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Election Day in Afghanistan: At least 30 killed and more than 120 injured

Judging by what Euronews reported on events in this country, 20 of October 2018 of the year - “Election Day” in Afghanistan - will be remembered for a long time.

At the polling stations throughout Afghanistan, a series of attacks and explosions occurred, organized by radical Islamist groups that do not recognize democratic changes in Afghanistan and deny any establishment of any authority other than a form of caliphate.

Election Day in Afghanistan: At least 30 killed and more than 120 injuredNo less than 30 episodes are reported, as a result of which more than 30 people were killed and more than 120 suffered. In particular. In the northern region of Kabul, a suicide bomber set up an explosion that killed 5 Afghan security forces and 10 civilians.

In general, these first government elections in the last 8 years are taking place against the backdrop of the extremely unfavorable aggravation of the situation in Afghanistan. In particular, no less than in three provinces of this country, elections were not held at all because of the control of most of these regions by radical Islamists. Even during the election campaign in recent weeks, no less than 100, mostly civilians, including 10 candidates, were killed by various “mojahedinov” attacks.

In total, the Afghan Central Electoral Commission, according to his data, made 8,8 million citizens on the electoral rolls, who should choose from the 2500 candidates for deputies to the lower house of parliament of Afghanistan and to the local government.

Notice that, despite the absolute ban on killing by jihadists, a sufficient number of Afghan women decided to go to polling stations for voting, albeit in traditional Islamic clothing, completely hiding their faces (“burkas” and “veils”).
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  1. taiga2018
    taiga2018 20 October 2018 19: 03
    but the USA will recognize these elections as the most honest and clean ...
    1. Blackmokona
      Blackmokona 20 October 2018 19: 35
      Ie if you arrange a series of terrorist attacks and attacks in the elections in Russia, they will become honest and dirty?
      1. taiga2018
        taiga2018 20 October 2018 19: 52
        Quote: BlackMokona
        they will become

        "will", if at the same time in the country there are occupying American troops and a puppet government, well, or one of these conditions, because in Ukraine under Yanukovych the elections were also considered dirty, and as soon as they fell under the Americans, voila, the elections "became" clean, and no one in the West cares that unwanted candidates are beaten, not allowed to hold pre-election events, etc.
    2. 79807420129
      79807420129 21 October 2018 04: 58
      Here you can say with phrases from the movie: -Nobody has ever conquered Afghanistan. The Taliban are at home in contrast to the striped.
  2. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 20 October 2018 19: 07
    Of course, people are sorry, but the Taliban are clearly making it clear to the Americans that they are nobody and can not be called. The Americans control only the perimeter of their bases there and are racking their brains over how to beautifully jump off Afghan territory. There is already talk about how to withdraw the military contingent and transfer the work of protecting "democracy" in Afghanistan to the forces of American PMCs, which is opposed by official Kabul. understands that the Taliban in this case, the development of events within 1,5 - 2 years will shorten the growth of officials serving the United States exactly by one head, and will take the entire territory under their control.
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 20 October 2018 20: 58
      Quote: Nyrobsky
      transfer the work of protecting "democracy" in Afghanistan to the forces of American PMCs,

      Tellingly, the area of ​​spread of "democracy" in Afghanistan coincides with the cultivated area of ​​opium macia. laughing
      And since the mattresses are scorching SO in such a way (in the same congress
      extremely uncomfortable questions are asked), then replacing regulations with PMCs is quite for itself. And to imitate "good intentions", it is periodically possible to arrange air raids, blowing another village to dust.
    2. vladcub
      vladcub 20 October 2018 20: 59
      The "Talibans" actually outplayed the Americans: they fed, clothed and armed themselves, and now the "Taliban" "thank" them and say: "Thank you to the Americans for being" fostered "
  3. axiles100682
    axiles100682 20 October 2018 20: 39
    What kind of democratic elections? The government has no control over the country. It does not provide security for people, everyone does not have the opportunity to vote, and whoever has it manipulated. This country will be saved not by democracy, but by a tough military dictatorship of 20 years.
  4. vladcub
    vladcub 20 October 2018 20: 54
    Now I am reading Okorokov "Secret Wars of the Soviet Union" events in Afghanistan. It all started with the so-called "April Revolution." senior editor of the Progress publishing house: ".. I do not think that T.
    araki was planned in the USSR: the Afghan communists were very weak, there was no internal unity in the PDPA ... The pro-communist Afghan officers ... several times turned to the USSR, expressing their readiness to curtail Dala, but each time they were refused * (interview to the Posev "in 1996)
    Then they "stirred up the anthill" and to this day it will not settle down. And the Americans have a lesson: "don't wake up dashingly while it sleeps": they supported the fundamental through Pakistan, and now they themselves are not happy. It's like a genie jumped out of a bottle
  5. faterdom
    faterdom 20 October 2018 21: 44
    Oh oh Thought, however! Voters are in a burqa, and with us any unicorn wins the gubernatorial title in the first round, or even the day before.
  6. 100500
    100500 20 October 2018 21: 53
    Election Day in Afghanistan: At least 30 killed and more than 120 injured

    When and who worried how many natives will die in some smelly Afghanistan, Vietnam and other Somalia? Large countries provide their geopolitical interests and problems of the Indians as a rule they are of little interest.
  7. Partisan Kramaha
    Partisan Kramaha 21 October 2018 05: 29
    It’s interesting, but the women in the passport in the photo are also in the burqa? And how does the comparison happen if you cannot see the face of a stranger?