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Viktor Medvedchuk, the last Ukrainian in Ukraine

In the program “The Right to Know!” Dmitry Kulikov from October 6 was made by Viktor Vladimirovich Medvedchuk, a special person in Kiev politics. From 1997 to 2004, under President Kuchma, he was in power at very high positions, and is therefore still considered a political heavyweight. Then he went to the opposition, and the “pro-Russian” (he was accused of the Maidan authorities). He himself considers himself a pro-Ukrainian politician, while he sees Ukraine’s future not on Independence, but in mutually beneficial cooperation with Russia. The leader of the "Ukrainian choice."

After the Bandera coup d'état of February 2014, the office of his party in Kiev was attacked by “activists,” that is, Nazi militants, but withstood. Medvedchuk, despite the persecution in the nationalist press, still has the status of "untouchable". What is the reason? The "heavy" political weight, the fact that his father was a prominent OUN, the need for Poroshenko to save face in front of Europe or his direct ties with Vladimir Putin, which he is a godfather? Probably, in aggregate.

On the other hand, Medvedchuk does not create any special problems for the nationalist government, does not personally criticize Poroshenko, as Saakashvili allowed himself: he became a kind of political recluse in Kiev, and his “Ukrainian choice” became a monastery. In fact, Medvedchuk remained in the positions he held under Kuchma, and he still advocates the need for a “multi-vector” and non-aligned policy for Ukraine.

From these positions, he unequivocally opposes the most odious laws of the Rada on the prohibition of the Russian language and others, firmly declares that he “does not consider Russia an aggressor” and an “occupier”. Doctor of Law, he easily proves that all this is “propaganda stamps”.

Indeed, sociology and statistics speak in favor of Medvedchuk. While in 2014, the year was good for Russia, 45% of the population of Ukraine, while in 2018, it was 47%! Ukraine’s trade with Russia, despite a significant drop, remains the largest compared to other countries, while Ukraine’s trade with Europe remained at the level of 2014 of the year. Europe did not compensate Ukraine for losses in the Russian market. Trade relations with the United States are minimal, Americans are limited to supplies weapons to its Ukrainian military beachhead.

Viktor Medvedchuk and his supporters warned that the political split in Ukraine, which took place after independence, will turn into the collapse of the country. "We predicted these consequences - they came." In his opinion, Ukraine needed to be “stitched” through the federalization of the country; this is a proven way in the world; instead, it is trying to subjugate completely different political clans from the west and east. And tore up the country.

Theoretically, this is true, in our opinion, but the theory is always “dry”, but in practice there is the policy of the US State Department with its special anti-Russian interests and political adventurers and extremists. The interests of Ukraine itself do not interest them.

Interesting opinion of Viktor Vladimirovich about the main candidates for the presidential election: Poroshenko and Tymoshenko. A number of political analysts are recording him and the For Life! Party in the support group for Tymoshenko. He replies essentially again: "I do not know which of them is worse." Yulia Vladimirovna, in his opinion, would gladly intercept all Poroshenko's slogans, but the opposition status does not allow.

Today, there is much talk about Viktor Medvedchuk’s landmark entry into the For Life! Party by Vadim Rabinovich. If this party unites with the “Opposition Bloc”, then sociology promises them 30-35% of votes in the upcoming elections. This is a blocking vote! It is bad that attack aircraft on the streets do not promise them anything at all.

The problem of Medvedchuk and Rabinovich is seen in the fact that they are based on sociology, while Poroshenko, Tymoshenko, and others - on armed detachments of attack aircraft. Today sociology has no chance in Ukraine!

The mission of US Special Representative Kurt Volcker in Ukraine, in his opinion, failed: he is not a mediator. On the one hand, this is a statement of the obvious, and on the other, a rather bold statement for today's Ukraine. Medvedchuk, who advocates direct negotiations between Kiev and Donetsk and Lugansk, cannot, of course, welcome Volcker, whom they never met.

In general, Viktor Vladimirovich Medvedchuk, carrying out Poroshenko’s instructions on humanitarian issues, having contacts with Vladimir Putin, who does not recognize “Russian aggression” and Kurt Volcker and at the same time enjoys immunity from the Nazis in Kiev is a unique phenomenon, it’s impossible to fully understand. How is all this possible today in Kiev?

In this paradox of Viktor Medvedchuk: Ukrainians in Ukraine, speaking from realistic and patriotic positions, are in an absolute minority, and since Kuchma’s presidency. In politics, Medvedchuk is generally the only Ukrainian, with all the country's political chances for survival are associated with him. These are the chances today: Viktor Medvedchuk.
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  1. sleeve
    sleeve 10 October 2018 05: 22
    Careful, comrades! Medvedchuk is no "pro-Russian" politician. He is a concrete Ukrainian, cynical, focused on real state interests, capable of both intrigue and diplomatic struggle. Moreover, both economics and politics rolled into one. It is very rare to meet a person who has not changed his views in 20 years (without attributing catching to him, namely platform views), well, maybe ours. This person is completely blocked in the Ukrainian "politic" and still retains weight, independence, and most importantly, no one risks "smashing" him, although in Hochland there are pogroms of oligarchs - the salt of the Ukrainian land. He does not care about mythical family ties with Putin they are really mythical). If this person becomes in power in Ukraine, we will get a very bad neighbor, because we have already forgotten how to "outplay" neighbors on equal terms. We will get almost instant reconciliation on all positions and start paying as if we are waging a real war. Loans, consortia for restoration, compulsory contracts for the restoration of Ukrainian engineering with prepayments and "deferred" production. Crimea will become a free economic zone with a double (Russian-Ukrainian) bottom. I also have to build a fleet of Ukraine. In short, he will undress us to pants. She, her guys are more careful. This is a bison from the past, and our five years are left to steer ... This neighbor will undress us.
    1. bolt
      bolt 10 October 2018 05: 55
      Quote: sleeve
      Careful, comrades! Medvedchuk is not a "pro-Russian" politician ... In short, he will undress us to our pants. She, her guys are more careful. This is a bison from the past, and our five years are left to steer ... This neighbor will undress us.

      Come on, eerily catch up with something. The usual narrow-minded Ukrainian nationalist. They do not touch him there because there is nothing behind him. No real ideas, no real strength, no real deeds. So, the picture on the wall in a gilded frame.
      And the discussion is even paler than Pogrebinsky. He is also a nationalist, but even before reporters from Ukraine, he does not fool.
    2. Kot_Kuzya
      Kot_Kuzya 10 October 2018 06: 29
      Yes, that is right. It is beneficial for us that nationally preoccupied psychopaths such as Poroshenko, Groisman, Lyazhko, Avakov, Parubiy, etc. remain in power. The worse in Ukraine, the better for us. And if the leadership comes to power, which sings about the "brotherly people", then I am afraid that under this song the naive Russians Vanya would again put a greedy, arrogant and envious neighbor on their necks and start feeding him, as it was before the Maidan.
      1. sleeve
        sleeve 10 October 2018 08: 12
        Not ... It’s still beneficial for us to be quiet there ... And the thirty millionth country had no idea to try us on the tooth.
    3. Normal ok
      Normal ok 14 October 2018 18: 56
      Quote: sleeve
      Careful, comrades! Medvedchuk is no "pro-Russian" politician. He is a concrete Ukrainian, cynical, focused on real state interests, capable of both intrigue and diplomatic struggle.

      Well, to begin with, he’s Putin’s godfather. And as you know in the post-Soviet space, personal relations are more important than state interests.
      1. sleeve
        sleeve 15 October 2018 05: 44
        But what place is he "godfather"? Can you explain to me please?
      2. sleeve
        sleeve 15 October 2018 05: 49
        Do you remember the year 2004?
  2. Severski
    Severski 10 October 2018 05: 54
    As I understand it, the pre-election race has begun and here they suggest who is the most correct candidate.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  3. Vard
    Vard 10 October 2018 05: 56
    By the way, friends complained when applying for a job, they give preference to people with Ukrainian surnames .... I will clarify ... In Russia ...
    1. Xnumx vis
      Xnumx vis 16 October 2018 16: 32
      Poltavchenko, Matvienko and a great many Russian people with Ukrainian surnames! For me, Golopupenko is better than Ogly-Mogly -Zade. For some time now I prefer Vertipuzenko! Maybe Said-Zade-Mogly themselves are to blame for this?
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 10 October 2018 06: 20
    The mission of US special representative Kurt Walker in Ukraine, in his opinion, failed: he is not an intermediary.
    .... Of course, not an intermediary ... just the chief, the colonial administration of the United States, that says, they do ...
  5. Conductor
    Conductor 10 October 2018 07: 39
    The arrival of the trump was also waiting as manna from heaven but it turned out the other way around.
    1. Kot_Kuzya
      Kot_Kuzya 10 October 2018 11: 59
      The US President is the talking head, the puppet of the backstage true US rulers from the Fed. The US president does not decide anything, the last one John F. Kennedy tried to play politics independently, but he was immediately overwhelmed for it as soon as he tried to issue US dollars, not Fed dollars.
  6. bistrov.
    bistrov. 10 October 2018 08: 55
    Nothing shines for Medvedchuk. Do you really think that the United States will release "Ukraine" from its clutches?
    Actually, there will be no elections. It will be just the appointment of a profitable US person.
    It could be Tymoshenko, Vakarchuk, Gritsenko, Nalyvaichenko and even Boyko - all of them passed an "interview" in the State Department for the role of "presidents" and were recognized as "fit", some to a greater extent, others to a lesser extent. They may even leave Poroshenko. In my opinion, the States, while, themselves have not yet decided who to appoint "the president of Ukraine", there is a debate on this topic .. And "elections" is so, an empty formality, we all know how it is done ...
    1. Bessarab
      Bessarab 10 October 2018 18: 46
      Viktor Medvedchuk-i Vadim Rabinovich - personal agents of the last chairman of the KGB of the Ukrainian SSR and the first chairman of the SBU, Marchuk Yevgeny Kirillovich, who became famous for transferring personal files of prominent Ukrainians and the intelligence network of the KGB of the Ukrainian SSR to the CIA. Now a colonel general and a citizen of the United States. Medvedchuk owes him admission to the Kiev State University (enter. Vitek failed the exams, but a miracle happened and he was credited) is also a wonderful salvation of Medv. from the pre-trial detention center for robbery of a minor. Then the SDPU project and promotion in the business of the Medvedchuk-Surkis-Marchuk works. Therefore, this is an American project that supports the fifth column in the Russian Federation
  7. Antares
    Antares 11 October 2018 22: 52
    How is all this possible today in Kiev?

    strange question .. especially from a person - claiming to be an analyst ....
    There are partners everywhere, and this person is a communication channel, almost official, better than any ambassadors, delivering the voice of partners in both directions. Who will touch him then? He is a monument! laughing
    It is more valuable for merchants (our rulers) than any Russian embassy or consulate on the territory of Ukraine. They can cover it tomorrow to "counter the aggressor!" And Putin's godfather never. Without a communication channel, nothing.
    Therefore, you can safely write that for all the "pro-Ukrainian" or pro-Russian line, he is a man of communication ... Bankovaya and the Kremlin are one sharashkin's office, which may have discord, but never have no connection.
    Indeed, sociology and statistics speak in favor of Medvedchuk. If in 2014 45% of the population of Ukraine treated Russia well, then in 2018 - 47%! Commodity turnover between Ukraine and Russia, despite a significant drop, remains the largest in comparison with other countries, while commodity circulation between Ukraine and Europe remained at the level of 2014

    write the study to the end
    The number of Ukrainians positively disposed towards the Russian Federation in September 2018 was 48% (in February it was 45%), while in the Russian Federation the number of those positively disposed towards Ukraine has not changed and is 33%, according to the results of a sociological study conducted by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) and Russian non-governmental research organization "Levada-Center".
    According to the results of the study, the attitude of Ukrainians towards the Russian Federation significantly depends on the region - in the West they have a positive attitude to the Russian Federation about the same as in the Russian Federation in Ukraine - 31%. In the center of Ukraine, 44% are positive towards the Russian Federation, in the south - 62%, in the east - 70%.
    The report emphasizes that the attitude of the population of Ukraine towards the Russian Federation since 2008, when regular monitoring of this issue began, remains invariably better than the attitude of the population of the Russian Federation towards Ukraine.
    opinion poll by KIIS and Levada
    This is only in some articles on military and other mass media of the Russian Federation - we are all russophobes here and we eat Russian children for breakfast and curse the Russian Federation .. And even in the most terrible hours of the war with thousands of coffins, they treated the Russian Federation better than the Russians did to Ukraine ...
  8. Sloboda0
    Sloboda0 13 October 2018 17: 53
    Medvedchuk - Marchuk's staffing. He dragged him by the ears all Soviet life and then promoted too.
    What else can I say ... after Marchuk brought to the United States all the personnel records that he had at his disposal, Medvedchuk’s career went well up. But growth so slightly stopped after Marchuk himself lost weight.
    Marchuk is currently a respected US citizen.
    Medvedchuk, on the other hand, has not been under his supervision for a long time and has occupied his niche as a moderate, supposedly "pro-Russian" politician. This is, roughly speaking, a "spare, secondary card" that is played in their spare time to collect and dispose of really pro-Russian-oriented forces. An example is the approach of the deputy of the Kharkiv City Council A. Lesik to Medvedchuk, which cost the latter a deprivation of his mandate and business, cuffs from the Nazis and two months in a pre-trial detention center. Now there is no longer such a politician in Ukraine. There is just a citizen, a former deputy.
    In the worst case scenario, this Medvedchuk card will be played as temporary to continue discrediting the entire pro-Russian or pro-Soviet ... but anyway that the real masters of the situation will not like. This can happen, for example, if Ukraine breaks off the current rails and then moves east ... Then they will quickly put Medvedchuk at the head and repeat the situation that was already with Yanukovych - lawlessness, corruption, people are dissatisfied, Natsik, Maidan, Kopeck.