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Results of the week. Big war

How to squander rating for 60 seconds

Now many will begin to grumble: they say they found someone to talk about. About Navalny and his gang, seemingly looking for information. And, actually, why not? If the information is found, posted and even confirmed? And as for the country's defense?

Results of the week. Big war

Yes, here any "bulk" for themselves of political bonuses will weld, using the "breakthrough" initiatives of our valiant government. Everything, they say, is great in economics, everything is great, but only “years on 7-10”. Nobody knows what will happen next, and therefore - that's that, baboon - just in case, we will raise the retirement age here and now.

And even for many even anti-knockers, it doesn’t matter that the same “protector of the forest” somehow himself advocated raising the retirement age, and now turned on the return line and again became the hero of a depressive young with iPhones. The problem is that the authorities with such initiatives share their own rating with rogues. What can I say ...

Comments from our readers:

Unfortunately ... You can say ... It was ... Tigers do not report meat ... And whoever eats this meat is not so important anymore ...

the most important
How is it not important ??? Very important !!! And he eats a certain bastard. And because of this bastard, for example, I, after serving 21 a year and retiring on the occasion of an injury that qualifies as a military injury, did not receive housing, and the pension comes with a reduction factor.

That is, stealing is good, and the cops are all in the furnace?
The danger of Navalny lies precisely in the fact that he filled in the country's lack of control over power, filled, naturally, in his own interests. A sane manager, having received a signal, checks it and, if necessary, reacts, rather than seeking to punish the complainant.
The vulnerability of the “vertical of power” lies precisely in the fact that it superbly blocks the passage of an unnecessary signal in both directions, and Mr. Putin seems to have no other channels. How the system behaves without feedback, I think everyone understands. With what we congratulate.

Faulty engine

Border Patrol Ship (PSKR) "Impeccable" (project 22460) is waiting for the replacement of the Chinese diesel engine.

Is someone surprised?
We wear Chinese clothes, we eat Chinese dishes, we use Chinese smartphones. The other day, the cranberries bought dried in the glaze, brought home - it was also Chinese. Yadrena stump - cranberries in sugar in Russia - Chinese! .. Mother-mother ...
Thereafter people "Break", not to mention diesel engines.

Import replace well ...

Comments from our readers:

And it will be like this all the time, until our own companies start producing engines ...

And broke because the Chinese? And the option of inappropriate maintenance is excluded? No, I am not a margin, but the statements from the press are already annoying, all specialists, I don’t know from whom. Everything breaks down and at all, Zumvolt Rolls-Royles won over the Chinese.

From the text:
“According to the source, a diesel engine crash occurred during tests at the end of August - the crankshaft jammed, the liners were cranked. In addition, 30% nozzles have flowed. ”

Service corresponding say no? ..

What have realized in the USA?

Incredibly, but a fact: the United States finally realized that they are no longer invulnerable to Russian and Chinese weapons... General Terrence O'Shaughnessy, head of the US Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, acknowledged the superiority of some modern types of Russian and Chinese weapons.

The only thing that the Americans perfectly understood is that on horror stories about the incredibly-lacking analogies in the world of Russian and Chinese weapons, you can earn a lot of money. The main thing is that the senator will often pour something into the ears about aggression, and they are happy to try - since they themselves have profit for affiliated companies and aren’t like: 10 billions from the budget there, 20 billions here. And what ... Have the ability to print as you need.

Comments from our readers:

Assuming that the striped ones clean and lock themselves up on their continent is very ... brave!
Appetite usually comes with eating, and striped ones have already eaten everything you can!
How to bring down their taste is a problem for many.

One of my comrades about such statements that “soon,” liked to say:
200 has been rotting for years, and it smells and does not stink.

Urrrrrrrrrrry! Checker nnnnagolo!

Screws in the envelope

Mass-media avidly comment on the message about the desire of the RF Airborne Forces to get convertible planes for the delivery of the landing force to the place of the military operations. And often this information is presented as something new, progressive.

Yes, we need a convertiplane, we need it. And submarines are needed, and fighters are needed, and Tanks are needed. Only everything without fanaticism - this time, and without recent statements from the series of officials who have become “popular”: “The prototype will begin to pass tests in two thousand endzi khe-khe ... that year, and by two thousand enzi em .. “This year we’ll make a car that flies over the Moskva River on the day of the city.”

Comments from our readers:

The Americans are busy with high-water planes after the failure of the hostage rescue operation in Iran. And the scope of application - special, landing and search and rescue operations. Helicopters perform such tasks worse because of the lower speed and range of the flight ... It is possible that in some cases when convertible gliders proved their advantages, we simply do not know ...
Well, it seems to me that the next step from convertible planes is multicopter, so this branch is not a dead end.

And it seems to me, it is necessary to make a bet on high-speed helicopters with pushing screws, such as the Ka-92. characteristics are almost the same, and the complexity will be less.

Moreover, we have gained vast experience in helicopters with coaxial screws. Which the Americans do not have. And this scheme for an auto-gyro helicopter with a pusher propeller is preferable.

Thrust to rename

News about the revival of the institute of political commissars stirred up the military and near-war circles. And there is why.

Renaming and reorganization is our everything. There is no political ideology, but a political commander - let it be. And there it’s up to the political commissar as such, you see, it comes. All within the statute and the constitution. And how else. Apparently, it is impossible to inculcate patriotism in the soldier and explain the situation in the international political arena without renaming the position.

Comments from our readers:

Andrey Yuryevich
mmmda ... in the absence of ideology, are political leaders needed?

So what kind of ideology will future political leaders inculcate? Die for the fat cat, do the duty?

Patriotism, love of country - is this not an ideology? An army without ideology is a mercenary. With all the consequences. Combat stability is low. We formally have no ideology under the Constitution. But in reality it functions, although not very effectively.
State interests are already ideology.

The development of the Arctic. What will Greenpeace tell us?

At the recently held international military-technical forum “Army-2018”, transportable power units of various types with nuclear power plants developed by the company “Afrikantov OKBM” JSC were demonstrated.

Oh, guys, you risk, however! Tomorrow expect the Greenpeace team on inflatable boats that will stick themselves to something with something for something. They have this - scent. Therefore - work accurately, carefully and carefully. They say the excitement of the sea in 4 points and knowledge of English - and activists are becoming more compliant on environmental issues.

Comments from our readers:

a sickle on personal belongings such articles for all propalschikov. One of the areas where we are not just at the level, but also ahead with a margin. These installations are one of the keys to the Arctic - the 21 storeroom of the century. Yes, and compact nuclear power plants are already a bad dream for many - Poseidon, Petrel, etc. "Statuses".

Are there plans to use these gizmos, not diesel boilers. At the northern military base on the land of Frans Joseph I wonder. Although it is located in a protected Arctic zone.

Many words about power and not one about security. Tell about the ecology of the inhabitants of Pripyat, Fukushima and workers of "Mayak", and about the harm from the combustion of hydrocarbons. Everything is so rosy in the article, but they still can’t figure out the fucking rigs that are scattered around the north, they couldn’t find a capsule from one of them several years ago at a bus stop in Kingisepp, a few dozen kilometers from St. Petersburg, 3 those who picked riteg for metal, died, how many people were in contact with the capsule at the bus stop is not known. No terrorists are needed ... I am very glad that this industry does not stand still, but given the apathy towards the ecology in our country, it also strains.

Gordian knot and collective irresponsibility

In predictions about the likely start of full-scale hostilities in the Donbass, Polish newsmen decided to hit.

You can already print a calendar of forecasts of the great war in the Donbas. Before elections, during elections, after elections; before the World Cup, during the World Cup, after the World Cup; before meals, during meals, after meals.
In fact, there is nothing funny. Forecasts are predicted, and people die almost daily. Daily crumbling at home. Blood, shrapnel, smoke, grief, tears. No one is going to put the point, it seems like. As they say, there are no others, and those are far away. Who will take responsibility and cut this Gordian knot is the question ...

Comments from our readers:

There was no war to the full, so that a defense breakthrough by the forces of a division or at least a brigade with participation directly on the battlefield of thousands of military units was carried out, in the Donbas it was not yet.
It has its own specifics. Shoot, of course, by agreement, only on the line of contact. On the same line, military guard stationed in small, platoon, strong points. If the so-called “attempt to break through” 10-20 of APU infantrymen with the support of a pair of infantry fighting vehicles or even a tank happens, artillery fire and reinforcement from the main forces are called.
Why is that? The ugredelyeli are afraid of the scope of the hostilities - the loss is not 1, 2, 3 soldiers, and 100, 200, 300 for the day of active combat. In addition, the Russian Federation can intervene and bomb out all the rears in Kharkov to Kharkov, the Dnieper and even further. The cottonmen will flee from the chieftain of the ataman, and Petro Poroshenko may not have time to hide and hang on one of the Kiev chestnuts, where he can be placed not only by "pro-Russian tvarin", but also by widening banderlog, it was not for nothing that Ban Saak them agitated.
DLNR is also unprofitable scale of hostilities - their land will burn, but very quickly it will not end ...
For Russia, the escalation will mean the loss of their military unit, the risk of the appearance of Bandera gangs on its territory, because the border is 2000 km, it cannot be closed by special forces, and there are not many soldiers in the Ground Forces, but half of them are conscripts, not looking at actions taken. Everyone is dissatisfied, but nothing can be done in a purely military way, that is, of course, possible, but more expensive.
What to do, what to do?
Yes, to put pressure on a quiet one, such as on Azov, to introduce counter sanctions and pinpoint but powerful blows, to disable l / s and the banderlog technique, and, most importantly, to make them want to stick bayonets into the ground, or, even more beautiful, to turn them against their oligarchs, corrupt officials, deputies, etc.

It is not the murder of Zakharchenko that is surprising, yet the war is with Ukraine, but the lack of further action is amazing. Where at least one fact, what ended the investigation into the murders of Motorola, Givi, and even earlier Bednova, Dremova, Brainstorming?

We already hear the fifth year: “they will climb, and we will see.”
As a result, no one climbs anywhere, they just quietly destroy the defenders of Donbass and terrorize civilians with impunity.

What we have on helicopters ...

Comparing attack helicopters is a thankless task. One of the reasons lies in the colossal experience of the helicopter industry. Over the long decades of confrontation, the United States and the USSR / RF have accumulated so much theoretical and practical knowledge that it is difficult to imagine a frankly unsuccessful attack helicopter. This, in general, also applies to most other helicopter-building countries. The rest, as they say, is a matter of taste: someone likes "Viper", someone - Ka-52. And someone is delighted with the Chinese WZ-10.

In the meantime, we are catching up and overtaking the Apache at the Eastern Economic Forum presented the Ka-62 - a civilian model, which may well become a workhorse for law enforcement agencies, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Emergency Situations Ministry and others. Transportation of cargo, patrolling, sanitary operations, passenger transportation is far from all the functionality of the helicopter, which, I hope, will not be released in a single copy.

Comments from our readers:

How can the attack helicopter “glowing” in the millimeter-frequency range be able to get the “ultimate secrecy”? The overhead radar is required to search for targets, first of all in adverse weather conditions and at night. The radar is capable of raising the crew’s informational awareness, providing terrain mapping, timely warning of an anti-aircraft missile launch, and providing multi-channel ATGM guidance from the RGSN. But to ensure "stealth" in the confrontation with a technologically advanced opponent, he is not able to.

Sergey, I bow to your knowledge of the topic, but will not a helicopter be invisible to the tank crew? It seemed to me that tankers have only a visual method of identification (although at a distance of 8-16 km the chance to detect a helicopter is visually equal to 0), well, or by a laser beam while pointing a missile, can they be exposed to radar radiation? And accordingly, if they cannot, then they will not be able to take urgent measures during an attack ...

Tanks do not go into battle themselves. When the USSR covers them, the “Wasps” or “Torahs” cover, and they will see the helicopter for 30 km. Here, the truth, cannot hit for 15 km, unless near "Beech" or "Armor" is deployed nearby.

Militants have no chance

The world is again on the verge of conflict, which, under certain circumstances, can serve as a fuse for world war. And the scene is the same as six months ago, when the Americans and their allies (Great Britain and France) launched a missile attack on Syria. Only this time is still more serious. Units of the Syrian army, according to some sources, are already fully prepared for a military operation in the province of Idlib, still controlled by the militants and partially by Turkey. And even despite the fact that there are many militants there, the experience of the recent successful operations of the Syrian army in the south and in the center of the country shows that they have little chance: to resist a stronger and more motivated government army supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces and Iranian "volunteer" formations they can't.

But what will happen next? In a difficult situation, when the parties were on the verge of a new war? The real answer to the question of how the situation will develop in Syria, we will probably receive in the coming days. After all, the Russian VKS has already dealt its first strike The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed the facts of strikes by Russian aircraft against targets in the Syrian province of Idlib. As the representative of the Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, said, four Russian planes on Tuesday attacked targets of the Dzhebkhat al-Nusra terrorist group banned in Russia.

And this means that the Russian General Staff and the highest political leadership of the country, who have more information in their hands than sofa strategists, taxi drivers and housewives, are confident in their abilities. Let's hope that they have calculated everything. And we wish good luck to our military!

Comments from our readers:

The Americans understand that a massive strike of the Kyrgyz Republic will push through Syria’s air defense system, simply nothing is enough. And if such a blow comes, then the losses will be significant. All, of course, the case will also be adjusted, somewhere - by, somewhere - just the CD will fall, before reaching. We will see.

Yes, it is time for the Syrian air defense to shoot down several carriers of OZ missiles, and not only American but also Israeli. So, to prevent joint mischief from these "friends." With such a massive raid possible and "lining"!

Double major
Neither the US nor Israel are afraid of the Syrians. Shot down something with the pilots, otvetka fly instantly. Actually, I suppose, their provocations for that are calculated: to derail the CAA and then crush them. Our most likely, Lavrov’s “partners” will not touch - only their missiles. Although it would be long overdue.

C-200 vs. F-35?

The Israeli air force launched a missile attack on the territory of Syria. According to the Arab portal Al-Masdar, citing its own sources, Israel launched at least five rockets in the province of Hama. According to al-Masdara sources, all Israeli missiles fired across Syria, despite the opposition of the Syrian air defense, reached their goal. The Syrian Agency SANA confirms Israel’s missile attack on Syrian territory, while stating that Syria’s air defenses have shot down several missiles.

It is curious that after the launch of a rocket attack of objects on the territory of Syria, some statements appeared in the media: they say that one of the Israeli military aircraft was previously damaged. “Earlier” is in October last year. On the translation portal "Mixednews" with reference to it is reported that Syrian air defense weapons then attacked Israeli military aircraft. Allegedly, the F-35I involved in the operation was damaged.

This kind of “winning” publication looks, at best, at unverified information. The fact is that the Israeli media in October 2017 did not report on the combat use of F-35. The first combat use of the F-35, according to Israeli Air Force Commander Amikam Norkin, took place in May 2018, when airplanes were struck at the location of the pro-Iranian armed formations. About this "Military Review" wrote in material from 22 May.

Comments from our readers:

Got, didn't Got ... Like in the film "Is there life on Mars, is there life on Mars ... is it unknown to science yet."

Interestingly, and what in the Tartus is the Russian group of ZRS C-300В? Or the position of the leadership of the Russian Federation is this: anyone can bomb at least a province, even Tartus itself, the main thing is that the bombs behind the fence of the Russian base fall, and then what do you want?

How to go to your home. The right of the strong in action. A good science for those who want to learn from the mistakes of others: what causes the lack of funding for their army and leaps of the liberal masses.

God of heaven, and in combination - the god of war

Another propaganda article, praising American weapons and diminishing Russian weapons, appeared in American Thinker. Outstanding US expert Fred Singer claims that after a successful Israeli air strike on Syria, Russia is likely to no longer participate in the "mess" in Syria because of the lack of air defense systems capable of detecting "elusive" F-35. The author claims that the F-35 transmitted to Israel were “baptized in combat conditions”, attacking about fifty Iranian military bases covered with “Russian C-300 systems in the last modification with powerful radars in Syria”. After these successful air strikes, when C-300 was unable to detect the F-35, Russia allegedly decided to improve the systems for "detecting elusive F-35".

In addition, the author writes that in the "easy reach" is the Russian base in Latakia. Although the Russians have put a more advanced C-400 system to protect this base, but it is also overvalued by experts ...

Such unequivocal judgments of prominent superexperts about the “blind” Russian air defense systems and the all-round superiority of the F-35 appear in the foreign press far from the first time. These are periodical publications whose purpose is obvious: to convince western inhabitants that the Russians have no decent air defense systems, and the American F-35 is the all-powerful super-visitor, the god of the sky, and in combination the god of war.

Comments from our readers:

This is another question: why are they so worried about the acquisition of C-400 by Turkey and India?

It is hoped that the army and fleet The United States is led by more sane individuals.

Sergey Medvedev
It is necessary to conduct an advertising campaign of our air defense. Shoot down the Israeli F-35 and express regret. In the style of "He is invisible. We did not notice! We were shooting at Barmaley's drones!"

Submarine hunt

The well-known publication reported disrupting the strike operation of one of the three British multipurpose Astute-class nuclear submarines, which was supposed to launch the UGM-20E strategic Tomahawk Block IV missile 109 in Syria. The reason for the failure was the pursuit of the British submarine by either modern modification of the ultra low noise diesel-electric submarine 636.3 Ave. Varshavyanka or 877 Ave.

Even if the British submarine tried to break away from the Varshavyanka and go to other positions to launch Tomahawk missiles, it would have been safely met by our IL-38N anti-submarine aircraft according to the target designation transmitted from our submarine. After all, the underwater component of the Russian Navy and anti-submarine aviation - links of one chain linked to a single network-centric network. And so the only adequate solution for British submariners was to leave the central part of the Mediterranean Sea.

Comments from our readers:

And what lesson can be drawn from the fact that the Mediterranean Sea is, in essence, a puddle, and it is impossible to hide the submarine there? Another thing - the ocean. It is much more difficult to find a boat there. What our submariners have repeatedly demonstrated ...

Boa kaa
Damn, and the Yankees do not know about this !!!
Have you ever seen the Mediterranean "alive", at least from the side of a cruise liner, have you seen it?
States constantly send "nuts" to 1-2 and, before the 2-3, multi-purpose (percussion) SSNs. Depending on the tension of the international situation. And frogs do not disdain to send their SSBNs there for combat patrols. As they say, all by Feng Shui!
That is why the Mediterranean has always been considered for us a strategically important area of ​​the oceans, and not a "puddle", as you deign to put it.

Due to the dense shipping in the Mediterranean, submarines can be quite easily disguised, following close to large transporters, for example, dry-cargo ships the size of an aircraft carrier.

Su-Xnumx. One of the most efficient

The Su-35 fighter, which entered into service with the PLA Air Force, is a nightmare and headache for American aviation in Asia, citing the National Interest opinion of the American expert. “Su-35-multipurpose fighter capable of air combat and accurate attack on ground and surface targets. At present, the PLAC Air Force aviation units are armed with Su-35 fighters, ”the author cites a statement by the representative of the Chinese Ministry of Defense. The presence of the Su-35 (according to NATO codification: Flanker-E +), one of the most combat-capable fighters in the world, makes the Chinese air force much stronger, the expert said.

The contract for the supply of twenty-four Su-35 fighters of the 4 ++ generation was concluded between Moscow and Beijing in the 2015 year. Su-35 close to the generation 5 aircraft. Except for the presence of an active phased array antenna and low-visibility technology, the fighter meets most requirements for next-generation vehicles.

And then there is India. Indian media publish reports that the government is preparing to submit a document approving the purchase of new foreign-made fighter jets for the needs of the Indian Air Force 114. The extended list also includes Sukhoi fighter jets (Russia). We are talking about all the same Su-35. About the "nightmare and headaches of American aviation in Asia" ...

Comments from our readers:

Come on, Indians, nothing personal, just business. Su-35 is high efficiency + adequate price and cost of ownership. If you don't want old friendships ...

If we recall the previous purchases of India, it is clear what will happen next.
They will purchase not 114, but 24 of the aircraft (according to 3-4, pieces of each from the list). Then they will try to hang on them additional weapons (not originally intended for the aircraft). Then they will try to fill with low-quality oil and fuel.
And they will complain to manufacturers, they will try to recover the penalty.

Is America weak to order a squadron of Su-35? What Russia will respond to this unusual offer?

Recall history with helicopters in Afghanistan. The US military-industrial complex came out with mucus to stop these supplies, although objectively it was the best choice.

The principle of reasonable sufficiency

Despite the serious successes of our warships involved in the counterterrorist operation in the Middle East, it is obvious that for the time being Russia's naval ambitions are limited. By virtue of the principle of reasonable sufficiency and modesty (in comparison with our opponents) of the military budget, we have focused on the construction and modernization of missile carriers, both submarines and surface ones.

Another thing is China, whose geopolitical, economic interests and opposition in the South China Sea turn it into a naval power with a powerful military fleet. The other day, the Chinese edition of Jinji Toutyao reported that the pilots of the PRC naval aviation mastered the technology of night landings and takeoffs from the deck of an aircraft carrier. American experts claimed that the Chinese would take many years to master this technique, but they did it in six years!

The edition, by the way, shows a finger not only on Americans. The irony was enough for the Russians: “Russia has not yet dreamed of such technologies, it only remains for them to look at their eastern brothers with envy.”

Well, we will look at them - through Chinese monitors, connecting to the global network through Chinese routers, banging on the keyboards of laptops, on which the inscription is easily found: Made in China ...

Comments from our readers:

In the ninety-first year in Chelyabinsk, a system was created for the automatic landing of aircraft on an aircraft carrier. Started, come, and now they are proud ... In 1978, he took part in the development of a system for stabilizing hydrofoil vessels. As far as I know, nothing like this could be repeated.

The author has forgotten to remind you that the PLA did not participate in serious wars, and their weapons (and even the same planes) also did not accept such a challenge as our equipment and weapons. Comparison with the United States is also inappropriate, they are actively using their weapons. What is so cool China does not allow its modern wunderwallers to Syria, but only threatens everything: soon, very soon, just a little more, and will send its forces to Syria. There would have looked, could fly their planes as much as ours. Let the military had them with a dozen brilliant operations. It’s one thing to be cool in your own words and in the words of experts, and another thing to be in practice. After all, it would be a major political victory. Look, we are really cool, and our weapon is one of the best, buy it. Where is all this? Even now, when there is no one to fight and the risks are minimal, they still do not connect their troops and weapons.

In Syria, China can run several "small" infantry squads (20-30 millions of fighters) to launch, and they will clean, filter, and deliver all cancer in the country, including in the nearest regions, without any aircraft.

Scary, already terrible!

Again in Europe they say that Russia is intimidating her. Now for this purpose Moscow supposedly uses the Vostok 2018 teachings, which, with the light hand of the Handelsblatt edition, are called unprecedented in scale and comparable to the largest military operations of the Second World War.

Exclusively of political correctness, tolerance, and also remembering the solidarity of the working people and the friendship of nations, Military Review will not remind the Handelsblatt publication about who started and who ended the war.

Comments from our readers:

Probably, they compare with the Berlin operation (April 16 - 8 May 1945 of the year, 2.05 - Berlin storming), the commanders-in-chief: 1 Belarusian Front - Zhukov, 2 Belarusian Front - Rokossovsky, 1 Ukrainian Front - Konev.

Fie on them, let them write, it is important for us that the army be strong in arms and spirit. We are a peaceful country, but we can stand up for ourselves, and even if our military potential is inferior to NATO (and this is so), we cannot bend by force. Ugh on them again.

The rumors about the fright of the Germans are clearly exaggerated. At present, in Germany, the new administration’s policy, which imposes sanctions against European companies and concerns, is causing far greater concern.

America, come on, bye!

The United States failed to keep a puppet government in Iraq. After the last parliamentary elections, the course of the state nevertheless came off the American rails, and the moment that the “US friend” Haider al-Abadi still remains the current prime minister does not change anything. The Nasr-led bloc ranked third only, leaving behind the radical Shiite party Al-Sayrun and the Fattah alliance sympathetic to Tehran. Both of those who gained the majority of the bloc, despite some disagreements, oppose dependence on America and are united in their opinion: there should not be a single American soldier in the republic!

Moreover, Iraq (following another recent American "ally" - Turkey) launched the process of abandoning the dollar. And the first country, trade cooperation with which will be focused on national currencies, was Iran, which, according to Mr. Trump's concepts, personifying the image of the world gendarme, is almost the focus of "world evil"!

If things go on like this, you see, America on the planet will cease to respect at all.

Comments from our readers:

It's like an avalanche: here is a pebble, there is a pebble ... And it will all end in a powerful stream that the US buries under itself.

Mikhail Matyugin
From the moment of the appearance of the first tendencies to the collapse of statehood, the first Rome had almost 500 years. I still remember well the fairy tales of the communist newspapers 80-x "about the imminent collapse of the dollar consumer economy of the decaying West." 40 years have passed since then ...

Well, yes, Venezuela has already abandoned dollars. Because they simply cannot afford them.

But while in Iraq, US troops and comrades ...

As Fomenko used to say: "Slow and steady, you are afraid of the master's work." Today it’s still talk and plans, and we’ll find out what will happen tomorrow. At least, Turkey seems to be seriously determined to abandon the dollar, Russia and the PRC have been talking about this for more than a year already and in some ways have already switched to settlements in their own currency.

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  1. izya top
    izya top 9 September 2018 06: 24
    There is no political ideology, but let it be a political officer.
    how did the commissar of the 20s differ from the political commander of the 50s? the first one said, do as I do, the second one do as I said ...
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 9 September 2018 06: 38
      Quote: iza top
      There is no political ideology, but let it be a political officer.
      how did the commissar of the 20s differ from the political commander of the 50s? the first one said, do as I do, the second one do as I said ...
      and in the 90s - do your feet!
      1. Stakan
        Stakan 9 September 2018 08: 38
        I would go to the political ... bully Let me be taught ...
        1. Observer2014
          Observer2014 9 September 2018 11: 06
          I would go to the political ... bully Let me teach.
          laughing good drinks hi What is there to teach you !!!! Teach anyone and anything yourself. Mikhailovich you are the only one in a million soldier
          1. Stakan
            Stakan 9 September 2018 11: 15
            Quote: Observer2014
            I would go to the political ... bully Let me teach.
            laughing good drinks hi What is there to teach you !!!! Teach anyone and anything yourself. Mikhailovich you are the only one in a million soldier

            Alas, Sergei, they don’t like to be here on the site of political officers (usually they shoot right away)))
            soldier And the real people are necessary for us, who can attack the soldiers and talk heart to heart .. They were all the same, it was not in vain that the Germans shot commissars right away. (Of course there were many traitors)

            Here is a legendary photo .. Eternal memory like that, died en masse, while others in Tashkent stayed negative
            1. Observer2014
              Observer2014 9 September 2018 11: 26
              After all, there were such
              Yes. There were. The political officer in the company himself was of some importance that few were honored. The soldiers called the "Uncle". And there was a reason. The eternal captain. He was wounded after Afghanistan. table together with the company) pasta worms. I packed into one soldier's mug and in the face the head of the dining room slammed his fist right with this mug. As much as a whole major. We must pay tribute to the justice of the pritenzy understood and appreciated. laughing There was no more of this.
              1. Stakan
                Stakan 9 September 2018 11: 42
                Quote: Observer2014
                which few people were honored. The soldiers called "Uncle". And there was a reason. Eternal captain

                There were, there were such .. On such and the Army held on!
                Thank you from the bottom of Sergey .. soldier
              2. Boa kaa
                Boa kaa 9 September 2018 14: 50
                Quote: Observer2014
                and in the muzzle the beginning of the dining room poked straight with this mug with his fist. Already the whole major.

                Well, I’ve started production ... you can believe ... But for an integral MAYOR (!) To manage the dining room - this is an ensign to ridicule !!! fellow
                And 1973 year of birth, you say! Eh, youth .... laughing
                1. Serg 122
                  Serg 122 10 September 2018 12: 47
                  And 1973 year of birth, you say! Eh, youth ....

                  Apparently confused with nachprod ...
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              Boa kaa 9 September 2018 14: 46
              Quote: Stakan
              don't like sdes on the site of political instructors

              Mikhalych! But, judging by the flag, the current political officers love to travel ... Where did the coins come from, say, brother !? belay
        2. Boa kaa
          Boa kaa 9 September 2018 14: 43
          Quote: Stakan
          I would go to the political positions ... Let them teach me ..

          Pancake! And this one there !!!
          Mikhalych! Work on the image, and face (at least on ava) ... that ... correct! Otherwise face-counter-TROL-ol-ol-ol ... you will not pass !!! laughing
          1. Stakan
            Stakan 10 September 2018 17: 36
            Quote: BoA KAA
            Quote: Stakan
            I would go to the political positions ... Let them teach me ..

            Pancake! And this one there !!!
            Mikhalych! Work on the image, and face (at least on ava) ... that ... correct! Otherwise face-counter-TROL-ol-ol-ol ... you will not pass !!! laughing

            It is with such nicknames and avatars that the hells endure me, as it’s not strange the week usually ..))))
        3. Ross xnumx
          Ross xnumx 9 September 2018 15: 56
          Quote: Stakan
          I would go to the political ... bully Let me be taught ...

          The length of the tongue is not less than 15 cm and the roughness, like sandpaper No. 7 ... lol
          1. Stakan
            Stakan 10 September 2018 17: 47
            Quote: ROSS 42
            Quote: Stakan
            I would go to the political ... bully Let me be taught ...

            The length of the tongue is not less than 15 cm and the roughness, like sandpaper No. 7 ... lol

            Joke (black humor)
            There is an Afghan war, relatives came to identify the soldier. A corpse lies nearby with its tongue sticking out periodically.
            Relatives terrified "He's alive, isn't he?" The pathologist is asked
            "No, this is our political officer, two days after he died on a mine accidentally blew up."
          2. Boa kaa
            Boa kaa 10 September 2018 22: 24
            Quote: ROSS 42
            The length of the tongue is not less than 15 cm and the roughness, like sandpaper No. 7 ...

            How do you know? What the hell didn’t go through the competition? What was out of tolerance? Length or roughness?
            Tell us not to torment the public! laughing
  2. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 9 September 2018 07: 09
    The review helped because last week I didn’t have time to read everything. Thank.
    1. Stakan
      Stakan 9 September 2018 11: 24
      Quote: Reptiloid
      The review helped because last week I didn’t have time to read everything. Thank.

      Also for this RESULTS I love and we are not alone! Always with humor, which I like very much .. hi
  3. Olgovich
    Olgovich 9 September 2018 07: 11
    Patriotism, love of the motherland - is this not an ideology?
    State interests are already ideology.

    I completely agree, this is ideology: the defense is not of the authorities, but of the country.

    The review is good, but where was the creak?request recourse
    1. izya top
      izya top 9 September 2018 07: 25
      Quote: Olgovich
      but where did they creak?

      Englishwoman hid. or dug up what
    2. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 9 September 2018 14: 56
      Quote: Olgovich
      The review is good, but where was the creak?

      Andrew! It’s not only you, but also the Foreign Ministry that is terribly interested ... But Mother Teresa stubbornly hides their remains from the public and the media ... Everyone is trying to catch Russian spies ... mother ... mother ... AU!
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 9 September 2018 07: 41
    Also, the author writesthat the Russian base in Latakia is in "easy reach". Although the Russians put the more advanced S-400 system in defense of this base, it is also overestimated by specialists ...

    ... and fly to this author on the Hollywood fi-35 in the area of ​​reach of the C-400 is weak? ... write it, do not fly mixed with the fragments of the advertised piece of iron to the ground ... laughing
    1. Alex_You
      Alex_You 9 September 2018 14: 03
      So fly after all, or something I do not understand? request
  5. Stakan
    Stakan 9 September 2018 08: 50
    Today is the election, EP is again ahead, as always ...? laughing
    I remember when EBN the red belt was the so-called, holding liberalism in fear .. Now everything collapsed.
    Again, ordinary citizens were circled around our fingers .. And the battle continues again! soldier
    1. D. Dan
      D. Dan 9 September 2018 12: 12
      Pull out this belt for a short while. I join the Communist Party. :)))
    2. Rusj
      Rusj 9 September 2018 15: 25
      who circled you and why on your profile picture the flag of a wretched country? Who are you ??????????????????
  6. D. Dan
    D. Dan 9 September 2018 12: 12
    Bulk is gaining points? I do not agree. No one will forget the shit, it was he who demanded to pull the retirement age under the IMF standard. Today, for some reason, he is against it! Rejoice, Lesha! Putin heard your prayers! Trying to cling to the glory of the Communist Party ... no, he is a marginal in politics.
    1. Rimlianin
      Rimlianin 9 September 2018 13: 05
      Navalny advocated increasing the retirement age under certain conditions, that is, a real increase in life expectancy, the availability of jobs for the elderly, and high social and medical protection of the population. Do not be lazy, find. And now the conditions have not yet developed. Do you disagree?
      1. Rusj
        Rusj 9 September 2018 15: 31
        And all over the world have developed ??? Or like in the USA after two trips to the hospital you are bankrupt or you did not know about it. So google everything in the public domain or is it a Putin’s box. How you got how you say no.
  7. sabakina
    sabakina 9 September 2018 12: 51
    Nobody knows what will happen next, and therefore - basta, karapuziki - just in case, we will raise the retirement age here and now.
    That's right! There used to be a people for a government, now a government for a people!
  8. Rusj
    Rusj 9 September 2018 15: 22
    I can’t understand one thing! The whole screech in the social networks of your liberals and other parties! The whole world that went crazy and began pension reforms a couple of decades ago. Well, I personally have not a single healthy not koment with a few exceptions. It’s just that you just look at resources independent of someone like How much can this nonsense already be borne.
  9. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 9 September 2018 15: 51
    Good week !!! fellow

    How to squander rating for 60 seconds

    This is much faster than squandering a rating for six months. In youth, time goes differently.
    Yes, here any "bulk" for themselves political bonuses will take advantage of the "breakthrough" initiatives of our valiant government.

    Your truth. Sometimes “Navalny investigations” are perceived with more faith than animation and assurances of the authorities that work to death should be a joy, and there are no other ways to raise money for the budget, except for withdrawing it from the population brought to the extreme by various requisitions .. .
    Faulty engine

    Up there, they apparently believed that if yachts for oligarchs abroad are doing better, then engines for ... What can I say, they know better ... request
    Thrust to rename

    I have already spoken about ideology, but I don’t know what the former "Lenkomnata" will be called. There are darkness options: “confused room”, “food room”, “shoykomnata or Shaw, the room again?” ... lol An army without politicians is like a tree without a caterpillar ... repeat
    Militants have no chance

    So it can be argued, if you know 100 percent that the United States froze all the foreign accounts of our oligarchs, expelled (put them on the bunk) of their children, and the property was burned up urgently during fires ... yes Then, turning into a proletariat, which has nothing to lose but its own chains ... further down the classics.

    Say that America, come on, goodbye (like GB) is too early. Two economic puzzles remain unresolved - who pierces those “balloons” due to which the ruble exchange rate should soar and how much more can the brazen hypocrisy of the economic wing of our esteemed government endure? belay
  10. Yan Sergeev
    Yan Sergeev 9 September 2018 17: 38
    Slowly but surely, another country is floating out of Moscow’s influence. On tokoy, only the master of multi-paths is safe

    Armenia joins sanctions against Russia

    Armenia joins sanctions against Russia due to Skripals poisoning

    Armenia announced its readiness to join new anti-Russian sanctions concerning the poisoning of a former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in British Salisbury, if they are introduced by the US and EU countries. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced this at a meeting of the country's government, reports IA "Panorama".

    “Nothing threatens the centuries-old friendship of our peoples, but I have regularly assured our American and European partners that Armenia will take an example from them and will do so in the coming years. Naturally, we will support new sanctions against Russia for the poisoning of the Skripals. I believe that it’s not good to poison people with fighting gases, just like sending political opponents to jail. I think Putin will understand me and approve our decision, ”the head of the Armenian government stated.

    Earlier, Pashinyan signed a decree on the transfer of Victory Day to May 8, as in all of Europe and the renaming of a memorable day on the Day of Sorrow and Reconciliation.
  11. Yan Sergeev
    Yan Sergeev 9 September 2018 20: 55
    For some time now I have been reading all the available independent press and the largest telegram channels. The aggregate information carefully hidden from many Russians is horrifying.
    Raising the retirement age has led to widespread discontent and social tension, even among Putin's majority - people wake up.
    Prices are rising and will rise even more.
    Sanctions are being strengthened and cannot but cause discontent among the oligarchs, and affect the well-being of every person. The population is poor.
    The split in power elites is evident and growing.
    Relations with Europe and the United States are getting worse every day. Only marginal countries are openly friendly with us. There are undeclared wars.
    And then the Russian Orthodox Church began to seriously conflict with other Orthodox churches - she had someone to learn from.
    Defrauded real estate investors protest. The “garbage protests" continue.
    Old decay. New unfinished, and what is being completed immediately collapses. There are already holes in the satellites due to binging. Along with this, giant projects are being launched that are not justified by economic necessity, which we cannot afford and exacerbate national poverty.
    Those in power plunder the country in billions.
    The widespread lawlessness flourishes - those who have stolen millions receive suspended sentences, more and more often innocents find themselves behind bars. New convulsive laws are anti-people and harm the state, and often can not be implemented.
    Elections turn into criminal showdowns.
    Chechnya started a dispute with Ingushetia over borders - the Caucasus could become uncontrollable.
    Dissatisfied with the outskirts that the center plucks, and national entities that suffer from Russian chauvinism.
    I'm not talking about the destroyed science, education, production.
    What the hell is going on everywhere. Everything went into the distribution, and with all the evidence. This is called a systemic crisis.
    But how could it be otherwise - when the worst come to power, when they steal, when they rob the population, when they value nothing, when they don’t think about the future?
    Power wriggles, like in a frying pan, and lies, lies, lies from screens. But the refrigerator starts to defeat the TV. And as soon as the sofa can defeat, the scribe will come running.
    1. andrey-ivanov
      andrey-ivanov 11 September 2018 14: 04
      national entities that suffer from Russian chauvinism.

      Come on! Where is this? Judging by the news from, for example, Tatarstan, Bashkiria or Yakutia, everything is exactly the opposite.
  12. Comrade Kim
    Comrade Kim 10 September 2018 12: 59
    If tomorrow is war, if tomorrow is camping?
    On the euronews Prophesy blow the United States on ours in Syria:
  13. Larum
    Larum 11 September 2018 11: 32
    What is the yellow retelling of the news?
    It is unclear where it seems to be true, and where the incendiary propaganda.