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At long range shooting, ORSIS - first


At the first open Russian championship in F-class ultra-long-range shooting, the ORSIS rifle showed the best result.

From 6 to 8 in May, 2012 at the landfill in the village of Prudboy of the Volgograd region the first open Russian championship in ultra long-range rifling was held weapons, F-class. The competition dedicated to the 67 anniversary of the Great Victory was held under the auspices of the High-Precision Shooting Association and the Southern Military District of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. GC "Promtehnologii" sponsored the tournament, providing the main prize - a certificate for an ORSIS rifle worth 100 thousand rubles. A distinctive feature of the first competition in the F-class was a large number of used Russian rifles, most of which were ORSIS (4 pcs.).

Competitions were held in two days of shooting. In the first, athletes performed at 800 and 1000 m distances, in the second - 600 and 1200 m.

According to the results, the participants performing with ORSIS rifles showed the best results in all nominations, including the overall standings. The skill of the shooters and the high tactical and technical characteristics of the carbines made it possible to take a second one at a distance of 800 meters; first places on 600 and 1000 meters At long range 1200, the advantage of ORSIS shooters was absolute - all prizes were obtained using the Promtechnology Group of Companies weapons. The overall standings also brought victory to the shooters of ORSIS - the first two prizes.

Competitions were held in difficult weather conditions, with a strong constantly changing direction of the wind, which emphasized the weight of the victories obtained.

The results of the championship convincingly showed that the Russian weapon systems not only successfully compete, but also often surpass foreign rifle counterparts. Past competitions have become another test, in practice, showed high tactical and technical characteristics of rifles ORSIS.

GC "Promtechnology" congratulates the winners and all participants of the competition.

Those who came to victory with an ORSIS rifle, the company awards special prizes in the form of a set for cleaning weapons and the 25% discount card.

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  1. maratenok
    maratenok 24 May 2012 11: 43
    well done, weapons are never superfluous
    1. tronin.maxim
      tronin.maxim 24 May 2012 11: 50
      I hold! drinks
    2. YARY
      YARY 24 May 2012 13: 02
      1. Neighbor
        Neighbor 24 May 2012 16: 25
        Quote: Ardent
        What was required to prove! RUSSIAN WEAPONS THE BEST IN THE WORLD

        I - NEVER in this - did not doubt !!!!
        It remains only a small matter - to take these beauties - into the arsenal of the RF Armed Forces.
        I think - it’s not necessary to wait long!
  2. Yoshkin Kot
    Yoshkin Kot 24 May 2012 11: 49
    Congratulations to the Winners, Congratulations to Orsis! I hope the MO sniper will order from them
    eh, I hope that we will live up to the sane law on weapons
  3. Leisure
    Leisure 24 May 2012 11: 56
    This sport needs to be developed, only in the competition is determined the best, both the shooter and the rifle.
    ORSIS rifle manufacturer for advertising +
    1. Tjumenec72
      Tjumenec72 24 May 2012 12: 01
      Advertising sales engine)
      They lie beautifully, it’s a pity that it’s just not the girls in swimsuits)))
  4. King
    King 24 May 2012 12: 00
    alternate evidence of inadequate acquisition of foreign weapons by the Ministry of Defense. you can certainly purchase but only piece copies. for dorobotki domestic samples
    1. Rexei
      Rexei 24 May 2012 12: 36
      And then everything is simple: either it’s stupidity, or pumping money abroad, go figure it out! ... Our weapons are much better, and cheaper (because you don’t need to transport it)
    2. Pimply
      Pimply 26 May 2012 18: 01
      Let the quality be maintained first at serial capacities, and then we'll see
  5. atos_kin
    atos_kin 24 May 2012 12: 37
    Tell me, please (who knows) what kind of yellow petals are at the shutters?
    1. ANTRAX
      ANTRAX 24 May 2012 12: 45
      it is this petal with a "handle" and is inserted into the bullet entrance of the barrel. to visually determine that the weapon is not ready to fire. apparently for safety.
      1. atos_kin
        atos_kin 24 May 2012 13: 18
        Thank. Just the first time I see.
  6. dred
    dred 24 May 2012 12: 49
    Well done, the creators of the Orsis rifle and those who shot them at the events.
  7. Kite
    Kite 24 May 2012 13: 06
    Orsis’s simple brochure was reprinted. Like, what I compared with what I did not see, well, there is no conclusion!
  8. marshes
    marshes 24 May 2012 14: 21
    Now you probably need to arrange the release of ammunition?
    7,62x51 (.308 Win), .338 Lapua Magnum
  9. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 24 May 2012 14: 26
    Agree Kite no sensible information. which rifles participated .. in comparison with what it is better ... the topic is not disclosed
    1. Odinplys
      Odinplys 24 May 2012 15: 24
      Quote: rumpeljschtizhen
      I agree Korshun is not any sensible information. What rifles participated .. in comparison with what he is better ... the topic is not disclosed
      ......... And the names of the "killers" are not indicated ...)))
  10. sergey69
    sergey69 24 May 2012 17: 49
    It remains to wait for the adoption of this rifle in the arsenal of the Russian Federation
  11. PabloMsk
    PabloMsk 25 May 2012 12: 40
    Have you noticed the age of the participants?

    That's right - accomplished men under 40, who can easily take a rifle for a "hundred square meters" and are ready to spend the same amount (and maybe more) on everything else ...

    Dear sniping is now a very fashionable trend for successful men and a whole market for the manufacturer :)
    1. Tjumenec72
      Tjumenec72 26 May 2012 09: 28
      iiiii .... what's the catch? - the guilty P) is to blame for everything)))))
      According to established tradition, I expect from you kaku)
  12. Owl
    Owl 27 May 2012 10: 05
    It's a shame that in Russia only one "organization" has adopted this product for service.
  13. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 28 May 2012 00: 02
    this article to the generals in the Moscow Region - let them know what to buy.