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Russian trolls from the GRU pretended to be feminists in Britain

The hands-on American analysts, who are guarding every tear of the child, are sounding the alarm: the bottom has been broken again, the Russian special services have already reached the British teenagers!

According to The Times, specialists from Clemson American University, having studied more than three million posts in social networks, concluded that the Russian teenagers were actively cyber-attacking Russian Internet trolls.

"Trolls" deliberately attracted the attention of British teenagers with similar topics. They pretended to be Harry Potter fans, fighters for LGBT rights, feminists, and also used photos of celebrities, for example, the performer of the role of Hermione in the "Potterians" Emma Watson.

When there were enough subscribers in the accounts, the accounts published misinformation about various events. So, according to analysts, the ICYMI channel on YouTube allegedly tried to create confusion about the case of poisoning of ex-colonel of the GRU Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury.

Using photographs of Emma Watson is, of course, a low blow. And in the literal sense. The bait for young cyber ... sorry, for the beautiful elven youths, was too attractive, they grabbed it without thinking, and as a result, the terrible "troll factory" of Yevgeny Prigogine could triple the "misinformation" with trebled efficiency. In particular, they misinformed the children about Brexit, the referendum on the independence of Scotland, urged the little boobies to the detriment of vaccinations and urged them to protest.

However, we all understand that there is a puncture in the published information, which fully justifies our intelligence officers. The fact is that information about the total harm of vaccinations is distributed only by less soft people, not very smart people. And the use of such a theme for agitation unequivocally tells us that we are not dealing with the machinations of terrible Russian intelligence, but with the free creativity of the broad teenage masses, who, unfortunately, the English have already instilled in the British language. Now, as they say, eat, do not wear your hair - our teenagers will not teach you this either.

And then, enough about the mote in our eye. Look at the meetings of Navalny and tell me, whose calls for adolescents to go to the protests are more persistent and effective?

Well, another nuance. Three million messages from our trolls. That is, if there are a whole thousand of them at Prigogine’s “factory” (this already renders insanity - it’s everybody who needs to pay, yes to control, yes to coordinate, yes to keep records, etc.), everyone only had three thousand records in this direction to do. And who then, I apologize, Trump chose? Five thousand more trolls ?! Prigogine, I beg, set it up!!!

However, no matter how comical this episode may seem, it is not at all ridiculous if you link it with other accusations against the Russian special services, in particular, their involvement in cyber attacks on the OPCW and other Western organizations and firms.

Last Thursday, Valinor, Rohan, Gondor and Shire ... Oh, sorry, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and the Netherlands issued a joint statement containing new information on Russia's actions in cyberspace. In particular, there was talk of an attempted cyber attack on the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical weapons (OPCW), whose headquarters is located in The Hague. Also mentioned are attacks on some other organizations and companies, in particular, on WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), the American nuclear giant Westinghouse, the Ukrainian electricity grid, etc.

Needless to say, the Western media gladly swallowed everything they threw up, and now they digest with satisfaction. With their opinions and details of “disclosures” (bear in mind - the expression “most likely” is present there very often, the English do not change themselves) you can easily read it already in Russian, the benefit of the translations has appeared enough.

But we will talk about something else. The first thing I would like to point out: to accuse intelligence that it is engaged in intelligence is rather silly. If our Western comrades are serious about this, then the next step for them should be the dissolution of their own intelligence services. But we probably will not expect such a commendable sequence from them.

The second thing that we should bear in mind: the actions of our intelligence (let's not be ashamed of this, for we are in our right) are only the answer to the utmost unceremoniousness of the Americans, who have spread their agents of influence in all important international organizations over the past couple of decades . Yes, the Yankees have the opportunity, without further ado, stupidly twist their arms and call it a "democratic process." We have no such opportunity, so we have to act thinner. Alas, probably, it does not always work exactly the way we would like. But often it still turns out: it is no coincidence that most of the “revelations” were done “in hindsight”, after the terrible and “incompetent” GRU not only gained access to the necessary information, but could somehow use it.

Probably, the discrediting of our intelligence, and through it, Putin, who is traditionally associated with intelligence, is the main goal of this stuffing of “revelations”. If you are not too lazy to reread at least a few articles of the largest Western media dedicated to this event, pay attention to how monotonously persevering it is in these two points - “GRU screwed up” and “Putin is connected with intelligence”. Sometimes, by the way, almost identical turns and expressions are used there - it feels like a CIA draf has visited every journalistic table.

In general, it would even be funny if it were not for the price of such “concerts”.

A British teenagers still sorry. Hermione encroached on !!! To Hermione !!!

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  1. Jerk
    Jerk 9 October 2018 12: 07
    Bait for young cyber ... sorry

    The author knows how to intrigue. Really "cyberattacks"? So to speak, an alternative user. Found only among common people winked
    1. Conductor
      Conductor 9 October 2018 12: 42
      Oh, a new term has appeared - cyberasts !!!!
    2. Bigbraza
      9 October 2018 12: 43
      The original was "cyberdro ...", but the editor has his own principles. :)
  2. NEXUS
    NEXUS 9 October 2018 12: 13
    Using photographs of Emma Watson is, of course, a low blow. And in the literal sense. The bait for young cyber ... sorry, for the beautiful elven youths, was too attractive, they grabbed it without thinking, and as a result, the terrible "troll factory" of Yevgeny Prigogine could triple the "misinformation" with trebled efficiency. In particular, they misinformed the children about Brexit, the referendum on the independence of Scotland, urged the little boobies to the detriment of vaccinations and urged them to protest.

    Idiocy grows stronger.
  3. arhPavel
    arhPavel 9 October 2018 12: 18
    How great our work is.
    One sight for sore eyes.
    Well done
  4. Digital error
    Digital error 9 October 2018 12: 21
    The photo for the article is credit. Reflexively "snapped" laughing
  5. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 9 October 2018 12: 36
    I personally really liked the cyberattack. For its implementation, of course, you need to have some kind of wadu strictly in the line of sight. In a special minibus stuffed with equipment (the equipment was enchanted. That is, when the terrible Russian grootrolls broke their mobile phones, the equipment immediately evaporated. Of course, there was an ectoplasm from the ectoplasm) the penetration team sits in the saxaul pose and penetrates with the help of military meditation !! The main thing is that the headquarters of this honest organization should not be covered with a cloud at this moment.
    And everything else ... a couple of dozen posts on Twitter - and the unstable Western maine falls into the sweet embrace of the betrayal of Western values. Oh woe! What kind of "values" are these, which (despite all the blooming reality that constantly surrounds me all his life) are enough to destroy a few phrases? Most importantly, what did you guys do with this person? Why can they steer from social networks like a radio-controlled car? What kind of Western society has become that lends itself to any influence?
    It's all funny.
  6. alexsipin
    alexsipin 9 October 2018 12: 38
    And where about the adventures of Petrov and "Vasechkin" in Salisberry?
  7. mavrus
    mavrus 9 October 2018 12: 41
    Come on Boshirov! Well done Boshirov !! Click Boshirov !!!
    Well, Petrov ... too.
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 9 October 2018 12: 52
      Quote: mavrus
      Come on Boshirov! Well done Boshirov !! Click Boshirov !!!
      Well, Petrov ... too.

      Chepiga with a mouse will be covered. Naglobrites still do not understand who they contacted.
    2. Jerk
      Jerk 9 October 2018 13: 03
      "Petrov, tell me! - Yes, that's right." laughing
  8. Digital error
    Digital error 9 October 2018 12: 53
    American nuclear giant "Westinghouse"

    Poor, poor Vestinhaus, support him - do not buy Rosatom's commuter TVELs, support American industry. Rosatom, through Uranium One, owns 20 percentages of US uranium production capacity. And this is good.
  9. mikh-korsakov
    mikh-korsakov 9 October 2018 13: 17
    Again, we were vividly described the treachery of foreign media. What I understood after reading this article. All media outlets in the Western world practice eloquence, shaming our country, its president. its competent authorities. So what? These gentlemen are not governed, but you cannot throw a handkerchief over every mouth. Then why tell about their nefarious intrigues in such detail? I thought what was the purpose of the author with his publication? To expose the vile intrigues, as who remembers, exclaimed a certain director, seeing Woland's tricks (see Bulgakov, "The Master and Margarita")? But he doesn't expose. Because after reading it, one wonders if our organs are so ubiquitous and at the same time incompetent that they contradict one another. Or is there simply nothing to write about? I'm tired of it.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. mikh-korsakov
        mikh-korsakov 9 October 2018 14: 27
        So they would write about the problems of Russia, and not about vile fabrications. From the fact that once again the enemy media in our media will nail the stinking stream of feces pouring on Russia to the pillory, the stench from it will not decrease. And our thinking honest people have long sniffed. It would be better to talk about pensions. As for me as an old pensioner, it would be dishonest for me to express my attitude in essence, but I’ll put in my five cents. While I worked in Germany, Merkel increased my retirement age from 65 to 67, while reducing the average size by 100 euros (with an average size of 1000 euros). At the same time, the population and the media actively resisted, rallies, demonstrations, indecent cartoons on Merkel. In our media, either silence or approval is annoying, and from afar it’s easy to expose the machinations.
        1. Conductor
          Conductor 9 October 2018 15: 51
          Solntseky knows what he is doing !!!!
        2. Bigbraza
          9 October 2018 22: 02
          Quote: mikh-korsakov
          So they would write about the problems of Russia, and not about vile fabrications.

          Well, have a conscience. I do not write about our government except as a circus of trained amoebas. And I write often, like other authors of the portal. What kind of approval is there ...
  10. demo
    demo 9 October 2018 22: 56
    The maps clearly show where and where attacks are going in the world.
    The rest is speculation.

  11. PavelT
    PavelT 10 October 2018 03: 06
    In fact, there is a much more interesting topic for propaganda and trolling that can be launched in the British social networks on behalf of feminists / feminists. Just have to call them not ordinary, but true feminists. In Britain, for many years, Pakistani (and Bangladeshi) groups of Muslim pedophiles operate in several cities, which solder, imprison, rape, and sometimes just keep slaves (intimidation) of local English girls (not from the richest class, of course, from poor families):
    And the story continues: - the police are still silent and try not to accept statements about such rapes (for old sins of not accepting statements from victims, no one in the police punished), try by any means not to open cases and not to investigate - otherwise they will call them "racists".
    Or there will be a pogrom, riots in areas where the Muslim majority ... And the police will also be beaten.

    So I became interested a year or two ago, what about the feminists writing about this? The results shocked me.
    Shoveled the entire Internet in English (I know the language well), spent a lot of time, because I could not believe that NO ONE FEMINISTIST ORGANIZATION stood up for these girls, ran into the police, NO ONE FEMINIST did not dare to write, say, emphasize , hint at who these criminals are, what is the significance of their origin, religion, upbringing in these mass crimes. This is so, alas.
    It's just awesome, 100% self-censorship (maybe censorship too, but self-censorship is more important here). In feminist organizations, it seems to be a terrible ideological discipline, there simply can not come to the head of feminists such an idea how to voice simple statistics of those rapes: who raped (people from where)? When feminists have a choice: to protect the rights, health and even life their sisters and be accused of "racism" OR not defend at all their sisters, not to fight this ethnic pedophilia, but to fight "racism" (including the purely concealment of statistics, the reasons for "ethnic" rape), they ALWAYS choose the fight against "racism" - this goal is more important for them than feminism! This is a betrayal their sisters - as it is.
    Moreover, they produce on the network (and in the media) a bunch of stupid posts / articles / reasoning that in the history of the whole world of all countries, women have always been humiliated by ALL men, especially whites, because whites were stronger, richer, relied on the industry , the power of their countries ... these articles are filled with a bunch of statements, some kind of left-wing data, evidence (a la "one woman said in secret 150 years ago") ... that white women in Britain are bigger and more terrible raped. And they are being raped right now, and one cannot keep silent about it, and everything else: racism! This is a betrayal their men - portray them worse than they are, worse than migrants.
    These are the jumps. And the same is about in other EU countries, in Scandinavia, this is flourishing, especially in Sweden:
    I mean, if the trolls from Russia would spread propaganda in the English social networks, then it would be worth starting with EU's top secret taboo: scam the groups / chats of "true feminists" and give them "on the mountain" already known to many in Britain facts, statistics and horrors of "ethnic" rape, the reaction of the police and politicians to this (or rather the lack of reaction). There would have been a terrible scandal, these groups / chats would have been banned every 20-30 minutes ... the network would have been such that Assange with his WikiLeaks would nervously smoke in his embassy ...
    1. Antares
      Antares 11 October 2018 22: 42
      Quote: PavelT
      In feminist organizations, there seems to be a terrible ideological discipline; there simply cannot come to the feminists the idea of ​​voicing simple statistics of those rapes: who raped (who came from)

      the enemy of the feminists is a white, able-bodied, educated man. Not colored, not from the diasporas, nor disabled or other minorities ...
      In general, civilizers oppressed and oppressed them ... and the color migrants are unfortunate .. they need to be sorry ... they were also oppressed by civilizers ...
  12. Hexagon
    Hexagon 22 October 2018 16: 49
    What can I say ... after all they can play it out, but in the frenzy there is not enough brain to understand that an inflatable bear can turn into a real one.