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Belarusian BTR-70MB1 observed in Yemen

The network has photos of upgraded BTR-70MB1, in service with the Sudanese contingent, which is fighting in Yemen, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Belarusian BTR-70MB1 observed in Yemen

According to the newspaper, these armored personnel carriers appeared in the conflict zone back in the fall of 2015, when the Sudanese contingent landed in the port of Aden. True, then they hit the camera lenses only in passing. Then the "seventies" were seen near the town of Maidi. In this area, the Hussite rebels managed to inflict significant losses on a large Sudanese formation.

Earlier, the press also reported on the Belarusian supply to the Sudan of the revised reconnaissance vehicles BRDM-2.

According to the information, the BTR-70MB1 was improved at the 140-m repair plant in the city of Borisov. As a result of the modernization, the running and protective characteristics of the machine were significantly improved.

Instead of two carburetor engines with a total power of 240 hp BTR received one diesel horsepower 260 hp As a result, the maximum speed of the armored vehicle increased to 92 km / h, despite the fact that its weight increased by 1,5 t. Also, the car was equipped with a more modern communication system and an updated (day / night) sight.

In Belarus itself, state tests of the upgraded machine were completed in November 2016. After that, the Ministry of Defense decided to conduct a serial modernization of the BTR-70.
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  1. hrych
    hrych 30 October 2018 14: 04
    Old Man brought potato
    1. Machito
      Machito 30 October 2018 14: 21
      Well done Belarusians: they got rid of junk and earned money.
      1. Bull Terrier
        Bull Terrier 30 October 2018 14: 27
        Get rid of it? It also clearly says In Belarus, the state tests of the modernized car were completed in November 2016. After that, the Ministry of Defense decided to conduct a serial modernization of the BTR-70.
        1. URAL72
          URAL72 30 October 2018 17: 18
          Look at the asphalt under the beters, is it their war there? Is this a third world country? Then who are we?
          1. Shurik70
            Shurik70 30 October 2018 18: 12
            In Belarus, cars were modernized in November 2016 ...
            And immediately put in a conflict zone, where they were noticed already in the fall of 2015 ...
            Einstein was right. Time is relative
          2. nPuBaTuP
            nPuBaTuP 30 October 2018 21: 17
            asphalt under beters

            it feels like takeoff is ...... it’s clear that no asphalt should be on it ..... but maybe it’s not the road?
          3. Blackgrifon
            Blackgrifon 31 October 2018 22: 52
            Quote: URAL72
            asphalt under beters

            And how many times a year do they have a temperature drop from +40 to -30? The correct answer is not at all. Temperature drops destroy even a good road. Add to the constant natural load the "golden" hands of the road workers and get our roads. Although, by the way, in recent years in the Volga region they began to make very good roads.
  2. rocket757
    rocket757 30 October 2018 14: 05
    The question is, where are there none?
    The technique is affordable, the functionality is fulfilled .... and then the question of tactics, you can drown on anything, ditch anything!
  3. crest
    crest 30 October 2018 14: 05
    Hussites on the drum what to burn.
    1. Romka47
      Romka47 30 October 2018 14: 10
      And they can burn !!!
      1. rocket757
        rocket757 30 October 2018 14: 24
        It was not a bobbin!
        The contingent is the contingent, in general, as a bait, consumables always and everywhere!
  4. Gray brother
    Gray brother 30 October 2018 14: 06
    He is capitalism, he is only for the sake of money. You think that people kill people with your weapons and opponents of your people get gesheft through this, and then they will blow you and your children through it - profit is more important and stock growth.
    This applies to Russia.
  5. Catfish
    Catfish 30 October 2018 15: 12
    Quote: Romka47
    And they can burn !!!

    That's right! And their best anti-tank tool is a cheap one-time lighter. laughing
    1. IL-18
      IL-18 31 October 2018 00: 44
      Can you destroy "Little" Abrams? I can't either. But the Houthis can.
  6. Graz
    Graz 30 October 2018 16: 28
    Sudanese and climbed into Yemen, I hope the Yemenis and this will fill in how much jackal pounced on the country
    1. Gray brother
      Gray brother 30 October 2018 16: 37
      Quote: Graz
      and Sudanese got into Yemen,

      They sell their meat there. Almost like women with low social responsibility.
  7. Propaganda Department
    Propaganda Department 30 October 2018 17: 21
    Ah yes Old Man, everywhere he earns a pretty penny .. Well, what a laudable thing! The main thing is that there should be no supplies to Ukraine, there Russian blood is pouring and we in Russia will not understand .. hi
  8. Nedokomsomolets
    Nedokomsomolets 31 October 2018 04: 27
    Curiously, did modernization reach the air conditioner?
  9. Vinnibuh
    Vinnibuh 31 October 2018 19: 36
    Everyone wants to eat, and Belarusians that red?