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In the United States recognized the inability to resist the Russian "hypersound"

Currently, American missile defense systems are not able to withstand the Russian hypersonic arms, said in an interview with the publication The National Interest James Acton, one of the nuclear technology program managers.

In the United States recognized the inability to resist the Russian "hypersound"

The United States Missile Defense Agency (MDA) has openly admitted that the current interceptors are not designed to cross maneuverable hypersonic missiles and that they want to optimize them for this purpose,
said Acton.

According to him, some of the interceptors that exist today are moving at hypersonic speed, but they are not suitable for hitting maneuvering targets. Therefore, today the task is to increase their maneuverability. It is on this problem decided to focus the Pentagon.

At the same time, it is also necessary to develop new hypersonic interceptors aimed at intercontinental ballistic missiles - they can become a “destabilizing” factor for the Russian Federation and China, since the protection of the United States with such interceptors will prevent attacks from their side.

Earlier, General John Heiten stated that the Americans had nothing to oppose to the Russian “hypersound” and that the defense of the country should be rethought.

As the head of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, General Terrence O'Shaughnessy, noted in his turn, America used to be inaccessible, but now there are opponents who are really able to reach its territory.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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  1. Victor_B
    Victor_B 18 September 2018 08: 54
    Correctly say: for today.
    PRO - it is such a pro!
    Progress does not stand still.
    1. Sarmat Sanych
      Sarmat Sanych 18 September 2018 08: 58
      Correctly say: for the next 30 years. And by this time, our guys will come up with a lot more, as the classic said. Forever catching up with Russian hypersound mattresses - this is logical.
      1. Victor_B
        Victor_B 18 September 2018 09: 19
        Correctly say: for the next 30 years.
        Very much less!
        Do not hat, plizz!
        Well, what is the manner of underestimating the enemy?
        For every tricky ... nut there is a bolt with a left-hand thread.
        The whole history of weapons and wars has proved that there is no absolute weapon.
        But there were real breakthroughs in technologies that quickly stopped. Is always!
        And the story of the struggle of armor with a shell (defense and attack) is a novel that will never end.
        1. Sarmat Sanych
          Sarmat Sanych 18 September 2018 17: 57
          I was mistaken: not 30, but rather 40. Because picket fenders, even THEORETICALLY in less time, will not be able to create such a fantastically fast carrier like MiG-31, and even upgrade it to the BM version and then to K.
      2. astepanov
        astepanov 18 September 2018 10: 17
        Quote: Sarmat Sanych
        And by this time, our guys will come up with a lot more, as the classic said.
        Our guys will soon completely lose the opportunity to invent something. Now the scientific and technical groundwork of the Soviet era is somehow being chewed up, but it is not endless. And the education system is disgusting, besides, there are no economic incentives to work for the defense industry - and therefore there is a shortage of personnel at all levels, and ignoramuses and cynodrales like Rogozin and his son and Serdyukov rule it. Consequently, progress in Russian weapons will slow down due to a decrease in the competence of management and developers. Second, Russia is economically lagging more and more, because our growth rates are much lower than the world average. A new weapon is an expensive pleasure. What shisha will we arm ourselves for? To good-offices alms, how to treat sick children?
        Of course, I want to believe stories about accelerated development - but real progress is not visible. And I look to the future with sadness. It seems that the Defense Ministry, too, has begun to rely more on God - there, and the main temple of the armed forces is going to build ...
        1. Victor_B
          Victor_B 18 September 2018 11: 00
          out, and the main temple of the armed forces were going to build ...
          With these temples ...
          Well, why do we have in Russia only from one extreme to the other? !!
        2. Sarmat Sanych
          Sarmat Sanych 18 September 2018 18: 17
          When you already stop suffering from such bullshit, mourners?)) Aren't you tired of fancy "funerals"? The fact that six types of weapons of the future that we already have are presented does not tell you anything? Let's start another hurdy-gurdy from Newcommies and liberals about "cartoons", because of a lack of arguments, you grab any strawlaughing... The whole world not only believes, but KNOWS quite well (including the heads of the Pentagon and the Committee of Chiefs of Staff) about the tests of our hypersonic and other types of advanced weapons, and long before March 18th, perfectly understanding the THEORETICAL impossibility of opposing anything to it. Do not laugh at yourself, does self-criticism remain? What is wrong with the education system? The fact that this year our schoolchildren have won more medals at international Olympiads in physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, geography and mathematics than in any year of 15 (!) Years before? The fact that the competition for the faculties of Baumanka and many of our other technical institutes beat all the records of the past years? The fact that Almaz-Antey, Zvezdochka, GRTs Makeeva and all our other military-industrial complex enterprises are constantly increasing their number? Start talking about "exceptions", about "backlogs", I will dunk you further.
          You are boring, speak with the slogans of the Soviet propaganda propaganda, the thought goes in a circle, a set of stamps, your next outburst can be predicted.
          1. astepanov
            astepanov 18 September 2018 18: 48
            Mr. Makalschik, do you know that work on hypersound began in the sixties of the last century? That atomic autonomous submarines, as well as space transport systems with an atomic reactor, as well as cruise missiles with the same reactor, are developments of the sixties-eighties, and only electronics are new in them (on a foreign, I note, element base)? You know that in the USSR there were much more of these winners of international school Olympiads, but the rules were different: one discipline - ONE winner, and not like now: several medals of equal value? And the medalists were students of ordinary schools, and not training grounds at individual universities? And why are you comparing with "fifteen years before," and not twenty-five? As for the universities, most of them are in poverty, and the lion's share of graduates do not work in their specialty. What have we done over the past 20 years in space technology - can you name? Just don't tell tales about "Federation" and "Angara". Can you name at least one large-scale study in space? Are the military-industrial complex enterprises expanding? Do you know what salaries are there? Here's a hint: in the Almaz-Antey NPO you mentioned, the salary of an engineer of the first category is only 24 thousand, while the average in Moscow is 70 thousand.
            I, my dear man, have been observing Russian science from the inside for 40 years and can compare, and I speak responsibly; she has not died yet, but the agony is already at the stage when it is time to call the undertakers - and you, it seems
            Do you draw information from the speeches of Mr. Medvev?
            1. Sarmat Sanych
              Sarmat Sanych 18 September 2018 19: 04
              Hahlaughing, I was expecting such an outburst, nothing new)).
              Is there 24 thousand in Antaea? Where is it, in the Nizhny Novgorod plant? There are more than 30 thousand. On Cheboksary Elara s / n do you know which ones? At KB Klimov, Severodvinsk? There are more than 50 thousand everywhere, and if you are a welder under inert gases, then your salary will be far more than 200 thousand, even more than that of a State Duma deputy. And here "why 15 and not 25"? If you want we can take 25, the results are the same, and I don’t need to push the Soviet international medalists, the results were not the same as you fantasize. And I see young designers and engineers, in particular in the energy sector. I see that they are winning international competitions in various fields, and smart people have not disappeared anywhere.
              "Vanguard" was created by young people.
              Do you know another aircraft-rocket system operating in a plasma cloud? And we have many such examples.
              And what is fundamentally new and distinctive in the T-90 tank from the FT-17 Reno tank (the first tank in the world)? Also caterpillars, also a tower, also have a gun. By the way, the first Soviet MS-1 was stupidly copied from the French FT-1. Do you think we are in French cabbage soup?
              It's useless. There are some red-haired people who have no life BEFORE and AFTER the USSR. Everything that appeared in the USSR - "they invented everything themselves." And everything after him is "this whole legacy", which, apparently, will now last for centurieslaughing.
              1. astepanov
                astepanov 18 September 2018 19: 30
                Listen, you, I took the data on the salary of an engineer not from the ceiling, but from the official website of the enterprise. But where you get your stuff is unknown.
                Quote: Sarmat Sanych
                Do you know another aircraft-rocket system operating in a plasma cloud?
                I know. At least "Buran".
                Quote: Sarmat Sanych
                If you want, we can take 25, the results are the same, and I don’t need to push about the Soviet international medalists, the results were taken away not like you fantasize.

                Firstly, the word "by no means" is spelled with "d", this already speaks of your educational level. Secondly, I know a thing or two about the Olympiads, since I myself have successfully participated in them - and it was during the "scoop".
                Quote: Sarmat Sanych
                And everything after him is "this whole legacy", which, apparently, will now last for centuries

                No, unfortunately, not for centuries. It is already close to exhaustion. And in many ways this is already affecting - the mass of industries simply ceased to exist. For example, mechanical engineering.
                1. Sarmat Sanych
                  Sarmat Sanych 19 September 2018 04: 00
                  Again a bunch of puddles, and you will "listen" to yourself and then in headphones, a citizen receiving information from sites. I personally have a relationship with the energy sector, as well as with two subsectors of mechanical engineering - power engineering and oil and gasmash, and I can say that over the past 10 years we have made significant progress in these areas, completely eliminating the MONSTER failure of the 90s and early 2000s, moreover, we have made good progress in comparison with the 80s (despite the loss of the mass of subcontractors) - the peak of the development of the Soviet power machine. By the way, last year Russia's machine-building export broke the record for the last 27 years, see educate yourself - open information.
                  And for the military-industrial complex, there are dry numbers - $ 15 billion in arms sales annually, Strategic Nuclear Forces are updated 80%, the Armed Forces are updated at 60%, and Rosoboronexport's portfolio of foreign contracts is $ 48 billion.
                  If we go back to the energy sector, then Rosatom has foreign orders for $ 150 billion (!), HALF of the planet's new power units is being built by Russia, was this the case under the Union? And unlike that time, we now cope on our own, not only without subcontractors from the CIS, but also without any suppliers from Asia and Europe, we only share contracts with the customer country if it is provided for by the contract. As regards oilfield services and oil and gasmash: in 14-15th Schlumberger, Haliburton and many other players, due to the sanctions, actually left Russia, everyone predicted that our production would be reduced. they say "we do not have technologies", but figs there - not only did not bent, but increased and new oilfield services appeared. They said that we cannot work with the "shale", and now Bazhenu (the largest shale oil field in the world) is being developed, although even the staff before the crisis said that their technologies were powerless there. Regarding oil and gasmash - look, for example, how the production volumes of the HMS Group have grown - all thanks to the sanctions, God forbid, not to be canceled.
                  In general, energy is on the rise, it can be seen in everything, at the RSU NIU and MPEI contests look at leisure time.
                  Will we continue to dander dander, looking for the wrong letter? I am well acquainted with the USSR with all its pluses and minuses, but who is completely unaware of the data (except for scrapbooks from the Internet), the current situation is cringing for me here - the question arises: who are the judges? And most importantly, who do you offer in return? Communist Party Newcommy led by Zyugalaughing? So they already had the opportunity to take power in the 96th, when they won the election but sold the victory for grandmas. NEW OFFERS? The red oligarch Grudinin with offshore and gold bullion?)) Or honest anti-corruption in the person of Oval Ovalwassat? I’ll say this: I’m working well in the current conditions and I see that the industry is developing and has a reserve for the future. Salvation and rebirth came under THIS power, I note. And I do not intend to change this power for the garlopans, who are now hiding behind the fashionable slogans of "all the best Soviet things". As well as 60-70% of the people of Russia. We have already seen their face.
  2. Troll
    Troll 18 September 2018 09: 00
    The only question is how long it will continue this "Currently". The shield is always developed a little later than the sword. Today it lags behind, tomorrow it will become impenetrable. But when, when the shield becomes impenetrable, they will think about new "daggers".
  3. Chertt
    Chertt 18 September 2018 09: 02
    Without negativity and arrivals, just observation wink
    The VO leadership promotes "The National Interest" so often that it's time to take money from them. Well, or offset. Let the Americans in their publications, mention the "Military Review"
  4. bessmertniy
    bessmertniy 18 September 2018 09: 04
    Fighting enemies around the world inevitably makes the US a goal. And in this regard, the US vulnerability is no longer in the fact that now they can’t resist some kind of enemy military systems, but in the fact that real opponents probably walk around the States as simple migrants and look at their goals to fight the Empire, which offended them with something. repeat
    1. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter 18 September 2018 09: 12
      Quote: bessmertniy
      they are looking at their goals for the struggle with the Empire, which offended them with something.

      Mattresses should be glad that not all victims of their democracy have nuclear weapons. wink
      As for Acton’s statements, this is either another bail out of money or stuffing (given NI’s reputation and the recent words of multi-star generals that the United States has something to oppose Russian hypersound).
  5. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 18 September 2018 09: 10
    The main thing is that Russia does not stop there. If we are ahead of the Americans in these developments, we need to go further
  6. UMA-UMA
    UMA-UMA 18 September 2018 09: 19
    Yeah, today we again scared the United States, allowing us to destroy il20 with impunity.
    1. nPuBaTuP
      nPuBaTuP 18 September 2018 10: 01
      So you assume that it was they who shot him down?
  7. Altona
    Altona 18 September 2018 09: 54
    Quote: bouncyhunter
    As for Acton’s statements, this is either another bail out of money or stuffing (given NI’s reputation and the recent words of multi-star generals that the United States has something to oppose Russian hypersound).

    Yes, Pash, such magazines write either an appeal to the budget committee or reassuring articles for the layman. Normal analytics comes from completely different sources. And this is not National Interests and not Military Watch. The United States opened the Pandora’s box, abandoning the restrictions on missile defense and now every rogue who promises to create a wunderwaffe can rummage through this box.
  8. Yves762
    Yves762 18 September 2018 10: 06
    What unprincipled citizens: they will do anything for budgets ... laughing
  9. gguess
    gguess 18 September 2018 10: 18
    A hypersonic object can be detected and intercepted by a conventional missile defense system located both in the area of ​​its target and near its trajectory, since the higher the speed of the object, the higher its inertia and lower maneuverability! And so, on the counter-missile course, it is much easier to intercept a high-speed object than an object to dodge an anti-missile! And the sooner this is done, the better - that is why the United States rely on space! And hypersonic anti-missiles are necessary to intercept a hypersonic object with a missile defense system located in its target area at the maximum range - if the hypersonic object was not intercepted by a missile defense system located near its trajectory ...
  10. astepanov
    astepanov 19 September 2018 10: 16
    Quote: Sarmat Sanych
    we have significant progress in these areas, completely eliminating the MONSTERIOUS failure of the 90s and early 2000s, moreover, we have made good progress compared to the 80s

    Wow! Heroes Stakhanovites! For thirty years, they eliminated the failure, which they themselves organized and exceeded the level of forty years ago! Medals to the studio! True, having less than 2% growth per year in the economy at an average global rate of 4%, Russia is half a year behind the world every year. Draw your own conclusions, or suggest?
    Quote: Sarmat Sanych
    and who are the judges?

    Well, I'm a judge - because I have the opportunity to compare. My neighbors, colleagues, an old woman with 40 years of experience who lives nearby on a feeble pension. Few?
    Quote: Sarmat Sanych
    RSU NRU and MEI contests look at leisure time.

    Yes, decent contests. Only half as much as in my SSU in the seventieth. That's only in their specialty ten percent will go to work.
    Quote: Sarmat Sanych

    And most importantly, who do you offer in return?

    But I don’t offer anyone. Because the authorities burned down the competition with a hot iron: the defamation of decent people, the direct killings of political rivals, election fraud, and vile promises - these are the bastards, the ignoramuses, the careerists and thieves - like Kindersurpiz, Chubais, Medvedev and other cattails sons, serving the oligarchy faithfully. And since there are no alternatives, two options remain, and both are bad: either Russia will fall behind more and more until it is eaten up or collapsed, or the godfathers will bring the country to the next riot - bloody and meaningless.
    PS: this time I will not find fault with your grammar, but it is lame. Read books or something ...
  11. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 19 September 2018 13: 14
    In general, I don’t really trust Nashinal as-him-there .. and to the figures who express their opinion regarding the confrontation of the US / Russia arms. Too everything is biased there.
    And I can’t say after 20-30-40 years or earlier the Americans will catch up with us in hypersound or we will go into the gap with some other murderous (literally and figuratively) thing. Everything flows, everything changes. Somewhere we are stronger, in some ways they are.
    It's like a hundred-meter run: if in one - the result is always worse than with the opponent.