Soviet intelligence officers exposed American spies in the leadership of the USSR

In the highest echelons of the USSR, there were spies who worked for foreign intelligence services, according to a veteran of foreign intelligence, General Yuri Drozdov. According to him, a special list was created, which included members of the leadership of the Soviet Union suspected of illegal ties with foreign intelligence, primarily American.

According to Drozdov, who has been working in illegal intelligence for more than 30 for years and has gone from being an operative commissioner to the head of the department, it was the introduction of spies into the power circles that allowed Washington to learn about the results of many secret operations. The general said this in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

"Some people appeared in the highest echelons of power who should not know about all this, about our results," the scout said. He himself says that he was afraid of betrayal, because even undercover materials confirmed the presence of foreign spies in the Soviet regime, RIA "writesNews".

In general, over the years of successful intelligence work, General Drozdov has not lost faith in this method of obtaining information. "Because all history the existence of the world a person has always been engaged in intelligence ... And therefore, without intelligence, if you re-read biblical sources, society cannot live. Intelligence is needed in any state. As for our state, we definitely need it. We want to properly build our relationship with the world, move forward. To do this, they must have a well-equipped, thoroughly prepared illegal intelligence ", - explained the general.

He is optimistic about the future of Russian intelligence, even in the age of computer technology. "Why should we give up what all powerful powers use. We must have a complete picture of the political landscape, work out a future strategy. Is it possible without intelligence?" - said Drozdov.

Recall that a major spy scandal erupted in late June. Then a whole group of illegal Russian intelligence agents was sent from the United States. Western media have written about the grand demise of intelligence in Russia since the Soviet Union and the degeneration of the FSB, since over the years of espionage, agents have not been able to obtain worthy information that would not be in the public domain on the Internet.

However, the former director of British counterintelligence, Stephen Lander, who led MI5 for six years, up to 2002, said in August that Russian spies had an early laugh. In a documentary program about the summer scandal, he stated that the mere existence of a network of Russian illegal immigrants - that is, spies working without diplomatic cover - was in no way a matter of ridicule.

In his opinion, the fact that the exposed agents do not look any dangerous and seem like losers is part of an exciting game. “This is why Russians often succeed in espionage: this image is a kind of cover. They are cogs of a machine, very professional and formidable,” Lander said.

The only thing that has changed since the days of the Cold War is the goals of spies, experts say. Now they are largely in the economic plane, because modern Russia wants to strengthen its strategic position in the world at the expense of its energy resources.

Yuri Drozdov - veteran scout

Yuri Ivanovich Drozdov was born on September 19 on 1925 in Minsk in the family of a soldier. In 1944, he graduated from the 1 Leningrad Artillery School, evacuated to the city of Engels. Member of the Great Patriotic War. War ended in Berlin. In 1956, he graduated from the Military Institute of Foreign Languages ​​and was transferred to the State Security Committee.

Soviet intelligence officers exposed American spies in the leadership of the USSR

In August, 1957 was sent to Berlin to the Office of the KGB Commissioner as an operational officer. In connection with the arrest in the USA of the later legendary Soviet intelligence officer Rudolf Abel, he took part in intelligence operations on his exchange for the American pilot Harry Powers.

In the year 1963, after completing a business trip to Germany, it is directed to refresher courses for operational personnel. In August, 1964 was sent on a long-term business trip to China, where he stayed until 1968, as a resident of foreign intelligence agencies of state security. After working at the Center in 1975, he was appointed a resident of foreign intelligence in New York, where he was under 1979 under the protection of the Deputy Permanent Representative of the USSR to the UN.

In November, 1979 was appointed Head of the Illegal Intelligence Directorate of the PGU of the KGB of the USSR, which he headed until 1991. Member of the Afghan events. The initiator of the creation and the head of the reconnaissance and sabotage subdivision Vympel, intended for conducting operations outside the USSR in a "special period".

Since 1991, retired. Major General. Awarded numerous orders, and has government awards of the GDR, Poland, Cuba, Afghanistan.
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    I bow and proud! I have the honor!
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    5 November 2011 23: 28
    One thing I cannot understand: the KGB is a police structure; only secret. Well, in theory, they are playing on someone else's territory, violating other people's laws (as police officers of the USSR-RF). Yes, and on our territory, too, there is a Law ... And there is a concept of jurisdiction ... From the point of view of the Law - all these sent garbage are criminals. Why are we so proudly deciphering these "fighters" and handing them over on the pages of the media, in books and films? Britain, for example, completely denies the existence of such structures. This is criminality and banditry, they say. For intelligence there is the Foreign Office, for counterintelligence - Scotland Yard ... Why the hell are the rear rats from the SMERSH NKVD recommended by military intelligence officers? It is also not clear. They have different departmental affiliations. Never during the Great Patriotic War, NKVD units did not take part in battles (Only detachments that fired at their own and were the first to flee from the Germans) There is no point in creating such units and subunits. The police are guarding - the troops are fighting. And the quality of intelligence - including military - has always been nasty. But there are a lot of groundless show-offs and bouquets of traitors-strippers.
    1. albanech
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      Porridge you have a friend! I hope you can figure it out! Good luck smile
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      8 March 2023 21: 14
      I wonder where and when the "NKVD detachments" fired at their own?
    3. 0
      3 February 2024 18: 05
      If you please, lie, Mr. Bad... NKVD units were among the first to enter the battle, about the participation of NKVD divisions in the defense of Leningrad and Stalingrad, Moscow is also known a lot at the present time... And the NKVD units were the most persistent in defense and in the offensive the most persistent... Detachments were formed primarily from the most persistent units and units of the Red Army and the barrier detachments did not engage in executions. And the NKVD troops were engaged in protecting the rear from all evil spirits, and if necessary, they entered into battle. SMERSH were not scouts, and therefore were no longer rear rats... SMERSH RKKA, SMERSH NKVD, SMERSH NKVMF, these are military counterintelligence officers...
      In general, Uncle Petya, are you....?
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    Well, of course, ours is criminality, and the British are in white gloves :)
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    Yuri Drozdov this is a man with a capital letter! but in general all the corrupt ones need to be very severely and revealingly punished so that others are not accustomed to it!
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    Good article! There is something to be proud of!