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South Korea will receive from the US anti-submarine Boeing P-8A Poseidon

The United States is stepping up cooperation with South Korea in the field of arms supplies. On Thursday, the US State Department approved the pre-sale of six Boeing P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft to Seoul. The total amount of the deal to the contract will be about 2,1 billion dollars, according to a press release from the US military.

South Korea will receive from the US anti-submarine Boeing P-8A Poseidon

In addition, the State Department approved the sale to South Korea of ​​a lot of Patriot MIM-104E Guidance Enhancement Missile-TBM missiles 64 units worth 501 million to South Korea announced by the Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA).

According to the representative of the United States Department of State, the contract for the supply of anti-submarine aircraft and anti-aircraft guided missiles to South Korea "will strengthen this country's defense capability" and "will not change the balance of forces in the region." At the same time, the State Department noted that South Korea is a "close ally of the United States." The main contractor with the South Korean Ministry of Defense is Boeing.

It should be noted that under US law, the US Department of Defense is required to notify the US Congress of upcoming transactions for the sale of military equipment or weapons to other countries. Congress has the right to prohibit any armory a deal, which is extremely rare.

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  1. bessmertniy
    bessmertniy 14 September 2018 12: 00
    What a balance. North Korea today is under sanctions and is required to disarm, and the United States continues to arm South Korea. negative
    1. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter 14 September 2018 12: 04
      And this is the concept of balance in mattresses. They are "exceptional", they are not like people. wink
      1. NIKN
        NIKN 14 September 2018 12: 16
        That is the whole of America, for her any transport to paradise is acceptable to enter, even a stranger ....
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 14 September 2018 12: 03
    The total amount of the transaction pl contract will be about 2,1 billion dollars, according to a press release from the US military.

    ... that’s why the mericatos are riveting military equipment to sell ... however, like all countries that have the appropriate basis for this ... ordinary business ...
  3. Guru
    Guru 14 September 2018 13: 52
    Seoul's sale of six Boeing P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft.
    Whose submarines and ships are they going to destroy? Obviously not North Korea - they simply do not have so many ships, but if they are Russian, then this is already an interesting topic.
  4. san4es
    san4es 14 September 2018 14: 44
    In the periscope detection mode of submarines, high-frequency scanning is used in high-resolution mode with enhanced filtering of sun glare.
    Rayton offers new receivers of the satellite navigation system, with increased resistance to suppression, an integrated built-in state recognition system, a towed false target, and highly protected VHF communication equipment. Data exchange equipment was created by Northrop-Grumman. P-8A will detect magnetic anomalies with a magnetometer. For staging sonar buoys, the aircraft will be equipped with a rotary launcher developed by EDO Corporation.
    Free-falling bombs, Mark 54 torpedoes and depth charges can be placed in the internal weapons compartment. Underwing pylons are designed for Harpoon anti-ship missiles.
    For self-defense, the aircraft will be equipped with an electronic countermeasure system EWSP, which includes an electronic warfare control system AN / ALQ-213 (V), a DIRCM directional infrared jamming system, a radar warning system, and a passive jamming system.
    The cruising speed of the aircraft will be about 926 km / h. In patrol search mode - 333 km / h when flying at an altitude of 60 meters.
    As a power plant, two turbofan engines CFM56-7B27A with a thrust of 120 kN each were used. Engines have high reliability - the probability of failure in flight is 0,003% per 1000 flight hours. The total capacity of the fuel system is 34096 kg ..