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Fire greetings: “The sun” melted the “enemy” at the exercises in Algeria

Large-scale military exercises with the use of modern Russian-made equipment were held in Algeria. Particular attention was focused on the heavy flamethrower system TOC-1A. The maneuvers were a legend about the offensive actions of the Russian army.

The fictional enemy was repulsed by the BM-21 “Grad” and “Sunlight” multiple launch rocket systems, which provided fiery cover for the first cannon. As a result of the massive shelling of the "defense of the enemy" was completely broken and buried under a barrage of continuous fire.

Next came the X-NUMX-mm howitzer D-122, followed by the self-propelled artillery 30-2 “Gvozdika”.

While the above-mentioned guns were working with the enemy on the ground, the air was recaptured by the portable Igla air defense systems ZSU-23-4 Shilka.

Next, the BMP-30M 2-mm automatic guns with the Berezhok combat module and the Kornet anti-tank systems were used. Closer to the final match on the battle scene appeared combat Tanks T-90SA, which began to move towards the enemy, after which the defense fell.

Experts in one voice say: Algeria acquired TOC-1 for good reason. Thanks to the “Suns” of the Russian production, the soldiers during the operation of the gun can move freely, and the equipment will cover the fighters.

The previous version of the modern gun was called “Buratino” and differed in the number of guides (24 instead of today's 30-ti). Due to the relatively short range of launching shells (from 0,4 to 6 km), the equipment had to acquire additional armor, which was reflected in the weight of the combat vehicle, which increased to 46 tons.

After the "Suns" for the first time demonstrated their power in Iraq, the combat vehicle became popular all over the world, as a result of which the weapon became one of the most purchased from Russia.
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