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Pacific Fleet Open Applied Shooting Championship won by naval special forces

Pacific Fleet Open Applied Shooting Championship won by naval special forces

May 29 as part of the annual Pacific Olympics fleet (Pacific Fleet) at the marine infantry shooting range in Gornostai Bay, an open championship in applied shooting was conducted among the security forces of the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories. The competition, organized by the Pacific Fleet command in conjunction with the Primorye Territory of Practical Shooting and the Free Style sports club, was attended by 23 teams, which included PF soldiers, law enforcement officers, and representatives of various law enforcement agencies.

Participants competed in four shooting tasks in shooting with a Makarov pistol and a Kalashnikov submachine gun. In this case, athletes were allowed to use optical devices, target designators and other auxiliary equipment. In order to avoid mistakes, each of the stages of the competition was served by a brigade of three judicial experts: the senior judge, the field judge and the statistician.

This time, power elements were added to the competition scenario, which, according to the organizers, complicated the tasks. The arrows did the exercises as close as possible to the real combat situation. In addition to tagging and fast firing, participants at certain stages carried boxes with “ammunition”, revealed the strongest in lifting weights and competed in endurance running.

After summing up the first place was won by Pacific Fleet naval special forces.


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  1. Aynur666
    Aynur666 30 May 2012 12: 03
    more often it is necessary to conduct such competitions. smile
    1. YARY
      YARY 30 May 2012 12: 16
      Someone doubted who would win?
      Well, competition is always needed for enthusiasm! drinks
      1. edge
        edge 30 May 2012 16: 15
        good looks, and the opportunity to finish off
        1. 755962
          755962 30 May 2012 23: 37
          It was also necessary to sneer out of the weapon of the "potential enemy", to broaden the horizons ... so skat wink
  2. Prophet Alyosha
    Prophet Alyosha 30 May 2012 12: 16
    It would be good to attract such events to those in the reserve — Russia needs a combat-ready mob-reserve war — we cannot avoid.
    1. koosss
      koosss 30 May 2012 14: 00
      illiteracy around ..
      after Russian, a comma is necessary, the conversion is
      also the site "Slavic Culture" is called No.
      1. Alexander Petrovich
        Alexander Petrovich 30 May 2012 15: 07
        I think this for the most part is not related to illiteracy, but to carelessness.
        1. koosss
          koosss 30 May 2012 15: 17
          you must be careful in such things)
          1. 755962
            755962 30 May 2012 23: 35
            And how will he correct it on the poster? This is the same picture.
  3. YARY
    YARY 30 May 2012 12: 59
    Uh Alexey

    I completely agree and support !!!
    And everyone should have a personal automatic or semi-automatic weapon. !!!
    1. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 30 May 2012 14: 21
      Quote: Ardent
      And everyone should have a personal automatic or semi-automatic weapon. !!!

      I do not agree not every!!! Only those who served in the Armed Forces, who do not have a criminal record under criminal articles, who are not registered with the drug dispensary, who have completed courses and examinations for storage and use !!! Auto prohibit altogether (there is no point in using it as self-defense, but it is widely used in raids)
      And then at one time they "sold out" traumatics and regularly "reap" corpses and disabled people at the slightest quarrel am
  4. Vadim555
    Vadim555 30 May 2012 13: 23
    Open appeal to the Administration.

    I ask you to delete (ban) my account.
    Three appeals to the admin in PM with this request,
    were rejected by him.
    I would like to "disperse" beautifully, but it does not work.
    I have no choice but to go-
    In the "campaign" for the "eternal" ban, typing 10 warnings, posting
    this appeal in different branches of the forum, as text not related to the topic,
    thereby going knowingly to violate the rules of the site.
    The "game" of cat and mouse began, ignoring my appeals, but no one would wait for aggression and abuse. I hope to "knock their heads together" with the members of the forum will not work out. Our people are wise. I see the exit from the situation in the "eternal bath".

    4 warning - ban for two days;
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    10 warnings - an eternal ban.

    PS. Guys, sorry, this is my personal and final decision. I don't want my account to remain "working" after my departure, that's the whole secret.
    I can't answer the questions. Don't blame me, but, "I can't stand dirty linen in public."
    To everyone who is for Great Russia — health, peace, goodness and strength.

    “The worst thing that friends can do with you is to betray. The worst thing that enemies can do with you is kill. Fear the indifferent. With their tacit consent, the most terrible things happen in the world! ”
    Julius Fuchek.

    “It’s even worse to look at people with a broken conscience than at the battered ones.”
    Julius Fuchek. (Reporting with a noose around his neck)
  5. max73
    max73 30 May 2012 13: 31
    At one time I read Zagortsev "Special purpose sailor" - it is not surprising that such competitions were won by the Special Forces of the Pacific Fleet ... training there - be healthy
  6. McFly
    McFly 30 May 2012 13: 55
    It would be interesting to hold such international competitions and see the results. winked
    1. Pilot200809
      Pilot200809 30 May 2012 14: 14
      And what are the doubts? lol
    2. edge
      edge 30 May 2012 16: 21
      And what to watch, in Europe at the competitions of special forces, after the work of our guys, everyone wipes snot. In the states at the competitions, Alpha mixed amerososov with shit .....
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 30 May 2012 18: 39
        Quote: hert
        states in competitions Alpha mixed amerososov with shit .....

        As the American judges did not try to condemn ours, they all the same came with a victory !!
  7. Pilot200809
    Pilot200809 30 May 2012 14: 12
    At one time, I ran into sea specialists on the Maisky Black Sea Fleet Island (17th Special Forces) I hope the training system remains the same? They used to take part in other "competitions" (I don't know about now), so these are outdoor recreation for them, and so they should always be the first. (ground the same did not miss, the same in the sickly "competition" participated)
    1. Pilot200809
      Pilot200809 30 May 2012 19: 11
      And who cares who won. Won our special forces. ABOVE US ONLY STARS
  8. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 30 May 2012 14: 47
    Good news. I am very glad for the terrestrial-water "colleagues in the shop".
  9. Odinplys
    Odinplys 30 May 2012 19: 48
    Quote: AK-74-1
    Good news. I am very glad for the terrestrial-water "colleagues in the shop".

    Here's how not to say ... in a good sense of the expression ... Great and Mighty Russian language ...
  10. dmitreach
    dmitreach 31 May 2012 03: 49
    ABOUT! Happy for the guys !!! Finally, IPSC sport enters the Marine training program! Although even here Russia has gone "its own" in an incomprehensible way .... For for many years IPSC has been trying to "distance itself from the military" (thanks to the heroes of all humanity), finally turning into a SPORT. (it even came to the appearance of the target)
    So it was with biathlon, is history going in a circle?
    And only here, which has become a world sport, which originally came from the power structures, but finally comes, in the form of practical competitions, to the Russian military. Commercials and AK-12 will go into series with its "improvements of the new century", which only the lazy in the states have not been doing for many decades! Or is the reform of the Russian Armed Forces really bearing fruit ??? Maybe this way, soon the soldiers of special units will not need a plastic kit and other tourist shny in tyrnets to order, for hard-earned money? Maybe they will be given out normal things in warehouses ???
    I am also happy for the enthusiastic guys from the FPSR! Their aspirations, this sport is developing in Russia! Keep it up guys !!!
    I am for the fact that any serviceman to whom the state entrusted a weapon should not be trained according to the "instruction to small arms", in theory, and a couple of clips in figznaetkakoyperiod, but was engaged, tudytyevkachel PRACTICAL SHOOTING. Which in its name reflects my beloved IPSC / FPSR (its Russian branch)
    Military, more often invite instructors from the Federation to judge competitions and more. They know a lot of useful things!
    1. nikolaev68
      nikolaev68 1 June 2012 05: 22
      Dear dmitreach! To our great regret, the FPSR / IPSC has nothing to do with these competitions, and the sport "practical shooting" has nothing to do with them.
      This event from the beginning (concept) to the end was organized by a sports organization (Primorsky regional sports public organization "Federation of Practical Shooting of Primorsky Krai"), which has no relation to the FPSR OSOO and to the FPSR Representative Office in Primorye and the Pacific Fleet Sports Committee (head physical training of the Pacific Fleet). Yes, and the target and the type of counting used others, namely the targets of IDPA and "Limited Vickers".
      Unfortunately, in Primorye, with practical shooting and mass shooting, it’s really bad. And with the military, local appointees from the FPSR do not work at all and are not going to work. I subscribe to every word.
      Thank you for your understanding, the organizer and the chief judge of these competitions.
      1. dmitreach
        dmitreach 2 June 2012 03: 29
        It's a pity ((((I'm talking about the federation) thanks for the info, I didn't know. I sometimes mean by the Federation Practical Shooting, as a sport, although this is not correct. It's like, as with the phrase: "jeep" is often called any SUV, not implying the brand - JEEP.
        IDPA is even more interesting, because it is closer to reality. I was always amused by the holster in IPSC (in the gun). (a kind of resemblance to a movie robocop)
        In general, as a person who spends "not earned" money, the more popular the sport, the cheaper the shot. I really want the laws to be closer to people, and the popularity of sports was great.
        I wish you success in promoting shooting sports in Primorye! Anyway, with the FPSR in your area, you are doing a great job for our military!
        1. nikolaev68
          nikolaev68 2 June 2012 05: 48
          Thank you for wishing success, still understanding from the sports community (FPSR) and then you can roll mountains.
          This is what you said about "I mean Practical Shooting as a sport" that does a very negative thing, as many people sincerely begin to think that the sport of "Practical Shooting" is FPSR. This is due, of course, to the low level of legal training in the industry sports law. And while it will be, there is no need to wait for any mass sports "practical shooting" in Primorye (I have no right to speak for Russia).
          What the situation reminds of sectarianism, they say mine and that's it, maybe soon to breathe, too, you need to become a member (joke).
          After all, little ones playing football at the championship of the village of Volobuevka (municipal championship) do not worry about being members of the Russian football federation and this does not prevent them from playing their favorite sport.
          So there is a difference in the sport of "football" from the sport of "practical shooting" as in activities aimed at satisfying one's physical and spiritual needs "??? I think not. I hope that with time everything will fall into place.
          1. dmitreach
            dmitreach 3 June 2012 06: 23
            "I hope that with time everything will fall into place" - I support, because he is an adherent of this sect - not being a member of the FPSR, but I do not belong to any other club, and these (FPSR) are associated with practical shooting.
            We are All, only at the beginning of the journey. May the fate of sorcerers and money-lovers not befall us all!
            And nevertheless, mass sports will become, first of all, thanks to advertising, in a good sense of the word! (one of the functions of advertising is to inform, not to hammer the money) and the emergence of modern DOSAAF, as in the USSR. So that it was not the "cost of a shot" that set the tone, but the propaganda of the state. How many times have I tried to agitate my friends to "come and shoot", it seems like they are not poor people, but they do not understand the "labor penny". ((((Until then this sport will be "not mass", until its cost becomes affordable. (Complex) I think this is a fundamental problem, well, again, not everyone knows. (And this is in the times of tyrnet ...) But the cost can only be influenced by the state, because its policy in relation to "Putin = Hockey / Sambo" is understandable, but in relation to shooting sports, it is better not to remember ... (((
  11. nikolaev68
    nikolaev68 2 June 2012 05: 51
    Many thanks to all participants in this event, to the organizers of the Pacific Fleet. Special thanks to the Head of the physical training of the Pacific Fleet. Thanks to everyone who helped and did everything for the quality of the championship.