Ukrainian media found drug addicts in the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the front lines. Can not be...

Ukrainian military in combat positions take drugs and psychostimulants. And this is not just another report from the representatives of the operational command of the DPR. This is the data of the Ukrainian military and journalists.

How widespread is this problem, which is not customary to talk about in Ukraine, the Ukrainian tried to figure out news Portal "Apostrophe".

Ukrainian media found drug addicts in the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the front lines. Can not be...

In particular, "Apostrof" found that there is no official statistics on the number of APU fighters taking drugs. This is due, primarily, to the fact that it can have an extremely negative impact on the future of military personnel. As explained by a source in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, no one himself admits that he is a drug addict, since it means "a stigma on his career."

However, the facts of drug use in combat positions are present, as evidenced by experts interviewed by "Apostrophe".
According to military psychologist Andrei Kozinchuk, the problem of the use of prohibited substances applies not only to the army, but also to society as a whole, as many are beginning to “indulge” in drugs in their school years.

Most often, as noted by the source "Apostrophe", the Ukrainian military everywhere allow themselves amphetamines and other narcotic drugs (use in the Russian Federation is punishable under criminal law). These substances supposedly help to feel vigorous, to aggravate feelings. There are also cases of abuse of potent military anesthetics, opium drugs prescribed after injury or trauma, ”says psychologist Svetlana Litvinchuk.

The “apostrophe” also found out that it is not particularly difficult for the military to get such narcotic substances, since there are several ways to deliver prohibited substances, including through the commanding staff or volunteers.

For the most part, ordinary ordinary Ukrainian Armed Forces involved in outfits and on duty are sitting on drugs. The military of a higher rank prefer other methods of psychological relief, such as alcohol doping. Those avatars in uniform.

Such drug-addicted fighters, of course, pose a threat to others, first of all, by their unpredictable behavior, which can cause physical harm to health.

To cope with this kind of addiction requires skilled medical care, but many simply do not seek it. In addition, in conditions of intense hostilities, it is simply impossible to get rid of drug addiction, ”says Svetlana Litvinchuk.
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  1. +3
    3 September 2018 16: 24
    And then they are surprised that they are being put in packs ... Walking stoned in the attack ... It’s better to put it right away ...
    1. +11
      3 September 2018 16: 50
      Here is how the personnel of the 6th motorized rifle battalion of the Armed forces of Ukraine in the village of Kanevskoye, Zaporizhzhya region, take the oath.
      1. +9
        3 September 2018 16: 53
        Or the same oath is the same place and time. So they are also addicts! belay
        1. +7
          3 September 2018 17: 14
          Of course, they can laugh at the APU soldiers .. But I honestly feel sorry for them, they have no purpose and fighting spirit .. The region is completely located in the prefecture of the West and the Gauleiter steal and bind everyone with blood .. But you have to answer for crimes against the people.!
          The junta will scatter around the world with the bags looted, and they will have to look in the eyes of those whom they daily killed and shot .. Here they are stabbing and drinking, trying to drown their conscience and hopelessness in the future ..
          1. 0
            4 September 2018 01: 44
            They are not accustomed to meeting Gauleiter with bread and salt, and then bashfully look into people's eyes. Although I doubt the genuine bashfulness.
          2. 0
            4 September 2018 22: 36
            Quote: Sxron
            So they prick and drink, trying to drown their conscience and hopelessness in the future ..

            By God, you are like a child. Yes, there is no conscience, no brains!
      2. +2
        3 September 2018 17: 37
        Something like a wedding in a robin laughing , only in a new way
      3. +2
        3 September 2018 17: 46
        Quote: Proxima
        Here is how the personnel of the 6th motorized rifle battalion of the Armed forces of Ukraine in the village of Kanevskoye, Zaporizhzhya region, take the oath.

        Makhnovshchina 2.0)))
        1. +2
          3 September 2018 18: 35
          These are even less .. But these in the recent past, you see well in the towns and villages fired direct fire ..
      4. -1
        3 September 2018 22: 40
        Proxima, this is an epic beep. Beep. Beep. Selyuki with Selyukovsky brains. This is not urban with Selyukovsky brains)))
    2. 0
      4 September 2018 13: 13
      Quote: Vard
      However, there are facts of drug use in combat positions, as evidenced by experts interviewed by Apostrophe

      And what do you think in Chechnya or Afghanistan there were no drug addicts? Or is there no such type in the DPR / LPR troops ?! Not everyone can withstand the psychological burden of war. And it’s very difficult to control the database zone for drugs.
  2. +1
    3 September 2018 16: 26
    In the Nazi army, too, doping was used ... it didn’t help.
  3. +5
    3 September 2018 16: 27
    And you forgive what else gentlemen wanted to see there?) Satisfied with the life of patriotic cyborgs?) Collected a bunch of scum in the mobilization, gave it to the stumps and everything?) Ukraine forever?) It does not happen)
  4. +6
    3 September 2018 16: 28
    Yes, you sho !!! drug addicts, alcoholics, parasites in the Ukrainian army.
    Until the last I didn’t believe ... Their own trainers were trained by foreign ones, they all threw off their uniforms for the whole world, the second army of the world, and here it is !!
    No, I still don’t believe it, it cannot be ... that’s all Kremlin propaganda. wink
    1. +7
      3 September 2018 17: 00
      Quote: tatarin_ru
      Until the last I did not believe ..

      Reminds a joke:
      -Mom: "Daughter, why are you so late from school?"
      -Daughter: "And we had a medical examination, - they were looking for" touchy "among the girls."
      -Mama: "So ...?"
      -Daughter: "They found one."
      -Mama: "Is it of course you, docha?"
      -Daughter: "Nope, mom, this is our teacher - Zoya Nikolavna."
  5. +3
    3 September 2018 16: 29
    The Ukrainian military in combat positions take drugs and psychostimulants.
    Such people do not live long, if they do not substitute themselves under a bullet or a fragment, they will "burn".
    In general, many who have been fighting for many years begin to experience adrenaline addiction ..., in short, they constantly pull "to feats" in order to "get high"
    1. +4
      3 September 2018 17: 02
      Sergey, we are not doing well either. I show the place where four ... apparently students, because there are no schools nearby, they sniffed something from a smartphone, or maybe from an iPhone. (Bye jal leader since lunch)
      1. +1
        3 September 2018 18: 21
        Kostroma? laughing Countrymen.
    2. +1
      3 September 2018 23: 00
      svp67, such people are called war people. They can no longer live in a different environment.
  6. +1
    3 September 2018 16: 42
    Why doubt it, Klitschko brought in sacks of combat psychotropics of the US Army to the Maidan. And it is necessary to "thank" him for this. These thugs can no longer live without these wheels.
    1. +4
      3 September 2018 17: 19
      Exactly, damn it, I remember the nickname on the Maidan the whole broken skull from a fire extinguisher was doused with powder! So it was combat cocaine from mattress !!!! wassat
  7. +2
    3 September 2018 17: 02
    A juicy copy in training and with Kalash! I immediately wanted to throw the white flag!
  8. -1
    3 September 2018 17: 38
    Drunk addicts of homosexual orientation with manic tendencies, depressed, etc., etc.
  9. +2
    3 September 2018 18: 07
    Read article
    here is her address
    Actually, they correctly write that there is a problem (as with alcohol) do not hide problems in the army. And since the army is a part of society, everything in it is the same as in society. And some drink and addict.
    The article clearly a couple of points
    The interlocutors of the journalists did not see the injecting drug addicts. Most drug addicts came from a citizen like that. At the front line, soldiers indulge in aggravating feelings and overcoming sleep.
    in war, they do not quit smoking and drinking. If a person came to war as a teetotaler, then, of course, he can stay with them, I have seen such people, but a very small number of the military do not use anything at all. Psychostimulants of various kinds are present in any case. "

    The problem is certainly serious and without treatment of the society itself, in which some part of drug addicts is present, is reflected in the army too. And we have a war - where everything is aggravated. It is difficult to present something to people who are between life and death, but there is military discipline and order.
  10. +1
    3 September 2018 20: 19
    Where did the addiction come from, but from the life of a dog.
    The constant tension in the media, the disorder of the population, the lack of prospects, and stress must be removed. And medicine is generally a stitch! The army is a tracing-paper of a society and in such conditions live and grow rich, and who could not - in army!
  11. 0
    3 September 2018 20: 28
    No burners, no combat hopak!
  12. +2
    3 September 2018 22: 21
    ... because there are several ways to deliver prohibited substances, including through commanders or volunteers. Over time, any ideological confrontation turns into a financial interest. I remember the Chechen companies. First, "the great independent Ichkeria", and then the calculations for payment - from the murder of federals, the ransom of prisoners and to the explosives (SVU ...). It can be seen from the eyes (in the photo) that they do not care about the "independence" of Ukraine, they would rather find a dose or score a "joint".

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