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Trump's unpredictable game. Will mother Donald shake Europe?

US relations with Europe under President Donald Trump have deteriorated, this is a fact. Especially with Germany, the economic locomotive of Europe. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas says more than transparently: “The time has come to reconsider the transatlantic partnership: sober, critical and even self-critical.” And proposes to create a European analogue of interbank payments SWIFT. (By the way, Russia has already created such an analog for domestic Russian calculations, BRICS is working in this direction.)

Europe refuses to maintain a new wave of Anglo-American "chemical" sanctions against Russia, Germany pushes North Stream - 2, as if confirming the words of Heiko Maas and Chancellor Angela Merkel that "it is important to maintain good relations with Russia." And against whom is this "important"?

Recent ones news. President Trump decided not to impose sanctions on European / German companies involved in the construction of the joint venture - 2. While this is good news, but what is behind it, we do not know. Has the USA abandoned its plans, or switched to some other and no less bad plan for Europe / Germany? In addition, Trump may change his mind again, and the newly elected US Congress in November may even turn over the entire American political chessboard.

Trump's unpredictable game. Will mother Donald shake Europe?

Chancellor Angela Merkel did not give a hand to British Prime Minister Teresa May at the last summit, Brexit “reached a dead end,” or maybe not only him: Germany (and Europe) ignored the British continuation of the anti-Russian campaign as “agents of the GRU Boshirova and Petrov”. New sanctions against Russia will not be so much that the initiator of London also refuses them. May’s latest chord was a lunge against the United States, she did not agree with Donald Trump’s anti-Iranian policy, expressing the opposite opinion: Iran complies with the terms of the “nuclear deal.”

In London, with members of the same party, May began to talk about the resignation of his prime minister in connection with the Brexit deadlock, although there are actually many more reasons: this is a dead end of the absurd anti-Russian campaign, and obvious friction with Washington. What is happening with London? Or rather, with his "deep state"?

The “deep state”, which controls Britain and Teresa May, has entered a crisis peak and does not know how to get out of it. It is clear that you need to somehow change the policy, and the usual reason for this is a change of the current prime minister for some reason. How many have already sunk into oblivion: Tony Blair, David Cameron and others - all disappeared unknown to the world. Small figures in the era of Vladimir Putin: they all fought with Putin, but unsuccessfully, and they were written off as junk.

The apparent chaos in the West is due to the unfinished struggle of President Trump and his conservative team, supported by the Israeli lobby, with a liberal "deep state" with its capital in London, and "Europe" with its capital in Berlin. The “deep state” concluded a “nuclear deal” with Iran under Barack Obama, and continues to lobby it with the efforts of Theresa May and former US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is conducting secret talks with Tehran. In this aspect, the “deep state” supports Berlin, but it puts pressure on Anglo-Saxon “deep” elites on other issues, including Brexit and the joint venture 2. And London is silent about the introduction of new sanctions against Russia.

It seems that the Trump team is at risk of facing the united front of Europe and the “deep” world state, and Trump realizes this and suspends sanctions against SP-2. Everyone seemed to be waiting for the November 2011 US congressional elections 6, which is also called the “Trump referendum”.

President Trump stays "terra ingkognita" in this big game. Who is behind him, why does he stand like a rock in front of the liberal media and the establishment slandering him, does not make serious concessions and is preparing to go for a second presidential term? A number of German politicians have publicly expressed the opinion that the US political course under Trump is for a long time, and it does not depend on Trump.

More about Trump and his team can be said that they are capable of decisive and unexpected actions. Trump quickly makes the decision to strike at Syria and Afghanistan on clearly invented reasons, pursuing his own internal political goals. By the way, the new strike on Syria announced by him did not take place after the maneuvers in Syria of the Russian Aerospace Force. This may mean that some kind of "blow" may be inflicted elsewhere, for example, in Ukraine.

If Trump decides to put on a counterblow at a “deep state, then it can be done not in Syria, but in Ukraine - this will seriously shake the old Europe and her“ deep structures ”working against Trump. Therefore, you should not be in a hurry to rejoice in not imposing Trump’s sanctions on the joint venture - 2.

The United States can shake Europe by stopping in any way the Ukrainian gas transit to Europe in the period to the end of 2019, that is, until the Nord Stream - 2 is commissioned. To provoke Russia into a large-scale conflict in the Donbass, with its extension to all of Ukraine, fails and fails, the past four years have proved this axiom.

It remains to destabilize the Bandera regime with an internal explosion, which creates a favorable situation in view of the presidential campaign beginning in Ukraine. Crowded Bandera neo-Nazi troops and weapons The country begins the presidential election - such elections can be ended with anything and any kind.

There are many available ways for this, well-known to the workers from the second floor of the SBU building in Kiev, for example, to blow someone up in Kiev, like Alexander Zakharchenko was blown up in Donetsk.

A number of Ukrainian analysts point out that the US State Department, subordinate to State Secretary Mike Pompeo, the most active supporter of Trump, does not show any visible activity in Kiev, so much so that Bandera functionaries publicly criticize his obvious protégés. Experts say in this regard that Washington "leaked Ukraine." That's just where "leaked"?
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  1. Svarog
    Svarog 26 September 2018 12: 10
    Trump is doing everything right .. There is still not much effort on his part and Europe will more actively cooperate with Russia, and America continues to isolate itself .. there is a way.
    1. Yrec
      Yrec 26 September 2018 12: 28
      Unfortunately, for us (or maybe fortunately), much is unknown. It remains to wait for the congressional elections and that in the new congress they will give birth to everything that has accumulated.
    2. Serge Gorely
      Serge Gorely 26 September 2018 12: 52
      Conclusion ONE - there is no concept of ORDER in international relations.
      Alexander III was decent to his "brothers", the result - Bulgaria is Hitler's ally.
      Nicholas II was decent to ANTANTE - the result - the victory of ANTANTA on Russian blood, of Russia - SHISH with oil.
      Well, the last example - we believed in the decency of Israel, the result - IL 20.
      1. Nasrat
        Nasrat 26 September 2018 13: 20
        Germany (and Europe) ignored the British continuation of the anti-Russian campaign in the form of "agents of the GRU Boshirov and Petrov"

        Sadalsky has interesting poems about this:

        In the distant and gloomy Salisbury,
        Exploding the utter mist,
        Two Russian guys are walking - employees from the GRU ...
        They come with inconspicuous flags ...
        Russian, over your head ...
        In earflaps, overcoats with flasks, adjusting the belt tight ...
        In the hands of a pretzel from the bakery,
        And the Chanel perfume jar ...
        Simple, brutal guys, they poher heat and blizzard ....
        With three months of fume,
        In the mouth of "Belomor" goby ...
        These formidable guys carry the nightmare that their name is "Novice" ...
        In the back bag is a balalaika,
        Sticks out in a treacherously catchy way.
        A bear on a chain is a beggar ... What would not be silly questions ...
        A terrible punishment will strike ...
        Anyone who betrayed the country ...
        It doesn’t matter, in Paris il Salisbury - you were the first to start a war ...
        Tremble, sales creatures,
        You will be punished everywhere ...
        And the guys jumped on the train in the evening in Karaganda ...
      2. YarSer88
        YarSer88 26 September 2018 13: 56
        Well, YOU believed in the decency of Israel, in politics such a word is not used in principle, and politicians of Putin's scale understand this 100%. They rather operate with the concepts of "ally-enemy", but these are, again, situational concepts, in one issue we are allies, in another - opponents. Even at a much lower level - in the interaction of LLCs, on the one hand, they talk about how the partners are valued, and on the other hand, legal entities. the department is looking for loopholes in the contract in order to throw and get nothing for it. So - "trust", "decency", "friendship" - this is for ordinary people.
  2. Conductor
    Conductor 26 September 2018 12: 16
    Pralno, with Britain, Apollo, couple of Kyrgyz, Give Turkmen Ovidievich
  3. Sergey39
    Sergey39 26 September 2018 12: 20
    The "Empire" under the name "West" has come to its final stage of existence - collapse. This happens to all empires sooner or later.
    1. Kent0001
      Kent0001 26 September 2018 14: 10
      It would be nice if so. And then maybe another turn or ....
  4. d ^ Amir
    d ^ Amir 26 September 2018 12: 33
    I have one here obscene thoughts about so to speak, cooperation between the United States and Europe ???? especially in the light of "Shakes" ....
    1. Alexey Vasilievich I
      Alexey Vasilievich I 26 September 2018 12: 40
      Ahahaha. Right to the point, I myself have the same thought, I read the headline a second time, then I still realized what seemed laughing laughing laughing
      But that other word is more suitable here laughing
      1. d ^ Amir
        d ^ Amir 26 September 2018 15: 20
        if this is true his reservation, then just like the Belarusian daddy has its own parliament ..... to determine "who is lying to me and who is not lying" ...
  5. Loess
    Loess 26 September 2018 12: 36
    they all fought with Putin, but unsuccessfully, and they were scrapped.

    Interesting observation.
  6. credo
    credo 26 September 2018 12: 40
    @ "... A number of German politicians have publicly expressed the opinion that the US policy under Trump is for a long time, and it does not depend on Trump ..."
    The deceased Brzezinski, once openly said that (for the accuracy of the phrase, do not blame me) the United States is fighting not with communism and the USSR, but with Russia as such. That is, it has absolutely no meaning whatever in Russia at a historical moment the system is feudal-serf, capitalist, communist or liberal-anarchist. It's just that the Anglo-Saxons set themselves the goal of control over all countries of the world and the territories of Mother Earth in order to dictate their conditions and rules of life to them, simultaneously sucking all resources and wealth from the controlled countries in their favor. So as long as the Anglo-Saxons are dominated by this goal as a "guiding star", Russia, like any other country in the world that does not want to dance to their tune, must constantly wait for trouble from these gentlemen and ladies from any side Sveta.
    Yes, in the camp of the Anglo-Saxons at the moment there has come a kind of stupor due to the presence of internal and external problems that have fallen on them like a "lump on their heads", but it seems that this is a temporary phenomenon and soon they will have to deal with these problems, because in terms of their survival have repeatedly shown the wonders of political villainy.
  7. 26 September 2018 13: 54
    German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas says more than transparently: “It has long been time to reconsider the transatlantic partnership: soberly, critically and even self-critically.” And he proposes to create a European analogue of interbank payments SWIFT.

    That's even how ... Wikipedia, of course, is not the height of infallibility, but:
    The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (from Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), pronounced SWIFT) is an international interbank system for transmitting information and making payments. Also known as SWIFT-BIC (Bank Identifier Codes), BIC code, SWIFT ID or SWIFT code.
    Founded in 1973; 248 banks from 19 countries acted as co-founders.
    SWIFT is a cooperative society created under Belgian law, owned by its members - more than 9000 banks from 209 countries (2010). The main office is located in Brussels.

    If the German minister really proposed what is written in the article, then how did it happen that an organization based on the legislation of one of the European countries, with headquarters in the capital of the united Europe, (there, by the way, one of the two world data centers , the second, as it should be, in New York) is not European and Europe needs its analogue?
  8. akims
    akims 26 September 2018 15: 20
    Before winter, blow up the gas pipeline in the Urengoy region of Uzhgorod and leave Europe without gas, blame Putin for everything. The dream of any patriot. The fact that they themselves will be left without gas does not reach the brain.
  9. NF68
    NF68 2 October 2018 15: 39
    In the EU, a lot of people have quieted down recently like mice under a broom. Whether they want it or not, they are clearly very afraid of the possible measures that the United States may take.