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Monument to Karimov in Moscow. Who and why?

While monuments to the soldiers of the Soviet Union and the Russian Empire are being demolished or desecrated throughout Europe and in the post-Soviet countries, a whole memorial to Islam Karimov, the “democratic” and therefore irremovable leader of Uzbekistan for more than a quarter of a century, is going to be opened in the heart of our country. Uzbeks, enlightened by Karimov’s efforts, achieved such a development in all areas of human activity that they ordered the manufacture of a monument to ... British sculptor Paul Day. The work was paid for by the public charitable foundation named after Karimov. It is worth noting that this fund was considered and considered by the opponents of the deceased in their homeland to be the locomotive of the personality cult of Islam in Uzbekistan.

According to the Fergana information portal, Muscovites will be delighted with the new 2020 year, 31 December 2019, and perhaps earlier, because the sculpture itself is already covered with a cloth. The current mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, played a significant role in this.

In the modest opinion of the author, the monument represents the most vulgar cemetery sculptural tendencies of the “saints 90's”, when entire tombs with Orthodox churches, car-like Mercedes cars and jeeps were erected on the graves of the newly shot “authorities”.

Monument to Karimov in Moscow. Who and why?

Naturally, the legitimate question is born: why? For Uzbekistan and the diaspora, this is most likely an attempt to show the degree of interaction with the Russian authorities and, of course, the degree of influence. For local authorities, to show a curve of loyalty and once again lose a stump, left after the collapse of the Union, and suffering from phantom pains over the "fraternal" nations. Although personally the author suffers from a headache from his immediate relatives. I must point out that for our country, in which politicians and journalists from morning till night think: “And what will the West say?”, The very choice of Karimov as a showcase “friendship” is more than doubtful. Judge for yourself, the 26-year experience of a person sewn to the presidential chair, the Andijan massacre, the involuntary Islamization of the country, etc., can hardly be called a pure reputation.

So why exactly now decided to erect a monument to such a remarkable figure? It's simple. Uzbekistan celebrates Islam Karimov's 80 anniversary with pomp. Therefore, the guys decided to share the holiday with the Russians on such a significant occasion. So who were you, citizen Karimov?

It all started, as usual, in 90 ... Islam Karimov, a true Communist and member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU, in March 1991, unequivocally urged the republic to remain a part of the USSR. And the republic unequivocally voted to remain faithful to Moscow - they voted for it over 90% of the population. Faithfulness was fleeting. Already in August of the same year, Karimov made a feint with his ears and declared the independence of Uzbekistan, and the people ... again unanimously supported their leader. Since then, Islam has been literally glued to the presidency, and in 2007, he ran for the presidency, even bypassing the current constitution of Uzbekistan.

For the sake of truth, it is necessary to point out that the medieval “baity” that was dormant throughout the Soviet years was literally a new trend throughout the whole of Central Asia. The republics, assembled in parts by the Soviet Union, were instilled in socialism for many years, and, having become independent, they began to flirt with democracy, understanding little what it means. The clan system and authoritarianism became inseparable companions of the newly-minted countries of Central Asia. And Uzbekistan here is not a leading place.

Monuments to Saparmurat Niyazov, not all ...

In Turkmenistan, until his death in 2006, Saparmurat Niyazov sat in the presidency. Niyazov managed to survive from all parts of the Russian population and turned Turkmenistan into such a closed country that North Korea is just a resort Cyprus compared to it. In his "fundamental" work "Rukhnama" ("Book of the Spirit") Saparmurat even decided to outstrip the diggers of the Black Sea, stating that the invention of the wheel and the cart belongs to the Turkmens. In general, the cult of Niyazov's personality is a separate topic. Saparmurat rose to such an extent that he rewrote ... the calendar, renaming April in gurbansoltan-eje in honor of his mother. This is not counting the actual destruction of pension payments, the dismissal of 15 thousand medical workers, the closure of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, the abolition of ballet, etc., and so on. And all this was accompanied by the arguments of the Turkmenbashi, fantastic due to illiteracy. It is the Turkmenbashi, because the title of the president looked like a mockery against the background of this leader.

In Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, in theory a democratic president, is still sitting in his place. At the official level, Nazarbayev does not approve of the persecution of the Russian population of the republic, but in practice everything is different. And most recently, Nursultan himself proposed to translate the Kazakh written language into Latin. In the outline of the cult of personality, Nazarbayev in the future can even overtake Niyazov if his loyal supporters still manage to rename one of the cities of Kazakhstan to Nursultan-grad!

But back to Karimov. After Karimov came to power, he immediately chose an authoritarian path, given the problematic region of Central Asia, it is difficult to blame for this. However, having received an elegant space for maneuver, especially after the extension of presidential powers in 1995, I could not achieve any rapid development of the country. This is partly due to rising Islamic extremism. Islamization and the strengthening of the role of religious leaders have become a real threat not only to his regime, but also to the country as a whole. 16 February 1999 was a terrorist attack in front of the government building in Tashkent. The explosion took 16’s lives on innocent people.

Explosion in Tashkent

In 2000, in the presidential elections, Islam Karimov again becomes the leader of the country. And already in 2001, a military airfield built by the Soviet Union near the city of Karshi Karimov handed over to the United States to deploy an air base there. Uzbekistan received the status of a "partner" of democracy, as well as a small but pleasant trifle in 10 million dollars a year for the use of the territory. The Yankees left the base of Karshi-Khanabad only in 2005 year. And not because Karimov was inflamed with love for Russia, the United States simply stopped making money for the “utility” services.

In the same year, the 2005 massacre began in Andijan. 11 February The trial of 23 by local businessmen, followers of Akram Yuldashev (a former member of the terrorist organization banned in Russia, Hizb ut-Tahrir), caused widespread unrest. Soon followed by attacks on the local patrol and inspection service, the military unit, the local prison, the city hall and the security service of Uzbekistan. Everywhere it was accompanied by the theft of small weapons, slaughter of Interior Ministry employees, etc. Everything turned into a bloody rebellion.

As a result, the rebellion was firmly suppressed, many of the protesters and accidentally caught in a crowd of people, including the simple hostages of the rebels themselves, were killed and maimed. The survivors of the unrest rushed towards the border with Kyrgyzstan. On the way, they stumbled upon a group of Uzbek soldiers and were shot at. Foreign policy Karimov condemned everything, except Russia, India, China, etc.

The United States, of course, condemned Karimov. Judging that the "democratic partners" conceived to shove him from the throne, Islam suddenly became friends with Russia. And even handed over the Russian base "Karshi-Khanabad." For a while. This is against the background of how Uzbekistan first entered the CSTO, then left it, and then re-entered.

At the same time, the Russian language began to slowly disappear from the territory of Uzbekistan. Russian cadres were also driven out. The main thing is that the Basmachi of the first half of the 20 century in the society turned into national heroes, and this is an excellent platform for the growth of nationalism. And we should not forget at least the ambivalent policy of Karimov, dashing between Moscow and Washington. And the question is not even that “it is impossible” - it is possible, if it is in the interests of your country. And honor and praise to Karimov, if it benefited Uzbekistan. But what does this have to do with the monument in the capital of Russia, for which Karimov could only be a temporary partner, and not a friend at all? And according to the Hamburg score, it’s time to be pragmatists and stop using such empty and “harmful” words like “brothers”, “friends”, etc.

Monument to Karimov in Uzbekistan

Moreover, the monument to Karimov in Moscow looks like an export of the cult of personality. Indeed, in the homeland of Islam, the scale of worship is second only to Niyazov. During the 80 anniversary celebration of Karimov, the following headlines appeared in the official press: “The monument to Islam Karimov is buried in flowers”, “We are proud to have lived in one mahalla with an outstanding personality”, “A sample of dedication”, “Life in the name of freedom and prosperity” , "The Great and Beloved Son of Our People", "The Founder of Independent Uzbekistan" and even "The Heart That Had Universe".

The monuments to Karimov in Samarkand, Tashkent and Karshi have already been discovered, not counting the construction of the mausoleum at the place of his burial. During the "celebration", the literary heritage of Islam was published, and he managed to write so many folios that Tolstoy would envy. At the same time, many Uzbek media claim that signs of debunking the personality cult of Karimov appeared in the republic. Therefore, it is not known which undercurrents are in Uzbek politics now. And it is unlikely that anyone will say exactly how all these advances to the Karimov monument in Moscow will ultimately affect the “loyalty” and “friendship” of the two countries.

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  1. Hunghuz
    Hunghuz 22 October 2018 10: 06
    So here we have a nationally oriented (in quotation marks of course) party in power. Monuments to national or foreigners are being erected, and Russian interests are often forgotten
    1. zyzx
      zyzx 22 October 2018 10: 23
      Russians are the most oppressed in their native country.
      1. ODERVIT
        ODERVIT 22 October 2018 10: 54
        Add with permission. And at the same time, nobody is interested in what the Russians think about this or that issue. The opinion and decision of the leadership is presented as the aspiration of the long-suffering Russian people. It's disgusting.
        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 22 October 2018 12: 48
          This is clearly a provocative monument in Moscow for Russian-Uzbek relations.
          Similar monuments to the city authorities should be established: 1) having thought well and 2) with the consent of the indigenous citizens, - and after the death of foreign leaders after 50 years or more, when the "time of troubles" of political changes in the country and countries will calm down.
          However, for a long time, due to foreign "labor" migrants from Central Asia, Moscow is turning into the largest Muslim city on the primordially Russian land.

          Tajiks have been shaking their Tajik rights to Russian Moscow for how many years already, as to their national property, which they allegedly built. Uzbeks and Tajiks pretend to do the same between fights, defending each other's places for themselves in the Russian labor market, from which they ousted Russians.
          In Moscow and Russia, the indigenous population is being replaced by foreigners at the request of the Russian authorities from the IMF.
          Therefore, in principle, the erection of a monument in Moscow to Karimov can be regarded as an attempt by the Uzbeks to claim the right to Moscow for the same Tajiks.
          Russian liberal compradors in the power of the Russian Federation do not take into account at all.

          TOTAL In Moscow, the same processes of Islamization are developing as in Germany.
          1. zusima1905
            zusima1905 22 October 2018 13: 55
            The saga with Karimov’s square for us, the Yakimanka’s householder continued to work all summer, we constantly brought water there to irrigate the lawn and trees, and I perfectly saw how the bosses trembled and almost kissed every leaf so that the trees would not dry out, there were constantly checks from the prefecture and the city hall, all the bosses had their farts tense, how did HE come to the opening. And this reptile and shattering most of all shook. It is worth taking a closer look at Moscow day and night, it has long ceased to be a Russian city.
          2. freddyk
            freddyk 27 October 2018 12: 18
            Tatyana, after all, Comrade Grudinin and the NPSR party proposed a solution to this issue. They offered a lot of useful things for Russia. But the people chose stability. So now sprinkle ash on your head. Enjoy the stability.
        2. Gardamir
          Gardamir 22 October 2018 12: 57
          and what do Russians think about this or that issue.
          Do not remember who said, only when durki think that Russia is for the Russians?
          1. Vasilenko Vladimir
            Vasilenko Vladimir 22 October 2018 13: 57
            Quote: Gardamir
            is Russia for Russians?

            Russia is just for Russians, do you want to be Russian, be it
    2. Machito
      Machito 22 October 2018 11: 20
      The authoritarianism of the Central Asian rulers has deep historical roots. The loss of its geopolitical position in Central Asia of the Russian Federation is associated with the collapse of the USSR and the weakening of the Russian economy. To restore its position in Central Asia, Russia holds a whole range of activities (economic, military, cultural, etc.). The opening of the memorial complex to the first president of Uzbekistan is just another step of geopolitics in the region.
    3. AUL
      AUL 22 October 2018 12: 03
      Quote: Hunghouse
      Monuments to national or foreigners are being erected, and Russian interests are often forgotten

      Well what are you! And the second Yeltsin center in the capital? And then the first can not cope! smile
    4. cost
      cost 22 October 2018 16: 39
      a monument must be erected in Moscow! And it is exactly where the Uzbek migrant workers gather every day in search of work. It would be very symbolic. If only the Uzbeks would be "happy" for their president, who brought Uzbekistan to this. Probably, a lot of "kind words" would be said about this
  2. Serge Gorely
    Serge Gorely 22 October 2018 10: 09
    But why didn’t they put Rashidov? The Uzbeks, by the way, treat him very well.
  3. bessmertniy
    bessmertniy 22 October 2018 10: 15
    Near Karimov, Sobyanin could be put on a pedestal, since he loves him so much.
    1. AUL
      AUL 22 October 2018 12: 05
      Moreover - alive!
    2. Ross xnumx
      Ross xnumx 22 October 2018 12: 13
      Quote: bessmertniy
      ... Sobyanin could be put on a pedestal, since he loves him so much.

      Alive ... belay With a monument to Yegor Gaidar, an armpit ... lol
    3. Tatanka Yotanka
      Tatanka Yotanka 22 October 2018 12: 32
      Quote: bessmertniy
      put and Sobyanin

      Before which thread is paving production, in cement is natural fellow
  4. BAI
    BAI 22 October 2018 10: 26
    the monument represents the most vulgar cemetery sculptural tendencies of the “saints of the 90s”

    Yes, the monument in the first photo is clearly "based on".

    Even the poses are similar.
  5. Smoked
    Smoked 22 October 2018 10: 29
    Glniul street panorama where the embassy of Uzbekistan. Closely there, the monument can not be put. Here on the Kiev highway in the Kaluga region, there is a brand new Multifunctional migration center, here there is darkness, at least Karimov’s square is a master.
  6. Berkut24
    Berkut24 22 October 2018 10: 32
    Even without Karimov ... we have a country of monuments. Monuments to everyone and everything on every corner, the first floors of residential buildings are hung with memorial plaques "lived here ...". A cemetery in the very center of Moscow overlooking GUM, the streets named after ... the city named after ... The plant / factory / collective farm named after ... and not named, so in honor of the revolution / uprising. Ships / planes named ... Now there will be airports named ...
    I do not want to live in a museum, and I do not want my whole life to turn into a memorial prayer.
    1. Anatole Klim
      Anatole Klim 22 October 2018 11: 29
      Quote: Berkut24
      we have a country of monuments.

      This is exactly
  7. alekc75
    alekc75 22 October 2018 10: 35
    in his city hall let him put
  8. Troll
    Troll 22 October 2018 10: 36
    Chu ... let the Muscovites decide how the city looks. They live with it and walk past this monument. How my native village is so close to me and I can discuss exactly its architecture and accomplishment.
    1. AUL
      AUL 22 October 2018 12: 10
      Quote: Troll
      y ... let the Muscovites decide how the city looks. They live with it and walk past this monument.

      But who will ask them? We have not decided when consulting with citizens to make decisions, otherwise they will advise this! No, nafig, we’ll do without their advice.
    2. dauria
      dauria 23 October 2018 01: 30
      Chu ... let the Muscovites decide how the city looks. They live with it

      They already decided in the 92nd for the whole country. wassat For me, that’s how they can’t be taken into account in any voting or in any election. Let them first live in Russian, how Russia lives.
    ROBIN-SON 22 October 2018 10: 52
    So we stand. One foot here, the other there ....
  10. already a Muscovite
    already a Muscovite 22 October 2018 10: 54
    Guano article ... Karimov was a normal president. Well, how normal can you be in the 90s ... Monument to Karimov, no worse (from a moral point of view), monuments to Nehru or Gandhi ... Well, for ordinary Uzbeks, mine, to them, is simple human rakhmat ... There is something compare ...
  11. thinker
    thinker 22 October 2018 11: 08
    According to the information portal "Fergana" ...
    Soros-funded Open Society. And then in the same spirit, throwing it on the fan!
  12. Antares
    Antares 22 October 2018 11: 39
    With us, if they deliver, only with black humor. None of our traders even offer this .. He knows how to end it.
  13. igorbrsv
    igorbrsv 22 October 2018 11: 46
    . Nursultan proposed translating the Kazakh written language into Latin. In the outline of the personality cult, Nazarbayev can outrun even Niyazov in the future, if his loyal comrades-in-arms will nevertheless be able to rename one of the cities of Kazakhstan to Nursultan-grad

    Her. Turkmenbashi does not surpass. He did all of the above long ago. And Latin, etc.
  14. parusnik
    parusnik 22 October 2018 11: 51
    The main thing is that the basmachi of the first half of the 20th century in society turned into national heroes
    ... They imitate us, in our country about the same process is going on .. Is it worth wondering ..
  15. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 22 October 2018 12: 07
    In Russia, in any city, monuments should be erected only according to the will of the townspeople and only to those who have made a worthy contribution to the economy, politics, military construction, the defense of the Fatherland and cultural heritage. And only to citizens of their own country. There is nothing to praise and perpetuate those whose life did not at all concern the interests of Russia.
  16. Tatanka Yotanka
    Tatanka Yotanka 22 October 2018 12: 22
    it’s such a feeling that the authorities, by their rewards and perpetuations, want to surpass the late Brezhnev, but even though he was old and sick, Manerheim didn’t hang boards, insanity blossoms and grows in its modern form, Nazarbayev and Yeltsin streets, think about it, Victory Avenue, in honor of the greatest event of the 20th century rename Putin Avenue, and say that this is an initiative from below is foolish, what kind of domestic policy when at the top and d and dy sit, the glory of Yeltsin does not give rest center fellow
  17. Conductor
    Conductor 22 October 2018 12: 39
    Not, why can’t the monument to General Skobelev be restored? Do not put a monument to General Panfilov, and other personalities. but in order to please the Uzbek diaspora, a monument to Karimov should be erected. UNDER THE PRESIDENCY OF WHICH THESE ARE THE MOST Uzbeks with whole convoys traveled to Russia to earn money and settled. Radish he.
  18. AnderS
    AnderS 22 October 2018 13: 31
    Note to the authors of such articles - whenever you write about "It all started, as usual, in the 90s ... Islam Karimov, a true communist and member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, March 1991 year clearly called on the republic to remain part of the USSR. And the republic unequivocally voted to remain faithful to Moscow - over 90% of the population voted for it. Fidelity was fleeting. Already in August of the same year, Karimov made a feint with his ears and announced the independence of Uzbekistan, and the people ... again unanimously supported their leader. "Please remember the following fact" Day of Russia (until 2002 - the Day of the adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the RSFSR) - June 12 - a public holiday Russian Federation. Celebrated annually since 1992 [1] (non-working day since 1991 [2]) on the day of the adoption of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of the RSFSR (adopted 12 June 1990 year). "
    What should Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and other Central Asian republics do while Russia has already declared a year of its sovereignty, including from them?
  19. Pasha
    Pasha 22 October 2018 13: 58
    We don’t have our own contemporaries, so we set alien idols ...
    This is problem!
  20. Larum
    Larum 22 October 2018 14: 01
    Decent people. Not in vain in power. The authorities will support him. And the monument will open.
    What have you achieved in these 27 years?
  21. merkava-2bet
    merkava-2bet 22 October 2018 22: 01
    Thanks to the author, I was greatly hooked, he was from Turkmenistan myself, lived there until 1999, I do not want to offend the author, but what he wrote is the tip of the iceberg, a lot behind the scenes. I witnessed not only the oppression and humiliation of the Russian-speaking population, to which and I belong, but to everyone who speaks Russian, even to the local ethnic population, and Turkmenistan, in comparison with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan, can also be called “democratic.” I read a lot about the personality cult, but what I saw , called forced slavery, clan interests, and as the author correctly noted the "bayonage" and "khanate", and the fact that Turkmenistan is still a closed country, I would say the feudal slave system, already says a lot. Thanks to the author.
  22. Indifferent
    Indifferent 27 October 2018 14: 01
    Monument, like in a cemetery! But zeal is beyond reason. This is always the case when stupid, dim-witted people make decisions. There will be little sense from such a monument. The author is right! It was necessary to think carefully before sculpting such monuments. Before that, go to Tashkent at least and see what they did to Russian memory there. Renamed and removed all Russian monuments. Gogol, Gorky ... What our writers did to them is not clear to them. All streets are renamed. At the same time, Götte Street remained. This is a German citizen. Semashko stayed. Apparently connected with Ukrainians. But General Petrov was wiped from memory. As, by the way, and the Soviet general Sobir Rakhimov. All the Russian - Jewish fathers of the founders of universities, departments, academies, and schools were also wiped out. They put their own, who had nothing to do with this foundation. At best, they studied there with these founders. And all this was called occupation. Now, the founder of this policy will be a monument in Moscow. This is a spit to all Russians who were kicked out by washing and skating from Uzbekistan.
  23. saygon66
    saygon66 30 October 2018 18: 19
    - The monument, of course, is so-so ... not a monument ...
    - And, if we consider it a merit, then that in Uzbekistan there was no massacre of Russians, Babai deserved it.
    - We can say that in those years he did more for the Russians than the then government of Russia.