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The manufacturer spoke about the modernization of the Ka-52

“Russian Helicopters” are working on upgrading the Ka-52 “Alligator” attack helicopters, reports TASS message of the press service of the holding.

Like all other helicopters produced by the association, the Ka-52 have a large modernization potential, the press service noted.

According to the holding, the current work is aimed at increasing the range of use of weapons, as well as to unify it with other types of attack helicopters of Russian production. What kind of weapons in question, the company did not specify.

In addition, during the modernization, the KA-52 will be equipped with “the latest radio-electronic equipment” and on-board defense complexes, the press service added.

Currently, the Alligators are armed with the Whirl-1 missiles of the Whirl-M anti-tank complex with a maximum range of 10 km. Last year, these missiles from the Mi-28H and Ka-52 were successfully used in Syria against military equipment of terrorist groups.

Earlier, the media reported that the Ka-52 along with other helicopters in the future will be armed with the Hermes-A missile system with a target range already up to 20 kilometers. According to open source data, the complex’s rocket is a two-stage bicalyber supersonic guided missile. As experts noted, the minus of such an installation is a large rocket weight. Ammunition weighs more than 90 kg, while ATVM “Whirlwind” - in 2 times lighter.
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  1. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 14 September 2018 14: 38
    Five remembered Hermes!
    1. KVU-NSVD
      KVU-NSVD 14 September 2018 14: 49
      It’s better if they put on the sub-muzzle radar
      1. Zaurbek
        Zaurbek 14 September 2018 14: 50
        The height will be uncomfortable. She’s on Kamov’s plane, sort of.
      2. Wedmak
        Wedmak 14 September 2018 14: 52
        This is not possible due to the coaxial design of the screws.
        1. Zaurbek
          Zaurbek 14 September 2018 14: 54
          Well, if you get confused, you probably can, but imagine the height of the structure?
          1. Wedmak
            Wedmak 14 September 2018 15: 01
            It is unlikely that they will even bother. For the complexity of the design will exceed all adequate standards.
            If you so lean out of the way because of obstacles, they will drive Mi-28НМ.
            1. Andrey Vitalyevich
              Andrey Vitalyevich 14 September 2018 15: 35
              for this they want to "unify with other types of attack helicopters" so that they work together ... not bad news
              1. Zaurbek
                Zaurbek 14 September 2018 15: 45
                I do not really understand the presence of two types of helicopters in service.
                1. dauria
                  dauria 14 September 2018 18: 24
                  I do not really understand the presence of two types of helicopters in service.

                  What is there to understand? They froze stupidity and instead of choosing one (even by drawing lots, if there are no brains), they continue to stubbornly dance on the rake. But how many people are occupied from training the flight personnel and those personnel to suppliers and factories. wink Again, the factories benefit - the smaller the series, the more expensive the helicopter. Lepota ... Oh yes, PRIORITY still, we are alone in the world coaxial. wassat
                  1. Bumblebee_3
                    Bumblebee_3 14 September 2018 19: 06
                    dauria (Alexey)
                    So why don't you like the coaxial scheme? Following your logic, our grandfathers were "well stupid", during the Second World War, they produced 2 types of La fighters with an air-cooled engine and Yak with a liquid cooling engine. And they also managed to produce PPSh and PPS.
                    1. Zaurbek
                      Zaurbek 14 September 2018 19: 11
                      Since then, and devices have risen in price and their use .... and development. This is normal, for example, among the Chinese: J-10 and J-11, and both with AL-31.
                    2. Mordvin 3
                      Mordvin 3 14 September 2018 19: 30
                      Quote: Bumblebee_3
                      Yes, they managed to produce PPSh and PPS.

                      Well, they did not change the issue of PPSh due to the fact that during the war it was difficult and troublesome to change the stamping, and the production of PPS was established from scratch by the Leningrad artels, which before the war produced trifles such as televisions and primuses.
                    3. dauria
                      dauria 14 September 2018 21: 35
                      And what do you dislike about the coaxial circuit?

                      I like any scheme if it fits into the current system of army aviation. Namely - mixed separate helicopter squadrons attached to the motorized rifle division. And this is the transport Mi-8 and shock Mi-24. Moreover, with the greatest possible commonality in REO, AO, engines and assemblies, ground equipment, supply and ease of transfer of personnel from one type to another, both for pilots and IAS. Therefore, you can put Ka in the ass, on the fleet, in the police, anywhere. But in the current system, he does not have a place - he does not have any advantage in the performance characteristics over the Mi-28 in order to fence a garden from a variety of grades. And what is the organization of all this cuisine in the most bestial places, I know in my own skin
        2. Locksmith
          Locksmith 14 September 2018 19: 30
          Quote: Wedmak
          This is not possible due to the coaxial design of the screws.

          He has a locator on the sleeve, between the blades, for which I do not remember
    ANCIENT 14 September 2018 14: 40
    So, "Hermes" will still go into service! Good news already!
  3. Sarmat Sanych
    Sarmat Sanych 14 September 2018 14: 40
    They write that "Hermes-A" has a range of up to 50 km and was successfully tested in Syria. If so, any other foreign helicopter is about 20 years old before the Alligator.
    1. spirit
      spirit 14 September 2018 14: 46
      The key word "write", we generally write and say a lot of things) if in terms of electronics we keep up with the latest Apache modifications it is already good
    2. Pivot
      Pivot 14 September 2018 14: 50
      Hard to believe, but God forbid that it was so
    3. Alex777
      Alex777 14 September 2018 15: 05
      Hermes has various modifications. One - Hermes-A about which the article was written from 20 km range. There is (should be) another (K ​​or C), with a 100 km range. And the second EMNIP should enter the shell of the Shell. When and if this happens, Shell-M will become a very cool weapon.
      1. Corn
        Corn 14 September 2018 16: 37
        MOSCOW. INTERSAX. At an expanded board of the Ministry of Defense, they presented new developments of the Russian military-industrial complex. Among them - a time machine, a passenger rocket, boots, boots, carpet-plane and other magical products. All necessary tests have been carried out, mass production is about to start, you just have to wait a bit.
        Hooray, comrades!
  4. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 14 September 2018 15: 22
    In my opinion. Ka-52 is the best attack helicopter in the world. With modernization, American Apache will be no match for him.
    1. Corn
      Corn 14 September 2018 16: 31
      Without modern ammunition, it is impossible not only to call the "best", but even to put on a par with Western counterparts.
  5. Corn
    Corn 14 September 2018 16: 29
    Hermes has a serious unresolved problem with the GOS.
    Russia has serious problems with both IR matrices and image processing systems.
    That is why the "cornet" is still 2 generations, and it is he (or based on it) will primarily become "homing" when the above problems are resolved
    1. Berber
      Berber 14 September 2018 16: 41
      To be honest, I hear about "Hermes" for the first time. I lag behind.
      1. Corn
        Corn 14 September 2018 17: 48
        They talked a lot about it in the 00s, the rocket itself is in many ways similar to the "carapace" missile defense system, but unlike its fully radio-controlled missile, it had to be used in the final section of the high-resolution IR seeker trajectory; until the polar fox crept up in the form of sanctions and the West's ban on the export of dual-use products, which actually buried the project.
        1. Alex777
          Alex777 14 September 2018 22: 55
          Of course, the rocket is similar to the Shell - KBP does both. hi
  6. Ros 56
    Ros 56 14 September 2018 17: 51
    Only pilots and their victims can tell what they will do and how it works. But alas, the pilots will not tell, because it is a military secret, and the victims are by definition.
    1. helmi8
      helmi8 14 September 2018 20: 40
      Quote: Ros 56
      pilots will not tell, because military secret

      Of course, it should be so. Yes, and the developers themselves are silent -
      What specific weapons are we talking about, the company did not specify

      And about the greater weight of the "Hermes" - I do not think that this is critical. The internal holders can be loaded with twice the weight of the external ones ....
      1. Alex777
        Alex777 14 September 2018 22: 53
        130 kg Hermes-K and 90 kg - Hermes-A. hi
    REEKMAN 15 September 2018 10: 22
    Knowledgeable people, please tell me, in the "Hermes-A" complex the principle of "fire and forget" is implemented, or the "turntable" must be passive until the target is hit :) I understand that the question can be googled, but sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the guesses of pseudo-experts from real information. hi