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KEDMI on DRSMD: In 1987, it was a crime

The recent announcement by US President Trump about the probable US withdrawal from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF) is largely due to the appearance of medium-range missiles in Russia on small ships. It was this cunning maneuver on our part that made the agreement concluded as early as 1987 between the USSR and the USA, when the era of perestroika concessions began, as well as the surrender of national interests, was unprofitable.

This view was expressed in the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” from 22.10.2018, Yakov Kedmi, the former head of the Israeli special services.

According to Kedmi, the agreement dictated by the United States and in the interests of the United States alone in 1987, the agreement between the two states was not only a crime, it also put the United States in a very advantageous position, giving them an undeniable advantage, and led to the disarmament of the Soviet Union.

By relying on the fleet and starting the development of sea-based cruise missiles, the Americans miscalculated because they did not take into account the fact that Russia will have small ships equipped with medium-range Caliber missiles within the framework of the agreement. Now the US is facing a problem.

What, in the opinion of the Israeli expert, will be the next steps of the American administration, if it nevertheless withdraws from the INF Treaty?

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  1. NF68
    NF68 25 October 2018 21: 02
    If "himself" Kedmi spoke about this, then this is definitely the ultimate truth.
  2. Machito
    Machito 25 October 2018 21: 12
    This crime has the specific name and surname of the offender: Mikhail Gorbachev am
    1. Lara Croft
      Lara Croft 25 October 2018 23: 24
      Quote: Bearded
      This crime has the specific name and surname of the offender: Mikhail Gorbachev am

      Come on. There, the entire Soviet party elite wanted cookies and hung out beautifully .... otherwise, Gorbachev would have been removed in the 85th ....
  3. Lara Croft
    Lara Croft 25 October 2018 23: 22
    I realized that at the time when the Russian Federation wants to destroy (deliver a preemptive strike) American missile launchers for hypersonic missiles in Poland, the Baltic states, Georgia, etc., it should have at least 6 KR ...
  4. Retvizan 8
    Retvizan 8 26 October 2018 09: 54
    Well, Brokeback, you bastard !!!
  5. lot
    lot 26 October 2018 14: 29
    71 years old Kedmi. who would have thought!
  6. 1536
    1536 27 October 2018 09: 36
    And what kind of eccentric on the "m" began to promote in the ONN from the Russian side a draft of some kind of resolution on "support of the INF Treaty"? As a result, 55 UN member states voted against, even those who spoke in words in the media in support of him, and the resolution, of course, was not even accepted for consideration by "serious people". Once again, Russia was shown its place. And it is, of course, not in the UN Security Council. Maybe it will be enough to carry out diplomacy at the end of ... XX century?
  7. bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 29 October 2018 11: 02
    Dear Kedmi, probably already tortured to warn deaf and blind Russia of mortal danger. Russia only expresses concern. We have already set up biochemical production around Russia, and we just worried about this. It’s probably time to put ultimatums about missile defense, about bio-laboratories ....
  8. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 31 October 2018 10: 21
    Captain obvious
  9. Tank jacket
    Tank jacket 31 October 2018 10: 25
    In Judaism, betraying a non-Jew is the norm. It’s for the Russians themselves to die, and help a comrade. So how many traitors from the 80s-90s elite have Jewish roots? Silence would be better.
  10. margo2000
    margo2000 7 November 2018 18: 21
    "According to Kedmi" and who else is listening to his opinion? This is the same "talking head" as Kiselev, Solovyov and Skabeeva.