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BMP-1AM "Basurmanin": a practical upgrade

From 1966 to 1983, the Soviet defense industry built and transferred to a number of customers, primarily our army, about 20 thousand infantry fighting vehicles BMP-1. Then this technique in the series was replaced by a newer BMP-2, which had known advantages in the field of weapons. However, in the future, the new armored vehicle could not completely replace the existing equipment, and the BMP-1 still remains in the army. So that they can continue the service and show the characteristics at the level of more effective "followers", various options for upgrading equipment are offered. The last project of this kind at the moment received the designation BMP-1AM “Basurmanin”.

The issue of upgrading BMP-1 combat vehicles, which have not the best fighting compartment, arose several decades ago, and over time has managed to get several solutions at once. At various times, various organizations have proposed different options for the modernization of armored vehicles with the use of certain units. In this case, almost always it was a question of using completely new equipment. Not so long ago, another modernization project was created, providing for some savings.

Recent events

The topic of future modernization of the BMP-1 has again become the subject of News and discussions earlier this year. According to the media, in the foreseeable future, the industry was to offer the military department a new project of this kind. The updated armored vehicle had a chance to enter service: it was expected that the Ministry of Defense would launch a massive modernization of combat vehicles.

Tower machine BMP-1 basic version. Photo of Wikimedia Commons

Until a certain time, precise information about the principles of modernization was not disclosed. Only in the middle of spring did the media find out that the BMP-1 would receive an existing combat module in the framework of a future project. This system, having machine-gun and cannon armament, was proposed to be borrowed from the BTR-82А serial armored personnel carrier. Subsequently, this information received official confirmation.

In the framework of the international military-technical forum "Army-2018", held at the end of August, the Rubtsovsk branch of the Uralvagonzavod research and production corporation for the first time showed a full-fledged armored vehicle. By this time, it became known that the modernization project is called BPM-1AM and “Basurmanin”. It is curious that the technique of the new model was demonstrated in several ways: it was present in the static exposition, and also participated in a dynamic display at the test site.

According to the April reports, over the next few months, one of the enterprises from the Uralvagonzavod research and production complex was supposed to complete the repair and restructuring of the new BMP-1 combat aircraft. These works were planned to be completed by the end of the summer. Subsequently, it was supposed to update several more lots of equipment taken from parts of the ground forces.

Modernization issues

The Basurmanin project, like the previous versions of the modernization of the BMP-1, provides for the replacement of only individual units while retaining all other structural elements. So, without special changes, the existing armored corps remains with a part of its equipment. The layout of internal volumes is not expected to change. The BMP-1AM project, as mentioned earlier, involves an armament complex. In this case, according to later reports, provides for the modernization of the power plant.

The BTR-82A armored personnel carrier is a source of components for the Basurmanin. Photo "Rosoboronexport" /

In its basic configuration, the BMP-1 is equipped with a UTD-20 diesel engine with an HP 300 power. In the AM project, it is replaced with the UTD-20C1 product. It has the same power, but differs in a number of operational characteristics. Replacing the engine is supposed to ease the work of the driver and technicians. In addition, the joint operation of different types of armored vehicles will be simplified, since the Basurmanin on the engine is unified with the BMP-2.

Initially, the BMP-1 is equipped with an armored turret with an installation that carries an 73-mm 2-28 gun and a PKT machine gun. Such a system for a long time proved to be not the best way, and therefore almost all modern projects of modernization of armored vehicles refuse it. The project BMP-1AM is no exception. It provides for the dismantling of the original tower with all the turret devices. In addition, together with the tower, the car loses a large section of the roof of the building, on which the old shoulder strap is located.

The new roof element with a shoulder strap of a different diameter is designed to install a combat module from an armored personnel carrier BTR-82А. This product is a low turret with anti-bullet reservation, which is openly placed swinging unit with the main armament. Weapon mounted outside the main dome of the tower, next to it is ammunition. The workplace of the shooter is located under the tower, while the shooter itself remains almost completely protected by the hull.

The main weapon of "Basurmanin" is 30-mm automatic gun 2А72. The gun is capable of using shells of various types and shows the rate of fire of the order of 330-350 shots per minute. The effective range of fire depends on the type of target and reaches 3-4 km. PKTM machine gun paired with a gun. On the case of the tower are installed several launchers of the type "Cloud". The automatic gun has ammunition in the form of 300 shells. For a machine gun designed 2000 cartridges in one tape.

One of the elements of the new equipment is the TKN-4GA combined sight. Photo by

Together with the weapon, the tower carries fire controls. The gunner has a combined (day-night) sight TKN-4GA. The field of view of the sight is stabilized. Navigation is carried out using a remote control. Electric drives are connected with a two-plane stabilizer. Means of fire control provide high accuracy and accuracy of fire when working at any time of day and in different weather conditions.

The design of the tower installation provides shooting in any direction in azimuth. Vertical targeting ranges from -5 ° to + 70 °. For comparison, the standard weapon BMP-1 of the basic version could only go up to 30 °.

Despite significant changes and the installation of new units, the BMP-1AM is almost the same in size and weight as the existing equipment. Installation of a new combat module leads to a slight increase in vehicle height. Combat weight at the same time increases to 14,3 t. Driving characteristics, mobility and maneuverability remain at the level of the base sample.

Advantages and disadvantages

The list of shortcomings of the infantry fighting vehicle BMP-1 in general and its weapons in particular has been well known for a long time. The main tool 2А28 has not the highest characteristics, which may be insufficient to solve the problem. In addition, the actual capabilities of the machine are seriously limited by the gun mount with limited pickup angles.

BMP-1AM during the dynamic show on the "Army-2018". Photo

All these shortcomings were taken into account when developing the next infantry fighting vehicle. The BMP-2 retained the existing chassis, but received a completely new combat module with fundamentally different weapons. In the mid-seventies, comparative tests were conducted, during which the new BMP-2 showed the most serious advantages over the older model. The higher efficiency of the 30-mm automatic cannon has been proven in practice.

It should be noted that the serial BMP-2 equipped with a weapon 2А42, whereas in the project BMP-1Аm used other weapons of the same caliber - 2А72. However, this fact is unlikely to have a serious impact on the real balance of capabilities of “Basurmanin” and the base BMP-1. A turret with an automatic cannon from an armored personnel carrier should also have obvious advantages over an 2A28 turret.

It should be noted that “Basurmanin”, unlike the base machine, does not carry a regular anti-tank missile system, and this to a certain extent reduces its combat potential. It is possible that in the near future, the BMP-1AM project will introduce the necessary new means, thanks to which the infantry fighting vehicle will be able to use not only barreled, but also rocket armament.

An important advantage is the unification of the upgraded BMP-1AM with the existing BMP-2 in the power plant units. Thanks to this, “Basurmanin” can effectively work in some combat formations with other equipment, and also the joint operation of machines of different models is simplified.

A characteristic and interesting feature of the BMP-1AM project is the proposed composition of the aggregates. This armored vehicle consists of an existing serial chassis, a serial engine and a finished turret installation. The newly developed only individual parts, ensuring the connection of other components of the machine.

"Premiere" armored vehicles. Photo of Wikimedia Commons

This architecture of the armored vehicle greatly simplifies its production, and also reduces the cost of upgrading individual cars or entire batches. It is also possible to simplify the process of training crews or speed up the re-training of a specialist in the transition from one type of equipment to another. Perhaps the BMP-1AM doesn’t attract attention with its technical appearance, but it is he who gives it a serious production and operational potential.


According to known data, at least 500-1000 infantry combat vehicles BMP-1 remain in service in the Russian army at the present time. Another 7 thousand units of such equipment is in storage, pending the return to service or cutting. In terms of their capabilities, front-line and reserve armored vehicles are noticeably inferior to the newer BMP-2, not to mention the BMP-3 or the promising Kurgan-25. Nevertheless, it is possible to correct the existing state of affairs in a short time and without particularly large expenditures.

Despite the presence of certain shortcomings and the emergence of newer models, the BMP-2 with an automatic gun is still of interest to the army, which affects the prospects of the Basurmanin. The proposed version of the modernization of technology will continue the operation of existing machines, improve their basic characteristics, but at the same time do without the construction of new models. Moreover, it is not even necessary to launch the production of new units.

How many BMP-1AM may be necessary for the Russian army is not yet specified. At its disposal there are several thousand of these machines, each of which has a chance to get on the repair and modernization. How many BMP-1 will eventually receive additional letters "AM" - will be known later. According to the available data and reports of the past months, the principal decision on conducting a mass modernization has already been made.

View of the board and stern. Photo

It must be recalled that in addition to Russia, infantry combat vehicles BMP-1 in various quantities are exploited by almost four dozen foreign countries from several regions of the world. Their fleet is much more modest than the Russian, but in this case, the armored vehicles may need to be repaired and updated. A simple and cheap modernization project should interest the foreign military, who would like to update their material part, but are not able to buy modern expensive samples.

We should not expect any foreign state to order the modernization of hundreds of infantry fighting vehicles. At the same time, the appearance of several international contracts for more modest quantities of equipment is possible. Judging by the available data, Basurmanin is able to interest potential customers from third countries.


Often, modernization projects of existing armored vehicles are characterized by excessive novelty and wide use of promising units that are not yet in the series. The new Russian project BMP-1AM "Basurmanin" can not be attributed to this category. Unlike other domestic and foreign developments of its kind, one of its goals was to maximally simplify modernization and reduce the cost of work.

The result was a utilitarian-looking armored vehicle, consisting entirely of prefabricated components. Despite this architecture, it has advantages, at least, over the base sample, and for a number of characteristics it can be compared with later technology. A practical approach gave remarkable results.

As you can see, the tasks assigned to the project were successfully solved, thanks to which a rather remarkable sample of a combat armored vehicle appeared. According to known data, there are already several BMP-1AM of the first batch. In the near future, the necessary restructuring will be several next cars. What will happen next - time will tell. There is every reason to expect that in the medium term, a significant amount of Basurman will appear in the arsenals of Russia and some foreign countries.

Based on:
Pasternak G. Why are our BMP just like that? CH 1 // Technique and armament, 2018. No.8.

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  1. contour
    contour 1 October 2018 06: 53
    What is the modification UTD-20 not a word. Before this unit is operated as intended, the engine must be started to start. In the negative values ​​on the old "penny" - the eternal problem. Starting from the "quick" dismantling and installation of an air cylinder to start the engine in a limited space, the ever-frozen oil and ending with a preheating system, which in 4 cases from 5 did not work stupidly.
    1. jjj
      jjj 1 October 2018 11: 46
      "Twenty", as a diesel engine, is very specific. It can be replaced as a whole rather quickly in the field. But his diseases are a chipped valve fungus or even his burnout, sensitivity to fuel and oil. Repair of the diesel engine itself, and especially the KShM, is implied only in stationary conditions. In general, the "twenty" has a very small real resource
      1. umah
        umah 2 February 2022 11: 57
        Well, the Americans are still using the M-113 in various upgrades. Why can't we modernize and use old equipment?
  2. Nix1986
    Nix1986 1 October 2018 06: 59
    Damn, maybe it’s enough to dress up my grandmother in a miniskirt and send to the panel ?! No, I understand that the Kurgan is still in the test and the plant shakes from time to time, but there were many options for upgrading BMP2, as an example for the same Czechs. Speak expensively ?! And on such hr. To spend money is not expensive ?! Unless, of course, this is not a Raspil project.
    1. Zaurbek
      Zaurbek 1 October 2018 07: 37
      With BMP-2, everything seems to be fine ... here about BMP-1.
      1. Nix1986
        Nix1986 1 October 2018 08: 46
        With bmp 2, too, it could have been better. And here, in general, BMP1, at such a pace, we will reach the towers of the Budyonny, put it there on the cornet and cord.
        1. Zaurbek
          Zaurbek 1 October 2018 10: 23
          Honestly, let’s better equip the units with BMP-3s and upgrade BMP-2s ... and BMP-1s can be fully integrated into auxiliary vehicles like PTRK, Sanitary and so on.
        2. Narak-zempo
          Narak-zempo 2 October 2018 11: 56
          Quote: Nix1986
          at such a pace and get to the towers of Budyonny, put there on the cornet and cord

          And what, also an option. It does not shine with an exhaust in the IR range, the EPR is scanty, consider stealth, there is no magnetic signature either.
          1. IL-18
            IL-18 4 October 2018 00: 01
            Problem: the three horses will not pull a heavy cart, and with light use of the main weapons will not be possible, because platform stupidly rolls over.
            1. Narak-zempo
              Narak-zempo 9 October 2018 17: 37
              Come on. ATGM does not give returns, and at Kord it is not so great.
      2. Old tanker
        Old tanker 1 October 2018 10: 01
        They are few enough and there is nothing to replenish those who are leaving.
    2. Old tanker
      Old tanker 1 October 2018 10: 00
      The fact is that we have practically no BMP-2 in storage. When I returned from Chechnya in 2000, for a long time I was searching for our regiment where to get the BMP-2 for two whole battalions. Barely found somewhere in Siberia in poor condition. And the anti-aircraft battalion for the MANPADS battery was delivered at first to the BMP-1P! Not enough twos. Although, according to the tactics of action, the zbbat MANPADS, the fire of BMP-2 guns is also included in the general air defense. Deuces are no longer produced and there is nothing to replace the retiring technique. So until the Kurgan people go into mass production, the decision is absolutely correct.
      In addition, the BMP-1 in the basic version is also in the troops of the National Guard.
      1. Nix1986
        Nix1986 1 October 2018 13: 42
        You can scrape around the poles at the Poles, Czechs, Germany (I don’t know if all BMP2 were taken out of the German Democratic Republic), BMP 2 had a large circulation and a wide distribution biography, they won’t cost much there.
        1. Alexey RA
          Alexey RA 1 October 2018 14: 11
          Quote: Nix1986
          You can scrape on the guts at the Poles, Czechs, Germany

          Late - the whole has already been taken out by the Bulgarians for resale.
          And deliveries of BMP-2 from NATO countries to the Russian Federation at the present time look somewhat ... fantastic. smile
        2. Keyser soze
          Keyser soze 1 October 2018 22: 09
          We’ll immediately sell the Bulgarian BMP 30, the body is wider than that of the 2С1 (MT-LB), the tower from the BMP 2, night vision, climate control, the inscription SPARCO on the seats, 23mm gun, bassoon, one, the other ... :)))) I'm afraid only the one who buys into NATO even the nail will part with his head on Red Square .... :)
          1. Alexey RA
            Alexey RA 2 October 2018 11: 06
            Quote: Keyser Soze
            I'm afraid only the one who buys into NATO even the nail will part with its head on Red Square .... :)

            Italian armored cars, British snipers, French thermal imagers ... laughing
    3. Narak-zempo
      Narak-zempo 2 October 2018 11: 52
      Quote: Nix1986
      Damn, maybe it’s enough to dress up my grandmother in a miniskirt and send to the panel ?!

      The Americans are still riveting their M113.
      Now, with regard to the chassis, it is impossible to come up with anything fundamentally new. So any trough with tracks will fit - just to drive. The main thing is that this chassis is installed. We change the combat module, add the hinged reservation, DZ - and get several thousand completely modern units at a very modest price.
  3. parma
    parma 1 October 2018 07: 54
    Hmm .... And if you look at what is left of the old BMP-1 after the modernization, it is not easier to assemble a new BMP-2 for the same money (if the BMP-3 does not want to be massively purchased, and the Kurgan is not ready?
    PS: apparently MTLB ended up under the installation of the same tower, once BMP-1 got out of the bins ....
    1. Old tanker
      Old tanker 1 October 2018 10: 03
      You can’t collect the new BMP-2 for the same money.
      1. parma
        parma 1 October 2018 11: 02
        Taking into account the price of scrap metal from the BMP-1, approximately that will come out (MTO and weapons count change + the cost of material and dance with a tambourine around the installation of a new tower on the old hull, while the shoulder strap is changing), and if there is still a surcharge, then taking into account the state of the machines from storage (whatever one may say, but somewhere there is rust, somewhere the fatigue of the metal) will still be better ... So I don't understand this, from a practical point of view ... From a political point of view I understand (even without drank) - the production of a new BMP-2 (despite how they like to brand it as the Bratsk Grave of the Infantry Mk / 2, etc.) return to the "old" technologies (despite the fact that the T-14 and Kurganets, etc., have already been shown everywhere a million times) ), and the lack of "newest" equipment in the army (and so the excuse is channeling - we are modernizing the old until the new comes up) ...
        1. Old tanker
          Old tanker 1 October 2018 11: 29
          MTO do not change. Do not confuse. In the old MTO, an updated version of the engine is added. And engine replacement is carried out with any capital. Surely, old engines will be unlocked to the updated version. So here the costs are minimal. Replacing a turret sheet, the same lesson is laborious and inexpensive. It may not fit into the tower that was handed over for scrap, but it will cost no more.
          So the “Basurmanin” turned out cheaply and angrily. Which is quite reasonable at the present stage.
        2. alexmach
          alexmach 1 October 2018 23: 59
          and dancing with a tambourine around the installation of a new tower on the old building, while the shoulder strap is changing

          And here a little is not clear. it seems that they previously wrote that the shoulder straps of the tower are the same for the BMP-1 and BTR-82a. This was called one of the advantages of this very Baskrmanin.
    2. Rakti-kali
      Rakti-kali 1 October 2018 13: 03
      Quote: parma
      Hmm .... And if you look at what remains of the old BMP-1 after modernization, it is not easier to collect a new BMP-2 for the same money

      It will not work, the BMP-2 has a completely different armored hull, because the tower does not fit on the BMP-1 body from the two.
  4. Graz
    Graz 1 October 2018 08: 30
    even if inside the car they would beat the Kevlar and put the anti-cumulative screens or something
    1. seos
      seos 1 October 2018 11: 20
      Unfortunately, they don’t have enough brain for this .... all the more, they cherish the resource of cars, and when the cock pecks, it’ll be posture ....
    2. Old tanker
      Old tanker 1 October 2018 11: 35
      You can’t swim with the cumulative screens.
      1. Graz
        Graz 1 October 2018 14: 11
        what problems make fastenings on the machine, screens would just be available, as needed are put or removed
        1. Old tanker
          Old tanker 1 October 2018 15: 51
          What for? You take off the floats that replaced the regular BMP-1 mud shields on the Basurmanin, and, using their mount, attach the bulwark or screens.
      2. Detnix
        Detnix 11 October 2018 17: 32
        But as an "old tanker" tell me, in reality you often had to swim outside of exercises?
    3. Gray brother
      Gray brother 1 October 2018 15: 17
      Quote: Graz
      even kevlar would have beaten the inside of the car

      So there should be aramid lining, already from 1979, when BMP-1P, they began to produce and upgrade the old ones to this level.
  5. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 1 October 2018 12: 11
    Basurmanin’s main armament is a 30mm 2A72 automatic cannon. The gun is capable of using shells of various types and shows a rate of fire of the order of 330-350 rounds per minute. The effective range depends on the type of target and reaches 3-4 km. The PKTM machine gun is paired with a cannon. Several launchers of the "Cloud" type are installed on the tower body.

    The BMP-1 on the turret was a missile launcher. Where is the upgraded infantry fighting vehicle?
    Or is it supposed that when meeting with tanks, the MCO should hurry in a hurry, pull out of the car and deploy a portable ATGM?
    It should be noted that serial BMP-2s are equipped with a 2A42 gun, while the BMP-1AM project uses different weapons of the same caliber - 2A72. However, this fact is unlikely to have a serious impact on the real balance of the capabilities of Basurmanin and the base BMP-1.

    Well, compared to 2A28, there really isn’t much difference between 2A42 and 2A72 - both are better. But when comparing with each other, the 2A42 outperforms the 2A72 due to known problems with the accuracy of the 2A72 in the absence of a support frame, similar to the installation on the BMP-3. The design bureau, however, boasted that it had solved this problem - but at the cost of reducing the rate of fire.
    1. RuslanD36
      RuslanD36 1 October 2018 13: 33
      Add to this not too big BK 30mm guns, the need to climb out of the armored car.
      1. Gray brother
        Gray brother 1 October 2018 15: 21
        Quote: RuslanD36
        not too big bk 30mm gun

        300 shells is not a little, and yet, when replenishing the BC, one figs someone has to get out.
        1. RuslanD36
          RuslanD36 1 October 2018 15: 40
          Remind me, I could be wrong, 300 is it already charged or with a carry in the cabin?
          Again, 300 for a transporter (whose task is delivery to the battlefield) is one 300 for an infantry fighting vehicle, the task of which maintaining a database and supporting infantry is another. Do not you find?
          1. Old tanker
            Old tanker 1 October 2018 15: 53
            As the experience of military operations shows, it’s quite enough if you don’t shoot in white light, like a pretty penny.
            1. RuslanD36
              RuslanD36 1 October 2018 15: 58
              Experience in maintaining a database of what intensity? Well, you know better)
              1. Old tanker
                Old tanker 2 October 2018 09: 26
                And even more so of modern conflicts starting from Afghanistan and ending with Syria and the Donbass. It shows that b / c BMP-2 rarely when fully consumed during the battle. Well, if we talk about a large-scale conflict, then when the companies of the first echelon advance, the immediate task is set to the depth of the enemy platoon strongholds. Now count how many targets you need to hit the BMP company at the enemy platoon stronghold? There, the ammunition will take off (if you survive) both to continue the offensive and to repel the enemy’s counterattack. Greater ammunition consumption in defense, but enough of them. When performing firing exercises on one target affected by an armor-piercing projectile, 15 shots are given. Moreover, it is necessary to hit her not by one. And this is with training shooting. Now calculate if there will be 20 goals in a regular battle with one BMP? Half a battalion will be trampled on one car, and in turn. To destroy / suppress a target with a fragmentation projectile, the consumption is even less.
                If a b / c of 300 rounds was not enough, then the tactical and technical requirements would surely be changed by the customer in the direction of increasing the ammunition load.
          2. Gray brother
            Gray brother 1 October 2018 16: 16
            Quote: RuslanD36
            Remind me, I could be wrong, 300 is it already charged or with a carry in the cabin?

            Already charged, two switchable tapes of 150 each.
            If the tape is full, then it is loaded from the inside into the store. If incomplete, then outside.
  6. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 1 October 2018 13: 04
    Some garbage, modernization can be called very conditionally.
  7. Warrior Spirit
    Warrior Spirit 1 October 2018 14: 51
    In my opinion, everything is correct!
    Everything is ready for the production of Kurgan, we can do thousands, as well as Armata. But what can we do about the fact that Kurganets is definitely ahead of any foreign designs ??? That's the same. Therefore, it was decided that Kurganets should not be let out yet, but should saturate the BMP-1 troops.
    Everything is clear, everything is correct. We must not allow the superiority of our technology over the enemy.
    1. Old tanker
      Old tanker 1 October 2018 15: 57
      We dumb on the Kurgan stupidly no. Even the new BMP-3. And to replace the failed BMP-2, something is necessary. So they came to a cheap compromise option. And then you really have to change to carts.
  8. aws4
    aws4 1 October 2018 16: 11
    Wikipedia - (The 2A72 cannon, due to the use of the movable barrel scheme, transfers a longer recoil momentum to the roof of the armored object compared to the gas outlet to 2A42, which means that it has a lower maximum value of the instantaneous recoil force. Payment for using the scheme with a moving barrel was somewhat worse and a significantly lower rate of fire - only 300-330 rounds / min, which does not allow the effective use of this gun for air targets) I don’t understand what is the catch? if you change part of the top sheet because of a different shoulder strap, you would put up a tower similar to BMP2 with a 2A42 gun, there would be complete unification and the tower itself is lower and the ammunition load is better ... I probably just don’t understand this and obviously there should be reasons for the price or the established serial production of modules from BTR .. who enlighten the topic please, put it on the shelves is very interesting ..
    1. Old tanker
      Old tanker 1 October 2018 17: 46
      The tower from the BMP-2 in the building BMP-1 cannot be thrust without alteration of the latter.
  9. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 1 October 2018 23: 03
    Regardless of the performance characteristics of the proposed modernization (even if the developers gave everything 100%) - with this name in most countries that still operate the BMP-1, they will not be able to sell Pribluda (they don’t understand the humor there).
    1. 123456789
      123456789 2 October 2018 09: 37
      Today, in the everyday speech of people, the obsolete word "basurmanin" quite often appears as a curse word.
      Basurman: Basurman, Basurman (distorted from "Muslim") - the designation of a person of a different (non-Christian) faith - non-Orthodox, non-Christian, foreigner.
      Effectively played up effective managers! Profanity is next in line soldier
  10. Bull Terrier
    Bull Terrier 2 October 2018 07: 58
    we have the main BMP 2. Not 1. They upgrade exactly 2. Last year, almost 500 contracts were signed for XNUMX units. They are already supplied. This option was prepared for export. Why is this game supposedly soon to be in service? !!!
    1. alexmach
      alexmach 2 October 2018 22: 43
      Why is this game supposedly soon to be in service? !!!

      Well, for example, as a training?
  11. samaravega
    samaravega 2 October 2018 08: 19
    The difference between the 2A42 and 2A72 in terms of the accuracy of fire is not as important as the differences in the aiming equipment of the same BMP-1 and BMP-2, the difference between generations is immediately felt there. Request to the author: can you specify what kind of sight is planned on the Basurmanin? TKN-4 is an observation device for a tank commander ("tank commander's night"); I have never met binocular sights on our armored vehicles. On the BMP-1, the TKN stood in the commander's place, in front of the left in front of the turret, behind the mechanic's place. On the BMP-2 - in the tower, in the place of the commander, along with an anti-aircraft sight. By the way, is there an anti-aircraft sight on the Basurmanin?
    1. Old tanker
      Old tanker 2 October 2018 09: 31
      TKN-4 was installed in place of the commander on the T-80U and T / 90. He combined, right eye day channel, left night. It is difficult to call it binocular of course. But above the eyepieces there was a panorama from above. On TKN-4GA it is not.
      1. samaravega
        samaravega 2 October 2018 11: 14
        Good afternoon, Old Tankman! I have to disagree with you. If you look into an optical device with two eyes (glasses, binoculars, TKN - 4, etc.), it is binocular by definition. If you look alone (monocle, magnifying glass, microscope, TPD (K) -1, 1A45, 1K13, 1PN-42, etc.), it is by definition monocular. Any TKN, even the 1st, even the 4th, is binocular by definition. As for the tanker, you must be very old. Not a single Soviet (Russian) TKN has a "right eye - day, left - night", but there is a switch from day to night branch, on old (according to TKN-3 inclusive) there is also a switch for IR illumination lights, tk. Their "night" channel is "active"; requires backlighting. Not a single sane person will combine two physically fundamentally different branches (day and night), and even bring them out to different eyes, tk. their joint work is impossible by definition, and their joint perception with different eyes - according to human physiology. Above the TKN eyepieces in the place of the tank commander (T-72, T-80), except for some switches of this device, there was nothing, because TKN indoor unit (and outdoor unit mirror) are movable in the vertical plane to provide a larger field of view. Even higher, in the commander's cupola, there were several periscopic observation devices fixed rigidly and rotating together with the cupola. But to call them a "panorama" is somewhat wrong.
        1. Old tanker
          Old tanker 2 October 2018 21: 33
          You are a great theorist, honor and praise to you.
          Yes, in the commander’s observation device TKN-3 there are two observation channels, day and night. In both eyepieces. And without the headlights OU-3GK at night, to hell with what you see.
          TKN-4 implements a different principle. The sight, and not the observation device, combines 2 channels in parallel.
          I told you how it is in real life. And as someone will perceive nadivana, to me in parallel.
          1. Old tanker
            Old tanker 2 October 2018 21: 53
            Here is the source of the tank sighting and sighting device from where the TNK-4GA came from.
        2. Old tanker
          Old tanker 2 October 2018 21: 38
          To the left and right of the TKN are two TNPA-160 surveillance devices, and two TNPA-165 devices in the manhole cover. But these are triplexes, not panoramas.
          And yes, let it be known to you, TKN-1 was monocular)))
  12. garri-lin
    garri-lin 2 October 2018 15: 57
    If you change the status of equipment from an infantry fighting vehicle to a tracked armored personnel carrier, it will turn out very well. Armored personnel carriers and anti-tank vehicles are not particularly needed. Plus, work with the chassis so that it shakes less on a broken road. The landing will be grateful.
    But the AGS caliber of 40 mm to the turret will try to be sure to be screwed.
  13. Volos
    Volos 4 October 2018 04: 48
    The Rosgvardia is armed with about a thousand BMP-1 and the Basurmanin modification is more suitable for them, the only thing to the detriment of buoyancy is to add hinged armor to provide all-round protection against 12,7 caliber bullets and to strengthen mine protection.
    Lattice anti-cumulative screens against RPGs is probably the most correct and "budgetary" solution that you also need to use. (BMP-2M variant from Kurganmashzavod).

    For the ground forces it is much more expedient to establish the serial production of the BMP-3M Dragun several battalion units per year for the formation of new brigades and divisions rearmament on the T-90M.
    For 400 upgraded T-90Ms, 1200 BMP-3M Dragoons (10 brigade sets) will be required.
  14. iouris
    iouris 4 October 2018 12: 48
    A strange name ("As you name a yacht, so it will float"). What did you want to get in the end, apart from financing and loading production capacities, in which theater of operations can this be used?
  15. Ber
    Ber 21 November 2018 07: 46
    An important advantage is the unification of the upgraded BMP-1AM with the existing BMP-2 in the power plant units. Thanks to this, “Basurmanin” can effectively work in some combat formations with other equipment, and also the joint operation of machines of different models is simplified.

    Perfect modernization, almost 90% compatibility, tower with BTR-82, hull with BMP-2 Berezhok.
    A characteristic and interesting feature of the BMP-1AM project is the proposed composition of the aggregates. This armored vehicle consists of an existing serial chassis, a serial engine and a finished turret installation. The newly developed only individual parts, ensuring the connection of other components of the machine.

    Russia, with its number of rivers and lakes, needs a lot of amphibious equipment, and here in reserve 6 units. I don’t want to take it.
    An infantry fighting vehicle delivers infantry and supports fire from the rear, as it was left, but for urban battles there is already a new heavy equipment, Terminator, BMO-T (for flamethrowers), new T-90s with bulldozer buckets, and soon heavy tank infantry fighting vehicles will rivet.
  16. Igor K
    Igor K 4 July 2020 00: 05
    Unlike the BMP-1, the commander does not have a survey device, a big minus.