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Blackwater Agents Engage in Syrian Riots


Agents of the American company "Blackwater" operate inside Syria and are involved in the riots that began in March 2011 in an Arab country.

Taleb Ibrahim, a political analyst from Syria, on Monday in an interview with Iranian television channel Press TV reported that there is currently all the evidence that the American company Blackwater is operating in Syrian territory.

Ibrahim announced that there is a third party to the conflict in Syria, which wants to prevent the implementation of the March "six-step" peace plan for the Syrian issue of Kofi Annan (the representative of the UN and the Arab League in Syria). “I’m directly blaming the Turkish, Saudi and Qatari intelligence services for disrupting this plan,” he said.

During the past few months, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have expressed their support for the armed Syrian rebels.

A political analyst believes that a third party is hindering any political settlement of the Syrian crisis.

Unrest in Syria has occurred since mid-March 2011, many citizens and security forces have died in riots.

While the West and the Syrian opposition are accusing the government of murder, Damascus does not approve of “lawlessness, sabotage, and armed terrorist groups,” insisting that the riots are controlled from abroad.

Separate clashes between Syrian troops and armed groups continue in Syria despite the cease-fire agreement adopted as part of the Annan 12 April 2012 plan of the year. So on May 25, in the town of Houla (located about 32 km north-west of Homs), an armed clash occurred again between the opposing sides.
This incident was reported on Sunday by the head of the UN observation mission in Syria, Major General Robert Mood, during a video conference for an emergency meeting of the Security Council. UN observers in Houla found 108 people killed, including 49 children and 34 women.

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  1. YARY
    YARY 30 May 2012 06: 51
    "" I directly blame Turkish, Saudi and Qatari intelligence for disrupting this plan. "

    Well, the oilmen and all this "regal" trash, crawling out from under the camel, take part directly, but so it would be unaccountable at home! angry
    "This is a PMC, not us!" - and bribes are smooth angry
    Here is just one interesting thing. The Russian Foreign Ministry has quieted down, how is this to be understood?
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 30 May 2012 07: 06
      And why am I not at all surprised ?! I don’t understand myself laughing
      So soft and fluffy recourse and suddenly this ... HA HA
    2. pribolt
      pribolt 30 May 2012 07: 09
      And who would doubt it and it’s so clear who muddies the water there
      1. Tersky
        Tersky 30 May 2012 07: 18
        Quote: pribolt
        stirs up water

        Well, the name of the company speaks for itself - "Blackwater", turbidity is not turbidity, but it is so black laughing
      2. esaul
        esaul 30 May 2012 07: 24
        Quote: pribolt
        And who would doubt it and it’s so clear who muddies the water there

        Greetings, colleague. I agree. This is to be expected. I remember the thoughts of many members of the forum on the topic of PMCs and the fact that this is one of the most convenient tools for conducting subversive activities and not to make enemies openly. True, the photo accompanying the article twitches somewhat and speaks of not proven ( The vast majority of those killed in the Syrian city of Hula became victims of executions by militants, AFP reported on Tuesday, May 29. As a result of artillery and tank shelling of government troops, less than 20 out of 108 people died, said Rupert Colville, representative of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. The vast majority were killed by militants of the pro-government group, who twice carried out mass executions. At the same time, Colville added that the investigation into the tragedy was far from complete and the data could change.
        According to UN experts and eyewitnesses investigating the events in Hula, fighters of a paramilitary group called "Shabiha" are responsible for the deaths of the bulk of civilians, the EPD agency notes. These are armed groups of people without uniforms and without official status. UN experts concluded that nearly 90 people were shot dead in Hula by armed men in two separate operations. Colville said this claim is based on data obtained both directly by UN staff and from other sources.)
        , but the fact of almost undisguised state interference in Syrian affairs, this thing is almost not required evidence.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 30 May 2012 08: 00
          Hi Valera, what you wrote is well known to us, but the points from your text will not fall into the eyes of a western man in the street. All the finite lies of the West, nothing more than an attempt to justify a future invasion. Russia will be in a difficult situation, 100 thousand of Russians live in Syria. Such a thing.
          1. esaul
            esaul 30 May 2012 08: 15
            Hello Sasha. I’m not a complete naive, so as not to understand how metered and tendentious the Infa is hammered into the western man in the street. True, there are sensible people who objectively present material, but this is an exception.
        2. Aventurinka
          Aventurinka 30 May 2012 08: 26
          Eprst ... how is all this bad ... The facts say one thing, the UN is different ... But the Russian Foreign Ministry requires proceedings ...
          Obviously, if we surrender Syria, then after Iran they will come to us ...
          And the Russian Foreign Ministry is silent ... A difficult decision. But here is what it will be ... Somehow at ease.
          1. esaul
            esaul 30 May 2012 08: 34
            Quote: Aventurinka
            And the Russian Foreign Ministry is silent ...

            Julia, good afternoon. I think that the Foreign Ministry is silent not because there is nothing to say, but because everything that is necessary has been said. But the coalition has not "gotten a taste" and continues to escalate tension. Syrian diplomats, as if by conveyor, are expelled from the countries, making it clear that NATO is seriously moving to a new level of action. If this is not another bluff (as was the case with the pulling up of the AUGs to the shores of Iran), then the first clashes are not excluded from June. So to speak - tests of the pen.
            And the fact that Russia’s plans to surrender Syria is not included in the plans of Russia is evidenced by infa about the inclusion of Syria in the Eurasian Economic Community. Such plans are being developed and documentation in this direction is being worked out.
            We will follow our fleet ...
            1. Aventurinka
              Aventurinka 30 May 2012 08: 47
              Good afternoon, Valery ... if he is kind. Since last night, he stopped being kind.
              I don’t know, it’s not like bluffing. The United States has long been talking about the need for military support for the opposition. And everything leads to this (despite the knife wounds of those killed during the shelling). Ambassadors were sent. Before the war in Libya, everything was disgracefully similar.
              A year and a half ago, the Surkov propaganda was vigorously discussed in the form of a sequence of regime change in the countries of Libya - Syria - Iran - Russia.
              So Syria is on its way.
              And it is beneficial for us and Iran (if I may say so, but I can’t find the right words ...) to stop this chain in Syria. But I don’t want to ...
              Perhaps all the necessary has been said, perhaps the final decision has not yet been made .. But good is not enough anyway. Let big minds in classified offices (I hope they stayed there ...) find the most-optimal way out ... Bright thoughts for them, and the leadership of the country of strength, will and willpower ... There is no mistake ...
            2. Alexander Romanov
              Alexander Romanov 30 May 2012 08: 54
              Valera, in my opinion more is needed. Get out of the UN, creating a new institution of law with the inclusion of Syria. Without Russia, the United Nations has nothing to do. A number of countries will join immediately. Depriving the West of legal leverage, at least we could gain time. And then others will catch up. From the realm of fiction, but sorry. That would be a move.
              1. esaul
                esaul 30 May 2012 09: 01
                Quote: Alexander Romanov
                Get out of the united nations, creating a new legal institution with the inclusion of syria

                Yes, Sasha! Do you offer turns ...! Who knows, this may happen if NATO gets its teeth and rolled back. Then the authority of NATO - kabzdets. And then the rewriting of statuses and unions will begin.
                1. Alexander Romanov
                  Alexander Romanov 30 May 2012 09: 07
                  Valera, last night in the car he listened to the radio, we were still talking, they put something in Syria. I’m looking for news in the news. Valera no info?
                2. Tersky
                  Tersky 30 May 2012 09: 16
                  Quote: esaul
                  Yes, Sasha! Do you offer turns ...!

                  Valera, an example of this is the League of Nations ...... in my opinion, the UN will soon become obsolete due to its constantly melting authority amid obvious support for the policies of NATO countries.
                  1. esaul
                    esaul 30 May 2012 09: 26
                    Guys, I offer a short article from today's Internet, as an illustration. the objectivity of the Western press


                    As Gorbachev used to say - "That's where the dog rummaged ...!"
                    1. Aventurinka
                      Aventurinka 30 May 2012 09: 39
                      Very interesting, but quite expected ...
                      And yesterday I came across this.
                      Dear Sergey Viktorovich!
                      We, the Russian people in Syria, are asking you for protection.
                      1. Odessa
                        Odessa 30 May 2012 10: 01
                        So, what is the problem of protection? Assad transported his family to a safe place. Russia during the Cast Lead from Lebanon took out its subjects, and Assad, if he wishes, can facilitate the departure of Russians from Syria. ', with such a destabilization in Syria, there can be any turn of events. I am not escalating the situation, but there are many things to think about .......
                      2. Aventurinka
                        Aventurinka 30 May 2012 10: 09
                        Actually, the point is not in defense, but here’s what.
                        You say: both parties are to blame for what happened. But this is not so. In the tragedy that took place in the village of Hula, there is no fault of the Syrian army.
                        According to the ceasefire, the village of Hula was under the control of the armed opposition, and the army was not there. Around the village were five checkpoints of the Syrian army. And at about 14 p.m., armed opposition militants attacked these checkpoints so that the Syrian soldiers could not come to the rescue of the Hula residents and were forced to defend themselves. Warriors fought stubbornly, but forces were unequal, and they were captured and brutally tortured by militants.
                        At this time, the terrorists massacred and killed dozens of people in Hula. All those killed - civilians, men, women and children, belonged to three large Syrian families. These families are completely carved.
                        If we assume that these families died during the shelling, then how can shelling kill so selectively?
                        We believe that they were civilians loyal to the legitimate Syrian government.
                        All the dead have either bullet wounds or knife wounds. What shelling, what tank shelling can we talk about?
                        Understand that it makes no sense to try to put pressure on the Syrian authorities to implement Kofi Annann’s plan. Because the Syrian authorities and personally the President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, are doing everything to fulfill this plan. And we, living in Syria, confirm this.
                        And the armed opposition is doing everything to frustrate Kofi Annann’s plan. So, since the declaration of a truce, opposition gangs have committed more than three thousand crimes.

                        And as a result, in this
                        The people of Syria have a great hope for Great Russia. The fact that Russia will not allow to repeat in Syria the brutal NATO scenarios that led to the death of Yugoslavia and the Libyan Jamahiriya.
                      3. Heinrich ruppert
                        Heinrich ruppert 30 May 2012 11: 12
                        Good morning friends!
                        It really reminds me of the beginning of the second pest. Hitler also changed his clothes for SS.
                        Quote: Odessa
                        So, what’s the problem of protection? Assad transferred his family to a safe place. During the Cast Lead, Russia removed its subjects from Lebanon

                        And Assad himself will kick the stool on which he stands and the loop will tighten around his neck.
                      4. Odessa
                        Odessa 30 May 2012 11: 32
                        How would you not like Heinrich Ruppert (2), but Assad turned out to be smarter, he learned a lesson from Libya, and focused on learning from the mistakes of others, in this case, Gaddafi.
                      5. Heinrich ruppert
                        Heinrich ruppert 30 May 2012 11: 57
                        Quote: Odessa
                        How would you not like Heinrich Ruppert (2)

                        I would like a mug of cold beer.
                        Quote: Odessa
                        learning from the mistakes of others, in this case Kadaffi.

                        In this case, cast lead is more suitable. Since Libya is on the edge of the Arab world. And Syria is in the middle. Therefore, the consequences for the entire Arab world are unpredictable.
                      6. Aventurinka
                        Aventurinka 30 May 2012 11: 46
                        Quote: Heinrich Ruppert
                        It really reminds me of the beginning of the second pest. Hitler also changed his clothes for SS.

                        The most figurative thing is that everything in the situation in the Middle East, in relation to our country, somehow sucks and suspiciously reminds the beginning of the Second World War ... Right up to the knees, it reminds ...
                        That’s why it annoys tyagomotin with our decision-making ... or voicing it, if one has already been taken.
                        We are not ready for war (this is not taking into account the fact that it’s just that I don’t want to fight). And, damn it, again, as before that war ...
                      7. Heinrich ruppert
                        Heinrich ruppert 30 May 2012 12: 31
                        Quote: Aventurinka
                        And, damn it, again, as before that war ...

                        You are absolutely right; more than 50 people died in that war. And then there were no nuclear weapons. And now there are a lot of "Clouded" brains by radicals, and this is in all nations. And the Musselman, and Jews, and Christians, and Buddhists. Russia is a multinational country, and there is no such mess as under the USSR.
                        What will happen and how many people will die? But human greed knows no bounds. At the same time, everyone wants to be pretty. And if Russia is now abruptly starting to act ...... Then this will be another reason to accuse Russia of all sins and to intensify its efforts to openly seize territories. And you said soberly We are not ready for war.
                    2. bamboo
                      bamboo 30 May 2012 10: 44
                      fu, labeled ... belay
          2. Cadet787
            Cadet787 30 May 2012 11: 04
            Dear Julia. Yes, everything is really bad, because the US ghouls and their allies respect only strength, and the idle talk of our Foreign Ministry is pulling this conflict to our borders, the pendants have pulled the so-called "opposition" from all over the world there, and we chew snot, in a place where make an adequate answer. The masks have been dropped, there is a battle in Syria for Russia too, we will lose there, we will lose Russia, no more and no less.
            1. 755962
              755962 30 May 2012 11: 27
              Damned media will turn everything in their favor, and for the sake of the West. Raise the issue of protecting their citizens in Syria and under this pretext introduce a contingent of peacekeepers. To strengthen the base in Tartus. And show the whole world and the UN the Truth about the Hula massacre, where it’s clear you can see who is behind this. Is it really not clear where the west is driving?
  2. Nursultan
    Nursultan 30 May 2012 06: 54
    Yankee again. Agents of the American company "Blackwater" operate inside Syria
    they like to poke their long nose into all the affairs of foreign countries and dictate their opinions and conditions, and whoever doesn’t serve them they will eliminate by any means possible and impossible.
  3. TRex
    TRex 30 May 2012 07: 26
    The events taking place in Syria are reminiscent of the provocations of the special services of Nazi Germany before the start of World War II ...
    If our politicians pros..t and Syria, as previously done in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya ... we get the "face about the table" once again.

    It remains only to walk on its hind legs and look into the eyes of the owner ...
    1. Heinrich ruppert
      Heinrich ruppert 30 May 2012 11: 26
      I apologize for missing all the comments. But the same thought came.
  4. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 30 May 2012 07: 56
    The great Anglo-Saxon diplomatic soap is excessively repeated. Let's hope that there are enough smart and decent people in Syria who will not let "mattress vultures and gayropean hyenas" tear their country apart, but our rulers may not merge an ally at least this time.
  5. Che
    Che 30 May 2012 08: 20
    Well, that’s how I knew the hand of amers. No massacre in the world costs them.
  6. Owl
    Owl 30 May 2012 09: 09
    PMCs took an active part in the events in Libya, actively "worked" and continue their activities in Iraq (their losses do not go to the summary of combat losses) and their activities do not fall under international law. The activity of PMCs is the disguised participation of a country (a group of countries) in measures to prepare for the conduct of hostilities by state structures (army, aviation, navy, special operations forces) or participation (at the "order" of the state) in military and police operations in foreign territory. The desire of the GDP and the government to legalize PMCs on the territory of Russia becomes clear. The result is a private security company the size of the Armed Forces, intended for "personal" and the protection of the property of the "leaders" of the country.
  7. mpanichkin
    mpanichkin 30 May 2012 09: 13

    States want to eat everyone.
  8. crossbow
    crossbow 30 May 2012 09: 15
    Blackwater you see, they would write right away, the CIA.
  9. cobra66
    cobra66 30 May 2012 09: 59
    All the same, discontent will appear elementarily after an attempt to settle and America will begin radical actions
  10. kNow
    kNow 30 May 2012 10: 34
    In vain Assad fell for the "peace plan", oh, how in vain. It was necessary to push the traitors to the end ...
    If they planted a "peace plan", then Assad was close to success, and the rats just won time ...
  11. volcano
    volcano 30 May 2012 10: 51
    In general, the United States, of course, smart. You will not say anything. The notion of PMCs is something, with something. Very competently. Officially, the country is out of work, and PMCs (which almost all carry out the tasks of the CIA and the White House) do all the dirty work.
    Such kookies, of course, must be prohibited. The only question is how to do this.
    Maybe it’s time for us to create PMCs too. I think there are many guys who have this in their blood. And through their PMCs, to defend the interests of Russia in different parts of the world.
    1. cobra66
      cobra66 30 May 2012 11: 58
      PMCs are the same mercenaries, but they don’t need to secretly collect, get weapons somewhere they already have everything
  12. Gavril
    Gavril 30 May 2012 11: 20
    Well, I will not say that I did not expect such an outright non-human meanness on the part of the "friends of Syria", but all the same, how disgusting are their methods, how many innocents were killed just to "open the eyes of the world to the tyrant Assad" - this is me for the recent massacre, because a no brainer assassinations during UN checks absolutely unprofitable for Assad