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Democratic dictatorship

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Part two. Beam in the eye

I. State Department reports: LGBT democratic rights and freedoms are systematically violated in Russia

Pretending to be a democracy, the American dictatorship compiles annual reports on the observance of human rights throughout the world. At the same time, everything to the author refers to human rights. When a dictator is taken as a pen, it is not the event that dictates the topic, but suitable content is sought for a given topic. Writing with enthusiasm the work of journalistic art, the author begins to see him in the mirror not a wolfish grin, but sheepness meekness ...

В the annual report of the US State Department on the observance of human rights in the world It says about many countries, including Russia. Although, for the sake of objectivity, it should be noted, the situation with human rights is worst of all not in Russia, but in Belarus, Iran, China, the DPRK, Syria, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Well, it is necessary to pay tribute to the justice of the writers and Hillary Clinton herself: Belarus with its "dad" hostile to the West, North Korea with its satellites, missiles and nuclear weapons, stubborn Iran with its enrichment of uranium, China, which spends more and more on defense and military technology and confuses the United States with economic indicators, is undemocratic Syria, where President Assad exterminates his own people, Turkmenistan, where it was canceled only on May 9, 2012 historical the concept of the Great Patriotic War (oh, this backward republic is far away, for example, from Latvia, worshiping the heroes of the SS) and Uzbekistan with its recalcitrant journalists who carved - not, not with whips, but with a word - the unbelievable American ambassador Krol, who personally tried to introduce censorship in Uzbekistan , - much worse in its undemocracy compared to the still rather timid Russia, which, if it violates any right, is it possible only for gays, lesbians and the unfortunate Khodorkovsky.

Briefly, Russia's democratic problems, from which it can be concluded that the reader is dealing with a dictator state (as opposed to a democrat state that is a priori, since only a true democrat has the right to make such a report), are outlined in the summary of the report.

In the Russian Federation, according to the authors, there is a centralized political system. The power here is “extremely concentrated,” and it is concentrated in two: the president and the prime minister. In Russia, a weak multiparty political system, in fact, in the country, everything is decided by one party, United Russia.

Among the most significant problems associated with the violation of human rights in Russia, the State Department during the year 2011 found:

1) Violations of democratic processes. Parliamentary elections in December were accompanied by government intervention, manipulations, violations and various kinds of restrictions against the activities of opposition parties: not only to organize a party and register party candidates, but it is almost impossible to access the media in Russia.

2) Violations of the administration of justice and the rule of law. Under this section, Russia is, if not dictatorial, then an autocratic state — no less firm in its autocracy than the USSR in the time of Brezhnev. Those people who “threatened a strong state or business community” in the Russian Federation have certainly been subjected to political prosecutions in the past year. And where did the pursued get to? .. That's right, go there. And there, that is, in prisons, very bad conditions were deliberately created for them. These “bad conditions” in the report are even called “the main violation of rights”. Violation of this applies, however, not only to those who by democratic naivety took to the streets and began to “threaten a strong state”, but in general many prisoners. The latter are doomed to poor medical care and, in addition, have to endure the “abuse of prison officials”. “These conditions,” the report’s summary said, “occasionally led to death ...” However, the Russian government did not take appropriate measures to punish the majority of those officials who were guilty of abuses leading to the creation of the country ... no, not global warming or cooling, but the real “climate of impunity”. The rule of law, it says further, is particularly imperfect in the North Caucasus, where “the conflict between the government and the rebels, Islamist militants, and criminal forces led to numerous human rights violations, both by the security forces and by the rebels, who reportedly participated in the killings, torture, physical abuse and politically motivated abductions. ” Moreover, the Kadyrov government, the report says, continues to violate fundamental freedoms in Chechnya, participates in collective retaliation to families of suspected fighters and contributes to creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. ”

After reading about all these passions in native American English, any John Smith from Connecticut or, say, John McCain from Arizona, should naturally be horrified and pray for a photograph of the Statue of Liberty, a star-striped flag or a golden calf on a chest of drawers, including and from dictatorial overseas misfortunes.

3) Violations of freedom of speech. In the suppression of this very freedom, the Russian authorities have achieved complete virtuosity. According to the summary of the report, if there is freedom of speech on the Russian Internet and in some mass media, including electronic ones, then self-censorship and state-owned media, as well as pressure put on the press, have limited political dialogues in most media. Criticizing or “challenging the government” or its associated “business community” in Russia is fraught with serious consequences. Some journalists and activists who do not fully understand that they live in an authoritarian country, for their love of freedom of speech paid physical attacks and various kinds of persecution, including judicial (of course, politically motivated). On the basis of such rejection by the authorities of the criticism, murders of journalists and activists occurred. However, many similar cases that have occurred in the past have remained a mystery.

Freedom of speech is also trampled by computer DDoS attacks. These attacks were carried out in December 2011 on those sites that published reports of parliamentary election fraud. As a result, the sites became inaccessible.

Identified in the report and other problems in Russia. Here you will be physically abused by recruits officers, and restrictions on the freedom of assembly, and corruption - “widespread at all levels of government and law enforcement”, and violence against women and children, human trafficking, and xenophobic attacks, and hate crimes, social discrimination, and attacks on religious and ethnic minorities and immigrants, and intimidation of civil society and labor activists, and, most importantly, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender discrimination people (LGBT) people, and in the appendage - restrictions on the rights of workers. (Well, this is understandable: in the last place, Kapstran will be interested in the rights of some workers there).

What is missing is cannibalism and the worship of Satan.

The American annual report would be much more popular, release its State Department in the form of comics.

Having become acquainted with the fact that in America (using the example of Russia) they are considered violations of democracy and, probably, clear signs of a dictatorship with elements of barbarism, let us turn to America itself. Consider, first, what America protects and whose rights, and secondly, from whose rights and how it protects.

Ii. Fighting America for Chen Guancheng’s Violated Rights

With a doctor, amateur lawyer and Chinese human rights activist Chen Guancheng, it is clear that it is a dark matter. That about him so They will write: “Activist Chen Guangcheng is known in China for his campaign for the rights of persons with disabilities and against forced abortions, for which he went to prison in 2009. After being released in 2010, he was under house arrest. ” Thats commercials: “Chen Guangcheng gained fame after a series of investigations into forced abortion in China. He published his articles in Time magazine. In 2006, the dissident was sentenced to several years in prison for an interview with the same magazine. ” Thats more one version was put forward: “The name of Chen Guangcheng became known to the general public after he published documents indicating that Chinese peasants had violated the rights. The human rights activist was convicted by the PRC court for four years in prison, and after his release in 2010, he was under house arrest living in the eastern province of Shandong with his wife and two children. ”

Democratic dictatorship

If we try to make a conclusion from this information, Chen Guangcheng is an active Chinese fighter for the rights of people with disabilities, peasants and women who went to 2006 for interviewing Time magazine for four years, and went to prison again in 2009, which changed next year house arrest.

The Voice of America, however, is generally excludes A turning point for 2009 from the biography of a human rights activist: “Chen Guangcheng is blind from birth. He is a self-taught lawyer engaged in human rights activities. In 2006, he was sentenced to four years of imprisonment for his fight against forced abortions practiced by the Chinese authorities — in 2005, he filed a lawsuit on behalf of thousands of women victims of this policy. After being released from prison in 2010, he was under house arrest. ”

Another one a more detailed version of the biography: “Chen, who lost his sight in early childhood, was able, despite his blindness, to graduate from the faculty of Chinese medicine at Nanjing University and get a massage therapist in a Linyi district hospital. At the same time, he studied jurisprudence, which gave him the opportunity to defend the rights of those who turned to him for help. In 2005, after Chen Guangcheng was interviewed by Time magazine, he was placed under house arrest. In 2006, he was arrested and after a few months he was sentenced to 4 years and 3 months in prison on charges of “causing damage to property and unlawfully blocking traffic”. During the hearings on the case, Chen’s lawyers were not allowed into the courtroom. Chen served the entire term of his sentence, and after being released in September 2010, he was again placed under house arrest in the village of Dunshigu in Shandong Province. ”

27 April 2012 press reports have appeared (for example, it) that the human rights defender managed to escape from house arrest. The human rights activist ran 500 kilometers and was not in Shandong Province, but in Beijing.

The next day It revealedthat Chen took refuge in the place where, according to tradition, it is supposed to hide for dissidents from all countries of the world - in the US Embassy. According to rumors, the human rights activist asked for asylum from American diplomats. However, on Radio Liberty it is denied:

“Recall, last week, Chen Guangcheng escaped from house arrest in Shandong Province, 500 kilometers from Beijing, and managed to make his way to the US Embassy in the capital, where he spent 6 days, in an unknown way. He then left the embassy - under the security guarantees of the Chinese authorities - and was taken to hospital for treatment. Soon the dissident, however, changed his decision and publicly appealed to the United States authorities to help him and his family move to the United States.

And on May 3, a Chinese dissident astonished US lawmakers by calling directly to the congressional hearing. From a mobile phone raised to the microphone, congressmen heard requests to arrange for him to meet with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and to help his family move to the United States, since in China they fear for their lives.

A day earlier, Chen made a similar appeal to President Obama. US Ambassador to China Gary Locke in an interview with CNN said that the embassy has done and continues to do everything possible to ensure the most comfortable conditions for the human rights activist in his country. According to White House spokesman Jay Carney, for all the days at the US embassy in Beijing, Chen has never asked for political asylum in the United States. On the contrary, he very much wanted to stay in China, reunite with his family, continue education and participate in reforms in his country. ”

Chen had to continue his education, alas, in the United States. He had to go there because the Chinese authorities were cruel. began to pursue not his, but his relatives:

“Blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, who escaped house arrest, said on Sunday that his nephew Chen Kegui had been arrested on charges of attempted murder of police officers, Reuters reported. <…>

“This is revenge from the authorities, and it is becoming more and more wild. My nephew just became a scapegoat, ”said Guangcheng ...

Relatives who witnessed Kegui’s arrest explained that he had acted in self-defense, picking up a kitchen knife when the police broke into their house and started beating him.

“They (the police) started beating him up cruelly. He was covered in blood, even three hours after the beating, his face was still bleeding, ”said Guangcheng.

For the State Department, the Guangcheng case is exceptionally light. After all, if where is a conversation abroad about the violation of fundamental rights and freedoms, behind this same border, of course, the USA breaks down from its political horizon and is faster than a missile with a warhead turns out to be next to the victim. The other day New York University School of Law provided Chen with a study grant.

If we recall that in the State Department’s report, China is included in the list of human rights abuses, it becomes clear that the act of enrolling Chen into American students is not accidental. This act of goodwill proves that theorem, which in the United States is considered an axiom: US - good, democratic, China - bad, tyrannical. There is an example for you, an incredulous one: an injured dissident Guangcheng, who will now live well in a democratic paradise.

That's just not clear how in such a cruel country with a dictatorial regime like China, a human rights activist (also blind) was able to escape from the province and get to the capital, and then find himself right in the embassy of the friendly America. It is also surprising how the Chinese authorities easily let him go to study over the oceans (first heal). And they let go with their family, which they had been pursuing for so long. Something does not fit, eh? Well, okay, generously forgive America. In the end, time will polish all the biographies - like pebbles on the beach.

Iii. America outweighed India

And now let's see how America treats those human rights defenders who act not in China or Russia (or, say, in Syria), but in America itself.

It turns out that the protection of human rights inside the United States is a criminal offense.

As 3 April, 2012 was reported by the newspaper "News", the federal court in the Eastern District of Virginia for two years of imprisonment was convicted head of the nongovernmental organization "Kashmir-American Council" Syed Ghoulam Nabi Fi.

This mister found something to solder. (If the special services in Russia also thoroughly searched for compromising materials on various “marshland” comrades, they would have argued with each other for a long time who of them suffered more freedom for freedom, i.e., received a longer term, and would have called Congress. to the State Department, and maybe, directly to Obama. Or Mitt Romney - to become the number one trump card of Russia's enemy in the election campaign). The 63-year-old human rights activist with a long standing and part-time fighter for the independence of Kashmir (this is part of India) was found guilty by the court of the non-governmental organization he headed, operating from 1990 of the year, funded by the Pakistan Interdepartmental Intelligence Agency. The case in court was not about espionage, but about a financial crime: a systematic violation of the law on registration of foreign funding (Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA).

FARA, adopted back in 1938, does not prohibit foreign funding for NGOs operating in the US, but puts obstacles in their work. The law, according to Izvestia, obliges the NGO leadership to declare sources of income, and also to use these same revenues strictly for the intended purpose, and even reporting on expenditures to the US Department of Justice.

It turned out that Mr. Syed Ghulam Nabi Fay systematically violated this law, for which he had worked for two years - although he could sit for five years. After all, it was about the amount of 3,5 million dollars, which ISI through the hands of intermediaries handed the offender.

That is, while in America it was believed that Mr. Human Rights Defender splits India, he got away with it. Already twenty odd years. As soon as American thoughtless people understood that he was “swinging” America, bending it under Pakistani intelligence, with which America doesn’t have such good relations as before November of last year, when the 24 of Pakistani soldiers died because of the American side, he quickly sued.

Commenting on the story of Mr. Fay, a victim of Kashmir’s rights, Mikhail Sinelnikov пишет:

“Oh, how lucky, for example, Lev Ponomarev, to be born in a country like ours, where there is no law like FARA and where a human rights activist cannot be touched - the national democracy will collapse. By the way, a funny story happened to him recently - a video clip appeared on the Internet that captured Ponomarev's conversation with a representative of the Japanese embassy. The leader of the NGO “For Human Rights” does not deny the conversation itself, but has already appealed to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation for clarifications, saying what the heck is crawling into his private life.

American Fi, too, was probably unhappy with such interference, when the US intelligence services exposed him of human rights clothing and exposed the naked truth to the court, but at least he was hustling for the annexation of foreign, non-American territories (India and Pakistan and Islamabad fiercely argue for Kashmir extremely interested in attracting the US to his side).

And our Lev openly makes it clear to Japan that if she gives money (“so far only American funds help me”), then “civic organizations” without “rotten patriotism” will appear in the Far East, that is, those who are not averse to giving the Land of the Rising Sun part of the Russian land - the two islands of the Kuril chain.

It is in “rotten” America that lobbying other people's interests for the money of others is a threat to democracy, and in our country “the development of civil society”. Therefore, begging around the embassies is not only possible but necessary. ”

And that's what's interesting with the human rights activist Fi. Assistant Director of the Washington Office of the FBI, James McJankin during the trial сказал: “Fi was required to inform the US government about funds received from Pakistan to finance lobbying efforts. Secret ties with foreigners can be a significant threat to our democracy, and those who hide such ties will be held accountable. ”

The key words here are these: “Secret ties with foreigners can be a significant threat to our democracy ...”

Is it time you arrange the Iron Curtain, but, gentlemen, American Democrats?

Iv. These humane American cops

The famous human rights organization Amnesty International, in its annual reports - aha, like the State Department - reports, unlike the State Department, does not overlook the United States. I will quote Zhanna Ulyanova from

“According to Amnesty International’s program director for Europe and Central Asia, John Dalhusen, 93 countries dispersed their peaceful demonstrators last year.

In this part, Amnesty International has accumulated enough complaints against the US government. “Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement received complaints of excessive force from the police. There were accusations that in October and November in Auckland, when trying to disperse predominantly peaceful demonstrators, the police indiscriminately used tear gas, plastic bullets and light-sounding grenades, and also used truncheons, which caused injuries to at least two people, ”the report says. 43 people died in the 2011 year from electric shock when police use stun guns, according to a human rights organization.

At the same time, traditional claims against Washington were preserved: the conditions of detention in Guantanamo prison in Cuba, the use of lethal force during anti-terrorist operations (Osama bin Laden) and domestic executions (43 people were executed last year). ”

As for the world-famous movement "Occupy Wall Street", it is the other day filed a claim with the administration of New York. This city will have to compensate for the material and moral damage suffered by the participants of social protests - because of the actions of the police, which destroyed their books and computers for a total of 47.000 dollars. The statement of claim says that in November 2011 of the year during the liquidation of the tent camp in Zukotti Park (New York), the police seized a library belonging to protesters and containing about 3.000 volumes. The guards returned only a small part of the book collection, and most of the books were destroyed. The frenzied guardians of democracy, which turned out to be few books, also broke several computers.

In March BBC Broadcasting Company made a comparison of how the law enforcement agencies of Belarus and the United States act in the suppression of mass protests. Vladimir Kozlovsky told about the American methods.

The New York interview itself about its “crowd control” methods does not provide. But in November 2011, the “invaders of Wall Street” got somewhere a note on the fight against riots, distributed among the police.

The memo advises the police to have a “decidedly military look with sharp and sharp movements”. The author of the report writes with irony that this most “decisively military look” seems to have gone out of fashion after 4 in May 1970: that day “soldiers of the Ohio National Guard opened fire on students of the local university protesting against the American invasion of Cambodia in Kent .

Soldiers fired 67 M-1 “Garand” semi-automatic rifles, killed four students and wounded nine. Since then, firearms are used in the United States when dispersing raging crowds extremely rarely, and they are usually fired not with lead, but with rubber and other “non-lethal” bullets. ” (Soon, probably, they will shoot "Expansive". No wonder they are bought).

In 2011 in New York, over 1000 protesters were arrested. Many of them filed later suits. “In New York, such claims rarely come to court, because the police usually prefer to pay off. It happened that she agreed to pay the plaintiff up to a million dollars. Critics quip that these costs did not affect her methods, which they find too harsh. ”

If the police give their victims a million, it probably is for what. Otherwise, the most humane and fair court in the world of millions of these plaintiffs would not award.

In total, according to the movement "Occupy Wall Street", for six months of activity, the police arrested only six thousand rally participants in the United States alone. It is not without reason that Konstantin Dolgov, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on human rights, democracy and the rule of law said "Interfax": "The reaction of the American authorities are obvious elements of unwarranted rigidity and disproportionate use of force. Such actions cause particular bewilderment on the background of the constant accentuation by the American side of the need to respect human rights by other states, including the right to freedom of expression, processions and manifestations. ”

Our bewildered Dolgov, apparently, has not yet read what was said by Senior Senator John McCain in the Military Review. about the uniqueness and uniqueness of America. An exceptional country that has declared itself exclusive is itself, and it itself gives itself the right to separate the goats from the sheep, and vice versa. Therefore, what America is doing, quietly, without noisy courts, paying millions of victims to its dictatorship and putting Mr. Fay into a jail, is a direct realization of the principles of democracy - right in the spirit of Jefferson. But what is happening in Russia with its unhappy LGBT and political prisoners is a real dictatorship.

V. Not the third world, but the NATO summit

“... The city was flooded with police, including those arriving from Philadelphia, in full protective gear. Some of its parts were blocked by eight-foot metal barriers. Helicopters patrolled over their heads, and F-16 fighters periodically patrolled even higher. Even with the nature of the meeting and the continuing threat of terrorism, this was too much. The organizers did not think about how such a picture would look to a foreign audience. Meanwhile, these over-militarized security measures created the impression that the United States was on the verge of either collapsing, or becoming a police state, or both. ”

An excerpt from the "apocalyptic novel"? .. No, quote hence. We are talking about the scenery of the NATO summit, recently held in Chicago.

Western Press (British Guardian) пишет about protests in Russia after the presidential election: "Thousands of Russians passed through metal detectors for hours, past covered trucks and under popping helicopters to join the mass protest against the official return of Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin." What a gloomy totalitarian picture. But compare it with the passage above, and everything will fall into place.

Many protesters against NATO in America believe that they live, if not under a dictatorship, then not under a democracy. Read: “We are 99%, but in fact we do not have any rights. We live in a pseudo-democracy and therefore must regain real freedom, ”one of the participants in the mass actions in Chicago, an American of Indian origin named Gaetry, told Kommersant. A couple of hours before she came from Minneapolis to join the protesters "(Pavel Tarasenko, Kommersant).

“At first, the demonstration took place peacefully. Its participants called for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and to stop the NATO military missions as a whole. Veterans of the war in Iraq and other conflicts in protest threw their medals on the ground.

“These marches are marches of conscience,” says human rights activist Jess Jackson. - Their call must be heard, it is necessary that they hear it. I hope that the President and the leaders of the NATO countries will take note of this legitimate pain of the people gathered here today. ”("Euronews").

The organizers of the protests against the NATO summit announced 12 affected. Some of them recorded head injuries - from blows with police batons. Protesters say the police are attacking them. Also сообщаетсяthat police used acoustic guns to disperse the crowd. The sound beam generated by cannons causes pain in a person.

Quote from the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" (Report by Alexander Gasyuk from Chicago):

“The most popular slogans, according to the observations of the“ RG ”, were“ down with capitalism, imperialism, war and NATO ”and“ for jobs and equality ”. Veterans of the Afghan and Iraq campaigns threw their battle medals to the ground and were even going to burn the US flag, but eventually gave it to the mother of an American soldier who committed suicide in Iraq.

“Instead of financing death and destruction on the other side of the globe, American taxpayers' money should support projects at home. We will resist NATO, which is an organization that acts in the interests of only 1 percent of the US population, ”said Occupy Chicago member Jackie Sperdbury.

At the time of the summit in the democratic Chicago were pulled together several thousand policemen, equipped with everything necessary to confront the crowd of protesters. The approaches to the summit’s site were as сообщается, blocked, and the windows of other stores are filled with plywood.

What more will happen when America elects not Obama as president, but militant Mitt Romney, who is in many respects solidary with the Vietnamese veteran John McCain!

Vi. “Please don't kill me!”

Excerpt from the book: “… in the eyes of the absolutist religion, abortion is an evil, no different from murder. I don’t know how then to interpret the observations I received from my own experience: many of the most ardent opponents of the killing of embryos show an increased enthusiasm for this action in relation to adults. <…>… George W. Bush is a typical example of modern religious rulers. He and his ilk fiercely defend human life as long as it is in an embryonic (or terminally ill) state, not stopping before the prohibition of medical research that can save the lives of a huge number of people. <…>… More than a third of executions in 50 US states took place in Texas. And Bush is known to have directed more executions in Texas - about one every 9 days - than any other governor in the state's history. Was he just doing his duty as governor and state law? But then what about the famous CNN journalist Tucker Carlson? Being a supporter of the death penalty himself, Carlson was nevertheless amazed at how "ridiculous" Bush mimicked the executed woman, begging the governor to postpone the execution. "Please," the future president mockingly whined, pursing his lips in mock despair, "don't kill me." (Dawkins R. God as an illusion. M .: Kolibri, 2008. S. 409-410).

The hero of this passage, J. Bush, has the most illusive attitude to democracy (the power of the people, by definition). Even Iraq commanded him not to seize the people of America, but God. Only an exceptional person like Bush (or McCain) can assure himself of such divine condescension. Such a ruler, apparently, needs the people only in order to have someone to send to Iraq. Of course torture by drowning or drilling a headwhich, under Bush Jr., were particularly popular with the CIA (until Obama told his zeithe workers in 2009, but his “fi”), is the prerogative of the “exceptional”.

Bush, like McCain, insists on the exclusivity and absolute leadership of America: “We Americans must set ourselves the task of helping reformers transform the demise of tyranny into strong, accountable civil structures. Emerging democracies require strong constitutions, political parties committed to pluralism and free elections ... This job will require American patience, creative skills and active leadership ... If America does not support the promotion of democratic institutions and values, who else will do it? ”

Nobody, of course. Such a second world dictator like America simply does not exist.

Therefore, no one has the right to condemn true and exclusive democracy, which should torture some of its enemies in the present, so as not to torture many enemies in the future. Moreover, this democracy-dictatorship acts in the name of american values, and where is it guaranteed to obtain confirmation of an attack on holy values, if not in the torture chambers consecrated by the White House of Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib? There, having put a screwdriver on someone's head that has not been washed for a long time, you can always find out something interesting about the intended assaults on the stronghold of the world democracy ...

VII. America is so accustomed to dictatorship that it is unhappy with Democrat Obama

The best evidence of the dictatorial existence of American society is that George Bush Jr., a lover of torture and execution, found it hard to stand on the political map of the world for eight years. He was replaced by Barack Obama, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. But behind Obama, the Republican Mitt Romney, who is already supported the and Bush, Jr., and Sr., and Barbara Bush, and Senator Marco Rubio, and many more who consider Obama to be a democratic weakling, shameful great dictatorial america. It got to the point that for Romney in the elections ready to vote 43% of respondents in the United States - just because he is not Obama.

Oh, by the way, John McCain too not supporter of obama: “I am grateful to the president for ordering the elimination of Osama bin Laden. But it seems to me that any other president in his place would have taken exactly the same decision. Why, then, so boast about it? Heroes with whom I happened to meet, kept modestly. When I travel the world, I hear foreign politicians say that America is weak and withdraws into itself. ”

Probably many Americans want America to be strong. And for her to become strong, she needs the strong hand of a strong leader. The hand is not Obama, - so, perhaps, they say to themselves. And the hand of the one who will lead the renewed America, and behind it the whole world, equal to the great hegemon, per aspera ad astra. The hand of the one who now assures America that it is necessary not to save, but to spend, what should not be reduced, but increased. Obama speaks of the small, and Romney speaks of the big. More rockets, more wars, more oil, more dollars, more Coca-Cola and double cheeseburgers. And something less: for example, the economic crisis. And Iran and Russia.

And it's nothing that columnist Mark Adomanis found Mitt Romney’s world views are superficial, arrogant, and ultimately stupid. Did George W. Bush, who easily found only Africa on the world map, shone with brilliant conclusions?
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        2. smile
          smile 26 May 2012 20: 40
          You know, when I do not visit Lithuania, Poland, and Scotland regularly, my relatives begin to reproach me for deliberately avoiding fulfilling my family duty to show my face in front of their bright eyes .... Lithuania. Vilnius. This winter. demonstrators dissatisfied with the pro-American policy of the government, leading an anti-Russian policy contrary to the interests of the population (up to the sale of the Mazeikiai oil refinery to p_indosam instead of our Lukoil. which provided the plant with raw materials, and then cut supplies because of harm ... it was necessary to chop it off, they don’t have any other oil) threw eggs at the government windows. Not a single policeman was touched. didn’t break anything, didn’t set fire ... fines caught - from 20000 to 40000 litas - multiply by 11 and then it will be in rubles. According to democratic Lithuanian laws, unlike the evil commissar dictatorship of the Kremlin, if you have not paid a fine. no matter what size, during the week, you are deprived of housing - well, they are selling it. and the rest is given to you ... the day is clear. the bailiffs themselves evaluate the housing. The whole procedure - min - 2 weeks, maximum a month. Bailiffs are private. The system works like a clock .... I, as a Russian lawyer, are enviously ..... but .... do you need such democracy? ... And God bless him, with the CIA democratic concentration camp five minutes walk from of my house (they removed it only a year ago) - there, on the site of the former military unit, there is a team of Lithuanian special forces Gelezhiniai Vilkai (iron wolves are the name of a fascist Lithuanian organization that was not completely stifled in Lithuania by NKVD officers, then it was very noted in the field of extermination of Jews and families of Russian military personnel) where in 1996 there were eight Chechens instructors who escaped from the Russian bayonet .... But imagine. that they took all our swampy homosexuals by the scruff of their neck and said - a week, and a fine of 220-440 thousand. I didn’t pay for not dividing - go homeless! Well. still like european realities? .... you yourself have been there, huh? Yeah, I can’t help but supplement - in Lithuania, every person working in a state structure, and everyone working in a private company, but in a strategically important area (don’t laugh, but Klaipeda dockers and postmen are among them) is obliged to give a subscription when applying for a job . what he is obliged to convey - eight phones + addresses - about statements that cast doubt on the correctness of the political and ECONOMIC policies of the Lithuanian government .... did not convey - a ground for a criminal article similar to treason. The subscription is detailed, on two sheets. .... Guys, my mother told me about it ... I did not believe it, I was incredulous, checked it with my classmate - the fire department of the Klaipeda port ..... Misha confirmed .... Hey, who else wants democracy with a subscription of the local Children's Children's Hospital (even the Lithuanian department of GB is called the same as it was called among the Chechens ... why would it be?) !!!!!!!!
      2. 11Goor11
        11Goor11 26 May 2012 17: 28
        Dear Nitro, this time you have a canadian proxy Are you resting in Canada?
        How do Canadian students feel there?
        You are Nitro, it’s better not to walk with them in groups of more than three.
        Although Canadian prisons probably have Wi-Fi,
        so next time you can tell us about the humanity of the Canadian overseers.
        We don’t travel around the world, but I wonder how it is there ...
        1. smile
          smile 26 May 2012 20: 59
          Surprised that you are being minus - probably the Canadian cops - plus you !!!!!!! People under diverse tribal identities, who rassusutivat here about Western democracy, just hope that ours are rarely there. and this is far from the case. I believe there are enough people who regularly visit the hill. which in assessing the situation are not limited to stating the presence of duty smiles.
      3. illarion
        illarion 30 May 2012 11: 31
        Mr. nitro, let me ask you a curious question: why do you always have different flags of your homeland? Hungarian, British, now also Canadian.
    2. Cadet787
      Cadet787 27 May 2012 19: 24
      Something our "democratic" media, very timidly describe the events, the confrontation of the people in the countries of imaginary democracy. People are violently dispersed, worse than the Nazis. This should be shouted at every crossroads, America, NATO is modern fascism on planet Earth. Nemtsov, Navalny, Udaltsov and the hedgehog with them, judged as accomplices of the fascists, or sent to the Pend-sovsky "paradise", there will be no freebies, you will have to earn a living washing dishes, so we will be cleansed of the filth.
  2. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 26 May 2012 08: 25
    America talks so much about democracy among others that it does not notice it at home, or rather its consequences! 15% of the population do not know how to write, most of the people are below the poverty line, Indians indigenous people in these places sometimes live like homeless people without basic rights. The CAPTURE LOUD STRIDE movement, trying to reach the truth, finds themselves in the CPC, and there are many former military men among them. While the Rhodschilds rule the country, the Dolar and the hegemonic government, eternal anarchy and lawlessness will live in America!
    1. Ataturk
      Ataturk 26 May 2012 08: 44
      Quote: tronin.maxim
      America talks so much about democracy among others that it does not notice it at home, or rather its consequences! 15% of the population cannot write

      what for? On the contrary, they do not need smart people now. On the contrary, they want everyone around to be stupid, basically their own people. And how could they make a fool about September 11th? Like al-Qaeda twin towers rammed? They have more problems from smart ones than from idiots.

      And you can safely get rid of idiots. In prisons, in war, drugs, etc.

      Quote: tronin.maxim
      most of the people below the poverty line

      It’s more difficult to manage the well-fed.

      Quote: tronin.maxim
      Indigenous people of these places sometimes live like homeless people without basic rights.

      Given the history of America, I am surprised that the Indians are still alive.

      Quote: tronin.maxim
      While the Rhodschilds rule the country, the Dolar and the hegemonic government, eternal anarchy and lawlessness will live in America!

      I’m afraid for a long time!
      1. alexander hjcnjd
        alexander hjcnjd 26 May 2012 09: 50
        Quote: Ataturk
        what for? On the contrary, they do not need smart people now. On the contrary, they want everyone around to be stupid, basically their own people. And how could they make a fool about September 11th? Like al-Qaeda twin towers rammed? They have more problems from smart ones than from idiots.

        And you can safely get rid of idiots. In prisons, in war, drugs, etc.
        our Vova is doing the same thing with Fursenko’s hands, and now he has increased speed.
        Dmitry Livanov,
        And here is his declaration of intent:
        1) Halve the number of budget places in universities
        2) Universal free education is subject to liquidation

        "As soon as we leave the universal free higher education, mechanisms will appear that will help to attract valuable personnel to enterprises. For example, an educational loan." And Vova Putin has nothing to do with it. A good tsar - these are evil boyars
        Add another build-up of the presence of the ROC with their main slogan "all power is from God"
        Quote: Ataturk
        It’s more difficult to manage the well-fed.
        you are absolutely right. A huge number of slaves tell how Vova saved the country from the 90s. Stupid creatures, the 90s didn’t go anywhere, the oil price just went up and Vova was able to throw a bone at you.

        101409027_64 here for especially smart people it’s even noted where their boards and a graph of GDP are drawn.

        st = 101409027_63 there’s just a price chart. By the way, add oil too. And don’t have to sing about formidable oligarchs. All the commodity companies and their controlling stakes are owned by the state (for lackeys I explain, the state is Vova and his friends), except for this, the state takes the lion's share of the profit of commodity corporations. So the high price of gas from us. these companies need to just be afloat. After all, the profits take the world away. So Putin didn’t raise Russia out of nowhere, but only lower it even deeper. But after 2- 3, the price of oil will drop sharply due to the development of shale oil (they get shale gas), the regime will collapse. Absolutely everything that is written in this article about Russia is true. Oh yes, if Vova and his friends export billions from the country (if someone doesn’t Believe me, please let me see the price of oil, because somewhere this money goes) then it’s nothing, because if they leave GEE will appear everywhere. I think gay people are those who think so, and not those who have a genetic failure towards homosexuality. Democracy is before just a counterbalance, and people in America will achieve change through their struggle. And the most intelligent and active people in our society are rallying now. Serfs lead Nemtsov as the leader (how many times he repeated his booing on the swamp), they mention Ksenia Sobchak (she is a prostitute, yes, but she herself didn’t steal, and all her friends and friends of her daddies, who ruined the alliance for the World War II, say that Moscow has snickered at the expense of the whole country (up idiocy. Who has been in power for the past 12 years and supports this ugly economic situation? I’ll answer: this Putin, not people who are protesting), that you need to work and not hold a rally (and why serfs? What would the gentlemen in the form of officials for plundered taxes to Italy ride, pitchforks built, etc., etc. Yes, then you really need work, not fight for a change in the system).
        1. Dimon Lviv
          Dimon Lviv 26 May 2012 10: 17
          Are you unhappy with Putin? However, he has undoubted achievements, here they are:
          Russia's GDP in 1999 was $ 177 billion, or $ 1210 per capita. GDP at PPP (purchasing power parity) was approximately $ 887 billion (or $ 6060 per capita). In 2010, compared with 1999, GDP increased 8,34 times and amounted to $ 1477 billion (or $ 10400 per capita). Russia's PPP GDP (compare IMF, WB and CIA data) was approximately $ 2,22 trillion (6th place in the world - between Germany and the UK). According to PPP, Russian GDP per capita in 2010 amounted to $ 15807 and according to this indicator Russia was 51st in the world (between Lithuania and Argentina). For comparison: on the 60th place was Latvia - $ 14300; on 68 - Bulgaria - $ 12 052; 71 - Brazil - $ 11289; at 93 China - $ 7518; on 100 - Ukraine– $ 6665; 103rd place - Egypt - $ 6367; 113 - Georgia - $ 5057; at 127 - India - $ 3290; in 181 place - Zimbabwe - $ 395 (which is 40 times less than in Russia). The average GDP per capita in the world was $ 10725. Over the past 11 years, Chinese indices have risen by about 100%; Indian - by 260, Brazilian - by more than 300. The Russian RTS index rose from 179 points to 2087 points - more than 1000%.

          The real income level from 2000 to 2011 year the real incomes of Russians (i.e. income minus 10% inflation accumulated over 275 years) have increased 2,6 times, salaries - 3 times, pensions - 3,5 times.

          Unemployment in 2000 was 12,4%, and in 2010 decreased to 7,2%. For comparison: In 2010, unemployment in the United States was 9,5%; in Lithuania - 16,0%; in Latvia - 19,1%; in Spain - 20,0%; in Egypt - 23% (according to unofficial data); in Libya - 30%; in Zimbabwe - 95%.

          The average pension in 1999 was equal to 449 rubles. (or $ 18). In February 2011, the average pension (excluding regional benefits and additional payments) in Russia was already 8265 rubles. (or $ 285) i.e. increased from 1999 year to 18,4 times. For comparison: the average pension in Bulgaria is $ 170, in Romania $ 235; in Lithuania $ 300; in Latvia $ 315.

          The average salary in 1999 was 1522 rubles. (or $ 62). In 2010, the average salary was already 22600 rubles (i.e., about $ 755) and was 14,8 times higher than in 1999. For reference: the average salary in Ukraine in 2010 was $ 340; in Bulgaria $ 400; in Romania $ 430; in Belarus $ 490; in Lithuania $ 815; Latvia $ 880; in Poland about $ 1080; ... in Egypt $ 130.

          Inflation in 1999 was equal to 36,5%. Inflation in 2010 was 8,8%. For comparison: in 2010, inflation in India was 9,5%; in Argentina 22%; in Venezuela, 29,8%; in Egypt 12,8%.

          In so on. Here is the source:
          1. Wolkin
            Wolkin 26 May 2012 16: 47
            Read it better -
            A.N. Fomin, S.A. Kryukova, G.A. Makarenko
            About inflation in Russia
            Analytical report
            This is more serious than Buyanova.
          2. Captain45
            Captain45 27 May 2012 14: 28
            Quote: Dimon Lviv
            The real income level from 2000 to 2011 year the real incomes of Russians (i.e. income minus 10% inflation accumulated over 275 years) have increased 2,6 times, salaries - 3 times, pensions - 3,5 times.

            And the rent, food prices, gasoline, electricity increased how many times, do not tell?
        2. Neighbor
          Neighbor 26 May 2012 10: 39
          Quote: Alexander Hjcnjd
          And now the most intelligent and active people in our society are rallying

          Aha-ha-ha! "!!! He died !! laughing
          We all saw what kind of members of the society there were rallying! Whether a woman or a man - you won’t understand - some ...... gays .......!
          Iroquois, green hair, all chopped, chopped, stoned and drunk.
          They defecate under the windows and on the lawns, throw bottles and stones, mountains of garbage behind them and broken glass. Scumbags alone - imbicilli.
          The cleverest!!! wassat wassat wassat - Wow ha ha! Why don’t they work and study? AND? Smart people - they work and study, but do not live in tents in the open air - like homeless people and street children - they do not wash for weeks. No.
          Active members !!! wassat wassat - you mean - that they are all there to each other in turn? belay laughing First Ace of the Ball, then the Ball of the Ace. laughing
          Ugh for you - ORANGE !!! am am am
          WET YOU JUD, WET AND WET !!!!
          Glory to Russia!!! drinks
          Glory to the OMON !!! drinks - for each crippled orange - apartments in Moscow give laughing Riot policemen !! laughing
          LET'S apartment for OMON !!!! drinks
          1. Tyumen
            Tyumen 26 May 2012 21: 07
            Drink pills or something.
        3. Ziksura
          Ziksura 26 May 2012 16: 18
          Quote: Alexander Hjcnjd
          and now it’s increased speed.
          Dmitry Livanov,

          “We know very little about the new minister. All his activities were connected with his native MISiS, which Livanov graduated from in 1990 and in which he passed all the steps of the career ladder - from a laboratory researcher to the rector of the institute. His candidate and doctoral dissertations are related to his engineering specialty: heat transfer in electronic systems. And only between 2003 and 2007, Livanov worked in the Russian government: first as a department of state scientific, technical and innovation policy of the Ministry of Education, and then as a deputy minister. The choice fell on Dmitry Livanov, It is quite understandable: the new Russia needs new technologies, and therefore, first of all, it is necessary to develop higher technical education. Who is able to do this better than the rector of one of the most prestigious engineering and technical universities in Russia? However, Livanov's first interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta plunged the optimists despondent: "Fursenkovism will continue"! whose two statements by the new minister are:

          1) about the need to halve the number of students-state employees and

          2) on the preservation of the exam as the main criterion for the selection of applicants.

          However, why none of the critics is trying to think: maybe the new minister has some reasons for himself, forcing him to express such ideas? Maybe he really got sick?

          Technical universities as a phenomenon for more than 25 years (even in the 80s - that’s for sure) are not a means of acquiring the specialties necessary for the country, but a tool of “training” from the army. I don’t want to offend everyone, but to a large extent, they went to, at best, “people with disabilities of the fifth column”, who feared that this column in the Soviet passport would become an obstacle to their entry to prestigious universities, and at worst - mediocrity, not afraid to enter the competition in a more "fashionable" university due to its meager talents. Most of the "disabled" went to other countries, taking advantage of this "fifth column". Remained the second. I do not want to say that most of them are everywhere. But the trend of low prestige of technical universities, low competition and refuge from the army continued.

          Now imagine how the rectors, deans and technical college teachers suffered with these eternal threesomes who regularly retake their “tails” after the sessions, and who had to pull every three of them through force. But the state paid for their studies, and out of your pocket, gentlemen! The new minister sets himself the goal of overcoming this vicious tendency of “orientation toward the three-way”, for which you just need to deprive these mediocrities of budget funding and add this money to the training of really talented and promising children.
          The new minister has just taken office. He does not hesitate to speak publicly about what has boiled over his years as a rector and is ready to offer recipes for solving these problems. Maybe, before criticizing him, we should at least wait for the first results of his work? "
          From personal experience: it is very difficult in the labor market to compete with the sea of ​​people who have the same specialty in their diplomas, but there is no postscript "Caution specialist". Incidentally, the new minister proposes to increase funding for these places by more than four times (!!!!!!!) in comparison with the current standards, while reducing the number of budget places.
        4. 11Goor11
          11Goor11 26 May 2012 17: 50
          Alexander hjcnjd!
          Stop crying!
          Russian revenues belong to the State.
          Revenues of Ukraine belong to the oligarchs.
          You have a great opportunity to choose the mode that suits you best
          1. alexander hjcnjd
            alexander hjcnjd 26 May 2012 21: 48
            Quote: 11Goor11
            Russian revenues belong to the State
            revenues do not belong to the state, but belong to Vova and his close associates. If you don’t understand, I will decipher: Vova and his friends are stealing the state’s income. Now the bulk of the money is not plundered by the oligarchs, but by the top intelligence agencies, now it’s not gangsters who control the criminal proceeds, but the top police officers and prosecutors. Here and all the difference from the 90s.
            Quote: 11Goor11
            You have a great opportunity to choose the mode that suits you best
            That is, for you, in principle, who is robbing you: generals or oligarchs?
          2. loc.bejenari
            loc.bejenari 27 May 2012 14: 22
            to the state - V. Putin and his comrades
            there is no difference
          3. pav-pon1972
            pav-pon1972 27 May 2012 22: 52
            Income of the Russian Federation and Ukraine belong to the US Stabilization Fund:
        5. pav-pon1972
          pav-pon1972 27 May 2012 22: 49
          By the way, money from oil goes to the Central Bank of Russia, which sends to the United States Federation Council and you live on our money from the resources sold. In the Law on the Central Bank of the Russian Federation: Article 2. The authorized capital and other property of the Bank of Russia are federal property. In accordance with the goals and in the manner established by this Federal Law, the Bank of Russia exercises authority to possess, use and dispose of the property of the Bank of Russia, including the Bank of Russia gold and currency reserves. Withdrawal and encumbrance of obligations of the specified property without the consent of the Bank of Russia are not allowed, unless otherwise provided by federal law. The state is not liable for the obligations of the Bank of Russia, and the Bank of Russia for the obligations of the state, if they have not assumed such obligations or unless otherwise provided by federal laws. The Bank of Russia carries out its expenses from its own income.
      2. Neighbor
        Neighbor 26 May 2012 10: 29
        Quote: Ataturk
        what for? On the contrary, they do not need smart people now. On the contrary, they want everyone around to be stupid, basically their own people. And how could they make a fool about September 11th? Like al-Qaeda twin towers rammed? They have more problems from smart ones than from idiots.

        And they never had them - smart. After all, who is Amer? A gathering of fugitives, criminals, immigrants and killers - with a 200 year history.
        What else did you expect from her !? laughing Who were their grandfathers - the same and grandchildren. Bandits, looters and killers. As they still have - they then abolished slavery - marvel.
        They go to schools - toko in rugby to play, but to dance. Stupid, fat. They think that World War 2 - Amer won! - this is complete .......!
        Read a book - America's Disgusting - a very good book - written by our Russians who have lived in it for several years.
        The same is rotting Europe. Addiction, prostitution, transvestites, gays. Grandmas, grandmas, grandmas. No morality. wassat
        Russia is the center of world culture !!! drinks
        The future of the whole world lies with Russia !!! drinks
      3. URS7
        URS7 26 May 2012 12: 15
        I think you're right.
        About September 11th is generally lol.
        I watched two films: Fahrenheit 9/11, and some of the first were shown in the program with Gardon. I was shocked how obvious everything is, but still people in America and abroad believe that it is Al Qaeda.
        I am also sure that there is no Al Qaeda at all.
        There is no democracy in America. All media is under the government, in fear of falling into jail for undermining national security, etc.
        Those who speak at the meetings against Wall Street are mercilessly dispersed.
        Imaginary democracy. But in fact sheer authoritarianism.
        1. loc.bejenari
          loc.bejenari 27 May 2012 14: 24
          there was still an elusive Ben _laden - most likely a computer character
          the circumstance was especially touched by the death in the accident of a helicopter allegedly taking his special forces
        2. pav-pon1972
          pav-pon1972 27 May 2012 22: 54
          Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA in 80-year-old, to fight against the Soviet troops, which, by the way, at the initial stage of practically great hostilities did not lead: they built roads, schools, hospitals.
          And the money doesn’t even belong to Vova: http: //
    2. CaptainBlack
      CaptainBlack 26 May 2012 10: 01
      That's right! This democracy is just a mask for politics ... and under it is the face of Satan !!! am
    3. Ziksura
      Ziksura 26 May 2012 15: 36
      Quote: tronin.maxim
      among them are many former military

      One in four American homeless war veterans. Contrary to all propaganda.
  3. Yarbay
    Yarbay 26 May 2012 08: 57
    *** As long as the Rhodschilds rule the country, the Dolar and the hegemonic government, eternal anarchy and lawlessness will live in America! **
    I would rephrase - While the Rothschilds rule in the WORLD .......
    1. CaptainBlack
      CaptainBlack 26 May 2012 10: 07
      And I would add: ... that eternal anarchy and lawlessness will hit not only in America, but throughout the world !!! And especially here ... what
  4. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 26 May 2012 09: 19
    It is necessary to adopt the law nothing wisely, like an American under the hood. Democratic American law on nongovernmental organizations, and wedge all sorts of daredevils and bigots. And on TV, this scum show less.
    1. CaptainBlack
      CaptainBlack 26 May 2012 10: 14
      And in general, the telly can be thrown out! I remember the wise words from the movie "Heart of a Dog" - ... never read Soviet newspapers before dinner - it spoils your appetite! ... For example, I forbid children to watch it AT ALL, especially sits down at a zombie computer ... fool
      1. Neighbor
        Neighbor 26 May 2012 16: 30
        Quote: CaptainBlack
        For example, I forbid children to watch it at all, the more he sits down at the zombie comp ...

        But what about yourself sitting? at the computer!
        It’s very forbidden for children to forbid you. Do not be such an old believer - I don’t even know how to say that. It’s rare for people like you to meet. For computers are the future. Your children will VERY TIGHT - if they will not boom-boom in the computer. Now even in schools, technical schools, institutes - require - comp. option of all abstracts, control and so on. All training - on a computer tied. And the plans - the abolition of paper textbooks - all students will have laptops.
        Moreover - that comp. not a zombie machine - but with the right approach - a very developing and useful thing. Even the games are the same. They develop reaction, speed of thinking, attention and logic.
        And everyone should be able to use the Internet.
        Yes, and comp. configure, repair - does not hurt to be able to. An extra piece of bread and saving your own money.
        So don't be so wooden. Now comp. century. Comp. - everywhere and at home and with you.
        And the TV - I don’t know at all - what are you against it. Great stuff. Just do not need MTV, 2 * 2 and TNT to watch. A lot of great channels. Science 2.0 - for example - our Discovery answer. Wonderful Scientific Russian Channel.
        And My Planet is a wonderful channel. Zvezda, RenTV, Russia24, News24 - excellent channels.
        By the way, they didn’t teach me to read, I learned it myself, thanks to the TV. For 5 years he was able to read. I watched the telly, listened to the pronunciation and remembered the letters - what they write.
        In vain you are so - your children will hate you.
        Stop your arbitrariness and tyranny. belay - Or do you enjoy a sense of power over children? Love to ban and punish? Then you are in general kind. rights must be deprived.
        1. Malyavka
          Malyavka 26 May 2012 18: 49
          Neighbor why are you pushing so hard on a person? I haven't watched TV for more than two years either. I took it to the village to see my grandmother. And why do I need this vtyuh, so that I tie a white ribbon and "trinkala"? Down with TVs !!! wink
          1. Neighbor
            Neighbor 26 May 2012 19: 31
            Quote: Malyavka
            Neighbor why are you pushing the person like that?

            Yes, I’m not pushing - just fine, you are an adult, you don’t like it, don’t look.
            But there are Children. They must develop, and they have the right to decide for themselves whether they like watching TV or not. The same goes for the computer. For development to take place, there must be a conscious choice. Respect for the rights and duties of the child. If he wants something, then he must first do it. Doesn’t want to do - doesn’t receive Indeed, in adulthood as well - if you want a television set - first earn $ for it and buy it.
            Earned - your right - to buy it or not to buy it.
            A completely different question is how much time they should devote to this! I think - a couple of hours a day - please! He did his business - lessons, got out - relax! Play the comp. You are welcome.
            And to forbid AT ALL - for it is REALLY possible kind. rights to deprive. It’s crazy. trauma in a child - 100%. When there is nobody at home - he secretly watches the telly, and is afraid that, God forbid, no one will know about this! How does it feel to communicate with friends? When everyone has computers - everyone discusses games, movies, music, sites, changes disks - and he is White Crow. sad
            What will it feel like at school - at computer science lessons - 2 to receive - and the same father will then yell at him, and at school all classmates poke fingers and ..... call names. And what teachers still think.
            In general - development is slowed down significantly - the mountain of complexes - is growing, and like a snowball sad
            Even in children's homes there are televisions and computers - for recreation, development and study of children.
            That's what it is about.
            And I will be glad - if CaptainBlack changes his mind and understands - that SO you cannot raise your children. Otherwise, they will either be brought up by the street — when they begin to leave home at the age of 15 — away from prohibitions and tyranny, or they will be unhappy and tucked up people - incapable of anything in this life.
    2. alexander hjcnjd
      alexander hjcnjd 26 May 2012 10: 20
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      We must pass the law without wisdom

      Yes, indeed, the daredevils must have been pumping money out of the country for 12 years. Alexander Romanov, you live well, as the gentleman said, so you think, simply, clearly, and NOT WISE.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 26 May 2012 12: 21
        You can pray for Udaltsov and others like him. His friend of the Germans, plunged the country into poverty. Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are! Ciao, oranges, you are my orange.
        1. alexander hjcnjd
          alexander hjcnjd 26 May 2012 21: 50
          Nemtsov at the swamp BAD.This was even shown on the central channel. But the friends of Nemtsov Vova support.
          1. smile
            smile 27 May 2012 12: 49
            alexander hjcnjd
            Yes, homosexuals can’t even agree among themselves, but everyone there is eager for power and a feeding trough! Imagine what they would have done if our people suddenly messed around and elected them.
  5. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 26 May 2012 09: 58
    I read the article ...... opinion?
    Yes, nobody! If our government did not have a snout in the lint, something could be said, and so .... They water us, we them
    Maybe what makes us different, is that our leaders are more bold and more open in our pockets rummaging about in their opposition more actively.
  6. Magadan
    Magadan 26 May 2012 10: 08
    Is democracy being violated? And thank God. If only freedom is not violated. And freedom and democracy are two big differences. Judging by the fruits, the fruits of democracy are too bad to be respected. The states that gave birth to democracy are destroying the identity of their own peoples, while other nations are simply being wiped off the face of the earth. Democracy is the same fascism, only hypocritical.
    In the west, people have been told that they are free. How can you be free when the money for your basic needs, where even food and clothes are not included, is already pre-scheduled by the system? For all kinds of insurance, housing, education and taxes, you must give 80% of your family income! And if you lose your job? Where to get these 80%? (in the USA, a family of 4 people needs about 5 thousand dollars / month to just have a roof over their heads and pay off all debts for housing / transport / insurance) So what kind of freedom is it when you, by definition shouldAre you to blame or not, did you take loans or not?
    I am afraid of this "freedom", because all i shouldliving in Russia - it’s for paying for communal services, and the rest is free to choose. God forbid us this democracy. We are essentially a free, not a democratic country
    1. CaptainBlack
      CaptainBlack 26 May 2012 10: 19
      How are you right !!! good I support for all 200% drinks Well done!!!! yes
    2. Deniska999
      Deniska999 26 May 2012 10: 32
      we don't need democracy
      1. lewerlin53rus
        lewerlin53rus 26 May 2012 10: 47
        Down with democracy! Give freedom and justice!
  7. Dimon Lviv
    Dimon Lviv 26 May 2012 10: 12
    The country in which the largest number of prisoners in the world sits, both in percentage and in quantitative terms, has no moral right to tell other states how to behave. Nothing!
  8. Deniska999
    Deniska999 26 May 2012 10: 31
    In America itself, there is still no democracy, but in other countries it is trying to impose it. Here she is - an evil empire!
  9. Nursultan
    Nursultan 26 May 2012 10: 46
    how America loves to shove its nose into other people's affairs and scream that they violated democracy, and not notice that it has a democracy that is limping
  10. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 26 May 2012 11: 00
    In America, only Americans are considered people. Accordingly, human rights are the rights of Americans, and only absolutely loyal to the State Department. Well, and democracy is a reverence for US national interests. If in some country they are not respected, then there is no democracy there. And if in the terry dictatorship itself these interests will be honored, then everything is in order.
  11. Georg Shep
    Georg Shep 26 May 2012 11: 08
    "Human Rights Defenders" are the fifth column of the World's financial power in all countries of the world.
  12. OLGRIN
    OLGRIN 26 May 2012 12: 24
    alexander hjcnjd,
    So do you think that corporations that exploit the natural resources of the state should own 100% of the revenue? And if there were people who understand that these resources do not belong to the corporation but to the country, the people who developed these resources defended at the cost of millions of lives hundreds of years before our generation, is that bad?
    My opinion. I am not at all a supporter of the communist system, but if historically it happened that the bulk of enterprises in the USSR were built together, then it (this part) should belong to the state, and entrepreneurs (if they are capable of it) should build and develop new enterprises, but not participate in cuts. After all, "business" is translated as "business" and not "snatch".
    At the time of ebna and Gaidar, state-owned enterprises were spread rot and bankrupt on purpose, they killed the country, they sculpted us that the state-owned enterprise was ineffective, but I know (and everyone knows) that it can easily be made highly competitive and it’s easy.
    And the state should already distribute the income of these state enterprises and other taxes, another thing is how it distributes it, here we can’t do it at random, we must show our rights. Another thing is that it is difficult, everyone has their own affairs, problems, there is no time to run across the square.
    This is my opinion, I am not an economist, I am an entrepreneur and I am for GDP, and I believe that if it is not perfect, then those that are better will follow. One misfortune of those who are better I still do not see.
    And the Abramovichs and the Prokhorovs in the furnace, they will still mock at us like "elect me as president." Yeah, right now!
    1. alexander hjcnjd
      alexander hjcnjd 26 May 2012 22: 01
      OLGRIN, you at least deigned to read what I wrote. Read again carefully: "And you don't have to sing about formidable oligarchs. All raw materials companies and their controlling stakes belong to the state (for slaves, I explain, the state is Vova and his friends), besides this the state takes the lion's share of the profits of commodity corporations. So the high price of gasoline in our country is necessary for these companies to simply be afloat. After all, all the profits are taken by Vova. " Volume: 90) oil prices have risen; 1) instead of the oligarchs, the state is robbed by Vova, his friends and the highest ranks of the special services.
      1. smile
        smile 27 May 2012 12: 56
        alexander hjcnjd
        Ah, what a loud revelation. In principle, any person, if he is one, should be responsible for his words .... okay, this does not apply to you, but you are probably for a rule of law state? Well, drive the evidence, videos of the evil Pu, sneaking from the central bank with a bag of stolen money, witnesses are the garden watchman confirming how he buried these bags in the garden owned by his wife .... In short, drive the evidence. corn bullshit!
        1. alexander hjcnjd
          alexander hjcnjd 27 May 2012 14: 27
          Stupid animal, look at the cars of our officials, at their mansions and others. Perhaps this is all about salaries?
          Quote: smile
          Well, drive the evidence, videos with the evil Pu, sneaking from the central bank with a bag of stolen money, witnesses are the watchman of the garden society, confirming how he buried these bags in the garden owned by his wife.
          he’s not you, stupid serf, and like all our officials he covered his ass well legally. That is, all the officials have either laundered their property or not written on them.
  13. Prophet Alyosha
    Prophet Alyosha 26 May 2012 12: 31
    For reference, democracy does not exist in any state of the world. It ended with the abolition by us of Peter Zemsky Sobor, which reflected the real will of ALL layers and estates of the Russian People. Even the Tsar did not go against their will, like the will of the people!
  14. Delink
    Delink 26 May 2012 12: 34
    It is necessary for America to become a huge ass, to turn to this place, so that by sticking her nose into the internal affairs of Russia she sniffs out and tastes to the depths of her rotten democratic soul the whole aroma of the Russian soul.
    1. Shumer
      Shumer 26 May 2012 13: 26
      It is necessary for America to become a huge ass, to turn to her this place, ... " wassat
  15. ocopnik
    ocopnik 26 May 2012 12: 54
    I agree with those who believe that Russia does not need democracy in the form that the West is imposing on us. And parliamentarism doesn’t take root in us and will never take root. We cannot blindly follow the letter of the law in everything. Like the Germans, for example. Inner freedom does not give us, from which the Russian soul is not clear to many. It is with this that Westerners do not know what to do! Only MONARCHY is able to control Russia !!!
  16. Lakkuchu
    Lakkuchu 26 May 2012 13: 10
    Absolutely inappropriate sarcasm and irony about the violation of human rights in the United States. What do I care about the USA ?! This is not an excuse for the lawlessness of law enforcement agencies, the bureaucratic lawlessness that is happening all around in Russia, and especially in the North Caucasus. Unwanted journalists are beaten and killed. In Dagestan alone, more than 10 well-known journalists have been killed in 10 years and not one murder has been uncovered. Only this is far from Moscow, so no one cares. They kill the most daring, honest, decent. The European Court of Human Rights is littered with claims by Russian citizens against their own state. People cannot find justice in our corrupt courts. And you do not have to equalize all human rights defenders in one comb, among them there are many decent people, thanks to whom, the public learns about what many would like to hide.
  17. malera
    malera 26 May 2012 17: 09
    Quote: Ziksura
    Here I live in Russia. I express my opinion freely and openly.

    I’m laughing right here. As long as you express it in the kitchen, no one will be interested in you. Try this opinion, if it does not coincide with MEDVEPUTEVSKY, publish it in some oblast. They will send you 3 letters there. Because our newspapers are 99.9% subsidized from the regional budget. Guess who steers the region and the regional parliament. That's right-EDRO! And if you go to a demonstration when you are disillusioned, you will get a boot in the groin. Freedom!!!
    1. 11Goor11
      11Goor11 26 May 2012 18: 16
      And how many people read newspapers now, and how many people find the necessary information on the Internet?
      Are you trying to convince yourself of "something like that"?
    2. Ziksura
      Ziksura 26 May 2012 18: 29
      Quote: malera
      While you are expressing it in the kitchen, no one will be interested in you.

      Can you read ???? I was a candidate for the opposition party laughing bully
    3. smile
      smile 26 May 2012 21: 14
      Do you really think that the far-sighted free press of the entire free world did not accidentally notice that Georgia destroyed Tskhinval for more than a day, and when we gave Mishiko a kick in the ass, suddenly, accidentally regained sight? Moreover, using light filters .... Can it be that a thought does not creep in to you, but to a clear command? Otherwise, how? Maybe even the idea of ​​absolute and strict controllability of their most independent media in the universe and about who issues these very filters with especially big-eyed eyes can fall into your democratic head ?? ... No .... well then I don’t even feel sorry for you ... why feel sorry for the sick - they must be treated!
  18. Ruswolf
    Ruswolf 26 May 2012 19: 03
    And here is an example of democracy in Russian

    The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed that riot police officers who suffered during clashes with opposition activists on the "March of Millions" received apartments in Moscow.
    On May 8, victims of the riot police in the hospital were visited by Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and the then head of the Moscow Main Directorate of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev, who was appointed to the post of head of the Ministry of the Interior at the beginning of the week. Sobyanin promised to open criminal cases regarding physical harm (injury) to riot police
    From the visit of the opposition, after such statements, according to the press service of the capital’s headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, victims refused

    How apartments are made in Russia
    1. Captain45
      Captain45 27 May 2012 14: 38
      Quote: Ruswolf
      Sobyanin promised to open criminal cases regarding physical harm (injury) to riot police

      And now, what does the mayor decide to institute criminal proceedings or not? Just like a gentleman in a manor, someone to the stable, someone to the fire. It is for such stupid statements that we do not like those in power.
  19. malera
    malera 26 May 2012 20: 48
    Quote: Ziksura
    Can you read ???? I was a candidate for the opposition party

    So what. The election has passed. Can you criticize the Kremlin and the local governor in a regional newspaper? I do not believe. Can you freely organize a demonstration against erroneous decisions by the ruling authorities in a regional or district city? Very quickly, they will identify you in the wagon and say that you are mentally abnormal.
  20. OLGRIN
    OLGRIN 27 May 2012 09: 02
    alexander hjcnjd,
    The oligarchs are not formidable, they are cunning and this is a big difference.
    Of course I see that the rod of loot on each project, just look at Roscosmos. I am sure that all the members of our government are also looting and sharpening all projects for themselves, I am sure that the same thing is happening in the West. After all, do not tell you that D.Bush was eager for the presidency so ... to steer? Of course, it raises the fear that one team has steered the steering wheel for so many years, but we still do not have a better presidential candidate, for example, will you get his resignation and whom will you offer Navalny? You have no one to offer. Here is how to arrange transparency and control over the use of funds. This is a problem, and any government will stir up water in this matter. And no one from the Duma and in the swamp area has yet proposed this. And I also know for sure that these speeches in the squares are needed otherwise the government has quiet and grace and no one bothers. But only those speeches that are respected by the people, which reflect a civic position, and are not financed secretly by any rubbish if only against, Lenin has already shown us once. In general, the struggle for money and a better life is endless, money is not thanks, it's just that no one gives.
    My opinion. Today Putin is better than prokhorovs, someone else sensible appears and people vote for him. Probably the GDP itself feels that the next quadrille will fail.
    1. alexander hjcnjd
      alexander hjcnjd 27 May 2012 12: 14
      Quote: OLGRIN
      whom do you offer Navalny?
      why not. He, unlike Putin, hasn’t stolen my taxes for 12 years. And it doesn’t really matter who will be the counterweight, if only the counterweight was.
      Quote: OLGRIN
      Here is how to arrange transparency and control over the use of funds. This is a problem, and any government will stir up water in this matter. And none of the Duma and the swamp area has not yet proposed.

      you don’t have to offer anything, you need to create a real counterweight, then to stay in power Putin himself
      Quote: OLGRIN
      arrange transparency and control over the use of funds

      Need a counterweight without a counterweight
      Quote: OLGRIN
      Of course, it raises the fear that the steering team has had so many years, but we still do not have a better presidential candidate
      - he does everything so that there would be no alternative.

      Quote: OLGRIN
      are funded underground by any rubbish if only against
      Of course, Putin tells you these tales in order to prevent the appearance of a competitor.
  21. Captain45
    Captain45 27 May 2012 14: 17
    But the fat NEGA policeman in the photo, why are they wearing surgical gloves? Does he carry out a personal search without leaving the detainee? Such people are usually used in a temporary detention center for personal inspection, when they look at all secluded places on the body
  22. evgen2124
    evgen2124 27 May 2012 18: 55
    if we were allowed to use the whole range of special equipment when dispersing all these dissenters, the pictures would be better! it’s just that we have pity for people, we don’t interfere all in one pile because of the law on the police on personal responsibility for our actions and thank God that the prosecutor’s office objectively examined our actions
  23. Cadet787
    Cadet787 27 May 2012 19: 22
    Something our "democratic" media, very timidly describe the events, the confrontation of the people in the countries of imaginary democracy. People are violently dispersed, worse than the Nazis. This should be shouted at every crossroads, America, NATO is modern fascism on planet Earth. Nemtsov, Navalny, Udaltsov and the hedgehog with them, judged as accomplices of the fascists, or sent to the Pend-sovsky "paradise", there will be no freebies, you will have to earn a living washing dishes, so we will be cleansed of the filth.
  24. hommer
    hommer 27 May 2012 22: 20
    Well, these liberal media hush up a very significant fact - Patrick Downey, a former US Marine, filed documents with the Federal Migration Service, asking for political asylum.
    The fact is so far isolated, but all the same - the beginning of trouble is dashing.
    "He can be called a living personification of classic America. Irish by birth, whose ancestors served the state. His father was a military man, fought in Korea, participated in special operations in Vietnam. The guy himself served in the US Marine Corps, but received an injury incompatible with I became a teacher.
    Serious difficulties began when in the course of fulfilling one of the teaching contracts he met in Georgia with his compatriot, presumably a CIA employee. From him, Downey learned about the installation of bugs in the offices of the political opposition and what interests the Saakashvili regime has with the Republican Party of the United States.

    He tried to publish this information in his homeland, but was refused. In addition, threats began to come from representatives of the Saakashvili regime. After trying to obtain political asylum in Ireland, he was expelled from this country.

    “My goal is to make known to me facts about corruption in the USA. But in general, I just want to live in my apartment and work quietly - I do not need trouble. Of course, I am aware that in Russia there are also many problems with freedom of speech and corruption. But after all, Russia is not trying to pretend that it is the only bastion of democracy and a guideline for the rest of the world ”- the source of file-ru.
  25. Magadan
    Magadan 28 May 2012 02: 39
    Hommer, good news. I am also trying as far as I can to convey to ordinary Americans, among whom I have many friends and whom I sincerely respect for their hard work, openness and willingness to always help, which they really enslaved. I don’t know about bugs in offices, but I know that the American family spends 80% of their salary on housing with a communal apartment, all kinds of insurance and a bunch of different taxes. They thinkthat they earn a lot, but in reality they get less than $ 1000 a month for a family that needs to dress / put on shoes, buy food, save money on a car, education of children and on medical services that insurance does not fully cover (and dental treatment up to 2000 dollars comes). This is a terrible stressful situation, when you carve out a penny in order to pay 40 different bills, is approaching Russia. We do not yet understand how happy we are, having only a communal apartment in the form of mandatory payments. But the bankers will soon get to us. I'm in the shower with those guys and girls from Occupy Wall Street. We need to reach out to them, say that they are not alone, that the Russians are with them and down with the hypocritical US government, which threatens the whole world with enslavement from 1% of the rich.
  26. Magadan
    Magadan 28 May 2012 02: 56
    Quote: ocopnik
    Only MONARCHY is able to control Russia !!!

    I am completely FOR! The monarchy plus the same Zemsky cathedrals, a little tweaked, because new chips such as the Internet and SMS voting appeared.