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Meanwhile in India: Do we really need the French Rafale?

Based on materials from the Indian press, in Russia it is often concluded that New Delhi arranges strange “rituals” when discussing military-technical agreements exclusively with our suppliers. We are talking about the frequent strange statements of Indian partners, when they first assure that they are ready to conclude a contract, then find a hundred reasons on the basis of which they refuse to sign a contract, and some time later, expecting Russia to offer a “discount”, they offer new parameters arms acquisition deals.

But, as follows from the Indian media, so India behaves with almost any partner (or potential partner) in the military-technical sphere.

In one of the Indian newspapers, material appeared in which the government’s government demanded an explanation as to why the authorities preferred the French Rafale fighter jets to the Indian Air Force. In an English-language newspaper article The statesman says that the government made a mistake trying to hide the real value of the contract for the purchase of 36-ti French military aircraft.

Meanwhile in India: Do we really need the French Rafale?

In addition, the authors ask themselves: will the Indian Air Force increase its combat effectiveness? fleet 36 Rafale fighters, or is it doubtful?

The article also contains another question: if the deal really goes for the benefit of India, then why does the department not disclose all its details, first of all - the financial component - in conditions of transparency in the field of public procurement management? It is noted that in this way the government itself pushes itself into a corner, giving rise to rumors about a deal with the French.
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  1. Thrall
    Thrall 10 September 2018 13: 17
    This Indian "daisy" no longer surprises anyone smile
    1. Shurik70
      Shurik70 10 September 2018 13: 28
      But they dance well!
      [/ Quote]
    2. vkl.47
      vkl.47 10 September 2018 13: 29
      And Shiva pulls this daisy with all four hands
      1. Stakan
        Stakan 10 September 2018 18: 51
        Delhi arranges strange "rituals"

        The homeland of the Gypsies and that says it all .. For several years now, "dances" have been satisfied with "buy not buy" ..
        Gold a pen, etc.
        Of course, the market is promising, but those still hit. Maybe Pakistan is better? And then we'll see ..
  2. spektr9
    spektr9 10 September 2018 13: 28
    What they want is bought, it's their business
  3. Yrec
    Yrec 10 September 2018 13: 32
    Hindus need technology, but they stick their beards on. Given their "high culture of production" it would be better for them not to make planes - they will be healthier.
    1. bouncyhunter
      bouncyhunter 10 September 2018 13: 55
      This is not only about aircraft. They would have to moderate the trick, otherwise they decided that money decides everything. Not that case and not with those players.
  4. Ros 56
    Ros 56 10 September 2018 15: 12
    Let the window dress be arranged, an air battle between ours and the Frenchman, and everyone will see what they need.
    1. Sands Careers General
      Sands Careers General 10 September 2018 16: 58
      Indians arranged a training battle between our and the American fighter. In my opinion, the Americans blew dry))
    2. faiver
      faiver 10 September 2018 17: 34
      the question is who will pilot ours and the Frenchman ...
      1. abc_alex
        abc_alex 10 September 2018 19: 04
        Pilots there are Sikhs. And they are serious comrades. :)
    3. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 10 September 2018 19: 19
      Quote: Ros 56
      Let the window dress be arranged, an air battle between ours and the Frenchman,
      Rafal is not exactly a sucker fighter. It is worth remembering how he shod F-22, hanging on his tail. This apparently inspired dance lovers to acquire a similar pepelats. On the other hand, the brahmanas want a single-engine light fighter to get it. With us only the MiG-35 can be offered. And here is how he will show himself against the Frenchman ... Of course, I would like to shod the paddling pools ... But, here we must see!
      Quote: General of the Sand Quarries
      Indians arranged a training battle between our and the American fighter.
      Yes, but these were heavy Su-30MKIs and a US F-15, if I'm not mistaken. And here you need to somersault throughout the Kama Sutra with a light fighter. The beginning of the battle on a collision course: who detects and attacks whom first, then medium and small distances up to maneuvering close combat. So evaluate the chances of Gripen, F-16 Block IV, Raphael and our MiG-35.
      Quote: faiver
      who will pilot ours and the Frenchman ...
      The right question! National test pilots (standard!) Are one thing and Hindi (Bhai-bhai!) Is quite another. But they will listen to their own. And they can be gilded ... pretty. So, here we have little chance of a breakthrough!
      Somehow, however!
      1. Avior
        Avior 10 September 2018 23: 51
        On the other hand, the brahmanas want a single-engine light fighter to get it. We have only the MiG-35 can offer.

        Uhhhh ...?
      2. Kurare
        Kurare 11 September 2018 15: 34
        Quote: Boa constrictor KAA
        So evaluate the chances of Gripen, F-16 block IV, Rafal and our MiG-35.

        MiG-35 with OVT. I think his chances in melee are more than good, and with a new radar, on average, they are more than worthy.
        The main problems with the 35th were his lack of knowledge: engine, radar, software, and, of course, the absence of the Russian army.
    4. nikoliski
      nikoliski 11 September 2018 06: 57
      Rafal won close air combat in NATO exercises from who do you think? The most popular "invincible" (probably because he did not fight with anyone) - F-22 Raptor! Yes, yes - in close combat, Rafal beat him in training fights.
    APASUS 10 September 2018 19: 12
    There, initially all the fuss was due to the transfer of technology to the Indians, but the French drove India at a price, and then with technology. Now they scratch turnips, but you need to know the Indians how they can twist dynamos!
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 11 September 2018 01: 43

    Thrall Yesterday, 13: 17
    This Native American "chamomile" no longer surprises anyone smile

    ... Hello, old man! hi ... apparently wanted to say Indian ....
  7. andrey-ivanov
    andrey-ivanov 11 September 2018 07: 55
    One of the Russian test pilots (I do not remember the name) said in an interview that the Rafal is a very good, maneuverable vehicle and can even give battle to such "acrobats" as the MiG-29 and Su-27. But with his range, alas ... Therefore, we often see "Rafali" with rather big PTBs, and with them he is no longer a fighter.