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The American "Sting" will be more effective. In the US, modernize the "Stinger"

In the near future, the US Army plans to adopt a program for large-scale modernization of the Stinger man-portable air defense missile system, reports Military Parity, citing

The American "Sting" will be more effective. In the US, modernize the "Stinger"

In the course of modernization, an increase in the effectiveness of the use of MANPADS missiles, including in the fight against drones, is implied. Cruise Missile Defense Systems Project Office (CMDS) has already demonstrated a new warhead for Stinger MANPADS, which, according to the developers, has a higher lethal effectiveness against UAVs. In the course of the demonstration of a new warhead "Stinger", test firing at UAVs, both in static and flying at different speeds, was conducted. It is noted that a wide range of UAVs were used as targets: from small to UAVs weighing 1000 pounds, such as Shadow. The missiles were used as a portable air defense missile system, and launchers self-propelled machines Avenger.

Unlike the previous version of the Stinger MANPADS rocket warhead, which has a direct hit mode, the new warhead is equipped with a fuse for remote detonation. According to the plans of the US military, the new warhead will be ready for installation on upgraded missiles from February 2019.

The modernization program has not yet been adopted, but as soon as it is approved, a new fuse, engine and gas generator will be installed on the 5 thousand Stinger missiles. It is assumed that during the modernization of the rocket will not only become more efficient, but also extend the life of the 10 years.
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  1. Victor_B
    Victor_B 12 September 2018 10: 20
    Natural process.
    It would be strange if we did not improve serial production.
    We, too, are not standing still.
    They have a Stinger, and we have a Willow.
    Personally, it’s more interesting for me - which of them is better?
    But for some reason they don’t send exact data to my sofa.
    1. Vadim851
      Vadim851 12 September 2018 10: 57
      Verba is definitely better, the 9M336 has a range of 6km and a reach in height of 4000-4500m versus 4,5 km and 3800m, respectively, at Stinger, also after the upgrade the electronics will probably be better than ours.
      Given the venerable age of Stinger, then solid indicators at that time.
    2. Avior
      Avior 12 September 2018 17: 42
      Stinger has a matrix GOS
  2. Machete
    Machete 12 September 2018 10: 22
    And to build a new complex weakly?
    Even we, with our limited budget, already, in my opinion, have built a couple of new MANPADS.
    1. Victor_B
      Victor_B 12 September 2018 10: 25
      A couple?
      Announce the entire list, please! (with)
    2. Vadim851
      Vadim851 12 September 2018 11: 00
      They don’t need him. Their ground forces are fighting with full control of the airspace and fighters are fighting with aviation in extreme cases, hence their air defense is much weaker than ours. It is difficult to imagine the situation that in a local conflict with enemy aircraft, the Americans will fight with the help of ground-based air defense. UAVs have been actively launched recently.
      Enough for the barmaley and the stinger is too bold to make a new MANPADS specially for them.
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 12 September 2018 10: 24
    ... recently discussed a similar topic ...
    8 September 2018
  4. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 12 September 2018 10: 38
    "Stinger" is an old enemy of our aviation and is well studied, and its modernization by the Americans is quite a natural process.