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Another missile attack on Syria - will it take place? (h.1)

Syria is so far the only country in the world (if we forget about the fact that these successes without Russia's help would have been impossible), which successfully withstood three massive rocket attacks on its territory. But it seems that the lesson does not go to some people and the stars and stripes uncle climbs the bare wires again.

In connection with the offensive on the last stronghold of the “green” Islamists in Syria, which is starting already in the coming week, the “kaqal of Syria's friends” led by the United States and Turkey, which drifts further from the United States and NATO, but only where - while she herself does not understand.

The Turks are trying to bargain for more "buns" from Russia for the fact that they will let only a crocodile miserly tear in memory of the "innocently killed Syrian revolution" and no less "innocent" bearded men with machine guns - and nothing but this tear. Of course, the Turks do not intervene for the "bearded men", despite the money invested in them, the Turks are well aware that those are the end anyway, and not the Turks stand in our way, but in this case it is possible to lose much more - with such difficulty the returned cooperation with the Russian Federation in the field of economics, and the PTS. It is hardly possible to regain trust - now in Moscow they will only trust the sharpness of the attached knife, but not the Turks, alliances are not always built on trust, which is often fairly simple benefits. In addition, the Turks understand that the Russian Federation and the SAR will not immediately regain control of the entire idlib gadyushnik, and they also do not demand the return of Afrin from the Turks either. So far ... And this allows those "green", who are now shooting pretentious videos about the fight to the bitter end, and then will not be able to "settle their relations with Damascus," like their "colleagues" from Deraa, place in the next "reservations" if possible, not letting them into Turkey. After all, the Turks need an Islamic herd in Syria, it will come down in Germany, but certainly not in Ankara or Istanbul, or, God forbid, in Antalya. The Saudis, too, prefer to talk with Moscow about the procurement of weapons and military equipment, including the C-400 ZRS, but not about the fate of their fosterlings. And the Americans, the British, the French, too, wrote them off with allowances.

Everyone understands that despite the large number (of the order of several tens of thousands of militants) and good armament, there are no chances for the Greens to keep the front against the airborne forces, Russian reconnaissance equipment, artillery and the SAR armed forces assembled against them. Already, the following formations and units of the Syrian army and allies have arrived and are deploying in the area of ​​the future offensive: the Tiger Force division, the 30th division and the 103rd brigade of the Republican Guard, the 4th mechanized division (part of the forces, the 42nd mechanized brigade ), 11th tank the division (87th mechanized brigade) of the 5th Volunteer Assault Corps (along with the Tigers, one of the main working tools for conducting the Syrian concert of conductors from the headquarters of the Group of Forces (Forces) in the SAR), Liva al-Quds, "Character of Nujab", "Hezbollah" (Lebanese and Syrian), Baath Party brigade, SSNP "Eagles" brigade and other units and formations of both the army and the National Defense Forces and various militias. Smerch MLRS and TOS-1A Solntsepek (Armed Forces of the Russian Federation), the 240-mm towed M-240 high-powered mortars and a number of other specific tools for working with unconscious bandits were noticed.

Obviously, realizing that the last opportunity to somehow postpone the final victory of Russia and its allies in Syria (and the Syrian people themselves, of course, and their legitimate leadership) will soon be lost, in the West someone again came up with the idea of ​​a chemical provocation . The scheme is well-known and fulfilled - "White helmets" will again take off the usual "camouflage", put knives and machine guns aside, put on their construction helmets, portray something like himatak, sewn with white threads, with the usual actors on the main roles, then the funeral "of the victims "take off. They say that the "tellers" even kidnap children all over Idlib in order to then, of course, kill them and depict the "victims of chemical weapons".

Well, then, as usual, the strike of cruise missiles. Only here it is not very clear what the Americans can count on. No military defeat to the Syrian troops with a single blow by hundreds (and at least two) of the CD will not be inflicted. Most of the salvo, as before, will be subjected to violence by domestic EW tools (we will not specify who will sit at the console), and then the air defense system and the Syrian air defense system or not only the Syrian air defense, under the leadership of our officers - because the entire air defense of the country has long been controlled KP on Hmeimim. The Americans will not inflict attacks on the air defense system, the radar stations of the radio-technical forces and the EW, as well as in other areas where our servicemen may be located - it is necessary to separate the public "raspaltsovki" of American figures and understanding what the Russians can do with them. Without attempts to destroy air defense and electronic warfare, you can try to knock your head on the country's increasing air defense with each passing day until at least Ishachi Easter. Yes, and with attempts much success will not increase, as the experience of the Israelis, who have achieved, by and large, only severe damage to one of the complexes "Armor-S", catching it on recharge. Moreover, in the ZRV and RTV air defense systems of the VKS, as well as in the EW Troops, they are very grateful to the American "partners" for training, and absolutely free of charge.

What do the Americans hope for? It is unlikely that they will be able to use several times more missiles in a strike, pushing with a number - hardly much more, M. Zakharova’s statements on this subject should be regarded as propaganda (and this is good and right, not all case). Also, they can hardly hope that this time they will be able to get around obstacles in the form of EW - this task cannot be solved in a short time, if it has a quick solution at all. As well as the fact that they can inflict a military defeat on the Syrian army or force it to abandon the offensive - this is possible. I want to believe that in the United States they are capable of somehow soberly looking at things, otherwise it will not bring anyone good, first of all the States themselves, and secondly those around them.

So, the strike is most likely needed not for real military purposes, but ... again to work on the image of the "tough guy Donald." In which, as a result of the internal political struggle in the States, the chair on which he sits in the Oval Office has perceptibly reeled. They even talk about impeachment. And we have to admit that, on the one hand, Russia doesn’t care, and on the other hand, we don’t need to change the weird Trump to the completely non-weird hawk. So you can not exclude another collusion in the end, as it happened in the spring. We, they say, will leave you a couple of unnecessary goals, such as buildings abandoned, so we will increase our “sense of self-importance” on them, and the rest, sorry, will shoot down. Well, not we, but the valiant Syrian anti-aircraft gunners, of course.

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  1. Rostislav
    Rostislav 31 August 2018 10: 15
    This scenario would be the best. But I am afraid that the arrogance of the "exceptional" may push them to strike at air defense and electronic warfare systems, as the Jews have already done. I hope that ours will not let go of such impudence if it comes to this.
    1. NEOZ
      NEOZ 31 August 2018 11: 53
      Quote: Rostislav
      not later

      3rd world?
    2. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 31 August 2018 12: 30
      Air defense has always been a primary goal, Syrian at least. Last time, they were also most likely beaten. And this time they will try to destroy. Caring for air defense is the work of the air defense itself request
      1. Nikolai
        Nikolai 31 August 2018 14: 43
        will he take place (part 1)
        It depends on when (part 2) is printed, it may be in time before the second part, or it may not be in time. then it will be possible to reason in (part 2). what
        We don’t know what the US was up to; there, I’m planning not only the military, but also politicians who will get the upper hand request One thing that smoke without fire does not happen suggests that there will be something. We need to prepare an alternative strike against the militants in order to be able to gather the SAA forces dispersed during the strike in threatened areas and frustrate the militants' time-honored attack, thereby nullifying the logic of the agreed operation. Only in this way can the efforts of the United States be brought to naught to influence the destruction of the Idlib adder ...
  2. Mr Credo
    Mr Credo 31 August 2018 10: 30
    Last raid was stupid. In Iraq, they initially suppressed the electronic warfare and air defense systems, and then they fired at targets. And then immediately on the objects. It turns out that the attack was really training for our air defense. Well, let's see what happens this time. If again, then, then the next teachings of our air defense on cats !!! Laughter is simply not real!
    1. asv363
      asv363 31 August 2018 11: 36
      Quote: Mister Creed
      Laughter is simply not real!

      Laughter for no reason - you yourself know a sign of what. All missiles launched last time were destroyed? This time, in addition to the tomahawks, missiles with B-1B can be involved, which (according to rumors) were transferred to the air base in Qatar. Purely from my personal point of view, in this situation in the AB area, it was necessary to establish the duty of a pair of fighters in order to demonstrate our intentions to prevent missile launches to the crew after taking off a strategic bomber. The rule should be one - launched a missile in Syria - you go to the bottom or you will be shot down. Enough of bullying Syria, and for us a shame. This is my credo. Took on tug - do not say that not a dozen.
      1. NEOZ
        NEOZ 31 August 2018 11: 55
        Quote: asv363
        Yes, and for us a shame

        hurry to the next world!
        1. asv363
          asv363 31 August 2018 17: 15
          In fact, everything is simpler. Considering that we fought with the United States more than once (the same Korea and Vietnam) and there wasn’t any third world war, then why should it start now? In principle, the question of unacceptable damage to the United States is interesting, namely, from what losses the United States decides to use nuclear weapons. I don’t think from a downed plane.
      2. kakvastam
        kakvastam 31 August 2018 14: 28
        Quote: asv363
        Took on tug - do not say that not a dozen.

        And if it’s true - not that ...?
        On other issues somehow it doesn’t work out very well.
        And our guarantor is not afraid of shame, it has long been noticed.
      3. milton
        milton 1 September 2018 18: 51
        Well, the B-1B will not enter the airspace of Syria, this is not its task! Following the example of the Jews (as we recall, they launched missiles from the airspace of Lebanon), the mattresses are pulled from far away and squeezed yes
    2. just exp
      just exp 31 August 2018 12: 02
      Colonel SVR Trumpov organized exercises for our air defense to study the TSA (aviation weapons) of a potential enemy.
      Also, during the exercise, 2 copies of US cruise missiles were received. which were given for study in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
      after the study, improvements were made to the electronic warfare equipment, and Colonel Trumpov received a new task to organize new exercises for testing updated electronic warfare equipment.
      (the states again seem to just hit objects without air defense strikes, in any case, this is aggression, which is aggression anyway, but then they mostly hit fictitious objects)
  3. shubin
    shubin 31 August 2018 11: 05
    Or maybe there is a banal disposal of rusted "axes". After all, they threatened that the new ones would be better than the "calibers".
  4. parusnik
    parusnik 31 August 2018 11: 05
    It is unlikely that Uncle Donald with his nephews, as well as Knopochka and Aunt Kluvdiya, will refuse to strike, they want to negotiate with Russia, but from a position of strength .. Again .. it is necessary to oust Russia from the arms market, nothing personal, only business ..
  5. Fedor egoist
    Fedor egoist 31 August 2018 11: 45
    Quote: Y. Vyatkin
    It is necessary to separate the public "rasping" of American figures and the understanding of what the Russians can do with them

    I would like more confidence that this understanding exists. The military has it, but for the politicians (who ultimately make the decisions) it is not always present in full measure. Therefore, I would not rule out any scenarios.
    Quote: Y. Vyatkin
    What are the Americans hoping for?

    In their place, I would have hoped that everyone would believe in striking western Syria from the Mediterranean. And I would talk about it as much as possible, and concentrate my forces exponentially around Crete and Cyprus. And then I would have inflicted a massive missile and bomb attack on Deir ez-Zor and Abu Kemal, using the CD launched from the Red Sea and strategic aviation deployed to bases in the Persian Gulf at the last moment, a few hours before the strike. After that, the proxy forces go on the offensive, knocking out a few garrisons, and taking control of a vast swath of Syrian territory on the western bank of the Euphrates. There is no one to resist them - all combat-ready forces have already been deployed in the Idlib region. Everything, you can "fix the profit" and divide Syria into much more advantageous positions.
    Or the strike will be really indicative and demonstrative, against targets in the west of Syria - and we will see the next exercises of the Russian-Syrian air defense / electronic warfare.
    1. NEOZ
      NEOZ 31 August 2018 11: 59
      Quote: Fedor Egoist
      After this, proxy forces go on the offensive.

      who are these forces? Kurds?
      Kurds trample against CAA? in territories not of their residence?
    2. igorbrsv
      igorbrsv 31 August 2018 12: 23
      Ours are also not in vain probably stocked with calibers. Do not go back with them
  6. igorbrsv
    igorbrsv 31 August 2018 12: 20
    Tomorrow is September 1st. And the operation should be carried out before the 9th. So soon we will see everything ourselves
    1. kakvastam
      kakvastam 31 August 2018 14: 31
      Do you think everything is up to election Sobyanin? belay
  7. sailor52
    sailor52 31 August 2018 14: 00
    This means that the strike is most likely needed not for real military purposes, but ... again to work on the image of "tough guy Donald". In which, as a result of the internal political struggle in the States, the chair on which he sits in the Oval Office has noticeably swayed.

    Exactly. By demonstrating his "decisiveness" (regardless of the military necessity of this strike, if it takes place, of course) Trump buys the right for managerial maneuver at home there.
    It so happened that the chips from domestic political fuss inside the United States are flying all over the world, no matter how incredible it may seem.
  8. Yan Sergeev
    Yan Sergeev 4 September 2018 21: 14
    Yeah ... If there is a second Shayrat, then there, as it were, there’s nowhere to bend the earth ...