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Passion for medium-range missiles

Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Belousov told the UNGA that "the United States is preparing a war, leaving the INF Treaty." Russia, accordingly, is "preparing for war." The US rationale is standard, which goes back to Secretary of State Colin Powell’s test tube, allegedly Russia “has been violating the INF Treaty for five years already”, the Americans don’t bother themselves with the evidence, as always.

In general, these are threatening statements, some experts even talk about the approaching new Caribbean crisis, and there are formal grounds for this: the Caribbean crisis in 1962 was provoked by medium-range missiles. However, not everything is so bad, because “our agent” Donald Trump is sitting in the White House of Washington! He makes us a good face on a bad game, and we understand what kind of game it is.

The beginnings of passion for medium- and short-range missiles represent, in general, an attempt at great blackmail: the US threatens with the deployment of medium-range missiles, so to speak, with a new step in the big game. And what does the blackmailer Donald Trump want us to say?

Note that at the same time with the theater, literally at the ramp of the aircraft, a statement about the US leaving the INF Treaty, Trump sends his assistant and the inveterate “hawk” John Bolton to Moscow for negotiations, which kind of guarantees him from Vladimir Putin’s polite charm and conspiracy charges. Despite Trump's belligerent statement, Bolton is received very well in Moscow, everyone is smiling, Putin himself accepts him, jokes about olives on the American coat of arms, which are no longer there ...

And Bolton is very pleased, he offered Putin to pay a visit to the USA in 2019, after a rain on Thursday. Moscow didn’t say a word about it, something will happen in the 2019 year, but Bolton could not resist, he told the world: Trump wants top-level talks with Putin.

The goal of our blackmailer Trump is to “sell” virtual medium-range missiles to us, which still need to be produced and placed at an average distance from Russia for new strategic weapons to Russia, famous cartoon missiles. Vladimir Putin showed them on video not too long ago, 1 in March of this year during his speech at the Manege. Exchange virtual rockets for cartoons ... In general, a great business can happen on both sides.

For some reason, they say little about this self-evident goal of our American blackmailer, but this explains the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty. No revision of the INF Treaty will allow Washington to reach the newest weapons of Russia. For this, we need new negotiations on the limitation of strategic weapons, which is called “from scratch”, a completely different SALT agreement that could be extended to new strategic weapons of Russia.

And after all Russia will go on these negotiations, therefore Bolton well met in Moscow. Recall that Vladimir Putin, in his March 2 speech, demanded that the United States negotiate strategic arms limitation. “They don’t want to talk with us ...” And now, a little more than half a year has passed, and Trump really wants to talk. But “from scratch,” without a treaty on the INF Treaty, whose fate will apparently be shared by START / OCW-3. Videos about the newest weapons of Russia were an argument to induce the American side to these negotiations. Cartoon these weapons or not, but they have already worked.

Everyone understands that the Americans cannot “lose face” by agreeing to negotiations on the initiative of Putin, they must submit it from a position of strength, therefore, although Bolton flew to Moscow to cancel the INF Treaty, everyone smiles.

Already on November 11, a short meeting between Putin and Trump may take place in Paris to relieve tensions, although obviously unsuccessful. Trump will probably promise a lot of things, but Putin’s Moscow is unlikely to believe in Trump’s tears, especially since Trump himself is under the blow of the neocon democrats, and nobody knows what will happen to him and his policy tomorrow. Is that Kurt Walker, this reincarnation of John McCain?

Our well-known analyst Sergei Karaganov in Dmitry Kulikov’s “Right to Know!” Program raised an interesting question: “Does Russia really need a new SALT agreement?” Russia benefits from “positive ambivalence” when the US won’t know how much it has in its pocket of hypersound and nuclear rocket engines. On the other hand, the agreements written with the pen with America cost nothing, as evidenced by too many such agreements, starting with the ABM Treaty.

To go on negotiations - it does not mean yet to agree, to promise does not yet mean to marry. Negotiations can be conducted for the sake of many goals, including for the sake of the fact of the negotiations themselves, but about any means of mutual control and military communications after the abolition of the obsolete PRSMD is really necessary to agree. Perhaps something else that the parties will try not to do in relation to each other.
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  1. Jerk
    Jerk 29 October 2018 06: 30
    and pen-written treaties with America are worthless, as evidenced by too many such treaties, starting with a missile defense treaty

    Actually, and that's it. In the morning - money, and in the evening we will think about chairs - the only way with them is possible, otherwise they do not understand
    1. NF68
      NF68 29 October 2018 15: 52
      Quote: Jerk
      and pen-written treaties with America are worthless, as evidenced by too many such treaties, starting with a missile defense treaty

      Actually, and that's it. In the morning - money, and in the evening we will think about chairs - the only way with them is possible, otherwise they do not understand

      They understand everything, but the main problem is that they live by the principle: "Impudence is the second, and not rarely the first happiness."
  2. Conductor
    Conductor 29 October 2018 07: 14
    And the chair is not the one to give, not the Gams, but Generals Popova.
    1. Kent0001
      Kent0001 29 October 2018 14: 37
      That Thai and no other way !!!
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 29 October 2018 07: 40
    For everything, you still need to see how the geyropeytsy form the prospect of adding more vigorous gasoline to their thresholds?
  4. Ezekiel 25-17
    Ezekiel 25-17 29 October 2018 08: 09
    Not starting with the ABM treaty, it’s better to recall the treaty concluded by the United States with the tribes of the American Indians, the tradition of spitting on all treaties comes from there. There is not one that would not be violated and treacherously dismissed. And remember them, Native North Americans fate. Legally, this is called a GENOCIDE. It is necessary to prepare for war.
    1. Henderson
      Henderson 29 October 2018 10: 47
      The ABM Treaty was terminated in full accordance with it, warning Russia about this 6 months before termination.
  5. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 29 October 2018 09: 23
    Karaganov is a smart and good analyst. I think that it was Putin and the Russian Foreign Ministry who gave the Americans the basis and the opportunity to non-stop bluffing and blackmailing Russia by the fact that she (Russia) has no concept of a preemptive nuclear strike. Putin contradicts himself when he says that Russia will wait for the strike and will not strike first. Themselves, they voluntarily gave the initiative into the hands of blackmailers and, knowing that they would not get the first ones "in the teeth", they can provoke and grimace in front of Russia. Even if they place their "Pershing" in Europe, they will never attack Russia who are not 200-300% confident in their impunity. That is why they talk about a variant of the Cuban missile crisis in Europe, when the missiles being installed will be destroyed without fail and they must be destroyed, for the edification of everyone, if deployed. And it is necessary to convince the whole of Europe that Russia will DESTROY and possibly nuclear warheads and will not doubt it for a second.
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 October 2018 10: 47
    Negotiating doesn’t mean agreeing, promising doesn’t mean marrying
    I agree with the author. I will add on my own - negotiations do not mean concessions. And Lavrov said in an interview that it is necessary to talk in any case, even assuming what the result will be. This is the work of diplomats.
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 29 October 2018 13: 20
      Quote: rotmistr60
      This is the work of diplomats.

      I would like to hear from these diplomats a sober answer about all these Shaman dances around the INF, because in fact the United States and the EU have already placed these very missiles in the form of missile defense systems at our borders. And we will wonder whether there will be a war or not. Will it be so or not? We go further, comparing dances with a tambourine about Sev. Korea and its nuclear potential, which was whined about in the United States, somehow suspiciously quickly vanished, shouted, threatened, and silence, was that dust in the eyes of the United States? Indeed, the UK is not a real threat to America. Why was this bluff needed, moreover actively supported by Eun? In our case, we were specifically imposed, both with missiles and with the armed forces of NATO. So what does it smell like? and what kind of performance was it with North Korea? And why go on with the United States with these dances about the INF, it turned out, well, God bless them.
  7. Avior
    Avior 29 October 2018 11: 39
    Shall we transfer rubbledollars to rockets back? smile
  8. iouris
    iouris 29 October 2018 12: 16
    "Passion for missiles", "Putin's Moscow" are euphemisms. In general, a publicist should try to introduce an inexperienced reader to the essence of a phenomenon or process, express support with both hands or express an alternative position. So far, this is a fuss. What's the point of fussing?
    Why should the president of a country that has become a victim of collusion of allies and betrayal, withdrew from the war and was robbed, first by the enemy, and then by the allies, even go to this event? The end of the "Great War" is not our holiday. Throughout the XNUMXth century, the United States has cheated and plundered Russia many times and has become the only superpower as a result. Any agreements with such a "partner" will mean concessions or even a new plunder and redistribution. I am far from thinking that in the near future there is some other candidate for this position.
    1. Victor Kamenev
      29 October 2018 20: 49
      You need to fight with the mind, and if the mind is declared a euphemism, then what will we fight?
  9. akudr48
    akudr48 1 November 2018 22: 24
    Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Belousov told the UN General Assembly that "the United States is preparing a war, leaving the INF Treaty."

    Against whom is the war, against Russia? Against a country 15 times inferior to hegemon by any criteria?

    Against the country that itself entered the United States, in the face of the power oligarchy, $ 1?

    Against a country whose richest people from the supreme power of which have double - triple Western citizenship?

    Against a country that works strictly in the spirit of the demands of America, destroying its industry, science, technology, medicine, healthcare, reducing its population?

    For America today there is no better Russia than today, which has reduced its country and people to a completely helpless position, not capable of a real confrontation and therefore is at war with America, Europe, Syria, Ukraine only on TV, with the help of Kiselyov and other nightingales of the screen , great specialists in fooling people.
  10. basal
    basal 3 November 2018 18: 55
    Sorry, maybe I forgot about it some years ago.
    But the Americans banned the INF Treaty from the filing of Europe. Who remembers was such a mobile SS-20 - shot from Belarus to Portugal. There was panic in Europe.
    Persuaded, signed, destroyed.
    Now on a new one.
    Guys, the drawings are left. Iskander think from scratch appeared?
    Good luck, Europa op-opa.