DNR, Donetsk, MGB. Are you alright?

In the media, turbulence is being intensified on the topic of Donbass. I think so, at a pace, and Kiev will still have to attack.

I don’t already know who to believe, because Basurin’s every performance over the past three years in the style of “Farewell, comrades, tomorrow is Khan!”, It’s just impossible to take seriously the always crying press service of the DPR, but their Kiev colleagues have no faith either . It is clear why.

Although the clumsy attempts to otmatsya from the murder of Zakharchenko and the denial (no less awkward) concentration of troops near Mariupol speak volumes.

And here begins today's topic of conversation. On the great and omnipotent MGB DPR.

The question immediately arises: is there anyway?

If you believe the rumors and statements of various responsible persons - there is. If to look in practice - doubts begin, and with packs.

Gasoline in the fire, of course, splashed Shary. Somewhat one-sided, but nevertheless, the logic and essence in his material this time is present.

Window dressing and outright lies in the Motorola case. There is little confidence that everything is the same in the Givi case. And that with the murder of Zakharchenko everything will be drawn according to the same scenario. Only screams will be louder. And screaming people will have higher posts. As the same Pushilin, for example.

But the essence is one.

Prevent murders at this level in the MGB do not know how. It is logical if the killings occur with enviable regularity. So, all the allegations of Basurin, that “according to sources from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, the price is worthless? Sources means no? And no agents? And who can work with agents and sources there? Or is there, but intelligence on pain of death is painful and immediate, and it won't tell your colleagues three words?

Well, it turns out that way. Motorola - Givi - Zakharchenko. Well, the warlords, their liquidation could have been born on a low level, unworthy of the Basurin source agents. But the operation to eliminate Zakharchenko - this is sorry. Zakharchenko is a figure.

Calculate agents of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine, the NSA and the other three-letter combinations in the MGB also do not know how. This follows again from the trio of murders. If we take as a basis that the tip of the information iceberg reaches us, as is usually the case, then the picture is generally made with oil. DRG of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Security Service of Ukraine and others simply walk through the territory of the DPR and bring down everyone who they liked. Without exception.

And we are told only those cases that can not be silent.

The picture, of course, is just a masterpiece. But we have all parted with illusions a long time ago, and in fairy tales about DRGs that lost their fear, freely walking around the DPR (we immediately remember how Purgin was “protected” from the same DRG in a prison), so you can hide only in the SIZO and similar places, no longer believe.

With 2015, as it were.

However, if you seriously look at the situation, then in the light of the announced operations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the picture will be somewhat different.

DRG, enjoying full impunity, once they are allowed by the MGB of the DPR to carry out operations to eliminate people at such a level, will be able to make life much easier for their fighters who are attacking the orders of the Corps. As 22.06.1941 did, their colleagues from the Brandenburg-800 regiment.

And the opposition? And where will he come from, if the DPR MGB can’t really do anything except to put together work reports using fake people and badly directed production videos?

Blown power lines, broken lines of communication, senior commanders suddenly broken down, mined roads, panic among the civilian population (although not scare him anyway, but nonetheless) are just a short list, which can be useful for the soldiers of the invisible front of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine. .

And they can. If everything is as we are shown.

Agree, this is not easy: take, go through Donetsk and mine all the places in which Zakharchenko loved to visit. And he loved (and, most importantly, knew how) to taste with taste. And this is not a defect in such work, after all, not in a closed canteen, had lunch. In humans.

But - could, craftsmen from the SBU. Passed and mined. And the attack was generally staged at a restaurant that belonged to the head of security. It is clear that BUT himself appeared there only when he had to take the money to his pocket, so the manager was driving everything.

But experience suggests that it is not very easy to come to such an institution, mount a MON-like device in the luminaire and leave.

And here, forgive me, already involuntarily you begin to think that the DRG did not come out of the secret rooms of the SBU or the APU, but just came from the MGB. And then the logic, which was so little before, just starts to go off-scale.

Who could come to the cafe and there to grumble exactly as much time as was necessary for sensible mining? So much so that everyone just looked past? Stay overnight if necessary? Repeat (already there is news that similar charges were found in other cafes), if necessary? But it turned out, it is necessary, because you look above, about the fact that "Batya" not only visited "Separa". Changed places.

Who could quietly hang out in the yard near Givi? Who could not attracting special attention to the house of Motorola "check" to do? Let's just say, worrying about the life of the commander?

Another DRG immediately flies in here. Which shot Brain, rushed to an unscheduled meeting with Plotnitsky. And so promptly worked, that already on the way back the brigade commander covered.

Honestly, more and more strange DRGs at the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the SBU appear. Professionalism rolls over. Invisible Invulnerable and undetectable. Sowers of death from the blockbuster.

In fact, for some reason (especially after Shari’s revelations, though not quite direct, but rather funny in fact), more and more thoughts on the topic that Batu (as well as Givi and Motorola) were removed were not Ukrainian. And quite his own. Geographically their own, of course.

Why? Just because I still communicate with Donetsk. And one local resident, our reader, by the way, in all seriousness explained to me that Sharia does not have accreditation to work in the DPR, that there is a war going on in the republic with all the consequences, and that even he was repeatedly stopped and interrogated when he rented buildings work. Having all the permissions.

And, if the guys of Sharia who were filming in Donetsk are found, they will not be happy. According to the laws of martial law, of course.

Interestingly, a person with a fotik / camera gets someone to get used to, and there are no people moving explosives around the city. And there are no agents who know. No informants. There is not anyone.

Dear of the Ministry of State Security of the DPR, is there really everything in order there?

No, it is clear, otchik nakropat prettier, video with the alleged detainees to remove, it's all clear. But when will work? Normal? Well, if you can not do anything except two months of kicking fans, while the killers are free to roam, maybe a gun and a ksivu on the table and in the trenches?

By the way, here it is worth recalling whose ration is cracking, gentlemen from the MGB. And from whose pocket content you get. So forgive me, but any Russian you can inquire about your "work". As monthly allocating a certain amount from your pocket to your content.

Ugly situation. Wherever you throw - everywhere wedge.

If the MGB of the DPR is made up of organisms that do not know how, who have DRGs strolling around the republic (it would be a huge territory, so not), eliminating one national hero after another that simply cannot work, to keep it up?

In Russia, we have more than enough ministries that are not saved by any Viagra in terms of work. And here also abroad.

And as a result of the sounded offensive actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the complete impotence of the MGB will lead exclusively to additional casualties from the work of the same AUG of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

And another question, if the MGB really stands behind all these more than strange murders. Which also may well be. Moreover, I am even inclined to believe that it is so. Too many misunderstandings that easily become evidence.

I understand correctly that everything is in order in the Donbas, except for small things?
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  1. +15
    7 September 2018 06: 31
    It’s sad to watch and read all this. Either complete incompetence, or indeed internal disassembly ...
    1. +1
      7 September 2018 06: 55
      Complete, concrete incompetence !!!
      1. +2
        7 September 2018 07: 37
        The FSB like the operas sent there, maybe they are digging it up
        1. +18
          7 September 2018 08: 04
          I’m afraid that after digging such a picture will open, that it is afraid to voice.
          1. +2
            7 September 2018 08: 05
            Well, they’ll bury someone, maybe it will reach the rest
            1. 0
              7 September 2018 12: 26
              Well, they’ll bury someone, maybe it will reach the rest
              quite possibly, in Alchevsk, according to the stories of the local FSB, people came, shot Cossacks in their offices and went home. The people approved - robbed be healthy and did not drink
        2. +2
          7 September 2018 10: 05
          Quote: Evil543
          Who could calmly hang out in the courtyard of Givi? Who

          It doesn't matter what they dig up. The important thing is what will be voiced on TV and how it is interpreted. And it depends on the layouts in the Kremlin.
        3. +4
          7 September 2018 10: 19
          you yourself believe in it? Find on YouTube a statement by ALL DNR commanders against Plotnitsky. None of them are alive. No one. Because the very ones are cleaning them up ... In September, Zakharchenko resigned from his authority. Who, besides the Office, is his death beneficial? Ends in the water. For all financial flows, and there are VERY many of them. In general, I do not think that, for example, the evil Albanians in Kosovo have this, but with us differently. Look at President Thaci. Today, a man respected by the whole West ...
          1. 0
            7 September 2018 12: 19
            Find on YouTube the performance of ALL DPR commanders against Plotnitsky

            mean that the commanders were so toothless?

            P.S. Few people know (c) but under the Plotnitsky housing and communal services in Lugansk, it worked much better, and now the city has become dirty, desolate - relatives from the places report.
    2. 0
      7 September 2018 09: 56
      Quote: Sergey985
      It’s sad to watch and read all this. Either complete incompetence, or indeed internal disassembly ...

      Creating such services from scratch is not easy. Remember, the emergence of special services after the collapse of the Russian Empire.
      1. dSK
        8 September 2018 00: 20
        Moscow. September 7. INTERFAX.RU - Yevgeny Lavrenov will act as Minister of Revenues and Duties of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic instead of Alexander Timofeev, who was injured in the explosion in the Separ cafe. According to the Friday resolution of the new acting. head of the DPR Pushilin, post of acting The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DPR, instead of Alexei Kostrubitsky, will now be occupied by Andrey Bogomaz.
        Post Acting Minister of Justice instead of Elena Radomskaya will take Yuri Sirovatko.
        And about. Minister of Transport instead of Rostislav Markelov will be Dmitry Podlipanov.
        Post Acting Sergey Ilyin will take the Minister of Industry and Trade instead of Alexei Granovsky.
        Acting head of the DPR ordered to leave at their posts and about. Minister of Internal Affairs of the DPR Aleksey Dikogo, acting Foreign Minister of the DPR, Natalya Nikonorov, acting Minister of Information of the DPR Igor Antipov, acting Minister of Communications of the DPR Viktor Yatsenko, acting DNR Finance Minister Yekaterina Matyushchenko, acting Minister of Education Eugene Gorokhov, acting Minister of Culture of the DPR, Mikhail Zheltjakov, acting Minister of Coal and Energy Anatoly Nesterenko, acting Minister of Transport and Housing and Public Utilities Sergey Naumts, acting Minister of Youth and Sports of the DPR, Alexander Gromakov, acting Minister of Labor and Social Policy Larisa Tolstykina, acting Minister of Economic Development Victoria Romanyuk, acting Minister of Health Alexander Oprishchenko, and about. MGB Minister Vladimir Pavlenko.
  2. +19
    7 September 2018 06: 36
    Motorola - Givi - Zakharchenko.
    It all started earlier, the murder of Bednov, Dremov, Brain, Ishchenko.
    1. +3
      7 September 2018 09: 31
      And these deaths cause bewilderment and confusion - how could this happen?
  3. +15
    7 September 2018 06: 37
    "And another question is, if the MGB is really behind all these more than strange killings. Which may well be the case. Moreover, I am even inclined to believe that it is so. There are too many misunderstandings that easily become evidence." - the conclusion is bold for the VO format. And thanks to the author for the topic.

    But how can you criticize the Republic? It is strange that they still exist, even despite "rations. In a situation of war, legal hopelessness, and terrible threats, most regions of the Russian Federation would have lasted less, especially Moscow. What's the point of criticizing the MGB and the" Ministry of Revenue "? Everything is on a very" short leash " "decisions made.
    1. +21
      7 September 2018 06: 44
      the devil knows what is going on in these LPNR ... Roman Skomorokhov, he has been there many times, talked with the now deceased, and even he does not understand what is going on there, where can we, the inhabitants. The civilian population is sorry, after the "Crimea", they hoped for us, but got an endless nightmare ...
      1. 0
        7 September 2018 07: 02
        This is not necessary !!! What do you mean hoped after the Crimea? I personally respect their choice and even admire him, but someone said that the same as in the Crimea will be ?! Zpchem this feeling of guilt from scratch ?!
    2. +7
      7 September 2018 06: 58
      Come on?! I want to vskidku three errors I will say them? First, what the hell does their ward go to the same places? The second feature of the room with the ward is not suppressed? Third, why the hell does every dog ​​know where the head can be found? This is not even amateurism, this is complete nonsense.
      1. +2
        7 September 2018 07: 50
        Everything can be even simpler. They use Ukrainian mobile communication. Everyone has his own personal spy in his pocket. I do not believe that the Americans did not share with the SBU some of the secrets of non-identifiable cell applications. Their protocols are also used there.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. -1
          12 September 2018 12: 27
          Quote: Cube123
          I do not believe that the Americans did not share with the SBU some of the secrets of non-identifiable cell applications.
          -Do you seriously believe that Americans can do something SHARE (!!!!), and yes is free(!!!)-for there is no money country 404?
  4. +10
    7 September 2018 06: 47
    Who is really behind the death of the commanders of the LDNR and Zakharchenko, we probably will not know for a long time ...
    1. +14
      7 September 2018 06: 53
      Quote: parusnik
      we don’t know for a long time ...

      I think we won’t recognize this at all. With the version of Ukrainian saboteurs, everything is clear, they are enemies for Ukraine. Here we need to ask ourselves: were all those killed comfortable for the Kremlin? The bulk was uncomfortable, especially Brain. And uncomfortable clean. For the oligarchs of Donbass, they were also very uncomfortable. hi
      1. +5
        7 September 2018 07: 02
        Yes, in general, a lot of questions. Communicated with a person from there. In his words, the policy of Zakharchenko was simple: no work, go to the trenches.
      2. -1
        7 September 2018 07: 20
        Are there oligarchs? belay in Donbas belay
        1. +4
          7 September 2018 17: 48
          Akhmetov's large factories work, pay taxes to Ukraine, refund VAT - they were not touched on the grounds that a large number of the population provide jobs. And such production is probably not difficult to "squeeze out", but it is difficult to manage it (sales markets are not controlled).
      3. +8
        7 September 2018 08: 34
        And who is convenient for Akhmetov?

        We have little information to draw serious conclusions. But the overall development of the situation is not encouraging.
  5. +1
    7 September 2018 07: 18
    I think this attack by the author at the MGB is unfair. The population there wobbles back and forth on the demarcation line. I don’t understand anything about the specifics of the work of these services, but I don’t blame them unfounded.
    1. +4
      7 September 2018 10: 36
      Which means unfairly, it is their job, ensuring security. They get money for this and notice from our pockets too. And the fault lies entirely with the security service, and if they don’t know a damn thing, then into the trenches, let them get their minds there.
  6. +16
    7 September 2018 07: 41
    It is not the murder of Zakharchenko that is surprising, yet the war is waged with Ukraine, but the lack of further action is astounding. Where is at least one fact how the investigations into the murders of Motorola, Givi, and even earlier Bednov, Dremov, Mozgovoy ended?
  7. +4
    7 September 2018 08: 56
    Some naive in the article.

    I remember here, and on Rublevka in a restaurant someone was killed.
    And on the internet there are videos where Russian Cossacks complain that the authorities are stealing, and they are killing opponents. And they say they have accumulated suitcases of "compromising evidence on a flash drive."

    1. 0
      7 September 2018 12: 28
      Zhilin was killed in Moscow
  8. +4
    7 September 2018 09: 07
    Calm, comrades! (Roman especially) Here ukroGRU news threw .....
    According to the GUR “data”, the FSB special group is currently located in Donetsk, which does not seek, but destroys, evidence of its involvement in the murder.
    This was broadcast on Ukrainian TV by a senior official of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vadim Skibitsky.

    According to the deputy director of the Department of State Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense, the terrorist attack that led to the death of the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic of Alexander Zakharchenk allegedly comes directly from the FSB of Russia, and in Moscow they think of replacing the deceased with the first Minister of Defense of the DPR Igor Strelkov: “The FSB officers are picking a new leader for DPR terrorists” .

    According to the representative of the GUR, the Kremlin is considering the possibility of returning "the ex-leader of the terrorists, Russian Igor Girkin (Strelkov) back to Ukraine so that he would do everything possible to stabilize the situation."
    Skibitsky also told a fantastic story about the Separ restaurant, in which the explosion occurred. Allegedly, the institution was under the direct control of the Federal Security Service, which fully technically “equipped it in an operational sense” - there everything could be recorded on video and audio, “and the FSB knew all the events that Zakharchenko held here.”

    The representative of military intelligence also said that the FSB special group is currently in Donetsk, which is not looking for, but destroying, evidence of its involvement in the murder.
    Source: http://rusvesna.su/news/1536258423

    Well EVERYTHING! Wait, they’ll send Strelkov and he will quickly restore order there!
    1. 0
      7 September 2018 10: 38
      And the hair is long, long. Well, that’s it.
    2. +4
      7 September 2018 12: 22
      Wait, they’ll send Strelkov and he will quickly restore order there!
      The shooters survived in much hotter conditions. They entered his "office" - they left the weapon at the guard, if you were a trustee three times
      1. 0
        17 September 2018 18: 15
        Yeah! Right! Especially in Slavyansk in the city executive committee! Who told you this? Or maybe they saw it personally?
  9. BAI
    7 September 2018 09: 14
    I have no doubt for a second that the MGB of LDNR is controlled by the FSB. And all questions must be addressed there.
    1. 0
      7 September 2018 12: 28
      I do not doubt for a second that the MGB of LDNR is controlled by the FSB
      but they should work with the Cubans
  10. +5
    7 September 2018 09: 14
    "You can't protect yourself from your thief!" - an old saying
  11. +8
    7 September 2018 09: 25
    "In the media, just a turbine is whipping up tension on the topic of Donbass" - an amendment - in the Russian media. The TV must win the battle with the refrigerator. EDG on the nose.
    "And quite their own. Geographically his own, of course, "- doubtful. Zakharchenko was ideological (and therefore uncontrollable), from the people. The rest of the ideological" pioneers ", with the exception of Khodakovsky and Purgin, are already in the ground, with the exception of those who fled to Moscow.
    "Dear from the DPR Ministry of State Security, is everything really all right there?" - the author seriously believes that a territorially microscopic formation can long term successfully resist the punitive machine of the whole state?
    With respect to the opinion of the author.
    1. +2
      7 September 2018 14: 58
      The flight to Moscow did not help, for example, Bolotov. Well, we don’t forget about Zhilin ...
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. 0
      12 September 2018 12: 34
      Quote: DigitalError
      Does the author seriously believe that a territorially microscopic entity can successfully resist the punitive machine of an entire state for a long time?
      -those. APU 4-th (!!!!!) year is fighting in the Donbass apparently with the Wehrmacht model 1942-43 gg. ??
      You seriously don’t understand - that there are straining from both sides with "whole state "?
      1. +1
        12 September 2018 22: 34
        Sergei, I have not compared the capabilities of the sides' regular armed forces. You are right, the "whole state" is no longer there. I compared the capabilities of the special services of the opposing sides - you must admit that when a person was "ordered" not by lousy organized crime groups, but by full-fledged government institutions, his long-term chances of survival tend to zero. Alas.
        1. 0
          13 September 2018 12: 36
          Quote: DigitalError
          when a person is "ordered" not by a lousy organized criminal group, but by full-fledged institutions of power, then his long-term chances of survival tend to zero. Alas.
          - How many assassination attempts were made on F. Castro? And the USA is not a country of 404 ....
          nevertheless, he successfully survived so many rulers of the 20 century
  12. +1
    7 September 2018 10: 02
    I think the mentality. It was true with us in 41, too, but after 2 years they quickly learned. And here already the 4th year is coming ....
    1. 0
      8 September 2018 01: 50
      Believe it or not, we're 41 too! But right now, basically everyone is sitting at home and quietly watching who is who ... So the mentality is true! "My hut is on the edge!" Maybe it won't come! And when it comes, then one already fuck what you can do! But people stubbornly stay at home, and the men stubbornly drink moonshine! How can one resist the machinations of the Ukrainian machine? In 41, the German skating rink drove deep into Russia, and then the people rose up, feeling the inevitable! And Donetsk and Lugansk will be swept into ruins if they really want to!
  13. +11
    7 September 2018 10: 09
    The trouble is that everyone wants to see what they want. Not collecting facts, and not doing the analysis yourself. But everything is elementary.
    The first one. Both in Russia and Ukraine, the main means of production and financial structures of the oligarchy and government officials. In Russia, the former KGB conglomerate, in the person of the FSB, FSO and some others, steers everyone. In Ukraine, the Americans rule the same through the SBU and Gunpowder. The oligarchs here go as a tool, but we also have more independent ones. For example, Friedman, who has concentrated in Alfabank funds pumped, including for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB, and earlier for the Gosnarkokontrol, I hope you understand what I mean. So, in Fridman in the 90s in Alfabank, a guy started to work without education, by the name of Surkov. At that time he was kicked out of the first year of college. How to take it, think for yourself. Now Surkov is a government official, decides on the Donbass. And what does he decide, the ownership of Akhmetov and other Ukrainian oligarchs for our Russian oligarchy? Yes, many enterprises were exported to Russia, and on what basis?
    Further, supposedly the DPR could not take four years ago Mariupol ... This is nonsense. Mariupol was left for the work of all structures of the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, so that he could take products by sea. What is it for and who was given / given? And the very personality of Akhmetov, who began an accomplice in two Donbass authorities, who were very successfully and timely soaked by Moscow killers, does not raise any questions among specialists. The moral of this fable is that the Office played its games, to the detriment of national interests.
    1. -1
      7 September 2018 10: 30
      Well, in your opinion, everything that happens in the country can be safely attributed to the oligarchy, as you call it, very convenient and easy!
      1. +5
        7 September 2018 10: 37
        You do not read carefully. Or the man of the Office, leading to the right quote. I argued that we have an oligarch an instrument of a hybrid economy. Although, if you are careful, this is a global trend since the 90s. The same Soros, allegedly independently earned the first billion ... And the fact that there is an assumption that some oligarchs are given some independence on some issues. As Alexander the Great to his fighters, took the city, it’s your three days ....
  14. +1
    7 September 2018 10: 49
    It was as unlucky as the first person security guard. In such a profitable place, which he owns, someone damaged the plaster. Well, nothing, after the repair, he will put a sign on the incident at the entrance to attract customers.
    There is no alternative to the Minsk agreements and I ask you to treat this with understanding.
    1. +3
      7 September 2018 12: 24
      yeah, the security chief was thinking about the profits of his restaurant and not about work.
  15. +5
    7 September 2018 12: 04
    Quote: Wend
    Quote: Sergey985
    It’s sad to watch and read all this. Either complete incompetence, or indeed internal disassembly ...

    Creating such services from scratch is not easy. Remember, the emergence of special services after the collapse of the Russian Empire.

    So what? For example, four years after its formation, the GPU (transformed from the Cheka) was already conducting an operational game (Operation "Trust") with a foreign émigré anti-Soviet center, and, moreover, it was very successful. It is not about the "youth" of the special service, but about the ideology and motivation of the country's leadership, and, accordingly, the leadership and employees of its special service! sad
  16. +3
    7 September 2018 13: 18
    Apparently in the security services of the DPR or a banal mess or purposeful sabotage, namely the "mole" sent by the Cossacks.
    I can’t understand why the head of the DPR goes to a meeting, dines, etc., at some cafe where there is always a chance to get an assassination attempt. It turns out that Zakharchenko was confident in his safety, and someone leaked it.
  17. +1
    7 September 2018 16: 05
    As children, everything worked according to the standard scheme, first managed by a mess of ala 90s, then a protege of oligarchs comes who suits everyone from the epaulettes that cleared the unwanted, the end of the story. Seriously discuss that the Ukrainian Security Service of Ukraine as cinematic agents of British intelligence beat all field commanders and even removed Zakharchenko just ridiculously.
  18. +4
    7 September 2018 16: 26
    Only after reading the name becomes recognizable "the author's handwriting", flipped to the end and was not mistaken!
    There is no desire to bring all the high-profile killings and assassinations of the first persons of the world establishment, but before throwing something on the fan, you should study the history of high-profile political killings and terrorist attacks, at least in the second half of the XNUMXth century.

    How, and most importantly, what "super-duper professionals" attempted the assassination of D. Kennedy, R. Reagan (USA), A. Sadat (Egypt), I. Gandhi (India), W. Palme (Sweden), Rene Moavad (Lebanon ), L. Brezhnev, Gorbachev (USSR), Yitzhak Rabin (Israel), Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan), Pope John Paul II (Italy) and others, and this despite the fact that, in addition to the most powerful counterintelligence organizations, these persons had an impressive service personal protection, which has unlimited power in the environment of power structures.

    How many attacks were committed in the largest cities in the world, including in the Russian Federation. Then let the great security expert remind everyone
    whose ration you crack gentlemen
    Yes! And DRG are walking around the Republics, because we do not have a state border with KSP, engineering barriers and other organizational attributes, but a war, moreover, a civil one, as applied to Donetsk, which is going on in the city of a million-plus city.

    Not only is the article written by a complete layman in the activities of law enforcement agencies and even more so the security services, but also an “inveterate friend” of the LPR. For this, apparently, the author has not only reasons, but also an undisguised intent
    And another question is if the MGB is really behind all these more than strange murders. Which too may well be. Moreover, I am even inclined to believe that it is so. Too many misunderstandings that easily become evidence.

    Do not worry Mr. Skomorokhov, it’s difficult for us, everything is not all right, but we live, survive, believe and hope for the best!
    1. +1
      8 September 2018 01: 26
      We survive and believe - yes! But if Russia does not stop chewing on snot, how long will we last? I sat on 3 tea bags for four days! Collected gobies - it was! If Putin immediately said: "Mine! And the point!" and banged his fist, but no one would even dare to utter a peep in response: neither America, nor Europe, nor Asia! Everyone would take it for granted, and even America would not hint about any sanctions! And so they poke a Russian bear in the nose with a stick - they are silent! In the mouth - is silent. So they will start poking in the ass! And it's not a fact that the "bear" will not remain silent any longer! There is no longer that Imperial Greatness of the Russian state ... :(
      1. 0
        12 September 2018 12: 39
        Quote: Likant
        If Putin immediately said: "Mine! And the point!" and banged his fist, but no one would even dare to utter a peep in response: neither America, nor Europe, nor Asia! Everyone would take it for granted
        -date please remind, when did Russia in ANY of its incarnation (RI, USSR, RF) hit its fist like that? And the place is desirable too, because of which it hit like that?
    2. -1
      17 September 2018 18: 28
      I will not discuss the opinion of the author of the comment about Mr. Skomorokhov, tk. it is not in my competence. But I want to ask a question, which has been "gnawing" me for a long time: "Where is the" pipe "from the bumblebee from which they shot at Givi's office? Someone will say why this question is to the author of the comment, but everything is very simple! In all of these attempts, the investigating services represented the murder / assassination weapon.
  19. +2
    7 September 2018 17: 15
    An interesting conclusion from the plot: the murder of Motorola - Givi - Zakharchenko. , the field commanders Bednov, Dremov, Mozgovoy, Ishchenko, all these are the affairs of the MGB of the DPR, and where the MGB is there is the FSB of the Russian Federation, and therefore, of course, the main villain is Putin. Wow however. But isn't everything too stereotyped and simple, the main thing is intelligible for the public?
  20. +1
    7 September 2018 21: 47
    But the main causes of all these killings lie on the surface.
    While there is active fighting, you need to live in a restricted area, and not in the usual 9th ​​floor. (Motrola)
    Why were the windows of the office located on the side of the territory to which outsiders could freely get. (Givi)
    While the war is on, the first persons need to eat in institutions closed to outsiders. (Zakharchenko).
  21. -1
    8 September 2018 01: 09
    What competence? At the barricades, we couldn't even disassemble and assemble the machine gun! What intelligence? Well, you will not look at all the bags and block every path! We do not have such professional personnel! There are former military men, there are "Afghans", there are many who exist, but there is still no firm state system, there is no core, what can we hide! Resentment, profit, ordinary human vices, and from a small Republic, jellied meat is obtained, at which a Kiev tank rushes! Even more likely American! Where is Donetsk to professionally resist?!? You are joking??? We are a society, and you want military professionalism from us, welders, electricians, tunnellers! Many of the neighboring area do not know, they went out to defend their home and family, and kept their territory in the militia! And now they do not know where, do not know the area and in the majority do not know what to do!
    1. 0
      8 September 2018 16: 52
      Not respected! You are an ordinary "troll". At first I thought you were "POC". Judging by the presentation, you were promoted. You are "OBERPOTS". We know our territory (tunnellers and electricians). Next time, "scatter snot on the" thigh of the bending hero from Gdansk "(" ..pani Katarino, I am writing a leaf before you on the top of your bendable Janek. Send me a penny, I'll direct you a photo. Glory from Ukraine). As in a joke. Bro (God forbid, of course, from such a brotherhood), you won't sell an elephant with such "cheap show-offs". I hope you don't need to decipher the word POC?
      1. +1
        12 September 2018 12: 44
        those. understanding that CIVIL Is the war a little different from the usual no? No knowledge - that, for example, in the Civil 1918-22 passenger trains went across the front line? That the terrible "rebellious Czechoslovak corps" controlled an area of ​​5000 km long with a population of less than 60 thousand?
  22. 0
    8 September 2018 02: 47
    The level of p-ka Pu, the great intelligence officer, went to all the FSB.
  23. 0
    8 September 2018 16: 23
    It seems to me that it was "CAMEDIA", not an analyst. With what fright, the MGB were supposed to protect "Motor" and "Givi" (I respected them, but they were also "media persons"). They were guarded by their soldiers. There was no point at all in "performing" them locally. Does the author not "blame" the FSB for the murder of E. Zhilin? You can safely walk around Donetsk and take pictures of everything (except for the location of the military unit, servicemen (without their consent, etc.). "Who could hang out like that in Givi's yard?" In which yard, where? Misha died in " Arsen could be performed without straining (Amstor, walks with his wife and child, etc.). Earth in peace. They simply did not pay attention to their safety.

    "And another question is, if the MGB is really behind all these more than strange killings. Which may well be the case. Moreover, I am even inclined to believe that it is so. There are too many misunderstandings that easily become evidence."

    So in what "nourishment" come and teach the unreasonable. Recognition of the "diver" is the queen of evidence. "Everyone imagines himself Yezhov, seeing the battle from the side." In my opinion, the author spoke like a goose "hotly, excitedly, but incomprehensibly." (close to the text by Anton Pavlovich Chekhonte).
  24. +1
    9 September 2018 01: 58
    Quote: Roman Skomorokhov
    I understand correctly that everything is in order in the Donbas, except for small things?
    Bravo, dear Roman, as always - brilliant and to the point. We simply state the end of the "Russian Spring", because almost all of its charismatic leaders in Donbass left the earthly shells ... By whose instructions and thanks to whose actions - the question is open ... But as a fact - after the death of Zakharchenko (someone, but he was supposed to be protected!?) grim prospects for the DPR and LPR are looming ...
  25. -1
    13 September 2018 21: 45
    A few words of comments "from the enemy."

    Guys, first of all, no one is trying to "get out" here. "Official versions" of the SBU about the liquidation of Comrade Zakharchenko is the most common "fat trolling" of the enemy, the idea of ​​which is borrowed from the FSB (an adaptation of the well-known "sacred sacrifice" thesis, born in the depths of the Federal Service). All Ukraine, controlled by the official government, laughs at these "versions of" SBU "with an understanding wink. And in the Service itself, when these versions are presented - smiles from ear to ear - just like Masha Rasputina in her young years. laughing
    Secondly - what, nafik, "professionalism of the DPR Ministry of State Security" can we talk about ?? There was a Minister of Culture with an unpronounceable surname Lekstutes in one of the structures of the government of the DPR. The local MGB not only failed to reveal the fact of his recruitment by the Service, but even failed to prevent his evacuation from the DPR. And ChSH, literally a few days before the liquidation of Zakharchenko - Lekstutes announced this liquidation (!!). Publicly and with fanfare. Moreover - "in the very near future". As it happened. Those. - even with a direct warning in the style of "I am going to you" (which was a bit arrogance on our part, generally speaking - I personally took this announcement at first as blatant unprofessionalism) - the DPR MGB "successfully" missed the blow !!
    PS For such operations, we are not responsible for the SBU and not the GUR MO, but the Command of the MTR Armed Forces. Specifically - the 140th Center of MTR. The humor is that it was created under Mr. Yanukovych on the initiative of the Minister of Defense, Mr. Salamatin, who was a citizen of the Russian Federation until 2004 ...
    1. -1
      13 September 2018 21: 59
      And there was not a "MONK-like device", but an elastic shell without a shell.

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