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What does a high-speed missile boat for the Ukrainian Navy look like? Back in cardboard

At the stand of the Ukrainian factory “Kuznitsa na Rybatskom”, launched during the exhibition “Weapon and the safety of 2018 ”, presented a model of a rocket boat designed for the Ukrainian Navy. We are talking about a boat, which is a continuation of the project “Doe”, which has not yet been implemented by Ukraine. This is the Vespa project.

What does a high-speed missile boat for the Ukrainian Navy look like? Back in cardboard

Here you need to report that the “Lan” is a project of artillery and patrol boats of Ukraine and Vietnam, which was embodied for Hanoi in the form of 7 boats, but for Kiev it has not yet found its embodiment. Initially it was assumed that for the Ukrainian Navy 3 of such boats would be built with a displacement of 455 tons. Terms shifted. At one time, the then head of the Ukrainian Navy, Vice-Admiral Sergei Haiduk, announced that the troika of these boats would go into service by the 2020 year.

Now the Ukrainian version of the artillery and patrol (before the implementation of these options) on paper turns into a rocket.
The new boat is planning to equip with Neptune anti-ship missiles (8 units). Also reported about the plans to equip the rocket "Laney" ("Vespa") SAM "Arbalet-K", MANPADS "Igla". Artillery weapons: 76-mm AK-176, 2ХАК-630М. Also among the weapons are two machine guns of the caliber 12,7 mm.

The boat will be equipped with a Morena Delta-3D radar and a fire control system: Protazan-K, Spys-K.

During the exhibition "Arms and Security 2018" it was announced that they plan to build the hull of the first such missile boat for the Navy before the end of this year. The commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Igor Voronchenko, said that if the “Forge on Fisherman’s” did not provide sufficient power, the Nikolaev shipbuilding plant would “assist” in the construction.

The parameters of the new boat are such that its displacement is already declared at the level of 550 tons (standard) and 640 tons (full). Maximum length - 64,46 m, maximum width - 9,6 m, draft - 3,65 m, speed - up to 40 nodes, cruising range 2300 nautical miles (at a speed of 16 nodes on average), crew - 38 military personnel. The autonomy of swimming is 10 days. The material of the hull is shipbuilding steel, the superstructure is an aluminum-based alloy.
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  1. spech
    spech 11 October 2018 14: 22
    This is the Vespa project.

    Or "YOSLA", how much is a rowing machine?
    speed - up to 40 knots, cruising range 2300 nautical miles (at a speed of 16 knots on average), crew - 38 military personnel.

    even if 38 servicemen put on oars there will be no 49 knots.
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 11 October 2018 14: 36
      They will buy MTU without problems. Moreover, probably on credit or through assistance.

      In general, an ordinary cutter:
      AK176MA (used probably) - well, or Lukashenko will sell. The alternative is which thread Melar is also used.
      2хАК-630М (b / y probably again) - well, or Lukashenko will sell. An alternative is any MZA, even the Goalkeeper, even the Volcano.
      The crossbow is the same Bending conceptually. Produces Ray - Ukraine.
      PRK Neptune (based on existing developments on X-35 and on cooperation with KTRV). An alternative is Harpoon, Exozet, Otomat, and a lot of everything, in this class there are a lot of missiles on the market. Although C-802, but the curator will not approve.

      The building has been calculated, implemented, and in general there is competence for construction.

      The only question is the dough.
      1. Sarmat Sanych
        Sarmat Sanych 11 October 2018 14: 57
        These rogules do not have any "Neptunes" and will not have them, they are not able to make the X-35 normally now, and all the more so to assemble everything else out of foreign alternatives, and even after the Vietnamese orders, an eternity passed through the ukromerkam. But something else interests: where did my small Motherland of Belarus get AK-630 and AK-176, and even in the M and MA versions?)))
        1. donavi49
          donavi49 11 October 2018 15: 13
          From there the Squids and Parmesan come from. laughing . Well, rather, in return - how the YaMZ engines now go through the Old Man.
          1. Sarmat Sanych
            Sarmat Sanych 11 October 2018 17: 23
            Ahhh ... I didn’t think of this combination))). Although, of course, from a kind of fiction, no one can sell Luke without justification, because the Navy in Belarus is NEMAsmile.
            PS A couple of katerki some truth in the 90s were in Rechitsa and Pinsk.
        2. Sergey Goncharov
          Sergey Goncharov 12 October 2018 00: 26
          The humor is that SCRC "Neptune" "these pАghoul " has already. Pichalka ... bully bully
      2. NEXUS
        NEXUS 11 October 2018 15: 18
        Quote: donavi49
        The only question is the dough.

        The question is what the hell is he? There is virtually no fleet of Ukraine. These weather boats will not do. Is that catch fish. Well, they will tell the people that the Ukrainian fleet is alive and being updated. They decided to repair the flagship ... yeah ... to attach oars and gum to patch the holes that rust had eaten.
    ANCIENT 11 October 2018 14: 29
    for sure, everything always comes down to the "aggressive policy of Russia," associated with the lack of money for these pelvis. crying lol
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 11 October 2018 14: 41
      The usual cutter in the classroom. At the same time, they can very well build it - for they built it. On the contrary, if the lobbyists of these katerkas win, there will be more problems than if the money was allowed into the corvette frigate Vladimir the Great or some other wunderwafle.

      For having invested 100-150 million, you can actually get a couple of such boats in the foreseeable future in 3-4 years (taking into account the cut and the plant close to the President), but if you invest this money in Vladimir the Great or some other wafer = the result will be zero wink .
      1. Dersturm
        Dersturm 11 October 2018 14: 57
        The result would be zero, I still understand if I had bought the Exocet and the fire control system from the French and put it on the boat, and so - Soviet artillery, which is not produced here. The missiles are x-35 (supposedly Neptune), and I suppose they will install the radar as on the Sagaidachny from the Tyulka fleet.
  3. LSA57
    LSA57 11 October 2018 14: 49
    I want to go on it and drown. although he will sink
  4. Dersturm
    Dersturm 11 October 2018 14: 50
    Okay, the hull will be built X-35, maybe in Kiev they will still be able to assemble (there was once production at "Artem"), but where will they get AK176 and AK 630 ?? Filmed from "Sagaidachny" and "Priluki" ??))
  5. Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich
    Sharikov Polygraph Poligrafovich 11 October 2018 14: 54
    What boats are there ?!
    Former "Lenin's Forge" [email protected][email protected]that Waltzman tried
    carry out overhaul of the engine of the Sumerian superdreadnought Gutman
    Saigak-Dachnogo, but instead only knocked that engine
    already forever and without any hope for the future :-)))
    Now Gutman Saigak-Dachny, 2 years old, is muffled
    and it will seem to stay there until they dispel it with the omnipresent
    KETAiSam for scrap :-)))
  6. Tatanka Yotanka
    Tatanka Yotanka 11 October 2018 15: 08
    I don’t like the sarcasm in the title of the article, this is a project and it should be in cardboard, it’s another matter whether they are implementing it or not, but what about the "leader", the aircraft carrier, frigates that have been under construction for decades and Chinese engines, they wrote with boiling water that they received technologies for the construction of the UDC, and where are the projects? name from the category - but they have worse than ours fellow and sinfully laugh at the sick
    APASUS 11 October 2018 17: 32
    It is interesting that the Internet does not give out anything at all:
    Morena Delta-3D Radar

    Campaign themselves came up with a name before the exhibition
    1. Antares
      Antares 11 October 2018 22: 26
      Quote: APASUS
      Morena Delta-3D

      3D marine radar ....
      the only question is the manufacturer ..
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 12 October 2018 09: 22
        Quote: Antares
        3D marine radar ....
        the only question is the manufacturer ..

        Throw me at least some kind of link, something specifically on this radar.
  8. LeonidL
    LeonidL 12 October 2018 02: 44
    "Kuzya na bezrybe" is an excellent workshop for the production of models! Why should they retrain when Waltzman has such a smart business at hand!
  9. sgr291158
    sgr291158 12 October 2018 06: 05
    We must pay tribute, they spank layouts with enviable regularity.
  10. Sidor the Fierce
    Sidor the Fierce 12 October 2018 20: 37
    Did the cardboard-tank builder Rostik again get a piece of packaging from Count Dyakula’s chocolates?