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Matua Island. White spot on the map of the Second World is no longer?

У stories World War II, a lot of white spots. These white spots, both historically and often geographically understood, exist on the territory of our country. In fact, the entire post-war period also included the small island of the Kuril Ridge, Matua, which, after the end of World War II, became part of the Soviet Union.

Despite the tiny size of this island (about 52 square kilometers of territory), the question of its significance has been raised repeatedly. It is enough to recall the historical episode when the American president Harry Truman in 1945 suggested that Joseph Stalin “not be greedy” and transfer Matua to place the US Navy base on it. The Soviet leadership then agreed in principle, putting forward a counter condition: “If President Truman transfers one of the Aleutian Islands to the USSR for the creation of the base of the Soviet Naval fleet". According to historians, the United States has not received more such proposals on Matua.

However, the American military "inheritance" and today in some respect is associated with this island. One example is a submerged American submarine. Herring (SS-233) Gato class. The Russian researchers in the framework of the expedition to Matua under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense and the Russian Geographical Society conducted a study PL Herring using deep-sea apparatus. Research on the site of the submarine’s inundation, which during World War II was a thunderstorm of Japanese ships, as well as other research work on Matua, is described in the film “Matua Island”. What were 70 silent for years? ”, Presented on YouTube by the TV channel“Star».

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