Power structures receive complexes with UAVs of the "Orlan" type

Power structures receive complexes with UAVs of the "Orlan" typeSpecial Technology Center LLC supplies unmanned aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and monitoring systems with Orlan unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in various modifications to law enforcement agencies, an informed source in the field of aircraft industry told AviaPort.

According to him, in 2011 the delivery was realized. aviation Ministry of Internal Affairs of one complex with drones "Orlan-3D" with an internal combustion engine. It is expected that this year the same customer will also be delivered one of the same complex.

In 2011, the factory (preliminary) tests of the Orlan-2 drone complex were completed. "In the same year, the implementation began and this year the delivery of two Orlan-2 UAV systems for law enforcement agencies was completed," the source said.

According to him, single supplies of UAV complexes are continuing for use in the interests of the Ministry of Defense - it is planned to transfer one or two complexes this year.

In addition to the "siloviki", recently more and more attention is paid to civilian structures on UAV complexes. If in the 2011 year there were four civilian customers for the supply of complexes, this year there will be more - only in May at the pre-contract stage the delivery of already five complexes was agreed. “In addition, the aerial mapping complex based on the Orlan-10 drone will certainly be in increasing demand in the aerial photography market,” the source said.

Responding to a question about the possibility of supplying complexes with the UAV of the Orlan series abroad, he explained that selling abroad a lot of formalism, and the existing orders within Russia allow the enterprise to fully load production.
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  1. +7
    29 May 2012
    We are lagging behind chronically, but the news is good .. One more time we would have to give more military complexes .. So that not special forces would climb on the bullets, but these drones would bomb and destroy
    1. patline
      29 May 2012
      I'm certainly not an expert, but what is the difficulty in creating a UAV? Similar gliders, in every aircraft modeling circle, children can collect.
      Do you need an economical engine to make the UAV "hang" for 12 hours in the air? Well, announce a competition. Straight nationwide. Maybe there is talent, but if not, the design bureau will do it.
      Intestines, brains and attachments seem to be ready-made.
      1. +4
        29 May 2012
        It's not only in the airframe or engine. Just with the equipment - light, reliable, compact, communication systems and other electronics problems. What can I say, if part of the drones supplied to the troops, nominally put the usual soap dish Canon - was in a report from Mokrushin. Unmanned systems were developed not a day, not two, the lag from the advanced countries by the cheek is very difficult to overcome.
      2. +3
        29 May 2012
        I'm certainly not an expert, but what is the difficulty in creating a UAV?

        2007 has already developed strike UAVs no worse than American!
        Who exchanged them for Israeli toys with mortgages? Again Taburetkin and K?
        1. +1
          29 May 2012
          "Skat" is not a project lost in ruins, but a base and experience for creating new machines. Like the black eagle and other goodies

          glider to create a half of trouble, the modern filling is the Achilles heel, although today the situation is changing radically.
    2. YARY
      29 May 2012
      It is necessary to create combat attacking unmanned systems !!!
      1. Neighbor
        29 May 2012
        Quote: Ardent
        combat attack unmanned systems !!!

        In the year 13 - they will be adopted by those. drinks Yes
        There was an article 3-4 months ago.
        1. +1
          29 May 2012

          It should be noted that there is no certainty in the timing of the start of tests of the new unmanned vehicle. In particular, in mid-October 2011, when the Russian Ministry of Defense signed a contract for the development of the device, it was reported that tests of the drone would begin in 2015. The development of the UAV is carried out by the St. Petersburg company "Transas" and the Kazan experimental design bureau "Sokol".

          that's what pi joke about him

          it doesn’t matter when such a period is given for development of course. my opinion. although now you don’t need such an infernal number of workers and time to draw up the same glider drawings

    3. Starksa
      29 May 2012
      and this is a great idea, otherwise we constantly suffer human losses, we need to stop this business, constantly send for reconnaissance and destroy groups, including in the mountains, and do not storm private houses and compare them with land on the spot
      1. 755962
        29 May 2012
        According to Viktor Godunov, vice president of Transas, his company has entered into a strategic partnership with OKB Sokol, which implies joint development of unmanned aerial vehicles within the framework of both tenders of the Ministry of Defense. In particular, Transas will create control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as onboard electronics, and Sokol will directly develop “drones” and ground complexes for them. Both drones are expected to make their maiden flight in 2014, and flight tests will begin in 2015. So far, nothing is known about the plans to adopt the devices into service.
  2. Igorboss16
    29 May 2012
    well, at least some kind of progress is planned, otherwise we’ll buy everything from Israel, but they can when they want
    1. +4
      29 May 2012
      Quote: Igorboss16
      promotion is planned

      Yes, what a promotion! in the 70s of the USSR send today's cameras and they’ll better collect hard disks!
      1. Igorboss16
        29 May 2012
        I draw conclusions based on the history of the Russian Federation but not with the USSR, then everything was much better
  3. itr
    29 May 2012
    where are the cries of ur !!!!! even strange
    I’m looking at the photo. It’s not even funny. I think this plane has at least 500 rubles for purchasing.
    Well and fikaliya with a propeller. What would be interesting to say about this great miracle of technology the great Rogozin. I remind everyone in the courtyard of 2012.
    1. Neighbor
      29 May 2012
      Quote: itr
      this plane has at least 500 rubles for procurement. Well and ficalia with a propeller. What would be interesting to say about this miracle of technology

      What do you want there !? Why are you going to fly along the Arbat? wassat
      The main thing is not appearance - but functionality, convenience and reliability. Yes
      The lighter - the better - so-and-so! - more and more will fly by.
      And as for the 500r - there is one piece of detail / appliance in the filling - it can cost - like a new car belay Yes .
      There is a mine detector - the size of nonsense - and it costs 600.000 rubles belay . And outwardly - nothing special - but he sees and recognizes mines over 30 meters. Yes
      1. itr
        30 May 2012
        A neighbor from patriotism, the roof went which little things in it can be plywood with Cameroon moreover. And I would like to know about its functionality, convenience and reliability.
        . My son has two Chinese helicopters (a toy) that look much more decent and, moreover, they don’t start from the rubber band and go on take-off on their own. Well, please drop the link to the miracle mine detector, to be honest, I have not heard of such
    2. +3
      29 May 2012
      itr. one of the main criteria in choosing a drone, in addition to its strike and reconnaissance qualities - its price

      so your post seems to contradict itself

      and the neighbor’s plus - the warrior doesn’t mess with him and doesn’t kiss, but does his job in harsh operating conditions

      from Israel we bought similar models. By the way. Apparently this is the fruit of the very deal
  4. +7
    29 May 2012
    Pancake! No offense! But now in Aircraft models are creating more interesting models!
    1. +1
      29 May 2012
      I wish you to fight with models from the aircraft mug!) No offense!)
  5. David Lynch
    29 May 2012
    No matter how it looks, the main thing is to supply information.
  6. Darn
    29 May 2012
    Yes, the impression of this device is not very good. It seems to me that this device was assembled in some kind of aviation circle. But oh well, the most important thing is your own. I hope there will soon be other aircraft from Special Technological Center LLC
  7. Cadet787
    29 May 2012
    The news is certainly good, but somehow streamlined, does not give answers to questions. In what quantity they will deliver, when, a comparison with world analogues and reviews of military specialists.
  8. McFly
    29 May 2012
    Appearance is certainly not so important, but the feeling is that he and the characteristics are not as good as we would like. what
  9. gen.meleshkin
    29 May 2012
    In my opinion this is not serious. A kindergarten or an airplane modeling circle of some kind in the palace of pioneers.
  10. +1
    29 May 2012
    More to such a technique.
  11. nnnnnnnnn
    29 May 2012
    http://anna-news.info/node/1109 ХОЧЕШЬ МИРА - ГОТОВЬСЯ К ВОЙНЕ. Можно констатировать, что мы живем в начале эпохи локальных войн: вчера еще спокойные регионы вспыхивают как спички. Если раньше понятие война ассоциировалась с такими странами как Афганистан, Ирак, Сомали, на крайний случай, осторожный обыватель ставил галочку Израилю, то сегодня военные конфликты расползаются по миру со скоростью эпидемии. Ливия, Египет, Тунис, Йемен, Судан, Киргизия, на очереди – Сирия и Иран. Динамика мировых событий пугает: Турция угрожает Кипру, в Греции не утихают протесты населения, в центре Лондона – погромы, в Таиланде – беспорядки с десятками погибших. С вчера еще спокойных курортов приходят боевые сводки. Проблемы в мировой экономике нарастают. Мировой финансовый кризис, оказывается, никуда не делся и меры поддержки национальных экономик со стороны государств обернулись огромными госдолгами и дефицитами бюджетов в большинстве развитых стран мира: зона Евро под угрозой, американский сенат с трудом одобрил план повышения лимита госдолга США, госдолг Японии стремится к 200% ВВП.

    The world is rapidly losing stability and sustainability, and in such a situation, Russian citizens have the right to rely on the fact that their native state will pay due attention to their security issues.

    Official statements by the Russian government that 2020 trillion rubles will be spent on rearmament of the army by 20 according to preliminary forecasts should inspire confidence that the country's armed forces are able to withstand any external threats. Financing the weapons modernization program, in turn, will help domestic defense enterprises to revive and begin to develop the latest weapons systems and equipment, the perfection of which the Soviet defense industry was so proud of. What is the situation in practice? Consider a specific example.


    Imposed stereotypes.

    In the armament system of the most powerful military power in the world - the United States, which is our "conditional adversary", the systems of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or UAVs) are increasingly important, depending on the class and hardware load, both shock and reconnaissance missions.

    The number of UAVs in the Air Force and the US Army has increased 10 times over 136 years: from 50 units to 6,8 thousand. All types of drones flown over the entire duration of NATO military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan with the neighboring territories of Pakistan amounted to more than 1 million. hours. Currently, the United States is creating a network of military drones bases in areas of unfolding military conflicts - in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. According to military analysts, by 2020, most key intelligence tasks will be solved by UAVs.

    And what about the domestic drones? No way: in December 2009, Colonel-General Alexander Zelin, commander of the Russian Air Force, said that Russian industry could not yet create the UAV that the modern army needed, and in April 2010, Colonel-General Vladimir Popovkin, who was responsible for the rearmament of the Russian army, confirmed that The Russian Ministry of Defense spent 5 billion rubles on the development of UAVs. In this regard, it was decided to purchase an experimental batch of modern UAVs of Israeli production. In April 2009, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation purchased 12 devices from Israel Aerospace Industries - the lightweight Bird-Eye 400 complex (take-off weight - 5 kg, range - 10 km), tactical I-View MK150 (160 kg and 100 km, respectively) and moderate Searcher Mk II (426 kg and 250 km). The transaction value amounted to 53 million dollars. Later, a second contract was signed for the supply of 36 Israeli UAVs in the amount of $ 100 million, and in April 2010 it became known about the purchase of another 15 vehicles from Israel.

    Buying expensive weapons from a NATO ally is a serious business and must be justified. No problem: on May 19, 2010, General Director of Rosoboronexport, Anatoly Isaikin, said that this batch of drones had been purchased for analysis and comparison of tactical and technical characteristics in order to create domestic samples that would meet all modern requirements.

    More is more: on October 12, 2010, in Israel, the management of the defense industrial complex Oboronprom OJSC and the Israeli state corporation Israel Aerospace Industries signed a contract for the creation of an Israeli UAV assembly plant in Russia. Media reported that it will be the Bird-Eye 400 and Searcher Mk II drones. Unofficially, the deal was valued at $ 400 million. Production was supposed to be deployed at Kazan Helicopter Plant OJSC (part of Oboronprom structure). The leadership of Tatarstan and Israel Aerospace Industries even signed a protocol of intent, which, as reported, provided for "full support for this high-tech project from the leadership of the republic."

    The Russian side emphasized that it was buying the full technology for creating modern UAVs and the process of replacing imported parts with Russian devices would begin immediately. The amount of the contract - $ 400 million - was a historical record. The purchase of Israeli UAVs was seen as a breakthrough in high technology, thanks to which the domestic defense industry will step into a brighter future. Moreover, the very fact of Israel selling UAVs was positioned almost as an act of charity in the framework of growing friendships and a joint fight against world terrorism. The contract was called a new milestone in military-technical cooperation with Israel. Persistent rumors circulated in narrow circles that it was for the sake of permission to purchase high-tech Israeli UAVs that Russia refused to sell S-300 missile systems to Iran.

    How do domestic experts comment on these achievements?


    "... conduct reconnaissance on foot and horseback riding," or why foreign UAVs cannot be bought

    Russian military experts from the above breakthroughs in the field of military-technical cooperation in shock, we give a comment given by one of them:

    1. All Israeli devices fly only through the open C / A GPS code. The standard procedure for any local conflict is to disable the C / A code for the conflict area. So, even in a local conflict, these devices will be useless, simply will not be able to take off.
    Israeli UAV transmits all data (including current GPS coordinates and altitude) in a format known only to manufacturers. Put the Israeli control station and do what you want: if you want, track and intercept data, but if you want, take control and drag the UAV where you need it.

    But a Russian UAV can only be detected if it transmits data in real time. For this, it is necessary to deploy a direction finding network that requires broadband channels of exchange, which can be suppressed or destroyed. If there are several of our UAVs in the air, direction-finding becomes almost impossible, if a domestic UAV writes intelligence data on board, it cannot be seen at all.

    2. The Israeli UAV communication channels are the most primitive and unencrypted, because they sold us frank junk. Nobody will ever sell us crypto equipment. Our UAVs have all channels correctly made and closed. Under the terms of the contract, we did not even get the structure of the signals used. Not to mention the concepts. Opening the hull of any UAV is prohibited by the same contract. Any elimination of any malfunction - only by calling an Israeli specialist. Our operators are not allowed even outdated Sercher - they are serviced and managed exclusively by Israeli crews, a group of whom lives and works in Kubinka.

    Industry is not admitted even more so. Even at the show to the Minister of Defense, posters from the performance characteristics of Sercher were curtained and opened at the passage of the Minister. At the same time, posters with real, secret information about our UAVs were open. The Israelis photographed them busily.
    None of the manufacturers of our UAVs were allowed for a detailed inspection of the purchased equipment.

    3. No Russian communication line can be established on an Israeli UAV. To do this, it will be necessary to sort out all the on-board electronics, to re-debug the EMC. None of the contracts even stutter about it.

    4. All fuels and lubricants used by Sercher are exclusively of Israeli manufacture. The use of Russian oil products for the preparation of fuel mixtures by the contract is not provided.

    5. Israeli devices must not be used at temperatures below 0 ° C!

    Actually, there are still many reasons, but these are enough to make an unambiguous conclusion that any enemy an UAV purchased by us from Israel can at any moment:

    a) track with an accuracy of several meters, including basing areas;

    b) to intercept and receive in open form all the information obtained by him;

    c) at any time, take control and take wherever the soul desires.

    We can fight on these UAVs only with the permission of the United States and Israel. Therefore, the purchase of any UAV from Israel and their use in the RF Armed Forces is a crime. Even if we don’t have our own drones at all, it’s better to conduct reconnaissance on foot and on horseback. How to buy and use Israeli. We will be more whole.
    1. nnnnnnnnn
      29 May 2012
      You are already amazed, but this is not all, as you know, there are sales departments for product promotion to be successful, and in this case, the chief marketer was not anyone, but Israeli military attache Colonel Vadim Leiderman.

      In May 2011, unfortunately, after signing the contracts for the supply of UAVs, he was detained by FSB officers together (well, hey!) With a senior officer of one of the Russian law enforcement agencies related to the military-industrial complex. After the interrogation, Leiderman was asked to leave Russia within 48 hours. The reason is a suspicion of espionage.

      Later, as always unnamed sources told the domestic press that, in addition to espionage, Leiderman was charged with attempts to influence Russian military-industrial policy. And even more specifically: the attaché was too active in assisting Israeli companies in the Russian market in the field of UAVs and avionics. He lobbied in Russia the interests of Israeli military-industrial companies. In particular, Israel Aerospace Industries, from which we were purchased by drones.

      And finally, on September 19, it became known that OJSC “Oboronprom” rejected the idea of ​​assembling Israeli UAVs, which had so much noise, as they say “finita la comedy”.


      Is everything bad in the domestic defense industry?

      25-30 years ago, our country really claimed the role of world leader in the creation of unmanned aerial systems for military purposes. For example, in the period from 1972 to 1989, for its own aircraft and for export, the Soviet military-industrial complex of Tu-143 Reis type reactive UAVs alone produced almost a thousand pieces. In other countries, even in such advanced countries as the United States, unmanned aircraft operations at that time were practically in their infancy.

      Currently, domestic enterprises involved in the development of UAVs by the state are practically not funded and exist due to the sheer enthusiasm and commercial contracts that they manage to conclude. For example, the Eleron-3 device (ENIX) conducts ice reconnaissance at the North Pole polar stations, various UAVs of the ZALA brand (Unmanned Systems company) use Gazprom, the Ministry of Emergencies and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc.

      Our manufacturers also tried to interest the Ministry of Defense with their devices: in September 2010, according to the results of tests of domestic UAVs, the most promising models were selected by the official commission of the Ground Forces, with performance characteristics no worse than imported counterparts, for which, subsequently, a decision on the purchase of weapons . It should be noted that even for comparative tests of Russian devices, not to mention their developments, the Moscow Region did not spend a single ruble. But then a contract struck with Israel Aerospace Industries and the topic died out.

      But what about the 5 billion spent on the creation of Russian UAVs? Five billion is also a detective story. The main recipient of this money from the Ministry of Defense was Vega Radio Engineering Concern OJSC, for which, in fact, the creation of UAVs is not the main activity. Since it is obvious that the developers didn’t spend such an amount at one time, the question arises: what requirements did the Ministry of Defense put forward when financing the topic and how in the process of developing 5 billion, did the developers report to the army? Who signed the acts of delivery - acceptance on this topic? Or, having paid 5 billion budget rubles, the Ministry of Defense did not control the process?

      So, what’s the bottom line: the Russian army bought outdated and unsuitable for real military use military equipment for a monstrous amount of more than $ 500 million from a NATO ally state with the direct participation of a spy who covered himself with diplomatic status and sent the FSB out of Russia for his activities. In the presence of domestic counterparts that are comparable, and for a number of parameters having the best technical characteristics and many times cheaper compared to purchased devices.

      With such realities, the budget for the rearmament of the army in the amount of 20 trillion rubles no longer looks so huge.
    2. 0
      29 May 2012
      In some article they wrote that the generals beat the serchers on the topic of let me control. So do you need to learn the answer somehow? And if the whole is missing, then at least fragments. wink
  12. Vadim555
    29 May 2012
    Open appeal to the Administration.

    I ask you to delete (ban) my account.
    Three appeals to the admin in PM with this request,
    were rejected by him.
    I would like to "disperse" beautifully, but it does not work.
    I have no choice but to go-
    In the "campaign" for the "eternal" ban, typing 10 warnings, posting
    this appeal in different forum threads.

    4 warning - ban for two days;
    7 warnings - ban on 10 days;
    9 warnings - ban on 30 days;
    10 warnings - an eternal ban.
  13. Patriot
    29 May 2012
    Quote: Vadim555

    Vadim555 Open appeal to the Administration. I ask you to delete (ban) my account. Three requests to the Admin in a personal with this request were rejected by him. I would like to "disperse" beautifully, but it does not work out. I have no choice but to go-In the "campaign" for "the eternal "ban, typing 10 warnings, posting this appeal in different forum branches. 4 warning - ban for two days; 7 warnings - ban for 10 days; 9 warnings - ban for 30 days; 10 warnings - eternal ban.

    VADIM. TELL. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? WHY ASK FOR REMOVING AN ACCOUNT? Isn't it easier to just stop writing?
    1. Drugar
      29 May 2012
      The character may have been hacked. The owner will return from vacation, and then the eternal ban ... Although it was easier to post obscene comments, but to walk on the national question.
  14. kontrzasada20
    29 May 2012
    The name is what Orlan is. Well, I think it’s going for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they didn’t say that they would be idle on the balance sheet, well, let there be reconnaissance fires. But in the Army it is necessary. something more serious, which could not just fly and watch, but also bomb, otherwise the enemies will leave while the data is being processed. Vadim, clarify what happened, why such a request ????
  15. +2
    30 May 2012
    It was high time to start building such gizmos. The United States is already in full gear with unmanned reconnaissance and bombers.
    But the problem is that all these toys can be intercepted, which happened in Iran. Then the United States suffered heavy losses, this is comparable to how Belenko stole the MIG in Japan.

    By the way, I think pores would be made tanks unmanned, so at least the soldiers would be whole!
  16. 0
    30 May 2012
    An author writing under the name nnnnnnnnnn needs to write articles on this site. His awareness is much higher than that of the nameless scribbler. Reading is much more interesting.

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