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The man with the "steel core"

Beslan is a small town on the banks of the Terek, located on the Rostov-Baku railway, not far from Vladikavkaz, the capital of North Ossetia-Alania. I happened to be in it several times when we were students transplanting on the way to the mountains. Private buildings, consisting mainly of brick houses, in places enclosed, according to Caucasian tradition, by a strong stone fence, and shady greenery of trees. And who then could have imagined that in such a quiet town a terrible tragedy would occur. On that bright September 2004 day of the year, during a solemn ruler, like a bolt from the blue, an attack on a school of terrorists took place with the capture of a large number of hostages. This event divided all participants into criminals, martyrs, victims and heroes.

The man with the "steel core"

About the feat of one of the heroes, who first burst into the captured building during the assault, and having received a severe wound, survived, I want to tell separately.

The solemn line ended in the Beslan school No. XXUMX, when shots rang out, and more than a thousand people, mostly children and women, were captured by a group of 1 armed terrorists. They barricaded themselves in the school building and were surrounded by explosives, and within a few hours a special flight from Moscow to Beslan arrived the detachments of the special forces of the FSB of the “A” (“Alpha”) and “B” (“Vympel”) groups.

Remembers the commander of the Group of Management "B" ("Vympel") of the Center for Special Purpose of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, colonel Bocharov Vyacheslav Alekseevich: “We flew. The whole square in front of the administration of Beslan is full of people. Complete silence. And it is felt that some horror just hovers over this crowd. Their faces - the generation of anxiety and fear for the fate of those who remained there. We were looked upon as saviors. Five more minutes and “it's over.” We were then told that there were a little more than three hundred people, and only a day later they were told that there were three times more of them. More than a thousand people! It was pointless to start the assault first, the losses there would be enormous. ”

Two days on the nerves, unsuccessful negotiations and no action. It is forbidden to go to the assault, as the militants mined the building, and put their observers around the perimeter. But on the third of September, unexpectedly for everyone, two powerful explosions thundered one after another in the school’s gym. The roof of the gym collapsed, and after a few minutes the hostages themselves began jumping out of the windows into the school yard. They were noticed by the terrorists and started shooting at close range. Mad with horror, smeared with their own or someone else's blood, they rushed under the bullets. Our fighters caught them and led them to safety. During this sudden assault, special forces fighters covered up children and women, taking them out of the fire of terrorists. Ten special forces made this feat at the cost of their own lives, becoming forever heroes for the whole country.

In order to save the remaining hostages, the command of the operational headquarters decides to immediately storm the captured building.

“Immediately began to explode grenades from grenade launchers. And we do not shoot - no one to shoot. The windows are barricaded with furniture, the militants are not visible. And they see us. I report that I am ready to enter, but they refuse me. Two times he asked. For the third time I received an order to act on the situation, ”says Vyacheslav Alekseevich.

With two soldiers, he should enter the building through the left wing, where the first-aid post was located, and begin the release of the hostages. It immediately turns out that there is no further road, because the transition from the first-aid post to the school was concreted - recently there was a repair. Then the colonel decided on a desperate throw twenty meters across the yard to the gym. The remaining soldiers cover their commander with machine gun fire. And he pulled what was strong, under the fire of militants. He succeeded.

“I went to the gym. In front of me in the legs lay a boy who was killed. A year and a half, probably in some shorts. And the people further lay on each other, right in layers. And the shooting was terrible. I ask the management: “Stop shooting!” They answered: “We are not shooting,” the colonel continues.

He looked around. There are no terrorists in the gym. Some of them, together with the hostages, occupied the assembly hall, while the rest occupied the dining room. Bocharov said on the radio: "Starting an assault from the gym is pointless. Here, except for the dead, there is no one. ” He evacuates the surviving dozens of people himself and calls rescuers. After a few moments, the gym starts to burn, taking fire from the explosion. If someone was injured and stayed in the gym, he would have died in the fire.

Without waiting for reinforcements, Colonel Bocharov begins to advance into the hall of the first floor. He is greeted with automatic fire. In a shootout, Bocharov manages to eliminate several militants and escape from the burning gym. After a cursory survey, the colonel found out that the militants had installed a machine gun in front of the central staircase and were preparing to shoot all those who tried to enter through the main entrance. They keep the second machine gun in the canteen, and the ground floor windows covered with furniture are mined. The colonel reported to the headquarters about this, which subsequently helped to avoid unnecessary losses during the assault.

Without losing time, Bocharov alone decided to neutralize the machine gunner in the dining room. But he did not have time to do it. He was overtaken by a sniper's bullet, hitting behind his head behind his left ear and coming out under his left eye. The first one, the last one, flashed through the mind: “Everything, I conquered.” Then, somewhere on the border of consciousness, the brain recorded some loud explosions. But maybe it just seemed to Vyacheslav Alekseevich when, in the turmoil of battle, his insensitive and bloody body was pushed out of the window into the hands of the special forces.

Wounded Bocharov out of battle

Colonel Bocharov was neither on the list of the dead, nor on the lists of survivors. He was not found in any of the clinics where the wounded were brought. And there were so many wounded that they lay in the corridors. Almost no faces, consciousness did not return, also without clothes. Among the many injured Bocharov no one identified. Then the relatives were told that he was missing. He could even be buried if he did not wake up. Already the eleventh grave was dug for him. But consciousness returned. He sensed rather than could see what was near - his own, and with a gesture showed that he could write.

“I had a contusion of both eyes. I have not seen anything. My jaw was torn out and my palate was torn off. Here in this state, helpless and almost unconscious, I realized that there was someone nearby. And he showed by hand what I can write. Slipped the sheet, I wrote three words "TsSN FSB Bocharov," - says Vyacheslav Alekseevich.

Later he learned about the details of the storming of the school. It is thanks to his tip that the special forces entered through the right wing and immediately went up to the second floor. There they eliminated the 28 terrorists. And then the doctors fought hard for his life. And he survived. Further long months of treatment and many complex operations were pulled out. Surgeons practically made a miracle by reassembling his face. And as soon as Vyacheslav Alekseevich was transferred to the common ward, the very next day he began to squat, and after a day he was wrung out twice. To the doctors' question “What are you doing?” He replied: “I am recovering.”

Usually in such cases the story ends with the words: "His life will never be the same." But even here our hero surprises everyone. After being wounded, Colonel Bocharov returned to the service and worked for another six years at the FSB. There were also long trips to hot spots.

Bocharov Vyacheslav Alekseevich was born on October 17 1955, in the city of Donskoy of the Tula region. He lived in the city of Sinelnik Dnepropetrovsk region of the Ukrainian SSR. In 1973, after graduating from high school, he entered the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School and served in the Airborne Forces for a quarter of a century.

He explains his decision to move from the Airborne Forces to the FSB in the following way: “I have served 25 for years in the Airborne Forces. I understand perfectly well that the state taught me to protect the interests of citizens. Well, now there is no external aggression! What should I do to sit, rest on my colonel's uniform? I decided to go to the anti-terrorism center of the FSB. So I also served 12 for years in Vimpel, in the operational and combat department. People like me are needed by the state. ”


Between 1981 and 1983 Bocharov served in the limited contingent in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (DRA). First in the position of deputy commander of the reconnaissance company, and then commander of the paratrooper company of the 317 Guards paratroop regiment of the 103 Guards Airborne Division.

At dawn, a man under the command of Bocharov was suddenly shot at a reconnaissance group from 14. He was immediately injured in both legs. Having determined where they were being shot at, he sent two groups around the ridge, right and left. Almost immediately, the scouts stumbled upon a group of dushmans surrounding them. The task of the sniper is to remove the machine gunner. This allowed the scouts to gain time.

“My fighters didn't even know that I was hurt. I was behind the stones and just ran the fight. When we were shooting, he took out a grenade from his pouch, straightened the mustache from the checks, pulled out more than half and put it next to him. Because if the situation were further critical, I would pull (check) further, to the end. That's all. I would not surrender in captivity, ”recalls Bocharov.

The scouts fought for several hours, but got out. Wounded another one of the fighters. Unfortunately, due to the heavy fog, the division postponed the operation, and the reconnaissance group could only return without loss.

“Even when it was necessary to go down from the mountains, I understand that I myself can’t go ... We quietly moved forward. They broke down the doors in Duval, put the wounded on these doors. The fighters also wanted to carry me. I say: "No, I will go." (We walked) until we were met by the airborne battalion, led by several tanks"- says the colonel.

My wife did not even know that Vyacheslav Alekseevich was injured before he arrived home; then she noticed these scars.


Between 1999 and 2010 Bocharov took part in the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus region, where he received another wound.

“I with my group performed the task in Chechnya and was shot down in a helicopter when we were moving in the Vedeno gorge. Fell into the location of the special purpose 66 regiment. When the helicopter begins to spin, we understand that we do not sit down, but fall. What it is - the end. I looked at my guys - no panic. Everyone is looking at the commander. The commander is sitting. Nobody screamed. We were lucky. We fell on a slope, began to slide further, and turned over ... I sent eight people to the hospital, but with the others I continued to perform the task, ”the colonel says.

Here he is - Vyacheslav Alekseevich Bocharov, this man “with a steel core,” a veteran of Afghanistan who has gone through two Chechen wars and Beslan.

Demanding subordinates and merciless to himself. Such, in his opinion, should be the commander: “The fulfillment of the task depends on how your subordinates perceive you as a commander. If the commander is not sure what he is doing - it is immediately noticeable ... If fear dominates you, then you are no longer a tenant in a combat situation. At this moment you are the most vulnerable ... When you do your work, you should not be subjected to emotions. Then they can be when we sit at the table and raise the third toast, "For those who are not with us," but this later.

By decree of the President of the Russian Federation on October 11, 2004, for courage and heroism shown in the performance of a special task, Colonel Bocharov Vyacheslav Alekseevich was awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation.

Here is an incomplete list of our hero's awards: Order of the Red Star, Order For Military Merit, medal For Difference in Special Operations, medal For Courage, order For Service to Fatherland, I and II, foreign state awards - order Stars of III degree (Afghanistan), the medal "From the grateful Afghan people" (Afghanistan).

About who is considered a hero, he answers:
“The main thing is how a person acts in a situation when someone needs his help, or the life and fate of the people around him depends on his act. It is from this that the size of a person’s personality is determined ... ”

In 2007, by decision of the Regional Development Fund, V. Bocharov. Awarded the prize "Hero of Our Time." The International Children's Fund awarded Bocharov the honorary title "Knight of Childhood." In 2013, the V.S. Vysotsky Foundation awarded him the Vysotsky Award “Own Track”. Bocharov V.A. - Honorary Citizen of the city of Don Tula region. On the Alley of Heroes of the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School. VF Margelov installed his bust.

In 2010, the Hero of the Russian Federation, Colonel of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation Bocharov V.A. was fired. He is engaged in active public activities in the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Executive Committee of the Paralympic Committee of Russia.
Photos used:
from the personal archive of Bocharov V.A. and social networks
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