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The first domestic antikrenovuyu system will be installed on "Akademik Makeev"

The equipment of the first pneumatic roll compensation system of domestic production was delivered to the Zvezdochka enterprise (Severodvinsk), reports Mil.Press FlotProm.

Roll Compensation System Remote Control Panel.

The system is intended for installation on the Akademik Makeev sea transport (project 20181). Its installation will begin before the ship is launched, since pumps and other large equipment will be placed in the hull.

As the source of the publication noted, there should be no problems with the installation, and it will not be necessary to “get into other people's brains,” as is the case with the foreign system.

The software of the system is completely Russian, most of the components are also domestic. Tests of developer controls (MCC company) completed in July of this year.

According to the press service of the company, in the course of the tests, critical situations were simulated, including those arising during a sharp roll, pitch trim, as well as abrupt disruptions in loading and unloading operations. The system coped with the test successfully - it correctly received all the signals and promptly processed them.

After installation, the system will also be tested during factory testing. Previously, such systems were tested by the concept of various cargo crane with a gradual increase in boom reach.

The development of a roll compensation system was ordered by the military as part of an import substitution program. It is designed to stabilize the vessel during loading and unloading.
Photos used:
Press Service of LLC "MSS", Central Naval Portal

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  1. Igor Borisov_2
    Igor Borisov_2 26 October 2018 16: 14
    Something did not fully understand the article. As far as I know, the roll on the ships is compensated by pouring water or fuel into the tanks on the starboard or starboard sides. And can this system work as a stabilizer of pitching at sea, or only during loading and unloading?
    1. KVU-NSVD
      KVU-NSVD 26 October 2018 16: 55
      And can this system work as a stabilizer of pitching at sea, or only during loading and unloading?
      Probably yes, otherwise why should she? Especially for the transport of weapons, which will have to load ships into the sea with ammunition for example.
    2. Zubr
      Zubr 26 October 2018 18: 02
      This is a gyroscope with electronic-mechanical stabilization.
  2. neri73-r
    neri73-r 26 October 2018 16: 15
    It would be nice if there was no hell in domestic politics!
  3. Igor Borisov_2
    Igor Borisov_2 26 October 2018 16: 27
    as well as sharp disruptions of loading and unloading
    Again, I did not understand this phrase - how is it? When does a load from a crane drop onto a deck? Then the question arises for these very works ....
  4. Е2 - Е4
    Е2 - Е4 26 October 2018 16: 47
    MDA Great news for the country
  5. Machito
    Machito 26 October 2018 17: 28
    What is the tonnage of the transport? Do you have weapons?
  6. Dzafdet
    Dzafdet 26 October 2018 17: 35
    And, ironically, the ship will carry Bulava missiles ....
  7. Dzafdet
    Dzafdet 26 October 2018 17: 37
    Quote: Igor Borisov_2
    Something did not fully understand the article. As far as I know, the roll on the ships is compensated by pouring water or fuel into the tanks on the starboard or starboard sides. And can this system work as a stabilizer of pitching at sea, or only during loading and unloading?

    This refers to work on loading ammunition into a boat outside the pier. Pitching at the boat and ship. To compensate them, a system was created ...
  8. andrewkor
    andrewkor 26 October 2018 17: 45
    Were gyroscopic pitching dampers?
    In my opinion, simpler and more efficient.
    1. san4es
      san4es 26 October 2018 18: 24
      Quote: andrewkor
      Were gyroscopic pitching dampers?
      In my opinion, simpler and more efficient.

      ... This system is not only a pitching damper (like a gyroscopic ...). It stabilizes the ship during loading and unloading, during the operation of the crane, and is also needed for rocking the ship in ice hi
      .. At the Neva exhibition in St. Petersburg, MSS presented a roll compensation system for large ships and vessels. It reduces pitching on the high seas due to changes in draft, it creates an artificial rocking for movement in ice and stabilizes the vessel during loading and unloading.
      "Compensation for the tilt of the vessel is achieved by pumping ballast water between the heeling tanks using a pneumatic installation. Pneumatics displaces water from one tank to another due to air injection ", - Nikita Maksimov, manager for foreign economic activity of MCC, told FlotProm. ...
      He emphasized that when used as a damper, the system is able to learn and adapt to the wind-wave conditions for a given course. The developers explain the choice in favor of pneumatic control by the fact that in this case the system reacts faster to a change in the position of the vessel.
      The product was created under the import substitution program and has already attracted the interest of the military, summarized in the "MSS".
      In Russia, the roll compensation system is used in the Akademik Kovalev arms transport. It is used when operating a crane and transporting bulky goods. On warships, mainly roll stabilizers are installed based on control rudders, which function only during movement.
  9. seregin-s1
    seregin-s1 26 October 2018 18: 08
    During the tests of a similar import system on the Akademik Kovalev, the ship's crew lifted loads with a crane with different boom reach and different loads. The equipment was checked first at the pier of the enterprise, and then in the water area of ​​the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center, a defense source told Mil.Press FlotProm.
    This clarifies the content of the article a bit.
  10. Sailor
    Sailor 26 October 2018 18: 49
    Interesting anti-heeling, pneumatic. At first I decided that it was like on merchant ships: a separate healing pump automatically drives water in 2 of its own wing tanks. But then slowly, and there was no question of compensation for the operation of the crane and the pitching (!). What progress has come! good
    1. Lantau
      Lantau 26 October 2018 19: 13
      On heavy lift, such systems have long been used. I mean the compensation of the crane.
  11. ksv36
    ksv36 26 October 2018 20: 12
    "Roll compensation system remote control panel."
    Looking at it, you realize that a tablet was glued onto the switchboard from the "Made in USSR" lathe. And here it is - innovation. And the buttons and bulbs are 1980. laughing
    1. Dikson
      Dikson 27 October 2018 01: 43
      so no one releases buttons and bulbs .. and tablets too ..))
  12. Dikson
    Dikson 27 October 2018 08: 35
    Not at all funny. Who made it? They stuck a regular tablet to the panel. Well done. If the tablet is touch-sensitive and carries not only the information load, it is also a control element .. - Where is the screen protective fence ??? Where there is at least one handrail for the operator’s hands (you’re damn in the conditions of sea rolling !!!) The first finger poke on the screen - and the northern beast of your visual control system. Even Uncle in a tie with his second hand took the locker - it's at home! And what will be in the sea?
  13. Baltic Lloyd
    Baltic Lloyd 28 October 2018 10: 29
    Judging by the content of the article, the author vaguely imagines what this system is for.
    This system is not a shock stabilizer, on the contrary, it must be disconnected before leaving the pier.
    The system is used to level the heel that the ship (vessel) receives when lifting heavy cargo with a ship (ship) crane.
    The door in which the display is mounted is of foreign production, we have exact copies on our ships. Talk about the fact that most of the components are domestic, it seems from the evil one. The software is perhaps the only thing that is domestic in it. In general, it is very clumsy worked when a display made of Chinese components is hung on a foreign door and this "creation" is issued for such an import-substituting achievement. Rather, this is a confirmation of the degradation of not even engineering thought, but of managers who, by their illiteracy, have led to the fact that it is impossible to create anything domestic, they simply do not allow it to be done.