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"Potion" for rest

I think it would not be an exaggeration to say that the civil war in our country led to the complete devaluation of human life. It is known where the road is covered with good intentions. Order and system disappeared, giving way to chaos. The struggle for survival was at all levels and by any means. This ruin skillfully took advantage of the criminals. Drunk from their impunity, they did everything they wanted. But the crimes committed by Yegor Bashkatov and his gang are striking in scale and cynicism.

Per se

The bloodiest and most massive killer in the world stories considered the leader of the Colombian gang Teofilo Rojas. He, along with his accomplices wielded in the period from 1948 to 1963 years. And during this time, the 592 man died at the hands of the criminal. This particular record is listed in the Guinness Book. But the most prolific killer in Europe, most likely, is a native of the Russian Empire, Yegor Ivanovich Bashkatov. It is precisely known that his gang has deprived the lives of 459 people, of whom more than a hundred - Bashkatov personally.

It is known that Yegor Ivanovich was born in 1879 year in the village of Seventies, that on the Upper Don. The boy, as they say, no luck. His family belonged to the category of "disadvantaged". Besides, the mother soon died. And his father, who drank more than he worked, decided to go to Siberia in search of a better life. From there, he never returned. According to one of the versions, the man drowned, having decided to refresh himself in the river after the next binge. Egor was left alone. Compassionate fellow villagers did not abandon the boy, and someone took him to his family. But there was little point in this. Yegor already then chose his path. He did not want to work like everyone else, considered himself offended and deprived. Bashkatov began to flood his sadness and sadness with alcohol. Then he began to play cards. In this field he, by the way, achieved quite good results. Therefore, for a drink the money he drove.

So he lived, cheated in cards, drank away the money won. But in the 1914 year, the life of the thirty-five year old gambler changed dramatically - he was mobilized as the Russian Empire entered World War I. But Bashkatov did not intend to risk his life for the sake of the king and fatherland. And soon deserted, hoping to get lost in the vast expanses of the motherland. But he was not lucky. After some wandering, Yegor Ivanovich was arrested and sent to prison.

Perhaps, Bashkatov would have disappeared in places not so remote, but the situation in the country has changed. The revolution freed the gambler and the deserter. As a token of gratitude (pursuing, of course, mercenary purposes), Yegor Ivanovich joined the Red Army and found himself in the food squad. Bashkatov overnight received everything that he dreamed of - power and impunity. Hiding behind revolutionary slogans and Bolshevik ideals, he beat out from the hapless peasants those modest food reserves that they had. There is a version that Bashkatov turned around so much that his actions more resembled purposeful terror. It is easy to guess that for any attempt to resist "the great and mighty" Bashkatov instantly severely punished. In parallel with this, he tried to consolidate his position and wanted to join the party. After all, the prospect of career growth under the new government was more than obvious. But ... here he was disappointed. The party commission raised the archives and found out that Bashkatov was not only a deserter, but also a marauder. And he refused. So much desired party card slipped from the hands of a former gambler. And he, as they say, freaked out. Having sent the party with its ideals to hell, Yegor Ivanovich went his own way.

Since Bashkatov did not want to earn a living by honest means, Bashkatov continued to play cards. But this occupation did not bring the necessary income, so the sharper began to steal. But he lacked the skills. So, first he was arrested once, then the second. But in both cases, Yegor Ivanovich got off with a slight fright, because he was “close to the class,” the Red Army rescued the past. However, Bashkatov realized that for the third time he might not be lucky. And he did not intend to return to prison again. He had two choices: start a new honest life or kill witnesses to his crimes. It is unlikely that Yegor Ivanovich suffered the agony of choice when he made the decision to go the second, bloody way.

Conveyor of death

Ruin and hunger, which have become commonplace in the studied country, pushed people to numerous displacements. Peasants broke away from their homes and went to other settlements in search of a better life. And although the means of communication at that time existed, but the existence of this was very conditional. The fact is that the average resident of the village could not use the services of mail, telegraph or telephone because of trivial illiteracy. Yes, and they did not know what kind of "beasts" such. Therefore, a person who went to work could be boldly considered “missing”. Yegor Ivanovich perfectly knew this feature. And after watching the visitors, he found out that all the “travelers” usually spent the night at train stations. And for him they were the ideal victims.

And Bashkatov set to work. Since “butting” with the men was a risky venture, Yegor began to “process” single women. More often than not, they were frightened by unknown future and dim prospects, therefore they willingly believed the man who offered help. And Bashkatov knew how to hook them. One he promised work, the other - a roof over his head and food. In general, few could resist the stranger's generous offer. In addition, he behaved benevolently and, as they say, “in his own way”. He masterfully powdered his brains by talking about empathy and a heavy share. Then he brought in a place located on the outskirts and cynically killed.

Gradually, Bashkatov began to acquire self-confidence. And the hunt began not only for women, but also for single men. Replaced Egor Ivanovich and strategy. Now he presented himself as a cabman, ready to take him to any place for the minimum amount. He explained this with “spiritual kindness.” If the destination was far away, Bashkatov immediately reported about a kind of dry and warm barn, where you can safely spend the night. People enjoyed their sudden luck and ... disappeared.

Reaching the barn, Bashkatov offered to have dinner, and after that - sleep. And as soon as the traveler fell asleep, Yegor took up the case. He thrust a suitable stone into a canvas bag and tied it with a cord. Thus, a full-fledged brush was obtained. it weapon Bashkatov himself called “mixture”. When the "potion" was ready, he approached the sleeping one and with a precise blow smashed the hapless man's head. Usually he missed one attempt. And in order not to miss in the dark, he put a piece of white cotton or a sheet of white paper on the temple of the victim.

Bashkatov, however cynically it sounded, was a real “workaholic”. He “worked” with ecstasy, smashing more and more new heads of gullible victims. Soon the number of corpses exceeded one hundred. And Yegor became problematic to get rid of them quickly. But the thought to slow down he did not arise. Thirst for profit was at the forefront. After all, not so much could be taken from lonely travelers, we had to “run the conveyor belt”. Take, so to speak, quantity, not quality. Therefore Bashkatov decided to turn from a single killer into a leader of a gangster gang. He found accomplices quickly, at the same numerous railway stations located on railway lines from Moscow to Beslan. The backbone of the gang was six people (along with Egor Ivanovich). They helped to find victims, sometimes they killed themselves. But more often they were engaged in black work - they got rid of the bodies and sold the things of the unfortunate. For one raid, criminals usually "processed" two or three people each. And they spent the money on food and alcohol.

Then Bashkatov attracted a few more accomplices to the gang. If I may say so, "attendants". These people washed the clothes of the dead, got rid of evidence and cooked food. But then it was Yegor who sent them to the market. Now they are engaged in selling things. Realizing that, sooner or later, unrest is possible in the gang, Bashkatov managed to get himself a firearm. But in the course of the revolver did not let, holding him solely for peace of mind. And although a full-fledged gang appeared, Yegor Ivanovich did not kill as before using his beloved "medicine".

New plan

The number of victims grew. And this gave rise to rumors of a gang operating at railway stations in the south.

Accordingly, the latter-day travelers ceased to be so naive and gullible - they first of all were warned about the numerous disappearances of people. Sad prospects loomed in front of the gang, but Bashkatov managed to find a way out. This ringleader, what can I say ... After analyzing the situation, he came to the conclusion that it was already too dangerous to hope for a case. Therefore, Bashkatov decided to “write out” new victims for himself, and in the literal sense of the word. He knew that, more often than not, someone from the family went on reconnaissance. And after that person found work and shelter, he pulled his family to a new place of residence. On this and decided to play the killer. Having captured the victim, he began to talk with him sincerely, in which he found out the family of the unfortunate and the address of their residence. After the murder, he wrote a letter to his wife or husband of the deceased, in which he painted the delights of a new life in colors. At the same time, he didn’t break his head over the text, using the prepared template. And the message always ended the same way: “sell everything, collect money and come. A kind person will meet you, he is literate, and he agreed to write a letter for me. ” Next came the signature. In general, Bashkatov arranged everything in such a way that the mosquito of the nose would not be undermined. This approach worked. The number of corpses increased, as did the income of the gang.

Periodically, the body, of course, found. People were whispering about a certain gang of “Steppe Devils”, but the guards did not pay attention to it. Since the geography of crimes was extensive, no one thought that the group was behind the killings. Each murder was considered as taken separately, without connecting them into a single chain. Yes, and the work of the police in those days left much to be desired. The law enforcement system was just beginning to get up on its feet. In general, Bashkatov wielded at the perfect time. By and large, he had nothing to fear. More precisely, only carelessness and the banal loss of fear could lead to the dock.

This is what happened with the Bashkatov gang. The criminals believed in their own impunity so much that they no longer comply with the “safety technique”. Considering Yegor Ivanovich’s mind, it’s hard to believe that he didn’t know how the border is distributed between policemen and Chekists. That is why bodies were thrown away from railway lines. After all, the crimes that occurred in the trains and the territory adjacent to the tracks were dealt with by the Chekists. But one day, someone from his gang ignored the rule.

At the end of 1931, a certain Vasily Yakovlev arrived at the Kavkazskaya station. He, like many, left his family and went to work. He was captured by Bashkatov’s gangsters and killed. And then a standard letter was sent on his behalf to his wife who lived in the Moscow region. An unsuspecting woman with a small child arrived at the Caucasian one at the beginning of 1932. She was met by Bashkatov, informing him that he was from her husband. Further under the scenario - a trip, a shed, "mixture". Then Yegor Ivanovich left, and one of the "servants" decided not to bother himself and threw the bodies near the railway. Bande was not lucky, the corpses, barely covered with snow, found very quickly. Track inspectors immediately reported "where they should." And the security officers took up the investigation seriously. They raised archival files and found that periodically corpses with pierced heads “popped up”. It became clear that the blood of Yakovleva and her child in the arms of a certain gang. Soon it became known about the death of her husband. He was also found with a broken head. The investigation began.

But there is no consensus about future events. According to one version, one of the bandits (or even Bashkatov himself) was caught on the market when he was selling women's and children's things. The guards of the order seemed suspicious and they arrested him. Then they searched the house - they found the documents of Yakovlev and many other people. And during the interrogation Bashkatov confessed everything.

According to another version, the guards of order managed to miraculously find Mikhail Dyakov - the only survivor (at least, the well-known) after meeting with the gang. He told about acquaintance with Bashkatov, which passed according to the standard scenario. But on his way to some empty house, Diakov suspected the bad, the driver seemed too curious and intrusive to him. Therefore, at the first opportunity, Michael ran away. Dyakov told about where the “doss house” was - an abandoned house, and at the same time described in detail the appearance of Bashkatov. The security officers found out that a certain Sklyarov lived in the house - an accomplice of Yegor Ivanovich. He was arrested, and an ambush was set up in the “dock”. Soon Bashkatov was caught.

The leader of the gang, of course, at first denied everything. But when he was shown the main evidence — his own notebook with the passport details of the dead and the dates of their death — he decided to change tactics. Wriggling, as if already on a skillet and bursting with “songs” in such a way that nightingales would get jealous, Bashkatov claimed that he had acted for the good of the party. They say that all those he killed were White Guard shortages who managed to escape from Bolshevik justice. But they did not escape from him. Having taken the most mournful expression on his face, Yegor Ivanovich began to lament that he was probably “overdone”. Then he asked the court to take into account the circumstances of the crimes, to take into account the good motive and give him five years of imprisonment. But the court turned out to be deaf - official data, talking about hundreds of dead, frightened and did not have the slightest justification. Bashkatova and his accomplices were sentenced to capital punishment. And after a short time, everyone was shot.

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  1. heavy division
    heavy division 2 October 2018 07: 48
    The series is direct to shoot.
    I am glad that the bullet found its hero and
    Bashkatov and his accomplices were sentenced to capital punishment.

    After all, the force of law is manifested in the inevitability of retaliation for a crime
    1. AK1972
      AK1972 6 October 2018 15: 04
      The script is almost ready. It remains to find a director. It is a sin to say "a dog's death" in order not to offend the animal. Thanks to the author!
      1. your1970
        your1970 26 November 2018 14: 23
        Quote: Gagrid
        it was a terrible time
        - a colleague found a seal from a money bag 1919, inside (presumably !!) an adobe shed in the steppe - and around (within 100 m) a mountain of rifle cartridges. Apparently, the collectors carried the money and killed them
  2. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 2 October 2018 11: 44
    Egor Ivanovich replaced the strategy. Now he seemed like a cabman, ready to take to any place for a minimum amount. He explained this with "kindness."

    The cabman again. I remember, recently there was an article about a Moscow serial killer of the same times - he was also a cabman.
    1. hohol95
      hohol95 2 October 2018 12: 41
      There were no taxi drivers then.
      1. Alexey RA
        Alexey RA 2 October 2018 14: 47
        Quote: hohol95
        There were no taxi drivers then.

        Yeah ... and Mosgaz employees too.
        1. hohol95
          hohol95 2 October 2018 15: 37
          That's right ...
          There was a couple in Britain - rented a room for rent and insured a tenant! Then the tenant died suddenly ... Insurance money was obtained, the things of the deceased were sold. And it all started again ...
  3. naidas
    naidas 2 October 2018 18: 06
    Albert Hamilton Fish (May 19, 1870 - January 16, 1936) - American serial killer, sexual pervert and cannibal.

    Also known as “Lunar Maniac”, “Gray Ghost”, “Brooklyn Vampire”, “Boogie Man”, “Werewolf Wisteria”. Albert Fish admitted that the number of victims is about 498 children.
  4. hagrid
    hagrid 3 October 2018 08: 27
    it was a terrible time
    1. Hole puncher
      Hole puncher 3 October 2018 09: 54
      Quote: Gagrid
      it was a terrible time

      They haven’t really changed, serial killers of the murderer have not gone extinct and continue to fierce.
  5. Catfish
    Catfish 5 November 2018 20: 05
    It’s a lot of honor to make TV shows about them. Although now that they just take off, if only the money goes. sad