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Developed universal laser antimissile device

American scientists have created a laser device that is able to protect aircraft from missiles with heat pickup.

A DVD-sized gadget sends a high-energy infrared beam towards the pursuer that heats the rocket's thermal sensor and blinds it. The shell is confused and loses its main goal - the engine and exhausts. Then the plane should make a sharp turn or perform another air maneuver to finally get away from the defeat.

The difference from similar means of missile defense is that the laser emits a beam at once at several wavelengths covering the entire infrared spectrum.

Another method is the emission of heat reflectors, but their supply on board is limited. Large cars (like the ones that make Boeing) simply blast a rocket with a laser, but this technology is not suitable for small aircraft.

The new laser is small enough to fit on board any aircraft. It is likely to go on sale in 2011 year. By that time, University of Michigan staff will try to make the device even smaller, and the laser - even more powerful. The first will receive it all the same, not airplanes, but helicopters.
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  1. Mi
    Mi 20 September 2010 21: 48
    I read that special sapphire lamps are installed on the last helicopters to "jam" missiles. Who knows?
  2. Honory
    Honory 11 July 2012 12: 59
    Americans Ahead Again am