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Severodvinsk ships will launch the modernized non-nuclear submarine of the Northern Fleet "Kaluga"

Severodvinsk ships will launch the modernized non-nuclear submarine of the Northern Fleet "Kaluga"Large Diesel-Electric Submarine (DEPL) North fleet On May 800, the Kaluga B-26 was to be taken out of the boathouse for launching after modernization at the Zvezdochka ship repair center in Severodvinsk defense shipyard, the press service of the plant told ITAR-TASS, it is expected that the submarine will adopted by the end of the year. "It will be the first non-nuclear submarine in 20 years, modernized by Zvyozdochka ships for the Russian Navy," the press service said.

The submarine stood for nine years at the pier of the enterprise in anticipation of repair. The large-scale modernization work of Kaluga began last year.

The submarine was built in 1989 year at the plant "Red Sormovo" in Nizhny Novgorod on the project 877 "Halibut" ("Varshavyanka"), according to NATO classification - "Kilo". First, the submarine was part of the Black Sea Fleet, then it was redeployed to the North. Diesel submarines Kaluga is designed at the Rubin Central Design Bureau of the Central Design Bureau of Marine Equipment in St. Petersburg. Such submarines have a surface displacement of 2300 m, length of 73 m, speed in the submerged position of 18 nodes (about 33 km / h), full autonomy of 45 days, depth of immersion of 300 meters, crew of 52 person. Its staff weapons - six torpedo tubes caliber 533 mm.

The asterisk, specializing in the repair and disposal of nuclear submarines, has extensive experience in upgrading diesel submarines. Since 1997, the Severodvinsk Shipyard has commissioned the Indian Navy to upgrade four diesel-electric submarines at its slipway and is working on the fifth submarine. The company also provides repair and modernization of such a submarine at its home base - in the Indian port of Vizakhapatnam.

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  1. Svistoplyaskov
    Svistoplyaskov 29 May 2012 11: 29
    Project 877 boats are the quietest Russian submarines. In the west, Varshavyanka received the respectful nickname Black Hole for its high stealth. The submarine is noisy at the level of natural ocean noise.

    1. Aleksey67
      Aleksey67 29 May 2012 11: 32
      Krasava !!! smile All sorts of boats are needed, all sorts of boats are important !!!
      1. Armata
        Armata 29 May 2012 11: 41
        The Russian fleet has more good vehicles. good
      2. YARY
        YARY 29 May 2012 11: 51
        Soviet technology is on guard of Russia !!!
        Well, there will be more than one combat unit in the sea - and that’s not bad!
  2. saruman
    saruman 29 May 2012 11: 36
    It is good when the ships and submarines are not standing at the pier in a half-dead state, but are carrying out combat and training missions in the seas and oceans! They brought life back to a submarine built in my hometown!
  3. Tersky
    Tersky 29 May 2012 14: 34
    Beauty is not news good ! Potential "friends" sow a day from the submarine of the "Varshavyanka" project with boiling water ... laughing
  4. Sokol peruna
    Sokol peruna 29 May 2012 15: 16
    Good news. Briefly about the average repair with modernization.

    From the official website of Zvezdochki
    At this point, the ship completed work on the repair of the hull, equipment, mechanisms of the rotor-propeller group, the main power plant and other systems that ensure the survivability of the submarine.

    Upgraded BIUS, GAS, navigation, communication. Still have to put new batteries.