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Russian sappers go to "clean" Laos from American bombs

Russia will help Laos in demining the country. To assist in demining the remaining American bombs, a demining detachment of the international mine action center of the Russian Armed Forces is sent to Laos. This was stated by Lieutenant-General Yuri Stavitsky, the head of the engineering troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, at the eighth meeting of the expert working group of the meeting of defense ministers of ASEAN member countries and SMOA Plus dialogue partners on humanitarian demining.

Russian sappers go to "clean" Laos from American bombs

Stavitsky reported that the demining squadron was descending to the Lao People’s Democratic Republic according to a decision of the Supreme Commander. During a business trip that runs from October 2018 of the year to March 2019, the squad’s staff will assist the Lao sappers to clear American bombs that were dropped on this country in 1960-1970. The jungles of Laos are literally packed with US unexploded ordnance, most of which were cluster and anti-personnel. To date, a third of the American bombs dropped on Laos have not been neutralized, since they are very difficult to detect and neutralize. So far, no country has assisted Laos in demining.

The general noted that the detachment is equipped with the most modern means of searching and detecting explosive objects, and with the sapper's personal protective equipment. During the mission, the detachment’s servicemen will not only neutralize the ammunition themselves, but will also conduct appropriate training for local sappers. In addition, Lao sappers will be provided with Russian search and protection tools.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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  1. Bykov.
    Bykov. 4 October 2018 14: 24
    And to set the score for amegikos.
    1. Smoked
      Smoked 4 October 2018 14: 31
      Humanitarian mine clearance is the UN’s feeding trough for drank dough and I think many people don’t like sending our employees.
      1. Digital error
        Digital error 4 October 2018 14: 43
        I will not like it only because they acquired additional professional experience and another mention of the origin of "democratic" bombs. If someone wanted to cut the UN loot - they would have done it 30 years ago - there are no fools to climb the jungle in the heat and in armored suits ...
        1. Smoked
          Smoked 4 October 2018 14: 46
          There will be time to take an interest in how today the UN is cutting money for humanitarian demining in various countries. Learn a lot of new things.
          1. Digital error
            Digital error 4 October 2018 15: 01
            Took an interest. Indeed sawing, but not in Laos. At least, on the thematic page of the UN nothing is said about it. Yes, in the report for the year 2017 Laos does not appear. And in the plans it is not.
            1. Andrey Yuryevich
              Andrey Yuryevich 4 October 2018 15: 45
              Russian sappers go to "clean" Laos from American bombs
              what the hell ...? Is the life of our sappers inexpensive?
              1. Digital error
                Digital error 4 October 2018 16: 48
                Someone has to do this. In the DNI the other day, four children were blown up by a mine. Lao children also want to live, but there are no specialists. Minesweeper is a vocation, their work has always admired - tedious, dangerous, but immeasurably useful.
  2. Andrey VOV
    Andrey VOV 4 October 2018 14: 30
    Good luck guys!
  3. Ros 56
    Ros 56 4 October 2018 14: 55
    And how much does this pleasure cost and who is the beneficiary in the end?
    ANCIENT 4 October 2018 15: 04
    laos, vietnam, kampuchea, or, in modern terms, cambodia are literally `` stuffed with them '' - the result of the dastardly American policy of violent suppression of unwanted US `` regimes ''
  5. Morglenn
    Morglenn 4 October 2018 15: 40
    And at whose expense is all this splendor?
  6. Grandfather Fichteau
    Grandfather Fichteau 4 October 2018 16: 55
    It’s always so ... the USA is crap, and the Russians are being cleaned ... angry Russia is a generous soul.!
  7. sabotage
    sabotage 4 October 2018 17: 49
    Chelyabinsk will not send anyone to clean garbage dumps?
    APASUS 4 October 2018 18: 29
    The Americans bombed, and the Russians help to clean the jungle. Maybe they even demanded money
    1. Paranoid50
      Paranoid50 4 October 2018 20: 34
      Quote: APASUS
      Maybe they even demanded money

      In this case, this good deed is a priori mutually beneficial. After all, nobody canceled the same strategic interests of Russia in that region. In Soviet times, Laos, as they say, was in the cage - it was part of the Indo-Chinese "red belt" (Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea). With the collapse of the Union, these countries seemed to be orphaned for a while, and, of course, after a while a goat-bearded gentleman in a top hat looked in there. Today, Russia, at least partially, reanimating the old relations, along the way promotes its own interests, which is quite natural.
  9. akims
    akims 5 October 2018 07: 51
    Throw a cry to the diggers: Dig for health. All that you find is yours, except for GPs. Hand them over to sappers. And that’s all, the problem is solved.