Military Review

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. The search for the bottom on the planet Shelezyaka

This is our last
And a decisive battle ...

Greetings to you, dear readers! It is difficult to write and remember the lyrics of a song that I have not heard for many decades. It is difficult, but necessary. Feels my soul cockroach, that will soon be needed. This most recent and decisive for many of us comes ... For some reason, there is no longer any fear of power.

First, explain what is happening here. Turning the situation inside out for you. I have no doubt that for some it will be really unpleasant.

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. The search for the bottom on the planet Shelezyaka

So, the past week became another bottom for Ukraine that needed to be broken through. More or less succeeded. Over the years, we have really pricked up these "below have nowhere to fall" punch no worse than armor-piercing bullets fired into cardboard.

For example, they passed a hammer law in the first reading, which would hit the Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

I deliberately used this word - "Russian-speaking". As in Russia, we have many nations living. And for representatives of these peoples, Russian is the language of interethnic communication. And not because of the great love of Russian. Just a single Ukrainian literary still not officially.

I received several questions on this law at once. Too contradictory information reaches the common people and we, and you. I had to study the law adopted in the first reading better. The only thing I want to say is my opinion.

So, if the law is accepted further, it will be like this:

1. Any meetings in state and public organizations should be held in Ukrainian. If the organization is national, the organizers must provide a mandatory translation into Ukrainian of all speeches. No matter if there are Ukrainians in the hall or not.

2. Document flow in Ukraine is conducted only in Ukrainian. In any institutions and organizations.

3. Education in Ukraine is conducted in Ukrainian. For national minorities, the right to study in public schools and kindergartens is guaranteed. But in parallel with the study of Ukrainian.

4. All educational institutions necessarily provide the study of the Ukrainian language in the volumes necessary for work on the profile.

5. In educational institutions can teach one or more disciplines in two languages. But the second language must be the language of the European Union.

6. The entire service sector is obliged to work only in the Ukrainian language. Service in another language is possible only at the request of the client.

7. Marking on goods must be in Ukrainian.

8. 75% of broadcasting broadcasting companies in the Ukrainian language. The remaining 25% are divided at the discretion of the editorial board between other languages. The total duration of the Ukrainian broadcasting should be at least 60% per week.

9. Print media should be published in Ukrainian. You can publish in two language versions (!), One of which is Ukrainian. Versions should go out in one day and be completely identical (!).

10. In the distribution of print media must be Ukrainian version of the publication! And the total number of Ukrainian publications should be at least 50%.

11. On the Internet, all sites of Ukrainian organizations should be in Ukrainian. Versions in other languages ​​without the Ukrainian version are illegal.

“Public humiliation or neglect of the Ukrainian language is proposed to be punished, as well as the humiliation of other state symbols - from a fine of 850 hryvnia to arrest for six months or imprisonment up to three years. There are also various fines for violation of the law by civil servants and others (for example, educators, medicine and culture, as well as the media) - from 3400 hryvnia and above. "

Again, "gone into power." Returning to the people. Although not. I can not tell you about a happy man who is doing well. Well, despite the war, to reform, to the collapse of the economy, to ... In short, everything to which he personally had a hand. I'm about Hydrant.

“President Petro Poroshenko has submitted to the electronic declaration data for another 3,5 million hryvnia. He declared 2,2 million hryvnia dividends from public joint stock company“ Closed non-diversified corporate investment fund “Prime Assetts Capital”. Poroshenko also declared 1,317 million hryvnya hryvnia to declare a hrn. investment bank. "

"In 2018, the president declared 0,8 million hryvnia income from the sale of real estate. Thus, the total declared income of the head of state for the current year is about 80,5 million hryvnia, which is five times more than the entire 2017 year, when his income amounted to 16,3 million hryvnia ".

Now, even to the most inveterate Natsik, it became clear that the Hydrant had in mind when he said that Ukraine began to live better. Probably, after such messages it is necessary to run to vote for the Hydrant with all paws. Sometime he has to get drunk before the belly breaks ...

In general, Ukraine proves that all the world economists are assholes! Parasites! Remember "Capital"? Over 300% profit ... Nonsense. We may have 500% profit compared with the previous period! 500! Well, are you ready to shout "Sala Ukraine"? And we still shout ...

True, one individual Poroshenko.

Remember how in those days it was: “Everything is for the good of man”? Here, we have an illustration of the old Soviet slogan.

We here last time raised the topic of hot water. So, from October 1 this tradition has spread to most of Kiev. Suddenly. Probably, the Kremlin’s hand was attached, but the contracts for gas suppliers and NAK Naftogaz expired. Imagine? Nobody expected, but it looks like ...

I will tell you a little secret of our famous jumps. "Who does not jump, that Moskal"! After a short time, the dirt dries out on the body and becomes a crust. It remains just to jump, and she falls off!

Now understand the meaning of chants? Moskal no dirt? No, they wash it off with water (kiyanin’s dream). And we are racing. So the chanter is just a statement of the fact of the genocide of the Ukrainian people on the part of the Kremlin. Yes, the Naftogaz agreement was not concluded with representatives of the water-heating guild, but the Kremlin is entirely to blame for this entirely, and Putin in particular.

By the way, this is another confirmation that Russia-Russia is us, and you have brazenly stolen the name from us. The hydrant often uses "Rus-Ukraine". And I argue that it is more correct "Russia-Ukraine-Russia". My opinion is based on the opinion of unquestioned authority! On the classics!

"Farewell, unwashed Russia!" ... Gotcha? Yesterday, I suppose, washed with hot water? And we did not wash! So we are Russia! "Sala of Russia!" "No more Russia died ..."

We are preparing a note for the Siberians. More precisely we choose. Probably, there will be a "Till". We didn’t expect such bad things from Siberians. To throw up anthrax for Ukraine ... I’m not talking about the respected and beloved ladies (suddenly Tarakanushka will read). I'm about the disease.

We understand that Siberians are harsh people. They all these ulcers, frost, lack of everything and other scrape do not care. But why do we need this ulcer? And, most importantly, it was destroyed at home, but not in Ukraine.

True, again the worm of doubt I have itching in ... there. I am on friendly terms with geography. I know where Siberia is, and where Ukraine is. So I think about why this very ulcer in the Odessa region manifested itself?

Maybe somehow Odessa is connected with the American biolaboratory? Moreover, I have already seen some papers about the Georgian laboratory. By the way, the paper came from Russia. "Colonels Chepigi" work well.

We must defeat you once again. We are without peremog, like a hog on the spot boar. Or a eunuch in a harem. This is for those who are not aware of the difference between boar and boar.

So, in the Nikolaev united community of the Petropavlovsk District, the largest iron emblem was established in Ukraine. The size of the emblem is more than 4,5 m for almost 3,5 m. It was made by a team of craftsmen of the Petropavlovsk region. Over the coat of arms worked during the week. An iron figure was installed on Gertseva Gora near the village of Petrikovka, near the 15-meter flagpole with the flag of Ukraine.

I have never seen the book of records of Ukraine. Just because I do not consider records throwing cow pellets or spitting at a target. Well, like people to be idiots, let them be. But, slowly, I have an interest. Infected by idiocy?

I myself am wondering if there is anything in the register of records of Ukraine that is not connected with a flag, embroidery or a trident? By the way, I thought about it and decided to tell our future candidates a win-win PR move related to these records.

We need to assemble a team, the more the better. Allocate good money from the budget. And to build in Kiev (or Kyive, as is now right, according to Klimkin) a large, floors like that on 20-25, I do blow! And send it in the direction of Moscow!

Can you imagine how many jobs for Ukrainians we will create? So many men before the election in practice will be. Again, you will be hurt. Trifle, but it's nice to patriots. Well, "let us know about us!"

Truly, the planet of Shelezyak (I think no one will notice the theft of the name from the classic). There are no minerals. Industry is gone. There is almost no vegetation (forests in the Carpathians). Fleet not. There is no peace. There are no prospects. Populated by cyborgs. It has the largest flag on the largest flagpole and the largest emblem of scrap metal ...

There is still a political topic ... The question was from the reader. Oleg Zhepalov asked me about the prospects for future elections. Hydrant or lady with a scythe. I looked around here, and I’ll say this: it’s worth it, of course, to discuss all this. But we will do this in the following notes. Too many things dumped me here.

Anyway, well, her, this policy. We still have time to pick it up. Let's talk about economics. We began an investigation against the automotive giant, which has damaged the Ukrainian automotive industry! Judge for yourself, here is a summary from the Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade.

"According to members of the commission, the complaint has enough information, on the basis of which it can be considered that the import of cars from Uzbekistan could cause harm to the Ukrainian manufacturer due to the scale of the import and its conditions.

The commission also has reason to suspect that the Uzbek carmakers could receive subsidies from the state bodies of Uzbekistan and enjoy certain benefits from such subsidies. "

You probably think Tarakan is pumping. Well, Uzbekistan can not be a powerful automotive industry. In the USSR, Ukraine was the most developed republic, and Uzbekistan ... Enough to live with memories of past greatness.

"During the 2015-2017 years, Uzbekistan significantly increased the volume of imports of cars in Ukraine. In absolute terms - by 760,7%, in relation to consumption and production in Ukraine - by 440,7% and 957,7%, respectively.

The import prices for passenger cars were lower than the prices for passenger cars produced by the applicant's enterprises. In this regard, the commission initiated an anti-subsidy investigation. "

Normally, we evroassociatsii? But this is just one example. We are looking for such exotic solutions that even my accustomed head is spinning around.

Here is another example.

Remittance from abroad, which exceeds 50 thousand hryvnia, will be taken into account when calculating the amount of the grant. Remittance will be treated by the social security authorities as income. The amount of the subsidy can also be affected by the lottery winnings. At the same time, deposits in the bank, interest on them or cashback do not affect the calculation of the amount of the subsidy.

So what? Will we carry money from abroad in shorts? Pass and wait for neighbors to write anonymous letters about unrighteous incomes? Or is it a hint about how much money a Ukrainian makes an oligarch? When the entire list of what affects subsidies is published is unknown, but we look forward to it.

We were born to make a fairy tale come true ... This is not a song I sing, but an ode to "Ukrainians"! Only in Ukraine, science fiction becomes reality! Only Ukrainians are able to understand this reality. all others remain in ignorance! Well, or fall into the mental hospital.

"The division of the GRU special forces colonel Anatoly Chepigi, who is suspected of poisoning Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal, could take an active part in escalating the conflict on Maidan in 2014."

"Special Forces of the GRU of the Russian Federation took an active part in illegal actions against participants in the Revolution of Dignity, after which, under the guise of Ukrainian law enforcement officers, went to the territory of Crimea."

We have long been telling you that it was the Russians who fouled the Maidan. And pravosekov you threw us. And snipers on Independence did not Parubiy armed, but Putin personally!

"Interior Minister Arsen Avakov confirmed the removal of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych by the poisoner Skripaley."

"In Turkey, Colonel Chepiga recognized the killer who killed the Chechen field commander Abdulvahid Edelgiriyev."

How do you? These are all official Ukrainian news. Sounded not only by journalists, but also by politicians and officials!

And what a cockroach, not red? I possess too. I mean, I have. No, I can tell ... In short, exclusive from me.

"A photo appeared on the network from an American spy satellite - he managed to capture the secret city of Chepigovsk-66, in which the clone manufacturing factory stamps new Chepig day and night. 8 000 spies, as the Times wrote. peace by fire and sword! "

“Colonel Chepiga almost single-handedly shot the Maidan, took out Yanukovych, conquered the Crimea and Donbass, announced a cyberwar to the West, and was so tired that he made a mistake. waiting for his return to service. "

Eh, what kind of career would I have done in the Ukrainian media ... Now I would be sitting on the shoulder of the presidential press secretary and didn’t blow. Light, warm, feeding for slaughter, abroad is constantly ... But just something to do, sit and invent news with reference to unnamed sources or Western publications. Selyuk still read only our press. Will not check ...

That's interesting, this insanity struck all countries of the world, or there are exceptions? Judging by the European and American reaction, these are amazed. And the rest? Now, do people really live in a fantasy world? After all, no one even asks the authors of what is issued for information, on the basis of what you wrote it, said, published ...

Okay. It's time to finish talking about Shelezyak. I will go to remember the "Internationale" further.

"Pretty blood suck, vampires,
Prison, tax, poverty!
You have all the power, all the benefits of the world,
And our right - the sound is empty!
We will build life differently -
And here is our battle slogan:
And all the parasites - down! "

And you peace and tranquility. Great things are waiting for us! Welfare to your families. Health to parents. Successes to children. And smile, gentlemen, smile! There is no such force that will make us unlearn how to smile. Will live!

The author with great pleasure used the footage from the Soviet cartoon "The Mystery of the Third Planet". On turn, probably, it is necessary to put "Kin-dza-dza" ...

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  1. Law abiding citizen
    Law abiding citizen 9 October 2018 10: 10
    And you peace and tranquility. Great things are waiting for us! Welfare to your families. Health to parents. Successes to children. And smile, gentlemen, smile! There is no such force that will make us unlearn how to smile. Will live!
    And you a hundredfold !!! Hold on. One wish, do not disappear for a long time, write more often, if possible, always read with pleasure .. hi
    1. Svarog
      Svarog 9 October 2018 10: 28
      Quote: Law abiding Citizen
      And you peace and tranquility. Great things are waiting for us! Welfare to your families. Health to parents. Successes to children. And smile, gentlemen, smile! There is no such force that will make us unlearn how to smile. Will live!
      And you a hundredfold !!! Hold on. One wish, do not disappear for a long time, write more often, if possible, always read with pleasure .. hi

      It’s sad to read all this .. nowhere does the power of people hear ..
      1. Law abiding citizen
        Law abiding citizen 9 October 2018 10: 33
        True, and, mind you, always and at all times .. Alas and ah ...
        1. Mestny
          Mestny 9 October 2018 12: 33
          Not a single piece of news can do without your chants and slogans.
          I inform you that Putin will not leave. Trying in vain.
      2. NEOZ
        NEOZ 9 October 2018 12: 33
        Quote: Svarog
        nowhere does the power of people hear ..

        nowhere at all?
        or in the USA hears? or in western europe?
        where do you think he hears?
        1. shark
          shark 11 October 2018 16: 26
          nowhere. That’s why it’s power, that it would be bad to have a rumor. In this sense, the United States, Western Europe is no different from Russia. From the word, absolutely. So do not flatter yourself. Everywhere is bad with American hegemony. There is no good corner on earth.
    2. NEOZ
      NEOZ 9 October 2018 12: 16
      Quote: Law Abiding Citizen
      I read with pleasure.

      with pleasure? do you read with pleasure reading, which describes the death of the brotherly people?
      1. Law abiding citizen
        Law abiding citizen 9 October 2018 12: 19
        I read what the author has a first-hand view of what is called .. wink
      2. domokl
        domokl 9 October 2018 13: 02
        crying I will reveal the secret .. I enjoyed reading about the death of 300 Spartans ... And I watched a movie about 28 panfilovtsy .. And the death of the brotherly people ... The people will not die. The state will die. Or do you like this Ukraine?
        1. NEOZ
          NEOZ 9 October 2018 14: 28
          Quote: domokl
          Or are you comfortable with such Ukraine?

          such Ukraine does not suit me ...
          and when I read it, the nerves are pulled like strings.
          I am very happy with Ukraine, which is part of the Russian Federation / USSR or the Russian Federation is part of Ukraine. the name of the country is not important.
          1. Maksus
            Maksus 10 October 2018 19: 49
            Why do we need 40 million evil hicks? It's time to understand that there are no "fraternal peoples", there is our people and they are above all.
  2. Jerk
    Jerk 9 October 2018 10: 12
    I'll put in 5 kopecks. The language law in relation to the Russian language is still half the trouble. Are you sure that everything is all right with the UKRAINIAN language? I'll give you an example, until 14 I was sure. that at least I understand Ukrainian quite well. And in the 14th year we were sitting with an acquaintance, he was generally from Ukraine, we were watching the match, the commentators were Ukrainians. After about 10 minutes I, in a slight state of mind - "what are they drilling there? I understand through the word!" "Yes, me too. This is not Ukrainian, this is Ragulska Mova."
    Well, after that, judging by the name of the author - also Ukrainian:
    There, it’s not even necessary to save the Russian language.
    1. Li17
      Li17 9 October 2018 11: 05
      I confirm. The wife and all her sisters are Ukrainians. It is clear that the wife is no longer theirs, but when her sisters come (or rather came) from Cherkassy, ​​they speak Ukrainian, beautifully and melodiously, everything is clear. But they themselves claim that the "state" is completely different! Yes, this can be seen when you watch UkrTV, although they say that Bendery, but ... Ganapolsky, by the way, spoke beautifully. And my classmate in Lviv also speaks beautifully. The jester will understand them, probably soon they will switch to English, in fact the colony should speak the language of the metropolis, at least the entire top has long been English-speaking!
  3. garrett
    garrett 9 October 2018 10: 15
    cockroach, as always burns)
  4. Locksmith
    Locksmith 9 October 2018 10: 20
    Yeah, much pushed ... wink
  5. inkass_98
    inkass_98 9 October 2018 10: 33
    This territory cannot be saved, medicine is powerless. A higher fence to build around and wait for the virus to kill its carriers.
  6. Conductor
    Conductor 9 October 2018 10: 39
    Uganda in the center of Europa.
    1. KBACYPA
      KBACYPA 9 October 2018 11: 20
      What did Uganda do to you? Why such insults to the African state?
      1. Mestny
        Mestny 9 October 2018 12: 35
        Yes, throw you into tolerance to play.
        We have this trouble in full growth - we will surround ourselves with fences of "politeness", and we are marking time in one place.
        It is more useful to call a spade a spade. More sense.
  7. ssz
    ssz 9 October 2018 10: 45
    It’s cool, considering that even members of the government do not own fully
  8. DVTamga
    DVTamga 9 October 2018 10: 53
    Is it worth sympathizing with the traitors or, as they are also called, Ukrainians? No, not worth it. Boil water in basins and jump higher.
    1. NEOZ
      NEOZ 9 October 2018 12: 36
      Quote: DVTamga
      Is it worth sympathizing with the traitors or, as they are also called, Ukrainians?

      With this statement, you offend the author of this publication! because he is Ukrainian (by nationality) and stands for the independent policy of his state!
  9. BAI
    BAI 9 October 2018 11: 03
    . On the Internet, all websites of Ukrainian organizations should be in Ukrainian

    So in my opinion even the Censor and Peacemaker in Russian?
    The dimensions of the coat of arms are more than 4,5 m by almost 3,5 m. It was made by a team of masters of the Peter and Paul region.

    And I put a fence from corrugated board 2X30 m in the country. My area is many times larger, there are so many emblems there you can draw! And nobody writes in the book of records.
    On the turn, probably, it is necessary to put "Kin-dza-dza"

    Yes, there, like ours, the government lives on another planet.
    1. Mestny
      Mestny 9 October 2018 12: 36
      Where do you have it?
      At the meetings of Navalny?
      1. BAI
        BAI 9 October 2018 13: 57
        There is such a state - the Russian Federation, if not in the know. And he has a government - this is for general development.
  10. Li17
    Li17 9 October 2018 11: 14
    Thank! I will supplement the respected author, the service of inspectors for the supervision of the implementation of the law on the Ukrainian language will also be introduced. At least such a law already hangs in the Rada. In short, a joke about a black man, but in a trolleybus really begins to take shape - A bus rides, it is stopped by armed Ukrainian nationalists ... One with a gun: Silence ... no one speaks Ukrainian ... Here, from the last seat, the negro gets up: -Oh drink at eleven pans! -Ta sit Sinku I th so bach sho ti not Muscovite!
  11. vit357
    vit357 9 October 2018 11: 15
    Good article, I enjoyed it, keep it up. Regarding the creation of fake news, it was generally delivered :-)
  12. The comment was deleted.
    1. Mestny
      Mestny 9 October 2018 12: 37
      Yes, everything is clear with you.
      Forward to the square.
      Just do not bother to work.
    2. NEOZ
      NEOZ 9 October 2018 12: 39
      Quote: Sergey-svs
      This is pension reform.

      it was necessary to give birth to children, they made one pension in the country ... in most families there are either no children or one child! who will work for your retirement?
      1. domokl
        domokl 9 October 2018 12: 58
        Quote: NEOZ
        children had to give birth,

        And what shishy grow? It is easy to give birth, but then the fun begins. And the end of the last century and the beginning of this did not contribute to the desire to give birth. And today the same housing problem of many stops ...
        1. NEOZ
          NEOZ 9 October 2018 14: 39
          Quote: domokl
          And what kind of shisha to grow?

          on the ones you have!
          Quote: domokl
          the question of many stops ...

          this is not a question ... this is the choice of a person / people what kind of old age this people will have ...
          the people / person made their choice - to give a minimum at working age (cp in the envelope / not spent on children / life for pleasure) ... what are the questions for the government?
          it’s the same as a heavy smoker with lung cancer obscures the medicine, which treats him poorly !!!!!!
          people, what's going on in your head ?!
      2. BAI
        BAI 9 October 2018 14: 05
        had children

        Yes, at least 100 children give birth. It is also necessary that the work be. After all, they already recognize that robotization and automation are cutting jobs at existing facilities, while new ones are practically not being built. And where to earn a pension? But the problem is still only in its infancy.
        1. NEOZ
          NEOZ 9 October 2018 14: 43
          Quote: BAI
          It is also necessary that the work be.

          we have such unemployment that people from Belarus / Ukraine / Moldova / Tajikistan / Uzbekistan / Armenia come to work in the Russian Federation .....
          would you at least check the info before writing nonsense ...
      3. basal
        basal 9 October 2018 14: 08
        And where to work for the grown-up children, can you tell me? The "under-retirees" will hold onto their jobs with their hands, feet and teeth. And for half the salary. I would like to eat at least a little.
        Maybe the government and the Duma have made a grandiose development plan with millions of new jobs? I did not hear, and you?
        1. NEOZ
          NEOZ 9 October 2018 14: 55
          Quote: basal
          And where do grown children work?

          we are so unemployed that people from the Republic of Belarus / Ukraine / Moldova / Tajikistan / Uzbekistan / Armenia come to work in the Russian Federation .....
        2. purple
          purple 9 October 2018 19: 39
          Quote: basal
          And where do grown children work, do not tell?

          It’s your business to give birth to children and raise them, and they themselves will decide on the work ... They are more mobile and entrepreneurial ...
    3. NEOZ
      NEOZ 9 October 2018 12: 44
      Quote: Sergey-svs
      VAT increase

      and you thought during wars people get richer?
      we have the expense of war: LDNR, SAR, Libya (Havtor), a loan for the Republic of Belarus, Transnistria, sanctions, breaking economic ties with Ukraine, falling oil prices 14-17 ...
      when a country is fighting people get richer?
      you are a provocateur !!!!
      1. domokl
        domokl 9 October 2018 12: 56
        And we have a war? The government says that in Syria, we fit into the estimates of conventional exercises. Probably, it makes sense to talk about the general trend in the world. The redistribution of the world economy and in general relations between states is always accompanied by changes in the life of nations.
        1. NEOZ
          NEOZ 9 October 2018 14: 58
          Quote: domokl
          The redivision of the world economy and relations between states in general is always accompanied by changes in the life of peoples

          Of course, this is a redistribution of resources - they took from someone, added to someone.
    4. NEOZ
      NEOZ 9 October 2018 12: 49
      Quote: Sergey-svs
      in the interests of a handful of self-proclaimed "masters of life"

      Do you want the top to be blasphemed?
      there was one such, in 1985 came to power ... the result: he sold the country for the Nobel Prize ($ 1 million) and the opportunity to advertise pizza ..... COUNTRY for 1 MILLION !!!!!!!!!!!
      and why? - Yes, because 1 million for the Secretary General was a prohibitive amount !!!!! after the resignation, the secretary general received an increased pension, 3k apartment in a Stalinist house and a cottage .... AND ALL !!!!!!!!!
  13. nivander
    nivander 9 October 2018 14: 44
    the whole world of violence we will destroy to the ground
    and then
    we are ours, we will build a new world
    who was nothing he will become everything
  14. KBaHT_BpeMeHu
    KBaHT_BpeMeHu 9 October 2018 15: 11
    Money transfer will be interpreted by the social security authorities as income

  15. asp373
    asp373 9 October 2018 19: 46
    It's nice to see how Ukraine is moving towards true nonsense. The hot water has been turned off, and every "cotton wool" thinks that it is bad, because they are used to washing, you see. But a real patriot sees that this is a great change, because it makes him free - you want to boil the water, but you don't want to wash. And the communists came up with the GVS for the Holodomor of the Ukrainian nation.
    And soon, the total fallout will be complete when Ukraine stops the transit of Muscovite gas. I am sure that all patriots are waiting for this with great impatience and enthusiasm. Then Ukraine will live a real independent life. By that time, Moscow priests would have been dispersed, so that it would be possible to panov in their direction until complete enlightenment. As a supporter of Ukrainian independence, I want to see it.
  16. Machito
    Machito 13 October 2018 18: 55
    The cockroach burns - insanity in Ukraine grows stronger
  17. male
    male 16 October 2018 09: 44
    When you look at usrain - only one thought - where are the adequate people ?????? where are they, your mother, gone ?????
    Really these raguli oh and nationalists are Ukrainians ???
    And if so, then - "we don't need this kind of hockey" and we don't need this kind of ass. As a matter of fact, she doesn't really need a fuck.
  18. male
    male 16 October 2018 09: 46
    Amendment - after the word raguli read - "stupid".