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Results of the week. Express deep concern

Alexander Zakharchenko killed

Wounded Alexander Zakharchenko was taken to the clinic, where he died from his injuries. Along with him in the cafe was Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic Alexander Timofeev. It is reported that he was injured and burned.

Hard to open Weekly this topic. It is difficult ... When they say that cats scratch at heart - this is perhaps the very feeling. The entire Donbass elite, all the effective command of the volunteers were either squeezed out or rigidly eliminated - with a clear terrorist handwriting.

In power LDNR vacuum. People do not know who to trust, especially against the background of snot about the “no alternative to the Minsk agreements”. After all, these same agreements are for the two parties to the conflict, and only one leadership is mowed out.

School truce. Ugh ...

Comments from our readers:

Aristarkh Lyudvigovich
Very bad news. It is a pity that such people leave ... Earth rest in peace

Same lech
When you analyze such events, you clearly see that the LDNR is losing this battle with the insidious enemy.
Whether there is not enough professionalism ... either there are no people there who are capable of fighting with the special services of the Kiev regime ... or there is no political will to transfer this sabotage fight to the territory of the enemy. Obviously, you need to beat on customers and organizers, not just on performers ...

As for the actions of the Kremlin leaders ... I see clearly that all their political actions are linked to purely economic issues ... Consider why in the Syria the Kremlin decisively uses military force, and the LDNR does not do this?

While Russia is chewing snot, we sawed out all the known militias, then follow Minsk with partners. If this is true my condolences to relatives.

Our president is not cardboard

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Russian citizens on changes in the pension legislation. Appeal broadcast all central channels.

One had the impression that a few more seconds of treatment would appear, and two people would appear, remove the scenery, take the cardboard piece in front of the lens, and turn off the voice acting. Well, our president simply cannot - the one whose rating has only recently been off scale for 80%, to be so dependent. OUR - Of flesh and blood, not cardboard.

Comments from our readers:

Circus came to its logical conclusion. The “leader” of the current ruling group in a pitiful tone told that they were guilty of the current situation with pensions: the Second World War, the 90 crisis, etc., but not him. He was just standing with his chest for keeping the retirement age, but now his eyes opened and he knows that in the future there will be no retirement money. And, yes, of course, here are cookies for you in the form of saving some benefits and increasing the age for women on 5 years, instead of 8.

Not a single word about the development of a program to increase economic growth and labor productivity to increase the salary. workers for the sake of raising pensions. He did not say a word about the perpetrators who failed the endless pension reforms. Not a word about the renewal of the government to achieve these objectives.

Our dear Vladimir Vladimirovchi may already begin to write a book "How to merge a rating into 80% in three months." Successful success is straight.

In the Great Patriotic War from the front sent to retirement reached the 60-year-old age. Those. the country, tearing the veins, fought, but did not forget about the pensioners !? And won, and rebuilt the country! So it's not the pensioners! So what was the true power of the people?

6 months have passed after the elections, and the people as a substitute. Already and "stability" is not needed?

Hoop sleeves

Over the past few days the command of the Navy fleet Russia was formed in the Eastern Mediterranean by a very impressive naval “fist” with pronounced anti-submarine, anti-ship and anti-aircraft qualities, the main tasks of which included the provision of a restraining effect on naval strike groups of the NATO Navy as a whole, as well as individual multi-purpose nuclear submarines, destroyers rocket control weapons and the AUG Navy in particular.

The teachings of the Russian Navy are coming. The US is watching. And while all with their trump cards and with their sixes.

The whole question is how many extra cards are in the sleeve of the main sharper, who is used to turning the green cloth of geopolitics into a blood-red mess. Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, what's next? Where do “bearded boys” now emerge and where will democracy “cease to be enough” now?

Comments from our readers:

So I wonder how the political and military leadership of Israel will relate to the span over their territory tomahawks. Turn off your iron bump?

If the States zhahnut, then nothing, except for concern, we will not express ... I remember, the words "in the event of shelling, the carriers will be destroyed" ... Americans, as it were, were not scared and fired ... and we expressed concern ... Is not it so?!

The author of the article forgets that we are not at war with the United States, why should our air defenses suddenly shoot down their missiles ?! Previously, they did not shoot down, with the same "umbrellas".

C-400 vs F-35. If only there was no war ...

F-35 is positioned by the Americans as an aircraft capable of performing combat missions even in the zone of the most modern air defense systems, such as С400.

Results of the week. Express deep concern

We decided to take away some bread from the National Interest American edition and compare the “those who do not have in the world” the weapons of Russia and the United States. We started to compare, and realized that Dave Majumder we, of course, do not surpass, because only Dave and NI can on three or four sheets present material in which one “non-dialog” at first surpasses the other “non-trading”, then the second “non-analog” takes top over the first, and in the end there is a postscript that “everything is decided by the crew / crew / battalion / officers”, etc. In general, if only there was no war ...

Comments from our readers:

Even if there was no F-35 in nature, what would the United States not put sticks into the wheels of Russian arms contracts? Well maybe C-400 at some distance to detect and shoot down the "stealth". What's next? Give up reducing ESR and return to F-15 and Su-27? Or all the planes in a landfill? What kind of "image" losses ... Those who buy weapons, evaluate the probability of accomplishing a combat mission, and their perceived losses. And let the journalists do the ratings of "invincibility" - they earn it for bread and butter. And the F-35 turned out, and on time and first captured a niche. However, as with its C-400.

The USA is good at trade, more precisely in marketing. All this story, with the technology of "stealth", a good marketing ploy, in order to foist the Allies is not a first-class product. In fact, the whole performance was played in order to breed the allies. And the reality in the form of C-400 does not allow to finish the scam.

Creator of the С-400 complex Alexander Alekseevich Lemansky:
"In 1964, he defended his thesis on the results of research in the field of diffraction on weakly scattering (so-called" black ") bodies, which are slightly observable aerial targets. These studies were a kind of prediction of the appearance of future invisible targets. With a deep understanding of this problems, already at the post of general designer, he will solve the problem of effectively intercepting these goals and declare that there are no invisible goals for modern air defense systems built on Almaz. ”

Here are the people - how many decades to anticipate future problems and prepare in advance for their solution. It remains only to express the deepest respect and honor their memory.

Syrian mouse

At the same time, the deployment of a mixed naval strike force of the Russian Navy in the eastern Mediterranean sea once again was able to clearly demonstrate the limitations of the measures of the United NATO Navy for the unimpeded exit of Arley Burke URO destroyers and FREMM frigates at the launch line of Tomahawk strategic cruise missiles MdCN Scalp Naval tactical long-range tactical missiles on Syrian military targets (thus repeating the scenario observed on the Syrian coast in September 2013 of the year) in the European Command and the US Armed Forces and the headquarters of the Western coalition hastily set about developing a new concept of military support for the last stronghold of the opposition and terrorist forces, who settled in the so-called “Idlib Gadyushnik”.

Erdogan for a united and indivisible Syria. Trump for a single indivisible Syria. Netanyahu for a single indivisible Syria. Rouhani for a single indivisible Syria. This is not counting the European MMM - Macron, May, Merkel. We are also for a single indivisible Syria.

But something does not work. It seems that everything is in unison, and Syria is not united and is still “divisible”. Who is guilty? Assad? ISIS * (prohibited in the Russian Federation)? Sandstorms? All find out, find out. And under the table, figs, figs ... Geopolitical partnership, it is. Here you will get off with tomatoes, there you will be deprived by the most tomatoes ...

Comments from our readers:

It seems that it may turn out that the Americans will hammer on the advanced positions of the Syrian army, while ours on Barmalisk and "accident" on instructors and other dark personalities, and then begin to measure one another before another.

Suvorov "suffered" with the Turks ...

Erdogan, acts solely in his own interests, deftly using the confrontation between the United States and Russia .. He himself is an "ally", a tender chick of two queens sucks .. And if anyone has a hope that Turkey will become a reliable ally of Russia, bury it, just to business and nothing personal ...

Maidans in kitchens or squares

Last weekend in Moldova were fun and fervently - under rallies and appeals. Moreover, the protesters and those who called were divided into two parts - some (center-right oriented to Europe, Romania, and even, partly, to abandon Moldovan statehood in favor of its entry into Romania) demanded the prime minister's resignation. The prime minister is also from “Euro-oriented”, but he “breaks eggs from the wrong end,” and belongs to the “center-left”.

Moldavia was squeezed out like those Isabella grapes. Only from Moldavian grapes - excellent wine. And from Moldova - migrant workers from Bucharest to St. Petersburg. There will be no one else to maidanate, but the infection was so much poured into the Moldovans, as well as in their yellow-blue neighbors, that the colander to the head already seemed to be rooted. Our rulers need to rejoice for us — that, looking at the Maidan along the borders, it is returning us from these Maidan. So we were glad - we presented a pension saving reform. Anyway, they say, the main mass will not go further than the kitchen.

Comments from our readers:

That's it, that the problem is not in the former Soviet republics, but how to make people in Russia live better than in Western countries. And then Russia will become a landmark and an attractive beacon for the former Soviet republics, and for many other countries of the world.
But many people believe that this is impossible - why should a poor Russia become richer than America, Germany and Japan?
But the fact is that now all the developed countries of the West are in huge debts, and a giant financial crisis will soon occur. And then all these countries - like the USA, Germany, France, England, Japan (and possibly China), and others - will simply go bankrupt and just get poorer. In the US, the financial crisis will repeat 1930's. And against the background of the ruined western countries, Russia will represent an island of stability. And then the situation in the world will change drastically.

Indeed, what has Putin still not figured out? You just have to ... live better than in the USA. He has a lever there in the office "to live the worst of all to live the best of all" and he is constantly somewhere in the left position, dog, no, he would have already moved him to the right or something.
But seriously, the United States achieved such a level of development, having provoked two world wars and hoisted the whole of Europe and part of Asia for its loans, its currency, having collected material, human capital and technology for printed money. How the hell can a country ravaged by world war and collapse approach now their standard of living under economic pressure? Yes, we need to thank you to say that we do not live like Venezuela, after all at the very least, but provide ourselves, thanks to the Soviet backlog. And it is not necessary to write off foreign policy failures on mythical corruption and crime, in the United States this is much worse, but for some reason this does not prevent them. Corruption, crime and class inequality have always existed, and will always and everywhere, this is normal for human society, we must look for real reasons and work with them. I suspect that the government knows these reasons, we just are not aware of the work being done to eliminate them. Therefore, we will judge this work years through 5, when we see changes in foreign policy.

Before World War II, yes. A bit during the Cold. And after that - the Russian "elite" itself took everything to the West, and there is no need to fight.

West, as usual, is rotting. And what about us?

Over the past two decades, uncontrolled migration has become a true social catastrophe for many European countries. Of course, problems with migrants from Asia and Africa have occurred in Europe before, but they were much smaller. Now, given the scale of migration, they have acquired such a character that the authorities of the EU countries and ordinary Europeans can no longer close their eyes to them.

And we are for tolerance in Europe! Well, if they tolerate, so in full - at least one, but more, the federal land of Germany to give a migrant. Celebrate all this solemn gay parade. Stable supply of young people with German virgins, and benefits - more, more!

And now we are returning with thoughts to our home (although we are already at home), we take a good look at large cities - as an example, the capital of our Motherland, and we understand that Europe, of course, is rotting in terms of uncontrolled migration, but is it better for many? with ourselves?

Comments from our readers:

Fedor egoist
There is a feeling that on the issue of mass migration of residents of North Africa and BV, the point of no return for Europe has already been passed. And passed a long time.
It will only get worse.
Last month, talked with a friend, he just returned from Germany. He lived there (near the border with Switzerland) for about six months, went to work. Many told interesting. In particular, that in some cities almost every second - with dark skin and Arab appearance. What is more or less normal only in small towns, where the percentage of visitors is small (for now). That Germany of the 2006 model of the year (when he first went there) and Germany of the 2018 model of the year are two completely different countries, and the comparison is not in favor of the current situation. About Paris said that in the suburbs the police on armored personnel carriers patrols and does not go outside unless absolutely necessary. Swiss praised, Swiss Strong in the migrant issue. But you need to tell about it separately) They are generally interested in everything))

The protest against migrants, the new reconquest is already different!
Will be further? Only it does not seem that everything will end peacefully and piously.

Yesterday there was a protest against nationalism in defense of migrants. The next one will be, I believe migrants protest against the oppression of migrants

The next one will be a protest of migrants against the local population.

Russian nuclear weapons in Syria - the way out?

West has crossed the red line in relations with Russia. It is no longer possible to keep silent, and it is very likely that the Kremlin will respond to the machinations of the United States with the help of nuclear weapons. No, it’s not about delivering a nuclear attack on the United States, but just about placing nuclear weapons in Syria. But it sounds, you see, all the same very seriously and threateningly.

We deploy nuclear weapons in Syria - hypothetically. What's next? And most importantly - against whom it will be sent to Syria? First, the Israeli “refugees” from the USSR “will not appreciate” together with the indigenous population of the Promised Land. Secondly, the Saudis will tense up with the Jordanians and the Turks. And the United States will only remain that rubbing their hands from the very possibility of a new “batch”, specifically against Russia in the region.
It would not exit.

Comments from our readers:

A naval base in the Persian Gulf might have been useful as countering the US Navy.

Let there be cautious and afraid of conflict with our Navy.

But do we have enough ships for this, that’s the question

Providing all-round assistance in the military sphere of the DPRK, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and other antagonists of the United States and Israel, would be just "an effective response." In fact, Israel is the "underbelly" of the United States politically, unfortunately for Russia, this underbelly is far from being "soft." In economic terms, a weak spot in the United States is the banking and stock exchange world system of accumulation, distribution, management of financial flows and funds, created and fostered by the United States with the participation of the rest of the world oligarchs. The deputy is partly right in saying that cryptocurrencies are capable of destroying the hegemony of the United States in the financial sphere .... more precisely, the cryptocurrency itself is not, as such, which so far (precisely "bye") is tied to exchange trading, which is controlled by financial and to the fiscal structures of the United States, and the technology of “blockchain” and “direct access”, which can really lead to a real revolution in the financial and other spheres: banks, stock exchanges, elections, referendums, etc., will become unnecessary — in fact, the dream of control The state ") is a" blockchain "will destroy the entire financial and political system of influence of the United States and other modern capitalist power structures, formed over the past 100 years. The technology of blockchain "verification" is the modern "Marxism" - the union of "private" and "collective", capable of replacing the outdated Marxist-Leninist dogmas of the "world proletarian revolution" because no classical revolution has given in the past and will not give leverage in the future management and influence in the state to every citizen (the notorious "cook"), and the technology of the "blockchain" can do it! It is a pity that while most people in the world do not understand this ...

Here it is necessary to write to the state drug control, and not to HE.

We are concerned

The first military and political instruments indicating the return of the Russian side to a sound strategy of “coercive pressure” on the current illegitimate Ukrainian leadership were used against Kiev five months ago, when the Azov-Black Sea Territorial Administration (ACSTU) of the Federal Fisheries Agency formed the Operational Group to prevent piracy from Ukraine.

Yeah ... Answered, so they answered ...

All Ukrainian border guards who detained “Pogodin” together with “Nord” are tied up and testify in the Rostov court. The head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine dries the breeches from the type of Russian marines who landed near Berdyansk and Kherson and control safe navigation.

But ... We descend from heaven to earth. "Nord" is held by Ukraine with the main part of the crew. "Mechanic Pogodin" - too. We are concerned ...

Comments from our readers:

Oh, and this case is dreary .... Politics ... It’s as easy as possible ... To announce that you have lost a couple of bottom sea mines in the fairway

Where is otvetka? I never saw. If we consider the teachings and the inclusion of the transponder as an answer, then something is rather weak, the tanker where it stood was there .. and the inspection in the strait even before the tanker, in response to the "Nord", was realized, as a result, the tanker also got up .. No, everything is correct, the search should be and the pressure is the only real move ...

I would prefer "the American destroyer was blown up by a fascist mine from the second world war, the Russian government expresses its deep condolences to the United States with the irretrievable loss of the destroyer crew" (they rested so badly and did not want to sink).

The whole world is in dust

About the "new Cold War" did not write, probably only very lazy. In fact, it is naive to believe that Russia and the United States will measure their nuclear arsenals, as it was half a century ago. The capabilities of countries are fundamentally different: this is clearly seen from the military budgets. According to the Stockholm World Research Institute, for the 2017 year the US defense budget amounted to 610 billion dollars, while Russia - 66 billion.

66 vs. 610. A brief component of the Russian-American confrontation in numbers - well, in billions. In such a situation, really, without “Bulava” in any way, absolutely not at all ... As in that film - “It’s surely zhahnem, the whole world is in the dust ... But then ...” And now 66 versus 610. Focus?

Comments from our readers:

Minuteman should be compared with “Voivod”; and with the Topol, Americans have nothing to compare with.

That Russian, American strategic submarines are the trump card of the nuclear triad, and the trump is not easily identifiable with a specific state. In the case of an open war, they will be used only after the possibilities of air and ground means are exhausted. Or for a sudden strike under the guise of unauthorized actions of third parties or countries.

Alexey RA
In theory, yes. But in practice ... a few years ago there was a series of photos of the SSBF base of SF, which suddenly showed up all of our SSBNs standing at the piers.
In addition, there is a known problem with the mine support of the release of our SSBNs from the bases.

Recalculate "Almaty"

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation on the military-industrial complex, Yury Ivanovich Borisov, made a real stir in the media space. In an interview with 30 journalists on July 4, he made the following statement: “Well, why do all the armed forces overrun Armatama, we have a huge T-72 in terms of demand in the market, it is taken by everyone, compared to Abrams, Leclerc, and Leopard, in price, efficiency, and quality, it is far superior to them. ”

So understand these government officials. The day before yesterday it was stated that Tanks T-14 Armata will completely replace the T-72 and T-90 fleet. Yesterday - “there is no money, but you hold on” - dozens of “Armat” will suffice for all Armed forces. Today - “Armata” will go to the troops in the required quantity - a total of 2022 units were contracted until 132, including the T-15 infantry fighting vehicle on the same platform; and after 2022 they will go too. What will they say tomorrow?

One gets the impression that someone blows in that much. And who is to blame? - That's right - journalists. They, as some comrades like to express themselves, are all polls - from the oldest profession ... Not that government officials!

Comments from our readers:

Everything will depend on the level of crew training, since the characteristics are similar.
And what a great article to roll, maybe so, and maybe some kind of commercial, and if suddenly ... they got it, fortune-tellers are bad!
Would have posted those. characteristics of these tanks, and this would be limited.

The level of training is certainly good ... but tanks with tanks fight very rarely ...
Let us recall the Kursk Bulge of 34 matches with a 75 mm gun. Against the monsters of the Tigers, Panthers and the updated T-4. Who won in the end, you know. The main enemy of the tank is aviation, artillery and fighter in the bushes with a Faustpatron or RPG-7. In the rear projection and side, even the ancient faust will offend any tank.
Regarding the purchase of Almaty, we are a poor country, and here, it seems, we have ordered whole 120 units, in fact, this is a lot, for example, this is comparable with all the armored forces of Great Britain, or of powerful Germany. If, for example, a dozen of Armat will cover a dozen Terminators, and the Pantsiri, 3 units will disperse the flies from the sky ... and hardened artnavodchik will give target designation in the bushes ... even a hundred of Abramyat will have to burn, so fun to burn ...

in our army, the situation is very sad with real-time coordination, target designation and "hardened gunners". Remember how, in general, our gunner died rather stupidly, who was forced to work in direct danger in Syria. I am even inclined to believe that instead of Armata, new Pinocchio and other novelties, it is necessary to sharply intensify work on equipping reconnaissance and communications at all levels - from the front line to more global types of control (stations and tracking installations, AWACS and reconnaissance aircraft, reconnaissance drones, satellites), the troops really lack qualitatively more advanced reconnaissance vehicles. It is necessary to dramatically improve the equipment of passive perimeter control. It is high time to take up a spaced, scalable passive network for locating air targets (just like the Americans did a network of anti-submarine sensors in the Atlantic). What is, in the majority, is morally obsolete, and even the "newest" samples are far from all modern.

Volunteers with trunks

The operational command of the Donetsk Republic accused Ukrainian security officials of using foreign volunteers as human shields during shelling

Comments from our readers:

In this section, one would have to regret foreign volunteers. As if ... But only these volunteers are such that behind their backs or in the hands of "randomly" there are RPGs or at least assault rifles. "Soldiers of fortune". For them, the Donbass is a place where you can earn some money and arrange a “safari”. Although there are plenty of them on Ukraine itself, where the number of “volunteer corps” does not lose much the number of official military formations.

Is anyone surprised by this? Natsik that take them.

Vita vko
We'll see. By the end of the year, the Nord Stream-2 will be completed, and the Ukrainian junta will have nothing more to blackmail Europe and Russia. This will provide an opportunity not to recognize the Kiev farce with the next maydanuty elections and finally release the territory of the LDNR occupied by Bandera.

The credibility of the messages "DAN" (no matter who is there Basurin or Lugansk Marochko) is not even in doubt, but distrust! They are obliged to wage information war and propaganda. Truth from them can not wait. In general, it would be useful to compare the Ukrainian and Ordilovo (ORDLO - an interpretation of Kiev, - note "VO") messages. I am sure they have a lot in common, only each in his own way. Even the OSCE works now in Ukraine, then in ORDILO (according to reports from both sides). Apparently, there is some kind of schedule ...

Legal lesson in Transbaikalia

The unknown (and now - some have become known), having violated the border of the post, tried to attack the military. After taking the necessary measures regarding the messages to violators that further advancement was prohibited, the policeman was forced to open fire to kill, after having carried out a shot in the air.

Impunity. Permissiveness. Nepotism. Roofing. Here is a short list of the reasons that led to what happened in Transbaikalia.

Apparently, the impregnated (or even impregnated) brain is so “tired of thinking” that they decided to “take to board the ship” a military train with knives in their hands. Hourly at that time, apparently, was the only person who in the district defended the law in practice. And therefore, “looking,” “looking after,” and other scum, who consider that “the law is them,” had to be taught legality. Many local police still can't seem to find ...

Comments from our readers:

A sentinel fellow, and zhdanchik became nezhdanchik!

Watch handsome, did what he had to. Now it's up to the law enforcement agencies, so God forbid the criminals not to hunt for him or their relatives

Andrey Yuryevich
there are such "looking" in any district town ... here I would like for each of the "sentry" ...

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  1. kepmor
    kepmor 2 September 2018 06: 45
    August is August ... without "gifts of fate" and tragedies, well, nothing can do ...
    sincerely sorry for Zakharchenko ... the kingdom of heaven and memory faint ...
    everything else on the background of death ... vanity of vanities ... and I don’t really want to talk ... I’ll shut up ...
    1. Sxron
      Sxron 2 September 2018 06: 56
      The sad news of the Russian world, overshadowed everything else .. Let the earth rest in peace.

      Sooner or later, we will take revenge anyway ..
    2. Vard
      Vard 2 September 2018 07: 03
      Alas, the policy of appeasement of the aggressor does not end with anything good .. the murder of the head of state .... It crosses all borders ... In essence, the republic received a moral right to take any action against the junta ...
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 2 September 2018 07: 51

        Vard Today, 07: 03
        Alas, the policy of appeasement of the aggressor does not end in anything good .. the murder of the head of state .... It crosses all borders ... In essence, the republics received a moral right to take any action against the junta ...

        hi ! ... will our leadership give the go-ahead for these "actions" ?, I have great doubts about this ... but something needs to be done, otherwise the next stage is ukrofashism will go to war on the LPR ...
        1. Sxron
          Sxron 2 September 2018 09: 44
          Quote: aszzz888
          ... will our leadership give the go-ahead for these "actions" ?, I have great doubts about this ... but something needs to be done, otherwise the next stage is ukrofashism will go to war on the LPR ...

          Yes, the next we will be in Russia ...
          Y. Kedmi remembered this again, just recently said .. "You Russians are waiting for someone to hit you in the face, and then you start to act .."
          Here they’re kicking them already (Zakharchenko’s murder) .. And our government is wiping itself and profits are calculated, how much they can profit from pension reform at the expense of elderly Russian people .. angry Volodya Putin, you're wrong.! soldier Think come on and act otherwise it will be too late.
          1. Alexkorzun
            Alexkorzun 2 September 2018 11: 09
            Yes, ours is pulling this conflict.
          2. Vladimir_65
            Vladimir_65 6 September 2018 17: 06
            "Our" leaders will give "the go-ahead" only when the IMF masters graciously allow them. Without a directive "from above" they can only express concern and call on the Daragih scattered to treat with understanding.
      2. Overland whale
        Overland whale 2 September 2018 11: 16
        Here I am sincerely interested - you and those like you really think that the Ukrainian security services could have prepared and carried out the liquidation of Zakharchenko, despite the fact that he was carefully guarded and that Russian citizens from the relevant special agencies were present in his personal guard, huh?
        This could only be done by “their own”, who were free to enter any places and establishments that Zakharchenko visited. Their presence did not raise questions either from the guards or from Zakharchenko's entourage. That is why it happened.
        1. olegactor
          olegactor 2 September 2018 19: 47
          in your opinion ... Ukrainians now do not fire at the DNI .... and the DRG did not send ... a couple of times the bodies were even shown on TV
        2. Alex_You
          Alex_You 2 September 2018 22: 41
          And who is to blame? Do not blame it on the showdown inside the LDNR? And so it is very convenient, ukropskaya drg go sbu. Even Zhilin got sick of the damned SBU in the suburbs. This is how we live, in one article they laugh at the SBU, and at the same time in another they say how they kill prominent figures of the "prosperous" republics. wassat
          1. Vladimir_65
            Vladimir_65 6 September 2018 17: 21
            I sympathize with the brothers from Donbass. I don’t know ... But it seems to me that Zakharchenko, like Motorola before him, simply became too independent and began to slowly "score" on the shouts and yelling of "their own throwers" ...
            For which he paid.
      3. Reptiloid
        Reptiloid 2 September 2018 12: 02
        Quote: Vard
        ... In essence, the republics received a moral right to take any action against the junta ...
        They always had it. The republics have always behaved nobly, like big serious states ---- observed agreements, a truce, treated and kept prisoners, despite the meanness of their enemies.
        Thanks for the review.
    ANCIENT 2 September 2018 06: 56
    Today in many regions of the country they will hold a series of rallies against pension reform! hi Will they even be allowed to be held even though the authorities have given permission, and even more so that the rallies will be held "cleanly" - without massacre and provocations! !! hi
    1. Alena Frolovna
      Alena Frolovna 2 September 2018 11: 51
      6 months have passed after the elections, and the people as a substitute. Already and "stability" is not needed?

      “Universal experience says that kingdoms perish
      not because life is hard or the ordeals are terrible.
      And they die because of this (and the more painful the longer),
      that people of their kingdom no longer respect ”
  3. Olgovich
    Olgovich 2 September 2018 07: 40
    Those. the country, tearing the veins, fought, but didn’t forget about the pensioners !?

    So there was no one to forget about, because there were practically no pensioners: before the Second World War 90% people of older ages did not have pensions at all

    Russia raises the retirement age of one of the LAST in the world, despite the fact that the population is aging faster than many. This is a natural process, alas.

    They raised, for example, in Belarus, Moldova, etc.-and nothing, the world did not collapse. life goes on.
    Moldova was squeezed like that Isabella grape. Only from Moldovan grapes - excellent wine.

    From Isabella is a disgusting wine. And harmful - in Europe and the USA the grade is generally prohibited.
    All the same, they say, the bulk will not go beyond the kitchen.

    Maidans-only REDUCE pensions and INCREASE pensions. age. It is determined empirically, in Ukraine and in Moldova
    1. tasha
      tasha 2 September 2018 08: 27
      Those. the country, tearing the veins, fought, but didn’t forget about the pensioners !?

      And in the 1991 year this country did not, and the pensioners remained .. All our contributions to the Pension Fund went, including the payment of pensions to these people .. Could they be abandoned? No ... So it happened - how much it flows into the pool, so much spills ...
      1. Yarhann
        Yarhann 3 September 2018 02: 35
        another connoisseur of the USSR pension insurance device. In the scoop, the pension system was the same as in the Russian Federation, that is, a joint pension fund consisted of deductions from the working population and was immediately redistributed to retirees to pensioners - there were no savings and could not be simply because the system is so arranged that then now. already tired of this nonsense and tales about the bins of the motherland and the PF in which 100500 trillion was and everything was stolen.
        The Russian Federation became the successor of the USSR and the RSFSR, therefore, pension provision for all working pensioners could not go anywhere by law. There I think this law, even for many years, has not changed.
        1. tasha
          tasha 3 September 2018 04: 43
          another connoisseur .. already tired of this nonsense and bikes and PF in which 100500 trillion was and everything was stolen.

          How easy it is for you ... Slap-slap and dirt flew ..
          Did I write something about stolen trillions of PF? In a series of crises over these 27 years of state restoration, accumulating some reserves in the Russian PF is simply unrealistic. Could it be more competent to manage what is? I think yes. And so I’m sure of the need for pension reform, but one where increasing the retirement age will be only one of the measures ...
          1. Vladimir_65
            Vladimir_65 6 September 2018 17: 12
            Do you think that the money was mismanaged? And where do we get so many Forbes billionaires in our country? And their number is growing by leaps and bounds. If this is an “illiterate distribution” among our own people, then what is competent?
          2. Yarhann
            Yarhann 10 September 2018 21: 55
            I repeat once again for those who are in an armored train - there are no accumulations of the RF PF, just as there were none in the USSR either. There were personal savings on books, as now in banks on accounts.
            In the system of joint pension insurance, all received cash in the form of taxes is immediately transferred to the Pension Fund which redistributes the funds between pensioners - as a rule there is not enough money in the PF - because the number of pensioners is growing every year, while the number of deductions does not have time to cover all this - as a result from the FB there are large payments, something in the region of several trillion a year, and this amount is constantly growing. The whole problem is that the number of pensioners is growing and will increase, and the number of employees will be about the same - because in Russia there is a very low retirement age, there is no explosive growth in the country's population and many people work in the shadows without allocating any funds.
            I do not support raising the retirement age - I would immediately retire after university, or rather instead. BUT it is necessary to be realistic, and the reality is that the retirement age must be raised in any case, as if someone did not want to.
            1. tasha
              tasha 11 September 2018 09: 34
              I repeat once again for those who are in an armored train - there are no accumulations of the RF PF

              How funny are you ..

              “Manya, where have you been?” Did you go for bread?
              - No, I went for bread ..
              - Ahhh, I thought you went for bread ...
              1. Yarhann
                Yarhann 17 September 2018 00: 53
                if so much hassle go into the Wikipedia of the PF of the Russian Federation - look at receipts and expenditures and payments to PFs from the FB that are constantly growing - that is, the PF is not able to cover pension spending with those receipts that are.
                By the way, infa from Wiki the number of pence 2010 39,7kk, 2017 43,5kk, PS receipts 2010/2017 1900/4482kkk, transfers to cover shortfalls of PF from the 2010/2017 2640 / 3677kkk FB. That is, with an increase in revenues to the PF, infusion from the FB is constantly increasing.
                1. tasha
                  tasha 17 September 2018 07: 03
                  if so good, go trite

                  So it happened - how much it flows into the pool, it pours out so much ... Are you sure that the meaning of my comments is different from yours? Unless you still have to add water to the pool with buckets ..
                  Yeah..... request
    2. Overland whale
      Overland whale 2 September 2018 11: 28
      Isabella makes a very good wine (if you are in Austria - try the local wine from Isabella - "Uhudler"; in the fall, many Austrians specially travel to the southeast of Austria, to Burgenland, to drink the young Uhudler). And it is banned in Europe for a banal simple reason - because the lobby of wine producers from European grape varieties stands for it. Normal competition. By the way, the vintage Georgian dessert wine made from Isabella grapes - "Salkhino", produced in Soviet times, had a simply divine bouquet and great taste, and many times received various awards at international competitions. I don't know if they are doing it now, but it's a pity if they are not already.
      1. Olgovich
        Olgovich 2 September 2018 14: 31
        Quote: Whale Land
        Isabella produces very good wine (you will be in Austria - try the local wine from Isabella

        The taste and color .....
        But I personally don’t like it, too harsh rough taste
        Quote: Whale Land
        And it is banned in Europe for a simple reason - because the lobby of wine producers from European grape varieties advocates for this. Normal competition.

        So why are other varieties lobbying, what's the difference? The ban, by the way, is also valid for the USA. . No, the reason is different: the high content of methanol in wine, that is officially established.

        PS. I have these varieties of Isabella and Rainor, I send wine from them to my Muscovites, they like it!
  4. aszzz888
    aszzz888 2 September 2018 07: 48
    People do not know whom to trust, especially against the backdrop of snot about the "lack of alternative to the Minsk agreements."

    ... it is necessary to end with ukrobandera, with its top ... and if there is no desire to do this, then the oysters themselves ... no words ... give freedom to terrorism and lawlessness in LDNR ...
  5. izya top
    izya top 2 September 2018 08: 07
    I welcome dear co-workers hi week did not know what was going on in the world ... it turns out to be creepy
    1. aszzz888
      aszzz888 2 September 2018 08: 25

      izya top (Andrey) Today, 08: 07 NEW turns out to be creepy

      hi ! ... not the word ... bad for us from all sides ...
    2. ANCIENT
      ANCIENT 2 September 2018 09: 38
      Izya! hi The world is not creepy, it's people who do it like that! hi A world without some countries would be almost a paradise! hi
    3. evil partisan
      evil partisan 2 September 2018 11: 05
      Quote: izya top
      week did not know what was happening in the world

      So the device still works ... feel
      Quote: izya top

      ... and it’s a little dry in the mouth, right? wink
      Hello, radioactive sailor! drinks
    4. Lelek
      Lelek 2 September 2018 12: 25
      Quote: izya top
      week did not know what was going on in the world ... it turns out to be creepy

      Hi Andrew.
      You're right - creepy. But the joke is also present. After almost a week's absence, I also came across this - Police Commissioner Tim Kellner "smiled" (the smile, however, turned out to be crooked):
  6. nikvic46
    nikvic46 2 September 2018 08: 24
    The author writes of the Cold War as a harbinger of hot war. Moreover, he believes that politics after Khrushchev
    But they didn’t think so, as international experts in international relations considered it.
    armed with the diplomatic system, built by Gorchakov. Along with strengthening the defense of the USSR, they achieved the ABM Treaty. Who could make claims to US officials after a trip to Moscow? Peace during the Cold War is what laid the foundation for diplomacy. My personal
    opinion. Statements by some so-called politicians only fuel Russophobia in the West and prevent our diplomats from working.
  7. Observer2014
    Observer2014 2 September 2018 11: 00
    Russian nuclear weapons in Syria - the way out?
    Yes, there is a way out. I spoke about this in my comments three years ago. Who doesn’t believe, go ahead. Maybe you can slap another ban to me so that I don’t much vang and honest laughing
  8. Observer2014
    Observer2014 2 September 2018 11: 06
    Alexander Zakharchenko killed
    Sleep in peace! : Alexander Vladimirovich Zakharchenko. hi And while we are still alive, there are still things to do in this world. We will not forget. We will not forgive your death either.
    1. olegactor
      olegactor 2 September 2018 19: 42
      it’s necessary not just not to forget ... but to pay back soon - ub ... to people with the same coin
  9. Kokarev Mikhail
    Kokarev Mikhail 2 September 2018 11: 10
    If you previously worried about Ukraine, but in the light of recent events I don't want to hear anything about it. Not about "good" Ukrainians, not about "bad." Sooner or later, the "good" are going to become "bad", and it does not matter how by pinning their tail or killing all the "bad" ones. Ukraine has one outcome - lethal.
  10. Conductor
    Conductor 2 September 2018 11: 26
    The Kremlin, the Russian Foreign Ministry are preoccupied, but not sexually.
  11. Komik
    Komik 2 September 2018 11: 54
    The war will end, everything will somehow settle down, settle down. And we will throw everything that we have - all the gold, all the material power to fool and fool people!
    The human brain, the consciousness of people are capable of change. Having sowed chaos there, we quietly replace their values ​​with false ones and make them believe in these false values. How? We will find our like-minded people, our allies in Russia itself.
    Episode by episode will be played out with a grandiose scale tragedy of the death of the most rebellious people, the final, irreversible fading of their self-consciousness. Their literature and art, for example, we will gradually etch their social essence by weaning artists, we will discourage them from engaging in image ... research, or something, of the processes that occur in the depths of the masses. Literature, theaters, cinema - everything will depict and glorify the most base human feelings. We will in every way support and raise the so-called artists who will plant and hammer into the human mind the cult of sex, violence, sadism, betrayal - in a word, all immorality. In government, we will create chaos and confusion.
    We will quietly, but actively and constantly contribute to the tyranny of officials, bribe takers, and unscrupulousness. Bureaucracy and red tape will be elevated to virtue. Honesty and decency will be ridiculed and will not be needed by anyone, will turn into a relic of the past. Rudeness and arrogance, lies and deceit, drunkenness and drug addiction, animal fear of each other and shamelessness, betrayal, nationalism and hostility of peoples, first of all hostility and hatred of the Russian people - we will all cultivate this cleverly and inconspicuously, it will bloom in a double color .
    And only a few, very few will guess or even understand what is happening. But we will put such people in a helpless position, turn them into a laughing stock, find a way to slander them and declare them to be the scum of society. We will dig up spiritual roots, vulgarize and destroy the foundations of popular morality. We will shatter thus, generation after generation. We will take on people from childhood, youth, we will place the main emphasis on young people, we will begin to corrupt, corrupt, and corrupt it. We will make of them cynics, vulgarities, cosmopolitans.
    This is how we will do it.

    Attributed to Alan Dulles, in U.S. National Security Council Directive 20/1 of August 18, 1948.
  12. Lelek
    Lelek 2 September 2018 12: 16
    Russian naval exercises are underway. USA is watching.
    They are watching. Sometimes. When a strange "poltergeist" allows them. bully
    1. Nedokomsomolets
      Nedokomsomolets 2 September 2018 13: 34
      And what is this opus in pink?
  13. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 2 September 2018 12: 22
    I note only two events per week.

    The most significant and bitter event of the week (for me) is the death of Alexander Vladimirovich Zakharchenko. A man who has found the strength and courage to confront any danger and fight for the freedom and independence of his people, which went down in history as a true patriot, Hero, an example of valor and fidelity to duty.
    One thought does not leave me: how much more do you need to kill Russian people so that the authorities in Russia finally understand that the desire to live in the Russian world is not a political intrigue, but a natural need. How much more time must pass before Russia understands that the massacres of Russians with the use of gang (fascist) formations and the army - this is genocide. What shocks you need to survive in order to understand - if the people wanted to live as part of Russia, whether it be Crimea or New Russia - the decision is determined by the majority. At one time, the territory of the Russian Empire was not gathered so that the life of the people living in it would be decided in Europe or across the ocean.
    =================================================================== =========================

    The second event, which caused a precipitate of bitterness and squeamishness - the appeal of the EP to Russian citizens and friends, did not leave any hope for a fair way out of the deadlock pension situation that had created overnight. All these stories about reform decisions and ideas on pension reform in the Soviet era, about acute problems with the “zero” fade at the mere mention of measures and means by which this situation will supposedly be corrected. We were faced with what was about to happen. How was Lee Kwan Yu?
    "... Fighting corruption is very simple: I made two friends ... the rest themselves understood everything ..."
    Our head also put two friends: one in the chair of the head of government, the other in the chair of the Chairman of the Accounts Chamber. Many did not understand him at first. After the performance, all points on the "I" were placed. Welcome to the table (September 9 - at polling stations) - boiled.

    PS For some reason, the moral from the fable of S. V. Mikhalkov was recalled:
    This fable does not need morality.
    I'm sorry for Polkan. I'm not sorry for mongrel!
    1. Lunic
      Lunic 3 September 2018 06: 27
      I completely agree with you on the first event. But on the second I do not agree. I believe that the pension reform in the Russian Federation should have been carried out 10-15 years ago. Along with radical measures to increase life expectancy in the country. When I moved to the USA, my main indignation here was that you could retire at the earliest age of 65 (now 67).
      It’s what bastards these capitalists should be to make people plow until such a year ... Over time, it dawned on me that the system, in principle, works well since most people here monitor their health and do not revel in alcohol until they lose heart rate on weekends ... Everything is disgusting, but simple: monitor your health because medicine is expensive here. And if you are healthy, then you will live long and productively. Every summer I personally watch crowds of bakers who are over 65, all in leather, in packs travel from city to city, ..
  14. blackwerwolf
    blackwerwolf 2 September 2018 14: 59
    Andrey Yuryevich
    there are such "overseers" in any district town ... if only there is a "sentry" for everyone ... - that's for sure - into the furnace all this crime.
  15. Varaga
    Varaga 2 September 2018 15: 16
    Obviously, there is a Judas among the inner circle of the head of the DPR.
    "Look for those who benefit."
  16. The comment was deleted.
    1. Lunic
      Lunic 3 September 2018 06: 31
      ... it already reminds how Trump argued that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and therefore was an illegitimate president. I do not support either one or the other, but I do not believe in similar theories. There are special bodies to check the legality of the candidate .. Although nepotism and corruption have not yet been defeated properly.
  17. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 3 September 2018 11: 01
    Quote: Olgovich
    Rose, for example, in Belarus, Moldova

    Poland has reduced the retirement age. China wants to do the same.
    In Belarus and Moldova there is neither oil nor gas; one could say nothing at all. Russia has everything except industry, and too much is dominated by kleptomaniacs and compradors.
    There was hope for our guarantor, but he was not ours.