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Myths about the origin of Ukraine and the Ukrainians. Myth 10. Terrorist Bandera - the hero of Ukraine


In the pantheon of national heroes of modern Ukraine, Stepan Bandera takes the place of honor of the “great” fighter for the Ukrainian “independence”. Streets are named in his honor, monuments are made for him, they write about him exceptionally positively in school textbooks and even try to portray him as an anti-fascist.

Who is this ex-hero of Ukraine, and even a contender for the title of "symbol of the nation"? If you look closely at the map of the country, it turns out that not all of Ukraine is glorifying it. Only in Galicia (Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk regions) consider him “the leader of the nation”. In other areas, Bandera is not a hero, even today under the Nazi regime, the majority are indifferent to him or simply despise him.

Let's look at this person without rose-colored glasses of modern nationalist propaganda. One of the seven children of a Greek Catholic pastor, Stefan (and not Stepan, he was called just such a Polish name) was born in Austria-Hungary and grew up as a weak and rickety child with a huge inferiority complex.

Myths about the origin of Ukraine and the Ukrainians. Myth 10. Terrorist Bandera - the hero of Ukraine

He compensated for a very small height (according to the police file, 159 cm) by participation in various nationalist youth organizations such as “Plast” and raised the will by strangling cats. As a result, by the time he entered the agrofak of the Lviv Polytechnic, he was already formed as an unusually cruel and merciless man who chose terror as his profession.

Since his youth, he has been an activist of nationalist organizations, a member of the OUN since 1929, whose activities in Poland at that time boiled down to acts of terrorism, expropriation of property and political assassinations.

With 1932, he manages the regional organization of the OUN, manifests itself as a tough and cruel leader, and actively expands terrorist activities against Soviet diplomats, Polish and Ukrainian intelligentsia, police and students. Thus, on his instructions, the village blacksmith Mikhail Beletsky, professor of philology at the Lviv Ukrainian gymnasium Ivan Babiy, a university student Yakov Bachinsky and many others were destroyed.

And personally he tried not to participate in the killings, sent his comrades-in-arms and cruelly punished for non-execution. One of them, Maliutsu, who received the order to liquidate a certain Migal and who did not do it, was severely punished by killing her friend Maria Kovalyuk in retaliation. At the trial, Maljuts showed: “The OUN is an organization that recognizes only individual terror. Her methods and tactics have driven us into a corner ... "

At this time, the OUN establishes close contacts with Germany, the headquarters is transferred to Berlin. Bandera himself is trained in the intelligence school in Danzig, after which he activates his terrorist activities and orders the wards to undermine Yaskov’s Ukrainian printing house and the editorial board of the Lvov anti-fascist newspaper Sila and make an attempt on the writer Krushelnytsky.

After Hitler came to power, the Berlin headquarters of the OUN as a special department was enrolled in the Gestapo state. On the outskirts of Berlin, these funds begin the training of OUN fighters and their officers. German intelligence commands the liquidation of Peratsky, Poland’s interior minister, who strongly condemned Germany’s plans to seize Danzig, and in June 1934, Bandera’s people carry it out.

Even the creator of the OUN Konovalets was against this murder. Bandera, on the other hand, believed that no compromise and negotiations with the Poles were possible, only terror was effective. His slogan "Our government must be terrible!" He promoted his whole life. Colonel of the Abwehr Zrvin Stolze, who carried out the connection of Bandera with the Nazi intelligence, characterized him in such a way: “Bandera is an energetic careerist, a fanatic and a gangster ...”

The loud political assassination of Peratsky led to the arrest of virtually the entire leadership of the OUN. Bandera is sentenced to death, but under German pressure, this punishment was replaced by life imprisonment. In 1935-1936 lawsuits for “fruitful” terrorist activities, he is sentenced to life imprisonment seven times in Poland.

The murder of political associates Bandera combined with elementary criminality. According to the testimony of the same Colonel Stolze, Bandera in 1940, "having received 2,5 from" Abwehr "a million marks for financing the created underground, tried to assign them and transferred them to one of the Swiss banks, from which they (we) were withdrawn and returned to Bandera. "

After the liquidation of the founder of the OUN Konovalets, the ambitious Bandera actually splits the OUN and begins an implacable fight with Melnik. Although it would seem it's time to join forces. After all, Germany had just freed all Bandera from the prisons of captured Poland and helped them prepare for war against the Soviet Union. But Bandera, before the war itself, creates its own grouping in the OUN and seeks to endorse the greeting of its members with Nazi greetings with a show of hands, “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!"

Under the leadership of the Abwehr, he forms the Nachtigall and Roland battalions, which, following Hitler’s troops, broke into 30 June 1941 in Lviv, brutally killed several thousand people. In this bloody act in the presence of two officers of the Abwehr, the creation of a “Ukrainian state” is proclaimed, Bandera calls himself its head and by his decree appoints a “government” headed by Stetsko.

At this time, he gives the command to physically destroy the members of the OUN Miller group, the Nazis decide to stop it. Melnyk also wrote a slander that "Bandera behaved unworthily and created their government without the knowledge of the Fuhrer." After that, Bandera and his “government” are subjected to house arrest, and he and Stetsko are sent to Berlin “for giving explanations”. There they were demanded to stop the terror against the group of Melnik, to withdraw the act of “proclaiming the state” and in two weeks were released.

Bandera's hatred for Melnik and the desire for the title of the only leader of the nation was so great that he continued the destruction of competitors, in fact the same as he, servants of Hitler. After several high-profile murders, including the author of the constitution of the OUN, Sciborsky, the Germans chose to make Bandera a “honorable arrest” for the second time and send him to Berlin. This somewhat cooled civil strife, but not for long.

The rapid advance of the Germans to the east by mid-September, 1941 becomes the pretext for Hitler to finally abandon the idea of ​​the emergence of a “Ukrainian state”, and Bandera is placed in a Berlin prison. In January, 1942 transferred him to honorable isolation in a special block of Tselenbau at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, where he was kept together with other particularly important people - a Polish general, some princes and other "honorable prisoners." Later, Bulba-Borovets, the creator of the UPA, who was defeated by Bandera, joins him in the next cell, killing his wife Galina and assigning the name of the UPA to their troops.

In the concentration camp, Bandera together with his former enemy Bulba-Borovets did not suffer and did not die of starvation. They issued a wall newspaper with the significant name “Parasha”, a couple of times a month they were sent prostitutes, received letters, food parcels and money transfers from relatives, OUN and the Red Cross.

Not much Bandera was limited in movement. He could leave the camp, go for a walk and go to Berlin for Gestapo and Hitler's intelligence. Once, while walking around Berlin, Bandera was stopped by the police and immediately released on presentation of a Gestapo employee certificate. He visited the nearby Castle Fridental with inspectorates, where sabotage and reconnaissance training was conducted by his gangsters, together with the saboteurs of the SS Otto Skorzeny, who himself often visited Tselenbau.

In September, 1944, not thinner and not offended by Bandera, is released, he meets with Himmler and receives instructions on how to activate the Bandera movement on Soviet territory. An employee of the “Abvercommand-202” M. Muller showed during interrogation: “The General Directorate of Imperial Security released Stepan BANDERU from prison, who received a summer cottage near Berlin from the 4-D Gestapo department. In the same month, Stepan BANDERA arrived at the disposal of the “Abwehr-202 team” in Krakow ... ”Such a valuable shot was necessary for German intelligence.

He leads his supporters, encourages them to "continue cooperation" with the occupying forces and gives instructions "on the polls and the widespread destruction of the Polish population living in the territory of the western regions of Ukraine."

Under the leadership of the Germans, he instructed the Abverstellle teams in Krakow and prepared sabotage groups, but as a result of the rapid advance of the Red Army, he suddenly found himself in liberated territories in Krakow. According to one of the versions, from where, on the Hitler’s personal instructions, Hitler Skorzeny, a superdiversat of the third Reich, led the people to solve the problems of very important people for fascists (like Mussolini).

Until the end of the war, he directs the Bandera underground from Germany on Soviet territory, and after Germany’s capitulation, he begins to cooperate with British intelligence and the organization of Gehlen, settles in Munich and organizes mass terror in Western Ukraine. At the same time, he did not hide in the stinking caches and did not eat what could be taken away from the local population. He preferred to eat in restaurants, live in Germany, ski in the Alps, and swim in Lake Geneva.

Bandera’s anger and hatred turned into the summer of 1945 of the year in the directive of the OUN-UPA: "Let half of the Ukrainian population remain - there is nothing wrong. We must destroy everyone suspected of ties to the Soviet authorities." The directive was strictly enforced. Under his direct leadership and on his orders in the western regions of Ukraine, more than 1944 thousands of civilians became victims of the Bandera terror in 1953-30.

When this evil shorty was finally eliminated, he turned 50 years. Of these, he did not work for a single day of his mean life, receiving money solely due to terrorist activities. And really served first Hitler's intelligence, then the American and British. And not a single day worked for the people, which he was going to “make happy” with his delusional ideas. For three decades - hundreds of thousands of dead and dissatisfied ambitions of the “little man”, and ended up in a foreign entrance of a foreign house of a foreign country. Until recently, trying to kill his fellow tribesmen with someone else’s hands ...

And to this monster, President of Ukraine Yushchenko in 2010, he awarded the title Hero of Ukraine! And the cowardly president Yanukovych was scared to annul this decree, and the court of Donetsk overturned him. What state, such are his rulers and heroes.
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  1. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 11 October 2018 05: 47
    let them ... every people, worthy of their heroes ... ukrov, apparently such ... they themselves carved.
  2. Olgovich
    Olgovich 11 October 2018 06: 17
    Bloodthirsty, mentally abnormal, beast
  3. Severski
    Severski 11 October 2018 09: 18
    I wonder what Putin’s height is.
    1. Fisherman
      Fisherman 11 October 2018 12: 45
      And what does the GDP have to do with it?
      1. Severski
        Severski 11 October 2018 17: 12
        The author indicated the growth of Bandera, as if this is one of the roots of all his negativity. So I wanted to point out that growth is generally nothing.
        And if I just wanted to make fun of a dwarf type, I pointed out to the author that it wasn’t worth it.
        Duc themselves are not better.
    2. Jerk
      Jerk 11 October 2018 15: 26
      Head and shoulders above the daughter of an officer
    3. LeonidL
      LeonidL 12 October 2018 03: 20
      Small spool - yes dear, especially ate the golden head of a person. And the short homosexual Bandera is a suction and garbage.
  4. alebor
    alebor 11 October 2018 10: 12
    Even the hetman Mazepa would have cut it off with his own hands.
    1. Antares
      Antares 16 October 2018 10: 48
      Quote: alebor
      Even the hetman Mazepa would have cut it off with his own hands.

      Well then, on the Ukrainian lands, Poles and Jews didn’t really even complain ... they often killed. A native on Polish territory could easily pass for a bastard. I don’t know how under Mazepa, but under Hop they would only be cut off for their origin ...
  5. BAI
    BAI 11 October 2018 10: 49
    All the same, the liquidation had to be disclosed more widely than one figure.
    As the saying goes: his example is another science. Mb in Ukraine, someone will think.
    1. LeonidL
      LeonidL 12 October 2018 03: 22
      Now there’s nothing to think about under the pan ... everything has rotted.
  6. Dimka75
    Dimka75 11 October 2018 11: 29
    Source cited by the author - to write an article in the History section:
    Grandiose :-) :-)
    1. Jerk
      Jerk 11 October 2018 15: 28
      Source of photos? laughing I’ll upset you, as photographs in foreign countries it is customary even to refer to photo hosting sites in official scientific papers - they are absolutely normal tendency. Past you
      1. Dimka75
        Dimka75 11 October 2018 17: 18
        then this is not a story, but an essay on a bread theme
        Where to see confirmation of copyright speculation? where are the references
        ... scorn, wall newspaper of the bucket, the words of Himmler, Muller? Bandera - an employee of the Gestapo, and so on.
        I do not whitewash this character in the least, but are there really any justified thoughts in the article?
        1. Severski
          Severski 11 October 2018 18: 40
          Justified thoughts? This is not the audience.
        2. Jerk
          Jerk 16 October 2018 00: 33
          Well, if you were interested in this topic, then you know that for example, some wife received rations as the wife of an Abwehr officer ... I agree with you that the author went more by emotions than by facts, but ... Some things that he brought - I didn’t know, the article was interesting to me ...
  7. Jerk
    Jerk 11 October 2018 13: 28
    As the herd is, so are the "Hiroi". It is especially funny how the Banderlog hisses in response to the phrase "he lived a homosexual, and died like a snot." There is nothing to object. And the first is true, they put him in a slammer even before the war, and the second is true - Poppel is from German - snot laughing
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    1. Alexander Greene
      Alexander Greene 11 October 2018 17: 46
      Quote: DVTamga
      .... the creatures and the Ukrainians themselves are not far from their heroes. The same scum.

      Why write such nonsense? Bad nations do not exist. Now capitalism has temporarily triumphed, and it is known from history that as soon as the chair begins to swing under bourgeois power, it resorts to fascism (Nazism). Russia is not safe from this either, you also have forces that are now being dragged into the heroes by the Vlasovites, Mannerheim, Kolchak and other heroes.
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. The comment was deleted.
          1. DVTamga
            DVTamga 12 October 2018 03: 08
            Predictable reaction). Believe me by calling me, you did not become smarter. And then you are Ukrainian - that explains everything). In general, then about such little men as you were talking about. Typical Ukrainian.
            1. Alexander Greene
              Alexander Greene 12 October 2018 13: 51
              Quote: DVTamga
              Predictable reaction). Believe me by calling me, you did not become smarter. And then you are Ukrainian - that explains everything). In general, then about such little men as you were talking about. Typical Ukrainian.

              Of course, I am surprised by the actions of the moderators; your schizophrenic accusations against the Ukrainian people have been left, and where I only stated the fact of who you are, you have been deleted.
              But you are no different from Ukrainian nationalists. They also shout "there is no Russian nation", "there is no Russian language", and the like. I will not repeat their other and your nonsense. Ukrainian nationalists and Russian chauvinists are twin brothers
              1. The comment was deleted.
                1. Alexander Greene
                  Alexander Greene 17 October 2018 17: 20
                  Quote: DVTamga
                  Having shown your Ukrainian behavior and calling it a statement of fact, you only confirm your boorish essence of a typical Ukrainian.

                  While only you showed a boorish gut, everyone will read our comments with you, and I hope that the readers will figure it out. who is who.

                  Quote: DVTamga
                  I think that all attempts to be reasonable people addressed to Ukrainians, including and to you are useless. With disputes like you disdain.

                  I hope visitors to the forum drew attention to the fact that we had yet another pupil of the "noble" girls' boarding school, distinguished by sophisticated disgust. It seems that Olgievich possesses this quality.
        2. Antares
          Antares 16 October 2018 10: 51
          Quote: DVTamga
          Yes they say no Ukrainians at all). Well, I agree - there are no bad nations. So, after all, Ukrainians are not people, so a bunch of villains and traitors).

          you need to decide whether we are not, or we are bad. And then we live and it is unclear whether we are not or we are bad laughing
          1. DVTamga
            DVTamga 17 October 2018 02: 30
            Everything was decided long ago. There is no such people as Ukrainians. There is a population of individuals who call themselves Ukrainians. In modern times, it so happened that the meaning of the term "Ukrainian" is a common noun and is defined as a dishonest person, a traitor, a thief. Over time, this will become a common expression. It has already become. I think this will be understandable for local Ukrainians.
            1. Alexander Greene
              Alexander Greene 17 October 2018 17: 24
              Quote: DVTamga
              There is no such people as Ukrainians. There is a population of individuals who call themselves Ukrainians. In modern times, it so happened that the meaning of the term "Ukrainian" is a common noun and is defined as a dishonest person, a traitor, a thief. Over time, this will become a common expression. It has already become

              Your comments expose you as secret agent of Ukrainian nationalists in Russia, you are conducting subversive activities against the national policy of Russia, trying to drive an aspen stake into the centuries-old friendship of two fraternal peoples. This way you pour water on the mill of Ukrainian nationalists, your owners in the SBU are surely delighted with such comments.

              Instead of respecting the Ukrainian people and their language, you insult him and thereby push him into the hands of nationalists, because give them such a powerful trump card for conducting anti-Russian propaganda.

              PS You act like an ordinary provocateur, I believe that moderators of VO should ban you forever, as inciting ethnic hatred.
              1. The comment was deleted.
                1. Alexander Greene
                  Alexander Greene 18 October 2018 21: 16
                  Quote: DVTamga
                  And stop your moaning of the old maid about the provocateurs. It's funny and stupid, even though you are Ukrainian,

                  I’m just Velikoros without any impurities, if this is so important for you. I am a Soviet man, I served the motherland where they ordered, and in the teams subordinate to me there was always a respectful attitude to representatives of all nationalities. This was taught to me in a Soviet school, festivals of the Soviet republics were held every year, but who you are and where you brought up a nationally concerned person like you is another question.

                  By the way, now in Ukraine the most ambitious nationalists are representatives of non-Ukrainian nationality.
                  1. The comment was deleted.
                    1. Alexander Greene
                      Alexander Greene 19 October 2018 19: 05
                      Quote: DVTamga
                      ... say festivals? They were already raising .... We, Russians, Russians, certainly will not worry!

                      Well, everything is clear with you - the victim of the exam, who imagines herself that she is the navel of the earth, and begins to speak for all of Russia. But now it feels like you are not a real Russian person and did not live in a Russian family, because they don’t accept chauvinism in Russian families, the Russian people are international in themselves, they understand that from nationalism and chauvinism to fascism is one step. And you have already done it in my opinion.
                    2. Alexander Greene
                      Alexander Greene 20 October 2018 01: 01
                      Quote: DVTamga
                      There will still be roofing felts, is there anything in vain that the Americans invested money in traitors? They will stand up to the last cent, work for everything. Let his disappearance. We, Russians, Russians, certainly will not worry!)

                      Thanks to the moderators for banning this provocateur
                      Long live the friendship of nations !.
  9. Comrade
    Comrade 11 October 2018 21: 39
    It is a pity that Bender was not taken to the Union, for trial.
  10. Antares
    Antares 16 October 2018 10: 45
    And the cowardly president Yanukovych was afraid to annul this decree, and the court of Donetsk canceled it.

    some nonsense, without the sanction of the President and the authorities it would be impossible to initiate the process. And even more so to get a court decision which is still valid, despite the appeals of many powerful politicians!
    "The cowardly Yanukovych" thus simply calmed the society and the EU / Poland (and the Russian Federation). Resolution RC-B7-0116 / 2010 dated 17.02.2010
    Yusch had something with brains when, at the end of his 5% support in society, he decided to finish himself off with such a decision.
    "The cowardly Yanukovych" simultaneously stripped another "Hero of Ukraine" title. The same as Bandera. But there will still be an article about him.
    The "cowardly Yanukovych" did the right thing
    Even if you look at the map of Ukraine, where Bandera "is popular, this is memory. (The same honorary citizen) That is, in fact, the part that was added before the war.
    It’s funny that the murderer of Bandera was born in the last Polish Voivodeship (if Bandera is modern, Ivano Frankivsk, then Stashinsky is in modern Lviv regions)
    As for the moment where he is a "Terrorist" bandit and simply not a good person - then the Poles of that time were not angels either and created the basis for this.
    The author should familiarize himself with the Pacyfikacja Małopolski Wschodniej. After all, Samsonov is crying that they are turning Russians into non-Russians, and that Bandera is the answer by terror to terror. And whose terror is better, we do not understand. It is clear that if against state terror, you will be a terrorist officially. But the state is not.
    I only agree that an ambiguous personality cannot be PR for the Hero of Ukraine - well, most Ukrainians have a cool attitude towards him. And he has not been a hero since 2012, and the court decision is still valid. Well, yes, he admires him and spoils the monuments to him ... We have little understanding of them, then we were Soviet all the time and waged war with the Nazis and Nazis, and they were near Poland and became Soviet for only 2 years after learning only horrors and second and then war ..
    Frankly, their heroes do not pull on the nation-forming. It's right.