but to God’s ears!
  4. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 2 November 2018 14: 42
    Well, that's right. In the Mediterranean Sea, exercises are regular ... It’s just useful for increasing combat readiness .. wassat
  5. Comrade Beria
    Comrade Beria 2 November 2018 14: 54
    IMHO, the distant ocean zone is the Gulf of Mexico.
  6. Sonet
    Sonet 2 November 2018 18: 06
    Our 3,5 ships will give the Americans a light in the Pacific :)
  7. venik
    venik 2 November 2018 18: 56
    ".... The large-scale exercises of the Navy and the Aerospace Forces" Ocean Shield "held this year in the Mediterranean Sea ....."
    Sho something is wrong here ..... "Ocean shield "... and held - the Mediterranean sea!!!! laughing
  8. zloijjet
    zloijjet 2 November 2018 22: 31
    It’s always nice to see the strong ...
  9. Allexxx
    Allexxx 2 November 2018 23: 28
    While the ships can still sail and return by themselves, it is necessary to demonstrate the strength of the muscles so that no one doubts the strength of the muscles of the fleet and army!
  10. gunnerminer
    gunnerminer 3 November 2018 15: 41
    As long as these exercises achieved their goal, and successfully ended for the crews and command.
  11. military pensioner
    military pensioner 3 November 2018 20: 12
    It would not be necessary for us to adopt from the minke whales the LOUD names of the teachings.
    Not OCEAN, but the southern shield.
    And it can be oceanic in one of the oceans, as it was in the USSR.
    Although still pride in the revival of the glories of the Armed Forces, Air Force and Navy!