How to save the deck aviation of the country. Through the prism of the history of "Admiral Kuznetsov"

In the movie “Fast and the Furious”, Hero of Russia, Major General Timur Apakidze talks about the obstacles pilots of a ship fighter had to go through aviationto save not only the aircraft carrier Admiral Fleet Soviet Union Kuznetsov ”, but also the entire carrier-based aircraft in Russia.

In 80-e years was built test grounds runway systems "thread" in the Crimea to prepare the flight of deck aircraft, and the construction of aircraft carriers. In 1986, the 100 th Naval Aviation Regiment of the USSR Navy was formed, and Timur Apakidze was appointed commander. It was he who often imposed stringent requirements in the selection of his future team and carried out the training of flight and engineering personnel for future Soviet aircraft carriers.

In 1991, he succeeded in successfully landing the Su-27K fighter, known as the Su-33, on the deck of the Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Kuznetsov.

In the same year, when the Soviet Union collapsed, the test line "Thread" was transferred to the subordination of Ukraine, and many test pilot, as you know, swore to a new sovereign state. Major General Apakidze himself, about 16 members of his team, as well as one hundred engineering and technical personnel of the 100 regiment refused to take the oath a second time, considering it a betrayal, and transferred to the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation. The aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” was also launched there, after which the new complex story this ship and a new stage in the development of the entire carrier-based aviation in Russia.

As is known, the fate of the only aircraft carrier in Russia is being decided today, which recently made a sea voyage to the shores of Syria. So, in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation previously stated that the "Admiral Kuznetsov" will return to service after major repairs and rearmament in 2021 year.

The movie "Fast and Furious" about "Admiral Kuznetsov" and about the tragedy that befell the once-united Navy of the USSR.

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      30 August 2018 08: 20
      Deck Aviation of Russia - BE! !
      1. -2
        30 August 2018 08: 36
        Quote: Sandor Clegane
        Deck Aviation of Russia - BE! !

        I wonder for what? What goals and objectives justify its existence?
    2. 0
      30 August 2018 10: 03
      Yes, I remember how Novofedorovka was blocked by the Ukrainian Marine Corps - a complete blockade. And it was necessary to get to Apakidzegontsy from Moscow arrived. Dressed in white robes, included a flasher and in the garrison. And at the checkpoint, the machine is in your snout!
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      30 August 2018 12: 04
      It was there "secretly" aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” launched

      what And what was the secret?
      1. The comment was deleted.

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