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Will the troubled time veterans be condemned in Britain?

In the UK, one of the most talked about News in recent days has become a "matter of troubled times." The ruling party, military veterans, historians and couch experts were involved in the dispute: is it necessary to investigate war crimes 50 years ago?

The conflict between Northern Ireland and London began in the XVI century, when the British began to take land from the natives of the island of Ireland and transfer them to the English settlers. Having taken away the land from the Irish, London took up religion and language: the invaders from the British Isles systematically supplanted Catholicism, replacing it with Protestantism, and Irish was replaced with English. In 1801, Ireland became part of the United Kingdom.

In 1949, Ireland achieved independence and the status of a republic, but Great Britain did not agree to give up the northern part of the island, on which industry developed most successfully. London said that in Northern Ireland, the bulk of the population is opposed to joining the Republic of Ireland, but this statement was unfounded (no surveys or censuses have been conducted).

By the end of 1960's Northern Ireland's dissatisfaction with the current situation resulted in the Ulster conflict, in which Irish nationalists took part on the one hand and the British armed forces on the other. The first outbreak of the Irish uprising was harshly suppressed by the British army and local police, but local Irish actions and unrest continued until the 1998 year, until the Belfast Agreement was concluded that guaranteed Northern Ireland the right to self-government.

The events in Derry and Belfast in 1969, the Bloody Sunday of 30 in January of 1972, were one of those pages in stories UK, which usually do not show anyone. In fact, the government of Harold Wilson and then Edward Heath used the country's armed forces against their own citizens.

Now, half a century later, Parliament has proposed a bill to investigate all deaths of civilians at the hands of the British military during the “troubled time”. The purpose of this event is to separate forced measures from war crimes.

The order to establish the Department of Historical Investigations was signed in July and caused a wave of indignation among the British. The government was accused of stupidity and cruelty. The fact that politicians are going to bring to justice the veterans, who are now more than seventy years old, for the actions that they performed according to the instructions of the Palace of Westminster, is this not cruelty?

As soon as the noise around this event subsided, a new sensation appears: some members of the Conservative Party are calling on Teresa May not to conduct an investigation. Politicians believe that this is unethical towards military personnel who could not fail to execute the order.

At this time, the cause of discontent of the British lies in the other. The senselessness of the venture was immediately apparent. British citizens do not want to believe that politicians have been coming to this conclusion for three months. Rather, the point is that the government creates information noise.

Now it’s very good for Theresa May: Brexit comes to a standstill, there is a split in the Conservative Party, opposition Laborites are more boldly condemning its actions, the European Union is beginning to dictate terms. In such a situation, the Prime Minister must raise his ratings among the population much more actively than usual and show himself as the defender of the British military personnel (including those who are retired). This is a good political move. It is a pity that he looks more like a dance on the graves.
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  1. Conductor
    Conductor 26 October 2018 04: 46
    The purpose of the investigation? Identify the culprits? they are dead, and the state, as an institution, is guilty? . Find the truth? That's just funny . Political games? Very much, but here is the point, to score points? So, if the guilt of the British power institutions is established, you can get an excellent crack of pressure on the government of the GB, well, for dessert, claims of relatives of the victims in monetary terms.
    1. KBaHT_BpeMeHu
      KBaHT_BpeMeHu 26 October 2018 11: 43
      The purpose of the investigation? Identify the culprits? they are dead

      Bloody Sunday January 30, 1972

      Why are they suddenly dead, they are now 50-60 years old, and for such crimes there is no statute of limitations.
      1. Conductor
        Conductor 26 October 2018 13: 06
        Did they participate in infants? or at 10 years of age
        1. KBaHT_BpeMeHu
          KBaHT_BpeMeHu 26 October 2018 14: 52
          Slightly wrong sorry. 2018-1972 = 46 + 18/20 of the conscript total 66 maximum.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 26 October 2018 05: 40
    This is a good political move. It’s only a pity that it looks more like dancing on the graves.

    The skeletons in the closet were used ... The violins are no longer enough ... the grand booze in the stilt of Anlosaxony is in full swing.
    1. Machito
      Machito 26 October 2018 10: 07
      A good option to brush up on old wounds. As soon as they managed to crush the referendum on the independence of Scotland, they were struck by the idea to stir up the Irish nationalists.
      1. Evdokim
        Evdokim 26 October 2018 12: 06
        Quote: Bearded
        A good option to brush up on old wounds. As soon as they managed to crush the referendum on the independence of Scotland, they were struck by the idea to stir up the Irish nationalists.

        Two nuclear submarines for Scotland, but for northern Ireland, no, no. hi
  3. KBaHT_BpeMeHu
    KBaHT_BpeMeHu 26 October 2018 11: 27
    could not fulfill the order
    And there was no order to shoot at the demonstrators, on the contrary, the Britons just left the coils, the shootings could not stop the day, and the orders were ignored.
    KVU-NSVD 26 October 2018 12: 39
    In a war with internal opponents, everyone always obeys orders. Only one letter by letter and without zeal in blood casting, while others in all measure of their hatred and sadistic instincts. But not a single state will seriously deal with this issue of separating some from others of their own free will. So that all this is noise for domestic political reasons. Although maybe a couple of the most odious and put ...
  5. Sergej1972
    Sergej1972 26 October 2018 15: 04
    Ireland de facto became a separate state not in 1949, but in 1921. In 1949, it was transformed from a dominion within the Commonwealth (that is, in fact an independent state) into a republic. Northern Ireland in 1921 received special status as part of the United Kingdom. The fact that the majority of the population of Northern Ireland are British and Scots is also in the early 20s. 20 century. And now they want to be part of the UK, is not questioned by any serious researcher.
  6. Jerk
    Jerk 26 October 2018 16: 15
    SHO? !!! For example, on the events in Derry, the investigation is completed under Blair, the verdict is that the soldiers fired at unarmed, without any reason, that's the whole result. Make at least 20 more processes, what's the point - no one will be punished. 13 zhmurov, a priest and pioneers for 17 years - and the verdict "well, the boy got excited."
    England is the birthplace of Nazism, and the Irish were never human to them. It was precisely the famine, not the fake one, that the Irish were quite happy with, for example, and it was deliberate. But they can - they are universal
  7. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 26 October 2018 16: 20
    At this pace, they will soon get to Black and Tans with ADRIC.
    And then, as part of an investigation into the actions of the British army in Irelandagain dig and hang Cromwell. smile
  8. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 27 October 2018 21: 31
    The purpose of this event is to separate forced measures from war crimes.
    The existence of Britain in itself is a war crime