The American "invulnerability" is over. We'll get overseas!

Incredibly, but a fact: the United States finally realized that they are no longer invulnerable to Russian and Chinese weapons... General Terrence O'Shaughnessy, head of the US Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, acknowledged the superiority of some modern types of Russian and Chinese weapons. According to him, the situation in the defense sphere has changed significantly, and these changes are by no means in favor of the United States.

We used to think that the oceans around us and the friendly countries in the north and south make our country inaccessible, but everything changes, because there are opponents who are now really able to reach our territory.

Also, a senior American military noted that America needs a complete review of its defense strategy. In particular, the Ministry of Defense plans to equip F-16 fighters with radars with AFAR, so that they can more effectively fight in a potential enemy cruise missiles.

Analyzing such statements is not so easy. On the one hand, it is obvious that this is just a bare statement of facts - the situation in the world, and in the field of defense, has really changed, and not at all in favor of Washington. If we compare it with what was twenty years ago, when Russia stood with one foot in a political grave, and China, with all the successes of its reforms, still remained in the military plan “a third world country”, albeit with nuclear weapons, then the current the situation may indeed seem almost disastrous for the United States.

On the other hand, the myth of some American "invulnerability" should not be taken too seriously. Yes in stories The USA had periods when this country was almost invulnerable to any aggression. But even then, "invulnerability" was rather conditional.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, this was more likely a consequence of the fact that America did not interfere in European affairs, and it never occurred to potential aggressors to land on the American East Coast. The Spanish-American war, which occurred at the very end of the nineteenth century, during which the United States received a good “piece” in the Caribbean, was the exception to the rule, and at the same time was the last time that relatively large formations of enemy ships moved along the coast of the United States.

During World War II, the Americans made significant efforts to protect their territory from enemy attacks. But it began for the United States with an extremely painful defeat of the American fleet in Pearl Harbor, and this, though not continental, but still American territory.

Also noted were the military operations of the Japanese on the Aleutian Islands (also the territory of the United States, and not “overseas possessions” or “dominion” with not quite clear status). In addition, the only case of bombing of mainland America was noted, for which the Japanese used a seaplane based on a submarine. The consequences of this bombardment were insignificant, but it still discredits the myth of the "inaccessibility" or "invulnerability" of the United States.

In the postwar period, American security was also at a very high level for some time. Aviation The USSR could not, unfortunately, reach the United States from either its bases or from airfields located in the Warsaw Pact countries. And overcoming the British-Scandinavian frontier was very problematic for our bombers.

Already in 1959, the first ballistic missile R-11FM appeared in service with the Soviet submarine fleet. It was not very long-range (total kilometers of 150), rather inconvenient for use, as it assumed only surface launch and rather long preparation. However, its appearance significantly increased the chances of our submarines to strike retaliation in the United States: now the submarine no longer needed to enter the waters directly adjacent to major cities and military bases of the United States and, accordingly, as protected as possible during the threatened period.

And already in the 1960 year, when the first intercontinental ballistic missile P-7 was adopted, the myth of American “invulnerability” completely melted away like mist in the sun. And ever since, no matter how the situation changes in the world, the United States has always been under the gun, first by the Soviet and then by the Chinese ICBMs.

Does the American general know about this? Of course. And if so, what does he mean?

Apparently, his words should be understood as a recognition of the possibility for the US opponents to strike at their territory with other means, not ballistic and non-nuclear, with weapons of destruction. If earlier only airborne and sea-based cruise missiles could be attributed to such means, now this range of weapons has increased substantially. Now it should be attributed to the X-101 long-range cruise missiles, and the Dagger hypersonic complex (without problems, it will cover the entire territory of Alaska from the MiG-31 standard carrier), and the nuclear-powered cruise missiles announced by Vladimir Putin and unmanned submarines Poseidon devices. Some of these weapons really require completely new approaches to defense strategy, as not only the characteristics of the weapon (range, for example), but also the principles of its movement have changed.

It should be noted that the security of the United States by the US military is always interpreted very broadly. They easily subordinate to this definition both the security of the Baltic states, the situation in the Donbas, and civil unrest in Central Africa. And from this point of view, for Washington, too, everything is not so rosy.

According to Liza Semp, an employee of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Russia is significantly superior to the United States in the field of long-range missile systems (not only cruise missiles, but also air-to-air missiles, aeroballistic missiles, etc.). combat, as well as in cyberspace. And this is another serious challenge to the American army and the military industrial complex.

But what would American strategists really think about: what if the current strengthening of the Russian army is not a direct result of the absolutely unrestrained and unwise American expansion? Wasn’t America provoked Moscow (like China, as well as many other countries) into serious investments in the field of defense research and military modernization. Is Washington reaping the fruits of its own geopolitical irresponsibility?

And will the refusal of geopolitical expansion and a return to the times of non-interference in the affairs of other states be the best consequence of the proposed revision of the American strategy, as it was at the beginning of the twentieth century?

Indeed, whatever one may say, this was the most peaceful time in the modern history of the USA ...
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  1. +5
    5 September 2018 12: 13
    To assume that the stripes dry out and lock up on their continent is very .... bold!
    The taste usually comes with food, and the stripes have already bitten everything that you can!
    How to bring down their taste is a problem for many.
    1. +3
      5 September 2018 20: 01
      Over the ocean again wanted to sit out ..? And he will run into the incitement of wars in Eurasia ..

      Soon we will come to you, with the same technology of inciting conflicts ..
      Chinganchguk is ALIVE in our hearts and Uncle Tom soldier !
  2. +2
    5 September 2018 12: 15
    Generals, just like those employed in the military-industrial complex, constantly want to eat and eat well. They constantly think about their "reproduction". For a society to feel the need for them, this society must be constantly intimidated by an external threat. It's like in a relationship with a woman of outgoing youth: "scare, and then hurry ..." wink Do not look in the words of such characters, some deep or hidden meaning is, just a banal desire to eat well and well fed ....
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. BAI
    5 September 2018 13: 15
    there are opponents who are now truly capable of reaching our territory.

    There is a reason to raise the issue of raising the military budget. There is always little money so that the cartoon "Golden Antelope" does not preach.
  5. 0
    5 September 2018 13: 21
    USA, here you will be soon kapets!
  6. 0
    5 September 2018 14: 16
    It is incredible, but true: in the USA, they finally realized that they are no longer invulnerable to Russian and Chinese weapons.
    According to Lisa Samp, an employee of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Russia is significantly superior to the United States in ...

    ... strategic planning.
  7. +10
    5 September 2018 15: 04
    Yeah. Article .... I don't even know how to evaluate. The author seriously believes that what is now being broadcast by American politicians, the military, those who have the military-industrial complex behind them corresponds to reality at least 50%. These speeches are intended only for one thing, to create an atmosphere there where any demand to raise the budget will be met under the guise of a Russian or Chinese threat. We have already gone through this, such "threats", first the "bombing threat", then the "missile threat. And more often than not the Americans beat us with our weapons. We wanted to show our power, and as a result, we achieved only that they were using our move as a motivation for their leadership achieved many times greater deployment

    In addition, a respected author. You have a lot of absurdities in the article. Not to mention the title
    The American "invulnerability" is over. We'll get overseas!. And before that, didn’t get it? In addition, you write about the D-1 complex as a kind of panacea. You write
    Nevertheless, its appearance significantly increased the chances of our submarines to strike a retaliation in the United States: now the submarine no longer needed to enter the waters directly adjacent to major cities and military bases of the United States and, accordingly, maximally protected during the threatened period.

    Nothing increased. Approaching a distance of 150 km to the US coast, surfacing and being in a water position for about half an hour is not an increase in the chances of submarines to strike a retaliation. This actually turned the boat not just into a kamikaze, but into a kamikaze, which had no chance of a word at all. Do not forget that from the Second World War, the United States was sought out with a huge fleet, incl. with a large number of destroyers and escort aircraft carriers. In the 50s they still did not have time to completely give out or send them under the knife. Therefore, the boat had no chance at all. Not to mention that for the boat it was a one-way trip.

    Yes, the R-7 test was an unpleasant surprise for the United States. But nonetheless. After 5 years, during the Caribbean crisis, they had the number of ICBMs about 10 times larger than us. There is no need to talk about bomber aircraft

    And why were it our bombers could not strike at the North American continent. Could. With scanty chances to get through and with zero chances to return. And so they could. This was essentially the only component of our subsequent triad in the 50s.

    We are now following the same path. You are talking about supernovae, not realizing at times how many of these new products will be. And what can these new items actually do? To be glad that the "Dagger" will be able to cover the whole of Alaska - of course you can, but what is it for there? What are the goals for him (by the way, he will not cover all of Alaska) in Alaska? Radar early warning system?
    How many can we deploy such complexes without prejudice to defense? 2-3 Mig squadrons and as many Tu?
    "Petrel" and "Poseidon" are still such ephemeral weapons that sometimes they raise more questions than they have answers.

    And the masterpiece that we have air combat weapons surpasses the American. Yes, in range our R-37 is 1,6 times superior to the American AIM-120. The only question is. Again, only MIG-31 can carry ours, and it is armed or not, and how many such missiles are in the troops is a great mystery. But the less long-range American AIM-120 already now in the amount of more than 20 thousand copies. And put on almost any fighter ....

    You can also talk about many other things. Yes, the Americans are winged less long-range than ours. But how many of our carriers and how many American are the question. Like the total number of missiles themselves. And so on. Yes, China has become one of the important players in the last decade, but the very same strategic nuclear forces of the PRC may cause some concern for the United States, but not particularly. Since again we are talking about quantity
    1. 0
      7 September 2018 13: 28
      I agree strong Merikaki. And then they will spread rot all and will never stop until they are stopped. Vietnam slowed down a little, which is now completely forgotten. However, for the United States to finally turn its neck, it doesn’t need another Vietnam, it needs a lot of constant, numerous military conflicts to America for long times and to wear out with the whole world. Will they get richer? Sam will not be and there is a collapse.
  8. +4
    5 September 2018 15: 25
    Quote: ggl1
    USA, here you will be soon kapets!

    A friend of mine about such statements that "soon" liked to talk.
    200 has been rotting for years, and it smells and does not stink.
  9. +1
    5 September 2018 16: 08
    Quote: ggl1
    USA, here you will be soon kapets!

    Empires do not disappear like that! Collapse only occurs when it breaks up FROM INSIDE!
    Around them there is no one stronger than that, Schaub to end them!
    In short, we study history, draw conclusions.
    1. 0
      5 September 2018 22: 18
      There they write - China crawled into Latin America.
      Because in the States they called him an earthworm ...
  10. +4
    5 September 2018 21: 55
    The trouble is with analytics.
    1. 0
      6 September 2018 16: 30
      Quote: Locos
      The trouble is with analytics.

      Well, why, there is a heading Analytics, there please .. And here the news just goes and everyone has the right to express their opinion. This is a media site, not a highly specialized one. So you don’t need to build a smart guy out of yourself (there are a lot of those with such comments ) hi
  11. 0
    6 September 2018 14: 51
    Urrrrrrrrrrry! Checker nnnnagolo!
  12. 0
    11 September 2018 13: 15
    Aftorishka ... adults on the site ... remembering the Soviet Union ... earn Putin's silver coins elsewhere ...
  13. -1
    11 September 2018 21: 27
    CHSH, again exactly "on the same rake." negative The bankruptcy of the USSR did not teach anyone anything. But - the effectiveness of the strategy of "economic exhaustion" of an economically weaker rival by an arms race has not been canceled at all ...

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