White House: we will offer India more modern technologies

The United States will offer the government of India more modern military technology than those that Russia has, reports RIA News a statement by a White House representative.

According to the interlocutor, of course, the Indian authorities will make procurement decisions based on their own interests, but the US administration is pleased with the fact that “more and more American technologies appear in the list from which to choose.”

In addition, the source added, US diplomats are discussing with New Delhi the issue of anti-Russian sanctions within the framework of the CAATSA law (according to which restrictions may be imposed against third countries for the purchase of Russian weapons).

The representative of the White House confirmed that every defense deal between India and Russia will be viewed through the prism of this particular law, that is, as a reason for the imposition of sanctions.

The day before, an assistant to the head of the Pentagon on APR affairs expressed concern over India’s intention to buy C-400 anti-aircraft systems in the Russian Federation. He also threatened New Delhi with sanctions, stating that India’s military ties with Russia should remain in the past.

Recall that the Russian Federation and India are the largest partners in the field of military-technical cooperation: more than 70% weapons and military equipment of the Armed Forces of India - Russian (Soviet) production. Every year, Russian defense companies supply the country with various weapons worth billions of dollars.
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  1. +3
    31 August 2018 09: 13
    It’s ridiculous. And will these technologies work for the Indian economy? Something very doubtful.
    1. tap
      31 August 2018 09: 52
      Yes bullshit. They do not have technology. I myself read in a previous article that the Pentagon was in a panic because of the military power of Russia.
    2. -1
      31 August 2018 09: 53
      Dumping and threats in one bottle. Will the Hare Krishna stand?)
      Mattresses in the role of the Godfather are trying to make an offer that is impossible to refuse))
      1. 0
        31 August 2018 10: 04
        We need to talk more and louder about the fact that "more modern technologies" are nothing more than a scam, and threats are unfair competition.

        And invite competitors to arrange something like "aviadarts" only for air defense systems.

        They will refuse, and we will trumpet that American manufacturers are afraid to compete and their "technologies" are inferior to Russian

      2. +2
        31 August 2018 13: 28
        Krishnaids have been standing for 5 thousands of years and will stand as many more. The British and the Mughals survived, and the threats of the Americans will survive
  2. +3
    31 August 2018 09: 13
    Oblomidze, Pintos comrades, the contract has been signed, perhaps the advance has already been received. And since China has already received four hundred (plus half-steels), Indo-Aryans will not listen to you at the expense of their strategic security. As the Chinese and the Germans building the SP-2 did not listen, and the rest. The fast-growing Indian market is extremely important for Matrasostan, they export there much more than they import from India, so this is another empty chatter of a white and yellow house. And lately, he began to cause a coordinated world rejection.
  3. +8
    31 August 2018 09: 14
    If India bends under the States and joins the American sanctions, then from 60 to 80% of its military equipment can safely be scrapped, because it is all Soviet / Russian. Here Pakistan and China will be delighted! It is unlikely that this will happen - the Indians are not rams. But amerikosy with such proposals look complete diby.
    1. 0
      31 August 2018 09: 37
      In India, the trend is now "Made in India." Hence the following. Never will the zashtatniks deploy the production of military products on Indian territory
      1. 0
        31 August 2018 09: 52
        In India, the trend is now "Made in India".

        That's for sure! But not "Made in India", but "Made in India"! India is now trying to occupy the niche that China occupied in the 90s - 2000s. Those. very cheap production for large foreign companies.
      2. 0
        31 August 2018 18: 29
        Quote: 210ox
        Defense workers will never deploy military production in Indian territory

        Duc already deployed. AN-64 Apache, for example. Do you even google a topic before writing.
  4. +1
    31 August 2018 09: 19
    Contrary to the publications of a number of media outlets, according to which India will be able to purchase Russian S-400 systems without consequences from Washington, the Pentagon is still very concerned about this intention of New Delhi, writes Foreign Policy. According to the magazine, representatives of the US Department of Defense said they could not guarantee that such a deal would go without consequences, and wanted India to "find an alternative complex for itself."
    According to the publication, Shriver recently announced at an official event in Washington that the S-400 is “especially worried” by the Pentagon “for a variety of reasons,” and noted that the United States would like India to “find some alternative” complex for itself. “If they decide to take this path, then, as I said, I can’t say today that an exception will definitely be used with respect to India,” the official emphasized, referring to the “concession” loophole provided for by the US Congress protecting Washington’s allies from the effects of economic measures against Russia.

    As the author of the material recalls, New Delhi, which “has so far neglected the requirements of the Pentagon,” intends to conclude a contract with Moscow for the supply of S-400 systems this year. If the agreement is signed, India will receive the first complexes by 2020, the article emphasizes. “The purchase of these systems by India is especially worrying for US officials due to the fact that this system allows you to track and destroy even inconspicuous aircraft at unprecedented distances, and is also able to collect data on the performance characteristics of aircraft and helicopters around you - and this probably also applies to them. American F-35 fighter, ”the author writes.

    Original news from InoTV:
  5. +1
    31 August 2018 09: 20
    The Yankees are trying to make a difference in any way! This is better than moaning and waiting!
    He who seeks, finds, who does, does, will not, but will try further.
    MoloSy! We can and disgusting, not patriotic, we must take an example from them!
    1. +1
      31 August 2018 09: 23
      We can and disgusting, not patriotic, we must take an example from them!

      So try to do it. From that, the sanctions are different, what we do as we need, and not how we are expected from us.
      1. +1
        31 August 2018 10: 28
        Somewhere, something like .... they have a better result, i.e. guys need to be more careful, more diligent, while a certain line / red line must be in your head, keep your distance. For us, thoughtless imitation will end badly, this is definitely!
  6. +2
    31 August 2018 09: 25
    The Indians have already begun to bend in plain text.
    1. +2
      31 August 2018 09: 37
      The Indians have already begun to bend in plain text.

      Have you noticed that they have already started to bend EVERYONE in plain text? Excerpt from the letter of the State Department to Brussels, - European companies are obliged to comply with the anti-Russian and anti-Iranian sanctions imposed by the United States. Otherwise, companies that do not comply with these restrictive norms in relation to Russia and Iran will themselves fall under the above sanctions. - Doesn't he say anything? Only someone bends down, and someone does not. The United States desperately needs India as an ally in Asia, as a counterweight to China. After Pakistan broke away from them and the Philippines left, they did not have any serious support there. So they courting India, like ksenza Kozlevich. Only these "courtship" are some strange - with threats! Like, "if you don't love me, I'll break all your legs!" ...
  7. +4
    31 August 2018 09: 26
    issue of anti-Russian sanctions under the CAATSA law

    In general, an interesting statement of the question - the USA accepts a law FOR HIMSELF and requires its observance FROM THE WHOLE WORLD! Those. prioritize their laws above the priority of national laws of other countries.
  8. +1
    31 August 2018 09: 34
    "White House: we will offer India more modern technologies" ... only the question remains, what will India do with them ... this requires a certain technical level of development of the state, otherwise there will be complete dependence on the wishes of the Americans.
  9. 0
    31 August 2018 13: 34
    Air defense and missile defense in the United States and dull guano does not work ...) Even the relatively backward DPRK has already double-checked over Japan.

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