We got to the radar. Began testing onboard equipment ARLO A-100

As part of the work on the A-100 Premier A-XNUMX, specialists from the Roselectronics holding, part of Rostec, have begun preliminary tests of the on-board equipment of the multifunctional aviation complex of the radar surveillance and guidance, reconnaissance, warning and control, RIA reports News with reference to the representative of the state corporation "Rostec".

We got to the radar. Began testing onboard equipment ARLO A-100

Reportedly, the work began in accordance with the approved schedule. The installation of the latest onboard equipment and installed antenna radome with radio and radar equipment. The tests will be carried out using the flying laboratory A-100LL, which is actively used to test the aircraft’s electronics. At various stages, about 10 flights were performed for testing various instrumentation. Before that, ground-based acceptance and preliminary tests of the on-board radio engineering complex, as well as resource, static and frequency tests were already conducted. The flying laboratory A-100LL is based on the A-50 aircraft.

It was previously reported that the newest aviation the A-100 Premier radar monitoring and guidance complex will soon begin state tests after ground and flight tests of on-board radio electronics.
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  1. +5
    6 September 2018 12: 23
    Well what can we say - good news, good luck A-100. We need a dozen of such machines - we need to look after the "partners" in all directions! soldier
    1. +2
      6 September 2018 23: 02
      Quote: Vlad5307
      We need a dozen of such machines - we need to look after the "partners" in all directions!

      It's strange somehow: the A-50 was 23, plus 3 units. A-50A - and not enough to "keep an eye" behind everyone. And here you want to get by with "ten" ... Maybe add another 1,5 dozen from your bounty? Moreover, they can also simultaneously perform the functions of an electronic warfare aircraft. That, agree, what does it cost you !? bully
  2. +4
    6 September 2018 12: 31
    Handsome !!!
    1. +1
      6 September 2018 13: 29
      Handsome - no doubt!
      But how does it all fly?
      I can’t do it.
      1. +9
        6 September 2018 14: 07
        c'mon, there’s absolutely no problem for the flight, if this flies -
  3. -4
    6 September 2018 17: 22
    A rotating antenna is yesterday! Something new is needed, such as AFAR or ROFAR ...
  4. +3
    6 September 2018 20: 51
    Quote: Dzafdet
    A rotating antenna is yesterday! Something new is needed, such as AFAR or ROFAR ...

    Hello. A-100 "Premier" is a Russian aircraft for long-range radar detection and control based on the Il-76MD-90A with a PS-90A-76 engine. Multifunctional aviation complex for radar surveillance and guidance (IAC RLDN). The antenna complex is built on the basis of an antenna with an active phased array. "The creators of the A-100 believe that it will see almost everything. It is assumed that in the Premier complex, the main indicators of the A-50U are in the detection range of bombers, fighters and ground targets (tank column ), which reached 650, 300 and 250 kilometers, respectively, will be doubled. The search complex is equipped with an active phased array antenna (AFAR). According to the Rostec state corporation, it will rotate at a speed of five revolutions per minute. According to Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov, this is a breakthrough work, its highlight is that the new dual-band radar has extreme characteristics. "- from the article https://topwar.ru/117507-premer-dalnego-videniya.html.

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