National identity as a screen for the promotion of radical ideology

The Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol remain at the top of the list of Russian regions by the number of extremist crimes. According to law enforcement, a significant part of criminal cases on extremism accounted for representatives associated with the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people and affiliated organizations.

Recall that September 5 celebrated the 51 anniversary of the decree that announced an amnesty to the Crimean Tatars. As is known, in the 1944 year (after the liberation of the Crimea from the Nazi invaders. - Comm. Ed.) Citizens of Tatar nationality living on the peninsula were deported for active cooperation with the Nazi occupiers. Despite the fact that numerous facts of collaboration among the Crimean Tatars took place, it cannot be argued that the entire Tatar population of Crimea showed loyalty to the Nazi criminals.

Obviously, the decision on mass deportation was made by the authorities, taking into account wartime and the first post-war years, when the state needed to minimize the risks of the growth of Nazi ideology. The example of “forest brothers” in the Baltics and aspiring OUN in Ukraine testifies that the authorities had more than enough reasons to reinsure themselves.

After 23, the authorities lifted restrictions on the Crimean Tatars, prohibiting living on the peninsula (decree on amnesty for 1967).

After the entry of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol into Russia, the new leadership of the peninsula declared its readiness to cooperate with representatives of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatars, but there was no constructive dialogue. A few months later, the leaders of the Majlis Mustafa Dzhemilev and Refat Chubarov for the incitement of separatist sentiments and ethnic hatred were banned from visiting the peninsula, and their organization in 2016 was included in the list of extremist communities.

Anyway, the activists expelled from the Crimea continue their subversive activities, supporting their most radical supporters in Russia.

Note that since 2014, on charges of spreading extremist ideology, inciting ethnic hatred, membership and involvement in the activities of terrorist (Hizb ut-Tahrir al-Islami) and extremist (Jamaat Tabligh) organizations were detained around Crimean Tatar’s 40. The Majlis, which is banned in Russia, does not agree with the charges, stating that the detained radicals were victims of political persecution. For example, one of the latest scandals was the accusation of the Russian special services in the illegal arrest of Marlen Mustafayev, who was detained for distributing extremist materials.

Often, the theme of national identity, which, as conceived by provocateurs, should consolidate representatives of the entire ethnic group against Moscow, is pedaled as the main argument in defense of the “prisoners of conscience”. As evidence, provocateurs actively remind about the difficult relations of the majority of the Crimean Tatars with the Soviet authorities and project them onto the current leadership, as well as use the religious issue.

Returning to the decree of 1967 of the year, amnesty the Crimean Tatars with the wording of the unfounded accusations of betrayal of the entire Crimean Tatar population, we note that even now it is impossible to measure everyone with a common yardstick.

So, among those people who chose the path of reunification with Russia for the peninsula in 2014, there were quite a few Crimean Tatars who, despite the pressure exerted on them, took part in a referendum. In fact, the country is dealing with a very limited list of persons undermining its security, and thanks to the effective work of the special services, the number of people promoting a radical ideology on the peninsula is steadily declining.

Other figures show that the ideology violating the Russian constitution ceases to produce the “necessary” results. As noted by State Duma deputy Ruslan Balbek, the Crimean Tatars living in Ukraine began to massively move to the Crimea. “The Crimean Tatar community of the Kherson region makes a choice in favor of peaceful life and begins a mass migration to the Crimean peninsula. These people are asking the Russian authorities to grant them a residence permit for legal stay in the Crimea, which they no longer want to consider Ukrainian, ”the parliamentarian said.
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  1. +18
    7 September 2018 06: 31
    cannot be arguedthat loyalty to the Nazi criminals showed all Tatar population Crimea.
    More than half of the Crimean Tatars supported the Nazis. This can be argued.
    1. +12
      7 September 2018 07: 01
      I don’t know how many Crimean Tatars the Nazis supported .. But the same Germans living in the USSR became breasts to defend their homeland .. However, their families were also deported from the same Saratov region to where Makar did not drive calves ... I just want to say that there was a difficult situation and the authorities did everything to protect the rear. And I do not believe in the sincerity of those who decided to return to Crimea .. You have already made your choice.
      1. +6
        7 September 2018 07: 56
        If we compare the Tatars in Crimea, in the year 14-15 they stood out with might and main, flags, emblems, but now I have not seen a single flag. Moreover, in the year 15 in Bakhchisarai they sat in a Tatar cafe, so there the Tatars themselves spoke Russian to each other. And this year, the locals said that the Tatars went wild and realized that they could not see the Ukrainian freemen when they dictated their conditions to the authorities
      2. +3
        7 September 2018 07: 58
        National issues are always the most painful. All over the world like that. Time and competent position of the authorities. There is no other way.
      3. +5
        7 September 2018 08: 58
        Quote: 210ox
        And I do not believe in the sincerity of those who decided to return to Crimea ..

        according to the Crimean election commission, 70% of Tatars did not go to the presidential election
      4. -2
        13 September 2018 23: 00
        The Crimean Tatars accepted the Germans as liberators, from the people the elders presented a white stallion as a gift to Hitler and faithfully served the Germans until the very end. And in the Crimea, numerous Tatar formations of the Germans (almost the entire young population served the Germans) were distinguished by exceptional cruelty. From the numerous partisan detachments left and sent to the Crimea, all were destroyed in the first months of their stay in Crimea on denunciations of residents .. Almost the entire male population of the Crimean Tatars fought with the Germans against the Red Army, liberating the Crimea to the last, and many were evacuated with the Germans. During the occupation, in Yalta, garlands were often hung on the boulevard trees - dozens of hanged Crimean Russians (there are German photographs), even the Germans were surprised at the cruelty of the Crimean Tatars .. Such crimes are not subject to amnesty, but perhaps they "bought" the amnesty. Those Crimean Tatars who served in the Red Army most often ran over to the Germans or deserted, the Germans, after checks, having established that the real Crimean Tatars let them go to Crimea ... And the post-war decision to evict everyone to Kazakhstan (it is a pity that not to Magadan, because deserve) is a balanced and correct decision ...
    2. 0
      7 September 2018 08: 29
      Ingvar, that's more than half and it was necessary to deport, and not almost all. I agree that difficult times require difficult decisions, but many have suffered undeservedly. Therefore, this is how the "party policy" should be carried out. And nationalism in a multinational country is a collapse and a civil war.
      1. +12
        7 September 2018 09: 29
        Quote: Maverick78
        here more than half and it was necessary to deport, but not almost all.

        But do not you think that the Soviet Army returning there could destroy ALL Tatars, on the crest of war and hatred of traitors? I.V. Stalin saved them from lynching; they would not have been taken out and the Crimean Tatar people would have ended. By the way, when they returned to Crimea and seized the land, it should be noted that there were VERY POOR people. And yet ... at one time the Tatars in the Crimea slaughtered and ousted the Greeks and Karaites. and after centuries, the boomerang is back! As their people acted with other nations, so did they.
        1. -3
          7 September 2018 18: 04
          Quote: Egoza
          But do not you think that the Soviet Army returning there could destroy ALL Tatars, on the crest of war and hatred of traitors? I.V. Stalin saved them from lynching; they would not have been taken out and the Crimean Tatar people would have ended.

          I completely agree - that would be so.
          Here is the testimony of an eyewitness who saw how the Tatars lived under the Germans:
          We must leave as soon as possible, while there are no Germans nearby. To the right and left by rail is unrealistic, the roads are well tested. It is possible to the south, but there is a partisan zone, the Germans are guarding approaches to it, run into them - just spit. It was decided: we are moving north, towards Sivash. A knurled, dirt road leads there. Kilometers 12-15 from Ichkov is the Tatar village of Kolchura, east of it, five kilometers - the coast of Sivash. The village is small, but it seems large due to the fact that the buildings in it are located randomly, without forming streets, the houses are small, adobe, unbleached, with flat slightly sloping tiled roofs. Near each house there is a nightmare, a sheepfold, a small haystack and huge stacks of “kurai”, our usual wormwood, with thick, dry roots. Then already, we learn that this is the only type of fuel. Under this fuel and stoves are made, they are loaded not through the top, but behind, above the blower. In the center of the village is an artesian well, enclosed in a thick cast-iron pipe. Water pours continuously, flowing down the gutter into a small lake. Apparently, the lake has an invisible drain, since its volume is constant. Here they take water for drinking and household needs, numerous herds of sheep are watered here. Each Tatar has a herd, from fifty to several hundred. The richest Asanakai has five hundred of them. Everybody’s life is simple to primitive. But the main thing is that everyone is healthy, well-fed, respectful with their elders. Among the Tatar families there are also four Ukrainian families. Their ancestors settled here before the revolution. By clothes, everyday life - they are no different from the Tatars. They speak Russian and Tatar.
          The Tatars met our appearance calmly. We didn’t feel joy on the occasion of our arrival, but we didn’t show open hostility ... we looked closely! The headman is aware of our appearance. Half an hour later he appeared in front of us. A stocky Azerbaijanian with an unpleasant, angry face. He introduced himself simply, poking himself in the chest with his finger: "Aliy!"
          Aliy would be dressed in German military uniform, with soldier's epaulets. The uniform sat on it beautifully, as if sewn to order.

      2. +2
        9 September 2018 07: 04
        Sergey. Do not be afraid of nationalism, understand what it is. If there is a people, that is, its collective properties — what other word will they call, if not nationalism? Do you like Russophobia? It is only because our collectivity is atrophied. We have been taught to be ashamed to take care of ourselves, to endure everything and everything. Want to unify, go against nature? You will not find a small nation-people who will abandon their name. Diversity in nature is the main condition for the general stability of the living. This is for us - Russians - we should catch ourselves and think about our image. We are already dying, plants have been taken away, but ... we are going with the flow.
        It is a pity if specialization in “services” will prevail in Crimea, and not production.
  2. +7
    7 September 2018 07: 26
    They cried to Putin about the injustice of Stalin, and now Putin finds himself in the situation of Stalin! Let's see which way Putin will go. It is easy to condemn Stalin, but what now does the leadership do? The situation is not critical yet. And if tomorrow is war? What will Putin do?
    1. +6
      7 September 2018 09: 31
      Quote: Mister Creed
      And if tomorrow is war? What will Putin do?

      Better think what the Tatars will do in this case.
      1. +7
        7 September 2018 10: 22
        As always ... to trade in the homeland.
  3. +8
    7 September 2018 08: 38
    Crimea and Sevastopol at the top of the list? the real state of affairs, after the annexation, these Tatars held 1 big rally "for independence", in my opinion, on the anniversary of their deportation, and already the next year no one came to this rally. they now walk there like silk.
    really, but Chechnya, where 21 thousand Russians were cut out only for civilians, in what place on this list after the genocide of the Slavs?
  4. +8
    7 September 2018 09: 04
    And what, give up your national identity? For example, for me, Russian, in Ukraine - to give up the fact that I am Russian? To become an abstract faceless "citizen of Ukraine", what are the Ukrainian nationalists wanting from us Russians living here?
    1. +2
      7 September 2018 09: 50
      Hold on bro, it's not evening yet, and get ready.
  5. BAI
    7 September 2018 09: 07
    it cannot be argued that the entire Tatar population of Crimea showed loyalty to Nazi criminals.

    In my opinion, this is fairly obvious. One Ahmet-Khan Sultan of what is worth.
    1. +3
      7 September 2018 09: 48
      But nobody mixes everyone up, that there are no freaks among Russians? Of course there is, as in any other nation.
    2. +2
      8 September 2018 10: 02
      His father is a Lack, a Tatar mother, and Amet Khan considered himself a Hero of the Soviet Union and was right, people were judged by actions and results, my mother and aunt spent the entire occupation in Crimea, namely in the Karasubazar district, the Tatars were very they didn’t like it, there was a story, the end of April 1944, ours in Crimea, mother and aunt (13 and 16 years old) grazed a cow, n. the village of Ulyanovka, two of our Russians came up, asked Abdullah’s house and left, soon the shooting, when they returned, father said that partisans came, finished Abdullah, we must not forget the Sudak landing, concentration camp in Krasnoye, atrocities to prisoners of war of Sevastopol, especially sailors, the people who are always ready to cross over to the enemy, by the way, Nikolai 1 was the first to think about their relocation
  6. +5
    7 September 2018 09: 19
    Once again I am writing to Dolbon from history to the Tatars in the Crimea, the Greeks lived and the Tatars, together with the Turks, staged genocide for the Greeks to save Christians from extermination. Russia resettled them to the Azov region, when the Tatars would answer for the genocide of Greeks, Christians !!! ???? Still other versions of forcible and voluntary resettlement, well, on this "goat" it is then necessary to return the Greeks, to give them land plots and money as Tatars, and let them live as they should live. Moreover, on the coast of the South Coast and not somewhere in the steppe, the Greeks were sailors and they could not live in the steppes, logically, by the way, and the Tatars of the steppe, they lived in the steppes, they still boast of this, so let them plots in the steppes of Crimea.
    And then after all tryndet about the genocide of the Tatars, they can and do not see their sins.
  7. +4
    7 September 2018 09: 45
    Stop playing toys, the punishment should be without any regard for the cries of anyone. And if there is a nationalist component in the matter, consider building a secondary school without the right to return to Crimea as a threat to national security and on solovki. It is time to recall the Russian Empire and the laws prohibiting some individuals from living in certain places. People should live and work quietly, without fear of any scum.
  8. +3
    7 September 2018 10: 24
    It is foolish to repent and look for the guilty, in different stages of history. Rewrite and designate the perpetrators to the need of the day. Upon closer examination, various distortions occurred and are occurring all over the world. With all the talk about the Holocaust, the Israeli government has claims only to the people of Germany. Turning a blind eye to many accomplices of other countries. On the territory of the Baltic countries, not only local Jews were exterminated, but also were delivered from Europe. The history of Poland is very mixed. But today, Israel pursues a policy that is far from humanism and human values ​​in relation to the Palestinians and other people living both in Israel and neighboring countries. Much has been said and written about oppression during the time of Stalin. But nothing is said about the crimes of the peoples that came under repression. Stalin was not a nationalist. But the history of the USSR did not distinguish nationality. Fascists and accomplices, depersonalizing nationality. I do not condone or condemn. I am for if you said (A), then speak and (B). And to appoint executioners and victims is a matter of propaganda. hi
  9. +1
    7 September 2018 10: 51
    Quote: Ingvar 72
    cannot be arguedthat loyalty to the Nazi criminals showed all Tatar population Crimea.
    More than half of the Crimean Tatars supported the Nazis. This can be argued.

    Like the fact that the other part was against. Among them, the honored test pilot of the USSR and twice Hero of the USSR Ahmed-Khan Sultan, who on May 31, 1942, rammed a German bomber over Yaroslavl. Probably every nation has its own Judas and its heroes. Dzhemilev will eventually be forgotten by the people, but Ahmed Khan of the Sultan is not.
    1. 0
      7 September 2018 23: 39
      How to say.
      A few years ago, the Crimean leadership refused to assign the name Amet-Khan Sultan to the Simferopol airport.
      1. 0
        8 September 2018 10: 11
        C'mon, the square in front of the Central Market of Simferopol bears his name, the flying club in the Factory named after Amet Khan of the Sultan
  10. +3
    7 September 2018 13: 34
    It is necessary to take an oath of allegiance from such persons and a written paper with a signature and obligations as in the United States. Breaking the oath and contract with the state? Then do not seek.
  11. +1
    7 September 2018 13: 39
    Quote: megavolt823
    It is foolish to repent and look for the guilty, in different stages of history.

    If, according to the then laws, they were rightly condemned, then there’s nothing to shred grandmother either. And after all, in hindsight, there are a lot of claims against the Americans in connection with the Indians and blacks, against Belgium, Great Britain, France, they were huge colonial empires at that time. To the Vatican can be a bunch of claims rolled out on the Inquisition, on harboring the Nazis after the war. To Japan for the genocide of the Chinese and Koreans. This is just to begin.
    1. 0
      7 September 2018 23: 40
      They were not generally condemned, they were simply deported.
  12. +1
    8 September 2018 12: 59
    It should be noted that Erdogan is actively supporting extremists from the Crimean Tatars. Here he is on the same flank as the United States.
    He actively supports Uyghur extremists.
    And what about Russia? Where is her support for the Kurds? Where is Russia's support for Ukrainian Hungarians and Romanians? And also - national minorities oppressed by the US government, including Indians? And let them not howl about interference. More often it is necessary to remind (every day) from the UN rostrum of the annexations of the United States, Britain, France and other "civilized" countries. About the genocide of Russians by Poles, Finns, and other nationalists of all countries. Celebrate anniversaries every day on one or another theme of the occupation of Russia by Western powers (and Japan as well). By the way, together with China, to celebrate the Japanese massacre in the cities of China, including Nanjing. To condemn the constantly inhuman US bombing of civilians in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Dresden and Cologne, Tokyo, Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Bikini Test ...
    You must be more assertive, brazen, gentlemen, diplomats. The country spoils with diarrhea on the face, and you ...
    1. 0
      9 September 2018 14: 19
      In Turkey, its laws prohibit a child from giving a non-Turkish literary name. For violation, you can spend some time in prison. The European Court, if there is support for a person, can make you pay compensation, but you still have to go through the agony of conclusion. Therefore, this support if extremists operate outside Turkey. If there is a shadow of suspicion that their activities could harm Turkish statehood, then everything is harsh and strict. For example, in the West they try not to give visas to those citizens of Russia whose names do not correspond to the norms of the Russian language. For example, the absence of a middle name or last name in the passport.
  13. 0
    9 September 2018 05: 42
    My Father was born in Vladikavkaz, Terek himself passed on the test. BUT..
    The same garbage was in the 80s, it is clear that they did not write. But Mi-24 was hovering over Ordzhonikidze, then traces of bullets were covered up later
    Local clans quarreled there, some from the mountains went down and started. I then walked under the table, but I remember.
    Then they surrounded a couple of villages of ALL, in cars and in Siberia. Everything is quiet.
    1. -1
      9 September 2018 05: 57
      Quote: Fedorov
      The same garbage was in the 80s, it is clear that they did not write. But Mi-24 was hovering over Ordzhonikidze, then traces of bullets were covered up later
      Local clans quarreled there, some from the mountains went down and started. I then walked under the table, but I remember.

      1981: The Ossetians were indignant at the murder of a taxi driver committed by an Ingush near Nazran.
      No helicopters flew and didn’t shoot anywhere, but the cadets of the three schools and the special forces squad called V.V.
      At the expense of the carriage and to Siberia .. yes, it was, the most active were caught, judged onward. Breathe fresh air on the logging.
      Quote: Fedorov
      Then surrounded a couple of villages of ALL

      This is nonsense; there are no auls in Ossetia.
  14. +3
    9 September 2018 14: 07
    While in Crimea, I talked with the Crimean Tatar, as his family returned to Crimea in 1980-90. It turns out that they received a summons from Ukraine to Central Asia with a proposal to return to Crimea with a guarantee of providing housing with material compensation. Arriving in Crimea, they could not find out from whom this document was sent with all the signs of belonging to government securities. It seems that the representatives of the Bandera underground by a glanders infiltrated the state security organs by that time and organized an effective company to move the Crimean Tatar population to Crimea and set it up to confront the local Slavic population. From here it becomes clear the Crimean Tatars’s adjustment to spontaneous seizure of the land and connivance to this seizure. At the same time, there are no government measures to civilize the new arrivals and solve their problems at the local level. There is a danger that strong state security organs stifle a normal civil society, and then in a critical situation at the turn of the epoch people prone to illegal actions.
  15. 0
    9 September 2018 15: 48
    Yo Mama! "Everyone to Siberia"!
    I live the seventh decade in Siberia ...
    I spit on Moscow, on the South and on the West!
    "Night will come, what are you going to think about?"
  16. +2
    10 September 2018 09: 51
    The main instigators of ethnic hatred in our country are the authorities. Why on the territory of Russia the so-called "diasporas"? Which are the source of all, I emphasize, all problems on the basis of national movements? Alas. The authorities are doing all they can to cooperate with the diasporas, unmistakably saying that the diaspora "helps maintain order."
    That is, the authorities in our country are unable to maintain order. Unable to provide our authorities with order! So they turn to the Armenian, Azerbaijani, Chechen diasporas ... The question arises - why on earth does our state contain the Ministry of Internal Affairs? The Ministry of Internal Affairs, the prosecutor’s office, courts, prisons and colonies ... Why do we need all this if diasporas are needed to maintain order, but there is no order without diasporas? Remove all these loafers and parasites!
    Oh, not parasites? Then it may be unnecessary to endure hotbeds of interethnic strife, feeling at ease everywhere in the country, and brazenly putting into effect their "national customs" that have nothing to do with our laws? Of course, all this is not at all because the representatives of the authorities really like the "gifts" they regularly receive from the diasporas. Not at all! I just need "help". Maintaining "order".
    This order, in which someone hides rapists and murderers, in which one cannot feel calm, if someone from the diaspora settled next to you, in whom they can steal a daughter, motivating it with their national customs ... Well, bandits, spies, terrorists , of course. Not everyone can live with an employee of the Moscow prosecutor's office in the country. And in the Diaspora they will always, always find both a table and a house.
    How much I look at the state that we built with our own hands, I am so amazed. No, really, that's what we wanted with you, right?
  17. +1
    10 September 2018 17: 06
    Quote: Oleg Zhepalov
    You just need to return the 58th article. And the analogue of the Law "On members of the family of traitors to the motherland" of 30.
    Alas, the adoptive son of EBN does not need this.

    Yes good good good hi

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