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Results of the week. Salute in honor of ...

How are things at the "Sketch"?

In the interests of the rocket troops and artillery, new models of weapons and equipment are being created. Several new self-propelled guns of the new type were developed in recent years as part of the development work with the cipher “Sketch”.

Results of the week. Salute in honor of ...

The controversy revolved around the question of whether the towed artillery has a future, or self-propelled guns and other armored ships will be completely buried. In this regard, I recall the phrase of a well-known person in uniform: “If someone had told me so in 70 a year, that in almost half a century I would see these cars in battle, I would twist my finger at my temple.” This is due to the fact that with all the news voiced from the “laser cannons” and “hypersonic cruise missiles” series, the veterans still have weapons in the troops, which, if they are undergoing modernization, are often at the level of painting ... And so arrange a funeral for the same towed Artillery with all the new "flower" art series is still too early.

Comments from our readers:

The towed guns have already become obsolete. All artillery must be self-propelled and must have anti-splinter armor, well, except that 82- and 120-mm mortars must be carried so that they can shoot out of the trenches.

And without towed guns, you may not even have a short fire raid: strategic mobility of towed guns is out of competition, although with tactical tactics it certainly merges everything. That's interesting, but what is the probability of defeating the gun itself in the counter-battery struggle? What if the calculation is washed off with the sights (well, or in the dugout hole zanykayetsya, if someone has lagged behind), and the guns book armor devices (trunk and gun carriage fragments survive, I think)? Any zoos after all determine the area, and not the specific position of the guns.

Vladimir Postnikov
I do not quite understand the purpose for which these SPGs are created, and which enemy they are designed for. If to fight the partisans, then this one. To fight a strong opponent is a waste of money. A potential war with a strong adversary implies that a strong adversary constantly controls the opponent’s rear tens of kilometers from the line of contact. This is already a reality, which allows a variety of technical tools. What will the Caesar-type ACS do (for example) with the Phlox-type ACS using these technical means? If the firing range of 8-10 km, then such a machine should be smaller, cheaper, and more mobile than the Phlox, which is comparable to the Caesar in weight, size, price. However, the "Flox" as if not. I would like to see him in action, even at the test site. I do not like "remakes". Old school was better. There was less PR, more work.

With more sparks

Even if Ramzan Akhmetovich had pressed a piece of land for himself, and found oil there, what would he do with it? On the scale of the republic? Would you register Cheady gasoline Kadyrov and fuel trucks around the world?

The region is such that any spark can ignite a conflict that the whole south of Russia turns into a conflagration. Because the situation in no case should not try to shove in a mothball in the closet - not the situation. And to settle - neatly, without fever; to block the grant-eaters and other “friends of Russia” who sleep and see another bloody disruption in the country, hiding behind slogans and human rights and other “value orientations”.

Comments from our readers:

The authors again walked on a difficult question. And, apparently, tried to do it legally carefully. But "initiative citizens", having abandoned family and work problems, instead of the Federation Council, decide on the administrative boundaries. Yes, there should be not only riot police, and the landing of the commission of "senators", Sledkoma, FSB and the Prosecutor's Office. Otherwise, everything will end again with roadblocks and boys on infantry fighting vehicles.

Do you think they are not there? Or should they walk with badges? Or does Yevkurov understand nothing?

As a person through whom events in the Caucasus directly swept during the beginning of the 90s, I can definitely say that the Russian Guard in this region cannot do anything. About the turbid 90-s in this region, the population of Russia has practically no information. Take at least the conflict between the same Ingush and Ossetians in the Right Bank region of Ossetia. How many victims, who knows? And the abuse of the corpses was worse than in the Chechen conflict. The notorious division of them. Dzerzhinsky within two days received by Moslem and ingloriously returned to a calmer region. And I had to clear up the army again. There is such a tangle of interethnic hatred, which sometimes takes aback where it all comes from.

Sculpted, sculpted and will be sculpted ...

The XV International Specialized Exhibition “Weapon and the safety of 2018. ” Rumor has it that the jubilee, the fifteenth, has become the most numerous in the participants. And since the most numerous, and probably there is something to see.

The fact that lately the genius of Maidan thought has been more than enough to fill the multi-volume edition. Only "Tireks" in pencil on a whole album of the young artists will be typed. And here now the Soviet Grads, re-trampled under the "Berests". Where would it all sell in a beautiful paper wrapper, - reflect in the "Ukroboronprom". However, with the sale of all deaf, as in the tower of a non-existent "Tireksa."

Comments from our readers:

The current degradation of Ukraine’s military industrial complex is only proving the complete impasse of their “Mriya”: “a hut with a cherry at the fence.” True dear are the pans!

Sergey Goncharov
In fact, the BM-21U has been around for a dozen years ...
And grab the girls - the idea is not bad at all!

The leader of the Redskins
The author loudly "buried" the Ukrainian military industry. And, probably, hurried ... No, I do not praise this pepelats. I just remember about "Kozak - 2", and the BTR-4, BTR-3 ... "Gyurza" and other samples. This is all already serial. And if you read the author, the militia can go to homes and mines, the APU has already shot the last cartridges from the "three-line" left over from the USSR ...

Sly plan

The meeting of the Acting Head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, and the Assistant to the President of Russia, Vladislav Surkov, held in Moscow, marks the beginning of a new chapter in relations between our country and the people's republics.

Oh, this recognition ... We would like to admit it - we would have recognized it long ago. With HSP or without HSP ... And now - chants about the need to observe the “Minsk minds” already “in the livers”. On the other side, an actually direct order was given to peel from all calibers, and on this side, “there is no alternative to Minsk.” Donbass residents, from us, from ordinary citizens of Russia: Excuse me, but we have a cunning plan again! ..

Comments from our readers:

Andrey Yuryevich
Something I do not like these types in the photo (Pushilin and Surkov).

Bull Terrier
Well, I also like more photos of Charlize Theron) well, what can you do, whoever is there, he is photographed)))

Snail N9
Now they are agreeing how to return everything back to Ukraine in such a way as not to "lose face" - first, under "a certain status", then with gradual, full integration into Ukraine. They would have done it a long time ago, but the weak Poros cannot calm down his radicals, who cannot wait to “clean out” Novorossia, in case of its transfer back to Ukraine.

Bright people in the dark

The Security Service of Ukraine has published a list of the names of the Russian PWK Volunteer Volunteers, who, according to Kiev, fought against Ukrainian punitive in the Donbas and against international terrorism in Syria.

The problem is that there is no understanding of who in Russia these people are in camouflage. On the one hand, they are invited to the Kremlin and awarded with state awards, on the other hand, they seem to be officially non-existent. It is clear that they knew what they were going for. It is clear that not for such people "everyone knows their faces." Therefore, I just want their business to be in the good of Russia. For the good of the people of Russia, we are with you. And the hype - really ... husk, not more.

Comments from our readers:

Pax tecum
"... Russian volunteers of PMCs ..."

It sounds like a paradox ...
Still, or volunteers, or PMCs?
“As is known from numerous publications in the media, the toughest selection process takes place in the ranks of PMCs Wagner. Only war veterans have chances to become a Wagnerian: the best of the best. ”
Yes, when already delirium, wishful thinking, will end?
Well, we do not have private security companies (private military companies) in the country, either legally or in fact.
There is a contract service in the Ministry of Defense, freely and legally implemented through the military registration and enlistment offices or directly through the leadership / command of the military unit.

In, damn it! Yesterday, people pooled (to put it mildly) people, today - heroes. I know one thing - they fought for money, they died for Russia.
What's wrong with that? People served in the Armed Forces, decided to apply their knowledge and experience in PMCs. Earn money, the blessing at us like "capitalism". Again, insurance. For family. What sneaked on them?
The head of the PMC "Blackwater" Eric Prince is a respected man in the United States. Meets with the President of the United States. Entered the Academy of the Air Force, learned the 2 of the year, but left. Became engaged in the economy. But he returned to the army, received the rank of lieutenant, became a sea "cat." With friends created PMCs.
So why, do we have “Wagner” painted in black paint, and in the States Eric Namber ota? Why do we have his people shy?

And it seemed to me that this note was banned over the SBU.

Sorry, Yura ...

During the launch of the Soyuz MS-10 rocket to the International Space Station (ISS), a carrier crash occurred. The crew was able to make an emergency landing on the territory of Kazakhstan, after which he contacted and was evacuated.

As they say discreet people: we will not make hasty conclusions - the commission and the government that will sort everything out on the shelves. But we are not able to restrain ourselves, but because of everything for the count and quarter through the wheeling.

This means that the distribution list arrived tomorrow: Dmitry Rogozin should be given a trampoline to work on his way into orbit; to all those who are responsible for the creation and preparation of the launch vehicle for the launch - to issue a premium jogging run around the area where the LV debris has fallen in the steppes of Kazakhstan. Well, those who assign wages to engineers and workers in the rocket industry at the rate of the Moscow janitor, as Saratov’s minister (no longer minister) Sokolov bequeathed, - according to 3,5, “thousands” per snake per month, and brains from foie gras and the vapor of Veuve Clicquot.

Lit up! Sorry, Yura ...

Comments from our readers:

In fact, this ... one can say the triumph of the Russian cosmonautics ... The crew after the accident is intact ... and we hope to be healthy ... No manned spacecraft provides salvation for the crew ... So it’s necessary to reward ...

Suddenly, the phrase: "We can repeat" ...
I am silent, about the fact that this is big money in the dust ... I am silent about the risk of the life of the crew ... But the fact that in this way we can only lose, and not strengthen the monopoly, this is understandable to the child.

The reasons are long known, but no one will voice them.
Effective managers. Mass reductions (optimization and reorganization) began several years ago. In the year before 1000 people, in 2018 in March 500 just outside the gate. And the salary is there ... toolmaker - 15 000 rubles.

Bender Rodriguez
Well, everything is logical, only CIA agents can work for such money.

Spiers of Chernihiv region

Urgent messages in the week came from the Chernihiv region (Ukraine). Reports say that an explosion thundered at a military warehouse located near the town of Ichnya, and after that a fire broke out.

[media = https: //]

Notably so flared. What is the reason? Well, we know what it is: Russian garateushki, having received one passport for three, got to the “bla-bla-kare” right from the Main Intelligence Directorate building to the Kursk region, and from there along the Ho Chi Minh trail they jumped over the firm border of Square and, having admired the spiers of Chernigov, in the end, they used a drone drone with a tactical nuclear charge. Pre-sprayed "Novice" over three Ukrainian warrant officers, who could have been saved by the unique Salisbury medicine, but saved a quarter of a bottle of pickled cucumbers. As a result, the ensigns presented a reward. Russian demolition men who flew away on an empty drone straight onto the roof of the building of the Russian Defense Ministry are being searched through Insider and Bellingcat. It is rumored that one of them is from the Tightland of the province, Terpigorev County, the empty parish. “Fontanka.gra” has already talked to the neighbors, who in the end confirmed everything and, dragging out, added that it has green-green grass ...

Comments from our readers:

They steal ... write off the fire, the usual scheme ...

Let me guess.
Boshirov Chepiga? Petrov? Mishkin?

A year ago, I remember, DR Petya was also marked by fire! In the Vinnitsa region.

according to the results of the explosion in Svatovo, people not involved in the explosion were dismissed from their posts, those guilty of responsibility were avoided;
- according to the results of the explosion in Balaklei, no one was punished - a warehouse of central subordination, one would have to dismiss someone in the leadership of the General Staff, and there all the "necessary" men;
-After Balakley, the state of the warehouses was investigated by the NSDC commission and approved a state plan for the dispersal of ammunition and increasing the safety of arsenals;
However, Kalinovka exploded, and it turned out that the head of the General Staff, Viktor Muzhenko, did not fulfill the ammunition dispersal plan and all the necessary safety measures were failed in Kalinovka, and there was no protection provided on the ground and from the air. Of course, the investigation showed that none of the top officials was responsible for the bombings in Kalinovka, the decision of the National Security Council did not mean anything, and no one was punished.
on this occasion, no have already predicted the actions of the “elite” following the pattern of past events:
in the morning, the Ministry of Defense will declare that old and unnecessary armies have exploded, and finally we disposed of what we ourselves have long wanted to throw somewhere;
then they will write that so many hundreds of millions have spent on the construction of warehouses, but many more billions are needed, and while the billions fail, then there is nothing to dream about security;
then the General Staff will write that all the chiefs are working fine, everything was in perfect order, and the guards too, but the police badly guarded the area around the warehouses, there may be problems;
then they will start writing that Muzhenko is not guilty, how can the Chief of the General Staff be responsible for some kind of warehouse;
afterwards, the “guarantor” will say that Ukraine is at war, has achieved a lot, but the enemy is strong, and that he takes the initiative to give several billion more to the army next year on the security of the arsenals next year, and that those responsible should be punished severely after investigation .
that no leader of the General Staff for previous explosions has been held accountable and words (it is easier to manage irresponsible generals in elections — they understand that any other government will bring them to justice, and will protect them from any courts).
after a couple of weeks others news they will close the topic, and it will go to the archive as well as the previous catastrophes ...

"Krasuha" show itself?

The divisions of the Kursk electronic warfare brigade of the Western Military District conducted exercises to suppress communication systems and conditional enemy control systems at a specialized test site near Kursk, during which the calculation of the electronic warfare system "Krasukha-2O" suppressed the enemy's flying radar, the press service of the ZVO reported.

There is also talk that Israeli partners visited Ukraine with the aim of poshamanit C-300 available to Peter Alekseevich. With their, they say, hex-keys came to unleash. Yes, those keys did not fit, despite the fact that Petya himself tried as best he could ...

As a result, decreased by historical Homeland, after which the media sounded: they say, get ready ... Russia, they say, transferred control of the S-300 air defense system in Syria to the Iranians, and set Hezbollah as sentries ... And you say: “Kraukha” ...

Comments from our readers:

Vita vko
Unfortunately, EW complexes cannot solve problems in real high-tech confrontation. Even if you suppress the AWACS, navigation, and some types of communication, the enemy has missiles induced by radiation such as AGM-88 (A, B, C), ALARM, ARF with 100 damage range and more than a km, as well as a large selection of cruise and ballistic missiles . As the experience of combat use shows, after the radiation is switched on, the coordinates of the object with high accuracy are determined in a matter of seconds, and the delivery time of the weapon to the target ranges from 15 to 20 minutes.
Therefore, EW units must switch to qualitatively new types of electromagnetic weapons, capable of generating powerful short EMR that will burn all the electronics of the enemy.

I look in Syria have all forgotten about the villains Barmaleev. Whatever the news, Russia is fighting off sworn partners. And what is this war on terror. when balancing on a tight rope. Cram, and the third world. Not a reproach to us. This I can not understand, what the hell is all this western and pro-Western gang attached to Syria. Are they already unable to sleep peacefully, so as not to show what kind of cool fighters you are over the plundered and broken country?
Again "fair fight" - EW from our side against ALL enemy air forces? In this case, indeed, our EW has nothing to catch.
But if there is a zrbr, and a couple of regiments of the IA, then maybe we can handle it?
Moreover, a very large outfit of opposing forces will be needed for a battle with such a group of air defenses, and their losses threaten to become transcendental enough that one can begin to scratch Western turnips - is it necessary?

Will they deal with C-300?

TASS reported some details of the supply of C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria. The source of the news agency reports that the Russian air defense system was delivered to Damascus for free. We are talking about the three divisions of the C-300PM modification.

Not only in Russia they write about these air defense systems. In the US, they also talk about C-300 in Syria. The National Interest magazine in the person of all-knowing Dave Majumdar explained that the Russian C-300 "will not make the weather in Syria." And it’s not just Israel’s power. Israel will destroy the Russian complexes when the Russian military will transfer full control over them to the Syrian calculations. The destruction of the C-300 will necessarily involve the F-35, which "can deal with Russian anti-aircraft systems relatively easily."

Apparently, the omnipresent Mr. Majumdar pursued himself already in the advertising field. The PR campaign of the F-35 in the press does not hurt, and money is not superfluous.

Comments from our readers:

Gray brother
The stakes are high. There are huge contracts at stake.

Well yes. For promotional purposes only and not enough downed F-35.

Stupid justification for their aircraft couch expert from the NO could come up with. Such anti-advertising of any potential buyers of F-35 will make you think.

F-35 is a modern aircraft, and its ability to “get”, frankly, obsolete C-300, to give out for some kind of super achievement ... Plus, it seems that the author is sure that C-300 will not hide behind other systems. Type expose them in the open field (or desert) ...
But I have a question: it is unclear how many installations will be delivered? 4 pcs - this is practically nothing.

List of American vassals declined

The main result of the visit of the Russian President to India and his meeting with his Indian counterpart was that New Delhi unequivocally rejected US attempts to establish a framework for India and demand obedience to laws adopted by US lawmakers. What the White House wanted to thwart happened: Russia and India signed a contract for the supply of the Triumph C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems.

India manifested serious obstinacy. This is a kind of recent history lesson that New Delhi taught Washington. Like, the king from the White House and his princes from the hill is not a decree for us.

India’s purchase of the Triumphs is a direct challenge to America: after all, the C-400 is able to oust the competing American anti-aircraft complexes from the world market. In addition, India rightly made it clear that it is ready to be an ally and an equal partner, but does not see itself as an American vassal.

Without a doubt, this is a historic turn. Political managers in Washington no longer feel like those who spin the globe. Happiness for Mr. McCain, that he did not live to such a shame.

Comments from our readers:

More C-400, tasty and different! C-400 - a symbol of freedom!

Indeed, it is easier for the Hindus to agree with the Chinese than for the States to step on the throat of their exclusivity. Rather, they would have already closed in their overseas shell and did not gleam here in front of people.

Already some kind of mania - to impose sanctions on anyone who does not look in the same direction as Uncle Sam. He cornered himself. Let's see how it will get out.

For half the price or beyond?

In anticipation of the signing of a major defense contract to supply India with Russian S-400 systems worth more than $ 5 billion, the Indian economic publication The Economic Times reported that Delhi is considering buying tanks new generation T-14 Armata. The media explained that the Russian novelty is seen as a replacement for obsolete T-72 modifications as part of the Multipurpose future ready combat vehicles program. Estimated volume - 1770 tanks, and the previously signed agreement on the supply of T-90S supposedly remains in force.

The number of tanks and the amount of the “agreement” (4,5 billion dollars) raise understandable big doubts. The idea of ​​such a large-scale construction of tanks for export is hard to believe. More precisely, I can not believe it.

There is another reason for doubt. Economic. If you trust the information of Indian media, then for one tank New Delhi is ready to pay a little more than 2,5 million. But after all, on the domestic market, the price of "Armata" exceeds 3,5 million. And when exporting a tangible component of the price is profit. Any preschooler capitalist will tell you this, exchanging one used plastic soldier for eight brand new chewing gums.

If T-14 were exported, then its price would be, as some observers admit, 5, or even all 6 million dollars. Well, minus discount to wholesalers. Percent one and a half.

Comments from our readers:

If this is true, it is probably beyond comprehension.

In the sense of? Employees of military enterprises need to live on something, and the company needs to develop. The development and bringing to mind of the T-14 UVZ conducted at their own expense, hoping to compensate for the money at the expense of the GOZ, which the government promised as much as 2000 tanks.
As a result, the UVZ of Gaidar's chicks in the government were thrown, saying that there was no bubble, and the maximum that they would buy was no more than 200 pieces, and even that was in question. UVZ in 90-e survived by the Indian order T-90, which then in the Russian army were few.
Unfortunately, we do not live in the socialist state of the USSR, but in the capitalist-oligarchic state of Russia.

With the money spent on the World Cup, you can buy Armata 3000 tanks, but football is more important.

NG inform
Armata is a high-tech device. High-tech devices are characterized by the fact that they are expensive to develop, it is expensive to deploy production, but individual units are relatively cheap.
Thus, if the lot is small, then in each device the share of the cost of development and implementation is huge, and it is very expensive. But with well-organized production it is possible to produce large batches, as a result of which its cost drops dramatically.
In addition, it is necessary to distinguish between the ruble and the dollar value. What is being done inside Russia does not make any sense to evaluate in dollars. Those. the idea that “Armata” inside Russia costs 3,5 a million dollars is false, flawed and confusing. The price in dollars is the price at the border. I am sure that this contract would be extremely beneficial for Russia, it will allow strengthening the high-tech market, bringing Armat at the expense of a foreign customer and making it cheaper for our troops.

Hungary refused to be a French colony

Nathalie Loiseau, Minister for European Affairs of France, addressed Hungary. Luazo said that the EU needs to “rally together against European radical politicians who are violating European values.” In her statement, Luazo used the phrase about a “battle” with the Hungarian authorities. Quote:

While the French government is progressive in protecting human rights, the Hungarian government is lagging behind. We need a historical battle to stop violating fundamental human rights.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto remarked that his country is ready to “accept the challenge.” "We, thank God, are not a French colony to miss such words," the minister added.

Luazo, we note, is a great specialist in "historical battles". Not for nothing, it is clear that she was appointed to such a prominent position. Has gotten from it recently and Great Britain. If the Hungarian government considers it “backward” and calls for a “historical battle” with it, then the United Kingdom will trains to the "hard" exit from the European Union.

Luazo also carved the Italian government. Minister of European Affairs of France He accused Italians in illegal actions and anti-humanity, since Italy does not want to accept migrants from the ship Aquarius-2.

If you look through the filing of statements by Loiso in the media, you will get a very clear idea of ​​the near future of Europe: France will move its military might to "backward" countries. In this regard, it becomes clear why Madame Loiseau does not criticize, say, Germany.

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
"We are not going to fall into the abyss into which these politicians themselves, who consider themselves progressive, are rushing."
I fully share this point of view of the Hungarians. Our politicians should follow the example of the Hungarians in this matter, and the constant regrets and perplexities of the Russian Foreign Ministry have already turned sour.

"While the French government is progressive in the protection of human rights."
Yeah ... The right to rob, rape, spread. And at the same time to claim benefits from the state at the expense of taxpayers. France ahead of the rest.

What can I say ... Well done Hungarians. It is demanding that Hungary is ready to defend its own, and not imposed on other people's cultural and spiritual values.

China is nominated for the title of the first enemy of America

The US Vice President Mike Pence, speaking at the Hudson Institute for Strategic Studies, made an important move in the upcoming confrontation with China: he tried to transfer the conflict from economic to a more serious, political level. In fact, in his speech, Pence accused Beijing of attempting to intervene in the internal political situation in the United States. Moreover, he was not particularly embarrassed in expressions: in his words, China’s efforts exceed the so-called “Russian intervention” in scale.

American strategic dances are easy to explain. In the modern world, the USA has two serious opponents: the mentioned China and Russia. However, only the first is a powerful economic rival to the United States; Russia, with its underdeveloped commodity economy, is taken only into a political calculation.

The war of tariffs has led to a “strategic” aggravation between Washington and Beijing. And the talk of "interference" in China is nothing more than words. Politicians of the 21st century have much more succeeded in rhetoric than in action. Sometimes it seems that they are all students of Comrade Gorbachev.

China still holds US government securities, and the United States is not going to repeat its military "Vietnamese success" in China. Therefore, the statements of Mr. Pens are not worth a jigger.

Comments from our readers:

I have doubts that China poses such a big threat to the United States. Yes, China is seriously stronger, but it is fixable, and China has nothing else. It’s just a global factory, they don’t have the resources ... So why then does the United States put so much pressure on China? I think Americans just bargain. Now Trump will play a bad cop, tighten the screws on the Chinese. Another president will come and say: let's be friends together against Russia. Well, or else that will bargain ... I think, and the Chinese understand this, for this reason they behave very carefully with us. Yes, friendly in words, but with weak reinforcement in business ...

There are a lot of articles on the topic of how the US empire is decrepit and how rapidly China is growing, but we must not forget that China is still a paper tiger in many ways !!! China is still divided country on the mainland and the island, and the Chinese, despite their huge army, fleet and economic wonders, yet can not solve the problem of Taiwan ...
The PRC is ruled by the Communist Party, and where are the cries about the awful Chinese Communism from the White House ??? ))) The General Secretary of the Communist Party of China not so long ago met with the British Queen, and nothing: the British royal house did not collapse ... When the lords, sirs and peers smell the benefits, they quickly forget their arrogance and rush to trade.

What do you mean? China is one of the most resource-rich countries in the world. Third place in the world in mineral reserves. Much of the resources have not yet been explored. The third country in the world by area cannot be poor in mineral resources and other natural resources.

Keyser soze
China needs another ten or two years. They need to create domestic consumption that would support the economy. Now China is easy to slam sanctions, and the Chinese know it. The question is that the Americans are set to attack economically and sanctions now. It is unlikely that Washington will be able to contain China in the long run, but tactical victories with sanctions are quite possible and real.

Pay for dedollarization

With all the ties between the Russian economy and the world economy, it is necessary to weaken dependence on the dollar. However, getting involved in a fight, it would be nice to understand what bumps and bruises you will stuff in it. Not only business, but also ordinary people, dedollarization can cost too much!

It turns out that dedollarization has its price.

Speak, will the business benefit from the switch to rubles in commodity trading? Yah! Russia (only theoretically) may force someone in the future to purchase rubles to buy oil, gas, iron and steel products and even aluminum and military equipment. And the opposite effect? It is not entirely clear that Russia for these rubles will then be able to purchase for itself. Technologies, components, food and high-quality consumer goods? No one will sell. Let's dollars, will say. And here you have to overpay for a reverse exchange, and overpay, most likely, a lot. In the end, all this will affect the domestic prices of imported goods. That is, higher prices will hit the population again.

Moreover, the ruble’s claims to participate in the formation of a new world financial order can become real only after the abolition of Western sanctions. And above all sectoral, which relate to the access of industry to the financial resources of the West.

Finally, the current ruble is so weak that its course jumps down with any drop in the world oil price and with any statement by Washington about new sanctions (not even introduced yet). With such an unstable currency, no one in the world market will want to deal with. The Russian government and the president talk a lot about stability, but this halva doesn’t make it any sweeter in the mouth.

Comments from our readers:

Totally agree. In general, this is another PR move, we have a government, like an illusionist magician, likes to make various kinds of stuffing into society, in order, so to speak, to distract from the urgent problems. Instead of identifying areas where we can achieve success and develop it, we are engaged in garbage ... Production, industry needs to be raised. I do not understand ... We are able to do planes, and when normal machines are competitive in the world market, will we learn to do it? The best programmers in the world, with no own hardware and software. Or are we not able to sew panties? Why is everything Chinese, when we have all the resources for production, but they do not have?

As for the planes, we have good groundwork since the Soviet times, and we have never made good cars, while the leaders of the automotive industry have gone far ahead. We even have to comprehend and comprehend their level of a decade ago. The same on computers, there are technologies that have evolved over the decades, by companies into which the best minds from all over the world flowed. We even catch up with them is not a fact that we can, and you propose to overtake, and even now. We must do what we are good at - the same metallurgy is developed, nuclear energy, the production of synthetic materials. Why get involved in a race where the opponent has a handicap in several circles?

I can not understand who pulled the language VTB Kostina merge insider about the USD? They say that banks will not issue it, but change it to rubles at some coefficient. Citizens understood the hint and rushed to banks to withdraw cash.
Apparently, the conversation about this was in government circles. They think about us very much now. But can you imagine a banker in a major bank in the US or the UK who could go for it? In principle, you can imagine, but what would happen with this banker?
Here is silence. Even the Central Bank did not give an explanation. I remember, the sideler Ulyukaev was interviewed on TV before landing. Some citizen asked him whether it was necessary to run in the exchanger, change rubles for currency. Of course, no, everything is fine, the ruble is strong. A week later - a collapse ... I understand that the official, knowing the state of affairs, has no right to sow panic among the population. Well tell it streamlined.
Oreshkin was young after a jump in the dollar before 67 also advised not to twitch. they say everything will come back to normal. And indeed, the dollar has gone down. And now again goes to 67. The course is clear. After the statement by Oreshkin, the Central Bank most likely threw dollars into the market. The ruble was strengthened, the Minister of Economic Development and Trade - the guru, the people believed.

Nuclear muscles of Russia

On October 11, the Russian Armed Forces hosted the traditional strategic command and staff training of strategic nuclear forces (SKShT SNF). Such trainings take place every year in the fall, and in the spring there are SKShT on combat control of the RF Armed Forces as a whole, during which there are also launches of strategic missiles. Operational and tactical work aviation, missile troops and artillery, air defense, etc. In general, another "autumn nuclear war" took place.

It should be noted, the press this time somehow sparingly highlighted the events held. The information field was occupied, apparently, by much more important events.

It’s no joke: there are two football players in the country! About this write almost a whole week. The theme is inexhaustible.

And another event: the accident with the Soyuz-FK ILO. This is the first accident for the 64 launch. Analyst J. Vyatkin notes that “the emergency rescue system showed itself perfectly, even the overloads were very moderate, but this did not stop the“ mourners ”of the Russian cosmonautics”. In fact, there is a blessing in disguise: it was at this stage of the flight that the operation of the rescue system served as an exam for an uncontrolled emergency situation.

As for the autumn "nuclear wars", they are not only a real training for the SNF, but also a warning to the "partners" that the Russian nuclear sword-clade has become not only bigger, thicker, heavier and sharper, but also still fast removed from the scabbard and can quickly and accurately peel on the head.

Comments from our readers:

The media is probably afraid to jinx the teachings (joke). It’s just that everyone is a little tired of the miliori news, they don’t write, however, until the next aggravation of the puddle.

If journalists are not given information, after all, they’ll think it over, they dofantazuyut, and in the information field, which cannot be closed now, there will be porridge from a little truth and a lot of nonsense!
There is no need to open secrets, but it is no better to let such a thing go by itself ... Start up the processed information, but at least misinformation, but the one that will benefit!
More actively it is necessary, guys, and more carefully.

Andrey Yuryevich
“It is worth noting that the SKShT is traditionally the training of the supreme commander, and, in general, of state administration bodies. The Supreme High Command is obliged to select the necessary scenario of actions in the shortest possible time and issue the necessary order. And Putin (and Medvedev, when the shore is a place for the chief) coped with the tasks set very well. ”
About Medvedev smiled ... What a talented prime minister we have ... Though the economy can be raised, although a nuclear war can be won.))) I stopped reading this.

And we have a chip which system?

American intelligence agencies have confirmed the fact of opening a colossal tracking system based on tabs in chips supplied from China. Among about three dozen corporations that have come under attack are Apple and Amazon, as well as a number of companies that are contractors of the CIA and the NSA.

This fact raises many questions in terms of ensuring cybersecurity in our Fatherland.

In the Russian army, more than half of all weapons and military equipment are crammed with ECB (electronic component base) of foreign manufacture. Starting with computers in the systems of automated control of troops of the strategic and tactical level, the Uran-9 robotic systems and ending with the Su-30CM fighter and Iskander OTRK. The total amount of foreign ECB in the production of samples of domestic weapons and special equipment is 70%! According to the data of JSC Concern Radioelectronic Technologies, to replace more than 3,5 with thousands of elements of an imported ECB, it will take two to five years, while about 7-8% of them are not reproducible. Consequently, completely overcome the dependence on imported electronics in the defense industry will not succeed. In other words, the use of foreign ECB for critical applications, unfortunately, will take place for a long time.

In addition to military-technical dependence, imported electronics can conceal a lot of other surprises. According to foreign studies, without the knowledge of the customer, a hardware trojan can be introduced into each microchip, which upon the “host” command can perform various actions: change operating modes, transfer any internal (secret) information via third-party channels, change the electrical modes of operation of the microcircuit until its destruction or failure by an external signal from the attacker. To predict all this, of course, is impossible. Is it possible to win the war when the orders of the generals stumble over the actions of the "Trojans"?

Comments from our readers:

Andrey Yuryevich
Here you have "Almaty", and Su-57, and b / pilots ...

In the USSR, in the north of Moscow, the science town Zelenograd was built for the production of microelectronic components. Perestroika buried him. Skolkovo boys work according to an interesting scheme - they receive state financing, but they do not have tasks, or they invent something, or not ...

Russia, unfortunately, almost in 20 years has not recovered anything from the destroyed. It is not the first time that we pour from empty to empty as we are here, and other media, they say, we must get rid of it, but no, we sit, wait, with thunder from the sky)))) If on the topic, then we are in a single economic system, no one will let us get out of it, all these patriotic slogans both here and abroad are designed for local Aborigines. I think that presenting the main developer of modern electronic components is not worth it.)))))

Once upon a time I bought a Chinese flash drive. At the first connection, the flash drive offered to register on some site "for my safety". The Chinese are no less cynically committed to global domination than the Americans.

Snail N9
On the boards in American electronics, there are "enemy" Chinese bookmarks, on the same boards, but in Russia, there are already "friendly" Chinese bookmarks. Do not be afraid of them, consider them a free gift from a "big friend" ... :)

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  1. izya top
    izya top 14 October 2018 06: 11
    Hello comrades hi have not "seen each other" for a long time. Have a nice day.
    and news as news. winter or what? request everyone was a little reassured. well, okromya drunk, but he can not restore the connection with reality from a hangover
    1. Don Quixote
      Don Quixote 14 October 2018 07: 55
      Quote: izya top
      Hello comrades

      Beginning of exaggeration charging ..! fellow
      Alive Russia and thanks for that ..
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        Quote: Don Quixote
        Charging begins.

        Hello, boyar ... drinks
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          Vladimir fellow good drinks Optimism will save Russia!
    2. Arberes
      Arberes 14 October 2018 15: 11
      Quote: izya top
      well, okromya drunk, but he can’t reconnect with reality with a hangover

      Are you talking about Petrus Poroshenko? Hi, those are huge, dear izya top hi
      If about him ... then he exists without a hangover in a parallel dimension.
      1. izya top
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        he is without a hangover

        doesn’t he have a hangover? always drawn out? here is the LIVER fellow and then diabetes, diabetes what
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          He doesn’t have a hangover!
          Do not cross the drunken Petrushe!
          This is a harsh reality.
          But the liver is still better ... save. wassat drinks
  2. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 14 October 2018 06: 43
    Thank you for covering the topics that are relevant in your opinion. Being on a forced "vacation" made it possible to once again make sure that the existence of any topic does not last as long as the problem raised in it is long. And where the very invisible line beyond which the interesting, burning, relevant, exclusive, burning, topical, mature and vital falls into sludge, is still determined by the media system with highly paid talkers and hackers.

    Interesting reasoning about PMCs (PMC "Wagner"). It seems to some that it is normal to depersonalize specialists who do men's work. I do not think so. This is a purely state right: to recruit teams of specialists to perform specific tasks where the presence of the Armed Forces will not have the desired effect; provide them with the weapons they need for the success of their operations; provide cover and withdrawal with the available means within the framework of the agreed contract. Among other things, the recognition in the specialists of PMCs of Russian origin MUST show the true intentions, goals and capabilities of a country that considers its sovereignty to be inviolable. It is in this aspect that the solution of PMC issues will give positive results. Surely more tangible and useful than the purchase of various football and "other sports" legionnaires who with ostentatious zeal work off their earnings trampling on the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

    The presence of regional ministers who allow themselves to make statements about the possibility of normal life for an ordinary, ordinary citizen within the framework of a monthly subsidy of 3 rubles suggests that the circle of these people is not so narrow and that they are "terribly far from the people." I am glad not only that the people have stopped swallowing these bureaucratic pearls, but also the immediate reaction of the higher authorities, which will allow the ZKS-ministry to test the minimum wage problem personally.

    The week showed that Putin is not yet going to fulfill the promises made to employees of the Bryansk Perinatal Center, and Medvedev announced that the next indexation of pensions and budgetary salaries (without specifying whose and what efficiency) will occur in January 2019.

    The Skripals poisoning problem is quietly dying, the negativity of the pension reform that has become a reality is settling down, interest in the reality of prices when purchasing food for the Rosguard has disappeared, the initiators themselves: Navalny and Zolotov disappeared in good faith, giving way to stories and legends about a strong-militant fighter without rules and mama’s battle. It remains only to emphasize:

    Health and success to you and your families! hi
    1. Arberes
      Arberes 14 October 2018 15: 20
      Quote: ROSS 42
      Thank you for covering relevant topics in your opinion.

      In my opinion, there is another topic (it is still gaining momentum), which could be reminded of respected readers of VO.
      Missing Saudi journalist at the Saudi consulate!
      If the fact of abduction and murder of an opposition journalist is confirmed ??? can you imagine what scandal and resonance will be for the entire progressive world community. And what kind of reputation loss will the royal dynasty suffer ?!
      I personally have already stocked up with popcorn. hi drinks
    2. Captain45
      Captain45 14 October 2018 19: 53
      Quote: ROSS 42
      and mom’s battle.

      A colleague, another meme is online - mamaevo kokorishte laughing
    3. japs
      japs 14 October 2018 23: 20
      Dear ROSS 42, thanks for a brief analysis of the events!
      For the past 25 years, I also keep M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin's books as desktop books. Only through his books can we understand how our government will respond to one or another global, and even internal, problem.
      Had he been alive now, he would probably have completed the "History of a City" with one or two chapters about some mayors ...
  3. Olgovich
    Olgovich 14 October 2018 06: 46
    It is not entirely clear that Russia will then be able to acquire for these rubles for itself. Technology, components, food and quality consumer goods? No one will sell.

    Why not sell? Sell ​​one who spends RUBLES - for the purchase of oil, gas, iron and steel products, and even aluminum and military equipment: he needs them for purchases.

    They sell a batch of equipment for rubles, for them they buy oil.
    In the end, both have a price in euros / dollars and assessing the profitability of the transaction is not a problem.
  4. samarin1969
    samarin1969 14 October 2018 08: 19
    The good news is the lack of news ... Alexey and Oleg did a great job. Probably the time is now ... The most interesting thing was the "thread" about weapons.
  5. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 14 October 2018 10: 59
    REVIEW appeared ---- Sunday means! Discussed, explained ----- thanks to the authors,
  6. Machito
    Machito 14 October 2018 16: 32
    The week was remembered by Sokolovschina, Kokorism and Mamaevschina. Bread is not even promised. But spectacles were thrown into the crowd. Only three will not be enough for the crowd. Who is the next victim of the Coliseum?
  7. japs
    japs 14 October 2018 23: 30
    For me, the most important thing in my weekly review is Chinese bookmarks on server motherboards for large and well-known companies. The most interesting thing is that the bookmarks are not in the microcircuits. And on the boards. The Chinese comrades made a very interesting move. Removing information without entering the "supervised" network. Original.
    I don’t read chatter about football players. For me, Russian football and hockey died as nearly 30 years ago.
    Together with the stage.
    Thanks to the authors for the results!