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The old woman-fire: the legendary "Nona"

The real workhorse of the Armed Forces, which for decades has not lost its relevance of combat use, is the legendary divisional-regimental airborne self-propelled gun Nona. That version of weapons, on which, as it seems, time has no power. How many are already talking about the readiness to replace the "Nona" with new self-propelled artillery and mortar installations, and she continues her military work.

The old woman-fire: the legendary "Nona"

"Nona-S" perfectly realizes the broadest range of tasks, performing the functions of such means as a howitzer, cannon and mortar and carrying out firing both with projectiles and mines. "Nona-S" is used for the destruction of infantry, the destruction of fortifications and damage to the enemy armored vehicles, realizing the possibility of actions in his rear.

In fact, "Nona-S" - the most versatile self-propelled gun in the world. An instrument whose value is difficult to overestimate when performing air assault operations.

The importance of such an airborne self-propelled gun was talked about during the Cold War, when it was the airborne forces that were given the main role in maintaining high rates of advance after entering the enemy’s territory. To implement the tasks that are set in such conditions by the command, an unpretentious and reliable self-propelled gun was needed. This instrument, developed by the TsNIITochmash and the Lenin Design Bureau of the Perm Machine-Building Plant on the basis of the BTR-D floating tracked armored personnel carrier, now became the legendary “Nona”.

The “old woman” has gone through several upgrades, and therefore you can’t even call her an “old woman”.

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  1. Megatron
    Megatron 16 October 2018 07: 26
    As far as I remember, Strelkov pounded ukrov well from her, in the very early stages.
    1. Fox
      Fox 17 October 2018 23: 59
      Here is an interview with a militia who fought on Nona:
  2. Vladimirsky
    Vladimirsky 16 October 2018 08: 15
    Good machine! She would have a longer range - the price would not be ....
  3. strannik1985
    strannik1985 16 October 2018 08: 39
    The development of the theme was the ROC "Crimp", consider the variant 2S31 "Vienna" for the Airborne Forces, the firing range is 14 km, but the computer 1V550 was introduced, if they achieved indicators similar to the 2S31 (20 seconds to open fire on an unplanned target from the OP and 1 minute from the march) would be a great result.
  4. Altona
    Altona 16 October 2018 14: 57
    Actual beauty, albeit in years.